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Old Yesterday, 10:14 PM
Sorai Rai Aorai Sorai Rai Aorai is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
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Originally Posted by Gentenz
I love reading about afterlife, I hope that there is one, I really do.

What does your heart tell you?
❤️☀️🌍 Sorai Rai Aorai 🌍☀️❤️
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Old Yesterday, 11:24 PM
RuberPeach RuberPeach is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Aug 2020
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A cross near a riverbank . Clandestinity.
A cross near a gas station. You dare me to want to become faimilar with place.
A cross in a park. Could never remain in nightime there
A cross near a tree. Never like to cross the street where there is not a sign.
A cross in front of a bar. Could never run before I get to be in front of a bar. Always another way there has to be
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Old Today, 12:00 PM
Legrand Legrand is offline
Join Date: May 2019
Location: Here, Now and Nowhere
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Originally Posted by janielee
I am sorry, Sparrow for incorrectly judging you for being an advocate for passive inaction. I apologize for sniping at you and others so unfairly, and not reading your older posts. I was wrong. In this spirit, I hope that we can reconnect again.


Hello Janielee,

What represents Sparrow, if one "listen" deeply, is always here.

At least this is my experience.

Simply in Love
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Old Today, 06:01 PM
janielee janielee is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 3,705
Originally Posted by JosephineB
I just read this. Thought I'd post it here:

"Human beings on the whole are kind and caring. The majority would not walk past a starving child and instead of giving them food and shelter offer them a vaccine. 99% may have angry moments or fits of rage but on balance have a kind caring attitude to their fellow man. 1% of humans are complete psychopaths who will stir up trouble for their own amusement...kick the starving child out of the way....try and make every human on earth hate themselves because they erroneously believe the lie that this is what humans create. No. NO we don't. It's government psychos who steal food aid...make deals that only benefit their mates put themselves above others then try and make us feel like humans are bad...No.psychos are bad ...psychos need isolating on a small island the minute they are recognised...we need not to be made to feel guilty about protecting the 99%. That's why there is outrage about these atrocities, because humans that aren't psychos, care." - kj35

This is a viewpoint that at first seems to be common sense and logical. I imagine that it appeals to many people in its simplicity.

1. 99% of people are good, 1% are psycopaths.

Really. How easy it is to extrapolate then that 1% must be exterminated in some manner.

Does not take into account the complexity of human beings. Every person has the same seeds - anger, jealousy, greed, delusion, but much more potently and not factored in here -

ignorance, apathy, laziness, self over other.

The fundamental ignorance that other is self is the genuine tipping point of why things are the way things are. All of this is God, and so all of it is Self. Including the ugly parts.

The world is as it is because of a wider apathy, and conformity to the current social norms and systems of behavior - consumerism, selfishness, antagonism, you v me, enemies, attack, misinformation, prioritization of consumerism and entertainment over environment/nature/humanity/living animals

The true enemy is the one in one's own heart, and until one removes one's own splinter, one is contributing to the same cycle of history where an attacker overturns an oppressor, becoming the oppressed or a new system merely takes its place.

The world needs a much larger revolution - a revolution of heart, mind and space to create new bridges, new opportunities, new ways of working and new modes of living that are in harmony with All that is - animals, flora, fauna, planet, humanity.

2. It's government psychos that are evil

Really? So all of Government is evil? I doubt that, as Government is comprised of many people. Is there corruption and do leaders recognize that there is corruption?

The answer is not to demonize Governments; it's to stand up and take positive action of one's own.

To bring light and transparency, to bring harmony and cohesion to information.

The current spread of paranoia, mistrust and funnelling to the dark web where people of negative and fear can corral together is the dream of "those in control"

Go be scared, go be scattered, go be dumb by targeting puppets in this show.

The Governments are a reflection of the voting people, and the systems that allow this continued cycle of mistrust, and self interest to perpetuate.

But at heart, it is stil the same root cause. The perpetuation of a spiritual crisis whereby man.woman and mankind itself has forgotten the principles of co-operation, harmony, self sufficiency, cyclical laws, heaven and earth.

That is the root cause, not "psycho government" people.

Again simplistic in its analysis, harmful in its correlating beliefs

3. 99% of the non-psychos (US) care and we need to weed out the 1% psychos (THEM)

Classic immature gibberish. Us versus them.

First of all, THEY are most likely not psycopaths. They are most likely, like YOU i.e. US, who are selfish and have a particular mindset and world view. THEY are probably trying to make ends meet, or are stuck more viciously in their own made hell of greed and intolerance perhaps. Or maybe THEY are good people trying to do the best under trying times.

THEY V US is classic war speak and think and the reality of cycles of human history - bloodshed.

Immature and churlish, but simplistic in its appeal to the angry and disgruntled.

There has to be a better way.

“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.”
― Meister Eckhart
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Old Today, 06:04 PM
janielee janielee is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 3,705
Originally Posted by Legrand
Hello Janielee,

What represents Sparrow, if one "listen" deeply, is always here.

At least this is my experience.


Thank you, Legrand, deeply appreciated.

“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.”
― Meister Eckhart
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