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Old 21-11-2012, 09:14 PM
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I find this topic fascinating and I'm not sure what to make of it. To make a long, boring story very short, about 10 years ago I was a very different person. I was an extremely devout, very judgmental fundamentalist Christian and had been one for years. I had become a bit disillusioned with the church over some things that happened, but then I ended up having some major medical problems that required surgery. I was told I may not live more than a few months.

Most people probably would have clung even tighter to their faith with that news, but instead, after I came home from surgery I completely broke away from my former faith. I stopped being interested in many things that I was before and I developed a new interest in things I had no interest in at all. I won't take the time to explain what those things are unless someone really wants to know, but today I am a very, very different person and the turning point was my illness and surgery. I studied many different faiths and almost turned to atheism at one point, but today I am something that I never would have dreamed of becoming back then: a neo-pagan spiritualist.

I had always had experiences with what many would call ghosts and spirit guides, since I was a child, but all my adult life I had attributed them to demons. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would turn my back on my former faith and become pagan anything. The fear of hell alone was quite crippling to me and all that changed with the illness and surgery.

I have no idea if this is related to the topic of this thread or if it's other factors or just coincidence, but it intrigues me. I have retained very little knowledge of my former faith, especially when you consider how much scripture I had memorized at one time, for one thing. It's all kind of weird, really.
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Old 22-11-2012, 12:35 AM
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Nice thread.

But people need to know the difference between "Awakenings" and Soul Exchanges.

Similar but very different.
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Old 22-11-2012, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by InFurs
Nice thread.

But people need to know the difference between "Awakenings" and Soul Exchanges.

Similar but very different.

I have always thought that what I have experienced is an awakening of sorts. I have my doubts about the existence of such a thing as a soul exchange. I brought my story up here to engage others in their thoughts on it, because my experience is so similar to what one would call a soul exchange.
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Old 25-11-2012, 08:43 PM
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My take is yes, awakenings are very different from soul exchanges and yet it's a fine line, they can feel very much the same and I would guess that a soul exchange can prompt an awakening- for the PERSON who "got a new soul," because while the advanced soul may be already awakened, it also just got "re-veiled" so to speak and may not remember much, and some continuity is necessary as those who know/him her will notice a difference, so it's on a personal level that the awakening is experienced, by the person who includes the old soul and the new soul.

It took me some time to conclude I did not have a walk-in per se, there was no exchange (but an awakening of both my own and the overshadowing walk-in soul that has shared my body since age 9). In the first few months it was very much like I was adjusting to someone else's body, mind and past and getting to know her daughter, friends and family - but only "like" that in a vague way, and because I was just "waking up," things were never completely new and foreign-seeming.

So after that, I decided it must be that most walk-ins would surely know they were walk-ins, they would be "told" or allowed to know somehow what strange and drastic thing had just occurred. Or I would hope it would be that way if I had a walk-in. It sounds as if the walk-ins on this forum are fairly certain of it.
So I am curious if any of you walk-ins had to take a long time, or a long process with help, with hypnosis & regression, to realize it and finally get the answer? I look forward to your feedback and so appreciate your invaluable sharing.
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Old 07-09-2019, 02:43 PM
JustHere1713 JustHere1713 is offline
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I was never told and it’s been 11 years. I only started really investigating it this January and I didn’t find out about soul exchanges till May or June. I came into this body (she was 16) against my will...my first memory was being a baby and being pushed into her body with all of her memories, emotions and knowledge, having to try to act normal, do homework, socialize, find hobbies, basically create a person and personality from scratch. I had a limited vocabulary, limited thoughts, her hair changed color (became lighter) and her nose changed shape. I constantly feel guilt because I don’t know why she left...she was stressed about her first job and a little depressed and felt restless and bored at times, it was summer and she wasn’t scheduled much. She was a hostess and had major social anxiety. She made some stupid decisions that year, had a friend who didn’t want to be friends anymore and really hurt her feelings/broke her heart, decided to go off an antidepressant cold turkey (her first drug) a month before I walked in...I think doing so and being on the medication itself significantly changed her brain chemistry. She was very vulnerable I think. The sucky thing is I have no memories of my life before “being a baby” and being in her body, so I don’t know the sequence of things, I don’t know how the “exchange” happened if it was an exchange. I know nothing. And it’s been rough. I wish I heard from her or a spirit guide, something. I don’t know what my purpose is, I can only guess. My life has been made less lonely because of her loving family...I still live with my/her parents and i’m 28 now. I have a few good friends but it took awhile to find them. I feel such guilt that I took her place sometimes and she missed out on so many pivotal memories, chances, experiences...I feel like we both have been punished and I don’t understand why. She often seemed to cope with emotions by distraction and internalizing, maybe she internalized too much near the end. I KNOW she didn’t want her life to be over so something went wrong.
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