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Old 27-11-2010, 02:04 PM
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Waking up into a dream--the other reality

Hi guys,
Maybe someone can explain some of the crazy stuff I've experienced. But for this I'll just ask about one thing.
I have secret dreams.
We all have them. The ones we don't remember. We dream several times a night and remember maybe two at most.
I can sometimes sense my secret dreams.
Sometimes, after the main dream winds up, like a movie finishing, I shift off to a different plane of consciousness, like entering a curtain to a back room. Like waking up. And sometimes there are people there, who've been waiting for me to arrive, to tell me things.
Two years ago, it happened the same way several times. I'd wake up into a room. There were people there, men and women, and though not familiar, I kind of felt I knew them. They'd talk to me, tell me things.
I was lying back on a reclining chair, a little like at the dentist's, and they'd tournequet my right arm, and inject me.
This happened several nights over.
And this did not feel like a dream, but like I said, moving into some other space in consciousness.
I can't recall what would happen after.
But after waking, for the following day, I'd have literally HUNDREDS of feelings of deja vu. The smallest things set it off. The way light broke between moving leaves. Picking up a pen. etc. Within seconds the feeling would wear off. One day it got so bad that I knew if it happened much more I'd start to lose my mind.
After a while I figured out what was happening.
I had dreamed the entire day already, in a secret dream. That's why everything kept sweeping over with such jarring recognition.

I know this isn't your average psychic phenomena query, and the few I've spoken to about this feel it's far past the realm of their experience or understanding.
Any ideas?
Sorry this post was so long, but to use less words wouldn't have painted the picture so well :)
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Old 27-11-2010, 03:13 PM
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Whitewolf, I have had these experiences too! I speak of some of them in the dream book I authored, and it seems to me they are very powerful lucid experiences floating way out on the edges of our conscious awareness. When you spoke of being in a reclining chair similar to a dentist's chair and being injected, was there any sense of fear with that? Or does it just feel like something you agreed to?
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Old 28-11-2010, 12:58 AM
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Thanks for your response!
Whenever I end a normal dream and go into the other spaces, I meet people who have been waiting for me.
In the injection dreams, though the setting was odd, it was a meeting place. The people waited for me to get deep enough into sleep, go through normal REM dreaming, and move through to see them.
Looking up lucid dreams others have had of injections, they're all about paramedics, and dreams of fear.
This wasn't like that at all. I wasn't afraid. The injections were like part of a program. I didn't enjoy them, but it's like I'd agreed to be part of the program.
Like I said, this isn't the only 'dream' type where I wake into a place where I'm meeting with others. It's often like they're saying "Good, you're here. We can begin. Now listen, we have things to tell you." Often then I black out, but sense I am conscious somewhere else (I've had these when waking too). I know why I black--I'm not meant to consciously remember what they're saying.
I also remember the time before lives, in the dark space (not dark as in evil, just not requiring light or physical forms), and making the agreement over who I would be in this life and my mission. I got to choose if I would go ahead with it, and I consented. It felt a little like a soldier agreeing to go off on a big mission.
So I can maybe assume they are related?
These people wait until I'm not conscious and tell me things, do things. I get the feeling my "why?" is too big a question!!
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Old 05-12-2010, 04:17 PM
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hi. it seems to me that we are multi-dimensional beings that for various reasons have our conscious awareness exclusively focused here. when we lay our bodys down to sleep, our consciousness has no need to rest and journeys thru the gateways to other realities.

the lucidity you speakof is you remembering where you have been. all quite natural.
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Old 11-12-2010, 01:44 AM
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White Wolf... There's a great book called "Lucid Dreaming" by Robert Waggonner, which describes his own process of discovery and gives suggestions for how to develop the ability.

Go within, beloveds. Go deep within to the Heart of your Being.
The Truth is found there and nowhere else.-Sananda

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Old 16-12-2010, 02:46 AM
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Whitewolf, your dream about meeting up in a room with others, than talking about some things and even the part where you had to choose to go through with your mission, these seme very familiar to me.

A few years back I was realy tired one afternoon and lay down for just a little while. This time I didn't completely fall asleep. I remember hearing the conversations from downstairs clearly. But then I was also in this room where twelve others awaited my arrival. we discussed quite a few things and it felt to me as though I needed to make this very important decision, to go through with my mission or not. In this meeting it felt as if we were discussing current work and future work.

Don't know if this might come in handy, but I guess Id just let it out ^^
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Old 31-08-2022, 04:07 AM
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Waking up into a dream--the other reality
That would indeed be fascinasting if you could become aware in another reality but I dont know if its possible..... We are locked in an assigned reality and only when we sleep can we visit other realities......

A very interesting thread!
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