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Old 30-11-2021, 01:02 AM
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A Tale of Forever

A Tale of Forever


Because of our history of differing cultural interactions with angels the world has developed several story lines about them. Who are they, exactly? Where do they come from? What do they do? Are they sent by God, or gods? If so then who or what, exactly, are these? The whole topic is complex with no shortage of legends. I want to write about angels but I do not want to do so in a way that affronts anyone’s beliefs. I channel Bartholomew and have for a long time. This does not mean that what I write is correct. Truths are not absolute. They vary with our circumstance, culture and ability to perceive. On Spiritual Forum are many accounts of angels and other beings. Is one correct while the others are wrong? No. I try to avoid thinking in those terms.

A well known master soul bids us do not believe a thing just because some titled person says it. Do not believe only because ancient tradition seems to persuade or require. Believe a thing only when your personal ability to reason, your individual rational mind, tells you it is the best yet available information. Let’s begin.


About angels. Briefly…. They are an evolutionary race which predates that mighty event that we call “the creation”. One could say that “before the beginning”, they were. As the primal force, the Great Creator, began to express the higher spiritual planes came in to existence arranging themselves in a grand and very intelligent design. These were arranged in a hierarchical fashion, the highest of these being the Monadic. This is the plane which “is” the absolute consciousness of the creator as is now defined. Here there are no dimensions as we know them. There is no time. It is the timelessness of god that some call the “I am”. As a result of the process of expression other spiritual landscapes came into being. The first of these was, in our reckoning, the Atmic. This, below and less refined, is a most dynamic plane for here we find the beginnings of divisions of consciousness which result in the differential we observe and call time. Beginning on the Atmic plane the flow of time, which is the product of division, exists.

It is on this plane that our story begins.

Part 1 Concerning Angels

In the last story the travelers were shown the planet of pastels, the home world of Angels. It, in allegory, is their source. Here the newly created take shape and are tutored in what will be their work. He, also the elder may retire to resume their own paths of evolutionary ascension. This, in our reckoning, might be called the Atmic.

But may we return to the nigher, the Monadic, for just a moment? A closer look at the Monadic reveals what to us would seem a single blinding light, pure consciousness. No apparent movement. Stable but with the purpose which would require a dissolution of a fragment of itself. This was the first “Creation”. The primordial “I am”. It was also the advent of the first of those who would develop, those Great Beings who, much later, were known by humanity as angels. Note that references to the flow of time used here are conveniences only. Any comparison of high planes to lower must include these because it is we, in our imperfect states, who seek.

These then were the first (race of) angels. Of the Creator in an almost direct measure their responsibilities included the institution of what we now call evolution, that mechanism which allows all, spirit and physical, to always change and grow. It is they who, through a subordinate race of beings, the worker spirits, cause a single sub atomic particle to adapt to that field of consciousness which is the single, essential, universal principle. In a single statement then the primary duties of the angelic race is the application and moderation of the principle upon and within all which follows. Nothing less.

Note that one may discover, in this seeming complexity, another principle which serves to tie it all together into a single, coherent, whole. Here we refer to the great Law of Correspondences. “As above, so below.” As the story progresses watch for this to become more and more apparent.

The Monadic then was the source of those first beings which would later assume such roles of importance (in the yet to be created lower planes). To provide for them a sphere in which they could wield influence another plane was constructed. Newly created angels needed a world of their own. This, lower than the Monadic and at that time the lowest of any yet envisioned, we might call today the Atmic. This would be the functional home to the angels throughout the long ages which would follow. And, as a reference these would henceforth look to the higher, the Monadic as the heavens of their own aspirations, to which they would someday ascend.

Thus far we see the great creative source, it’s impulse to express and the results of that action. As in any creative process it is Will directed through Visualization to the Matter of some lower plane which results in Form. This simplified statement is the essence of any creative process.

As we read on it is important to know, too, that in the structured universe whether it be spiritual or physical if we think in terms of varying degrees of consciousness we will correctly apprehend the Oneness of it all.

It might be said that angels are God’s “agents of creation”. Before even those realms to which we aspire, they were. They were the managers which would later make their presence known in so many ways.

Now the stage is set so to speak. The Creator has prepared for what would follow.

Our group of travelers is now in the company of the Lady, the First Angel. As they prepare to depart for higher heavens, our story begins.

To be continued.

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Old 04-12-2021, 09:00 PM
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Part 2 Angels’ Home

In the previous story we found the travelers, guided by and protected within the aura of the lady, the First Angel, racing at speeds far beyond that of light through the reaches of our solar system and out into the distant landscapes, towards the heart of our galaxy. Through this period though we remain in the Astral plane so that we can continue to see the physical universe around us, approaching and receding as we pass. The reader will remember that we passed the constellation of Orion and while there visited the now dead world from which, long, long ago, parties of colonists left journeying to the Earth to begin again on a new world. This world exists yet. It orbits an aging sun, a red dwarf which is too dim now to be seen from Earth without the help of a powerful telescope. This part of the story is literally real. It did happen. It is the reason we on Earth have such an affinity for Orion's belt. But it was long ago and our memories of those times are fading now, replaced by legend.

We may also remember pausing in our earlier journey in the vicinity of the constellation Pleiades where our group was joined by other angels, the Seven Sisters of lore. Quite real after all. Later in our story we will learn more about them. Now in company with the Lady, the First Angel and seven others who are sometimes remembered by their Earthly names assigned by the ancient Greeks, we continue on to the portal through which we will leave the lower heavens and, once again, transit the into the higher worlds, the Buddhic and the Atmic. Shall we continue?

We are bid by the Lady now to compose ourselves for sleep in preparation for the transit. Ahead of us is a point of unusual proportions and coloring. A dark globe like structure of vast size. The blackness of it has a different quality which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. We remember that we are in the Astral plane, not the physical. Yet it seems so familiar. It seems to be both very bright and incredibly dark at the same time. Yes. Darkness now as we draw nearer. Our speed, almost un-measurable before, is now increased dramatically. But there is no sense of movement.

Note: This darkness that we detect is an effect caused by extreme concentrations of pure lower spiritual plane energy, in a sense, reflections of the physical.

Now the travelers, in company with and in the protective arms of the great aura, are drawn in… and through. There is no measuring the speeds at which we travel. Indeed is it correct to use that word at all? It is like, in a way, a tunnel. Within as we progress we are continually showered with particles of energy which, as we progress, changes, becomes more refined. These, we are certain, have an effect on our beings. In our minds we hear the Lady explaining that this is the process of conditioning that all must experience before they can enter the… and here she pauses and we sense an idea of a “homeland”. We wonder at this thinking what it might mean. In time we pass what appears to be another boundary. This one is seen, or perhaps, appreciated is a better word, for just a few moments but we continue without hesitating. Later we will ask about that. Not now. The Lady, knowing our thoughts replies “Yes, you will…”. The darkness which we know now to be high levels of energy, lessen and become lighter. We slow now as though we had passed through and are now leaving the vicinity of some grand vortex.

The tunnel effect diminishes. We are at our destination. But it is not any sort of universe that we can recognize. There seem to be irregular shapes, in pastels but nothing of substance, at least of the kind we are used to. Again the Lady intercedes and we begin to understand. We have arrived at the “borderlands” of the Atmic plane of existence. Our rate of progress is now constant and continuing. Our angel guides have changed just a bit. They seem now to be of a slightly different quality. As we seem to slow they become more… “serene” is the word that is given us. They are home.

We have arrived on the great Atmic plane of existence. Here, in these landscapes, we do not move about as before, from place to place. We do not move through any sort of geographical dimensional setting. Instead we travel through “consciousness”. Here one does not so much “see” a thing as she or he “realizes” it. We find later that as we move in a linear sense those things that we perceive are created before us (for our benefit and attuned to our abilities) so that we may comprehend. This being the work of the Angels.

We slow and come to a stop. Before us is a world which seems to be like a planet in pastels. We seem to be seeing it but certainly we can feel it throughout out beings. The angels loosen their formation now. They seem to be smiling among themselves. Then we understand. We are at the home world of the angels. It is here that they begin, here they learn, here they return from time to time for the periodic cleansing that all beings require. Remember the cyclic natures of all? No created being is exempt or held harmless in the midst of that through which they must move in the performance of their duties. It is true, too, with angels. From our more familiar lands of the Earth we do not realize this but it is so. Now we are allowed just a peek into other worlds. It is given to us to expand our consciousness just enough….

The world before, or is it below, us glimmers and changes shapes. Looking closer we see movement. We do not move but we are allowed to send our minds down, down to within the mazes of luminescence. We find that if we slow we are rewarded with visions of structures made of light. And within these are light beings moving about. Several pause and look our way, inquiring… but they continue with their own business. There are columns and domes, sometimes with openings which look like Roman occuli. We are given to know that these serve as “learning centers”…. Here is where young angels receive their educations. Like us, they learn and grow. Lastly we find a body of what appears to be water. The surface shimmers but there are no waves. We seem to know that we are looking at a specialized form of energy. Yes. Something is out of sight to us. It houses or hides a center within which angels are graded and given courses, areas of activity (service areas) in which they will do their future work.”

The stage of our story thus set, resumes.

To be continued.

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Old 07-12-2021, 04:35 PM
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Part 3 The Pyramid

Our party of travelers has stopped now. Our angel guides will escort us, one of us with each of the seven to the Atmic center which serves as the higher correspondence to the more familiar Hall of Records in the Earth’s Astral plane. Seven travelers, seven angels. The eighth of these, the Lady, now raises her arm before us and points to a structure in the distance. We become aware of it now, not through our eyes or even via our third eyes…. No. It’s different. We are using our imaginations, or rather some higher form of them. What we perceive is being created for us in our minds. Identity is lost to the singularity of this new experience. Forward now, the fifteen move slowly towards this new destination. This writing is a memory which suffers from the need to translate plane to plane until it is within reach of our rational minds. So much is distorted. The reader, each of you, will find slightly differing realities in the tapestry to be unfolded. Colors too will modify in accordance with your own auras’ perceptions. Shall we continue?

We have arrived on the Atmic plane and are upon the mythical home planet of the angels. It is a world in pastels, wonderful. Shapes in light inhabited by beings of light. Only slight variations in coloring. We remember that this is not a physical world at all. Indeed it is unlike any that we can imagine. We are guests, travelers here. The sights that we experience, our understandings of it all are products of the interactions afforded us by our angel guides. It is they who send directly to our human minds (remember we are yet in our Earth plane Astral bodies) those things that we seem to see or hear or understand. Later, after we return home we will, for a time, remember as though we were really there. Were we or because of some need was it yet another dream? Perhaps we will never know. Our perceptions of this place will vary but never let the truth of it’s existence be doubted. It is all quite real.

Before us is what appears to be an immense pyramid made of some shimmering, translucent material. We see it but we can also, to a degree, see into it. As we watch we note very light bands of color moving as though some very mystical play is being enacted, meanings conveyed to some audience. No. It is so much more than just that. It is a four sided pyramid very similar to those found on Earth. We exchange glances.

Our angels, each of them ministers to each of us. Each angel carrying one of us within their protective auras as before. We move forward now and enter. There are no doors or openings that we can see. We simply find ourselves inside. Now all about us are swirling patterns of colored cloud like bands moving as though by directed purpose. Complex but not random at all. We understand just enough to answer our immediate questions. Everyone is inside now. We stop. Yes. It seems to be a strangely layered structure. We have the impression that is not a matter of a building with things inside but rather…. We are seeing or witnessing all the events of the planes of existence arranged in order of something like quality of manifestation. And through it all we know ourselves, our places in this monument. Or so it seems. We will continue. We ask:

“What is this that we see as a pyramid?”

Our angel answers us saying:

“It is our repository of forever.”

We are seated now or rather we seem to be but our bodies do not touch any surface. Perhaps floating is a better word. The Lady, the First Angel, speaks:

“You question the pyramidal design of what you perceive. It is familiar to you. You have seen like structures on Earth and there are hints of others too… The pyramid is a design which, because of it’s inherent stability and simplicity, and versatility serves as foundational to any, to each of the planes of existence.”

We listen and realize that she is correct of course. We have many pyramids on Earth and some say there are others on both our moon and on Mars. She continues:

“This structure is the higher correspondence of the fabled Hall of Records which exists on both your Earth and in her heavens, on the Astral plane of expression. In it’s vaults is a complete history of forever. And, just as the use of this idea provokes wonder in you so shall the discoveries that you will make. Shall we begin?”

The Atmic plane does experience a flow of time but it is almost unrecognizable to us. On lower planes we are used to the very familiar processes of thoughts, thinking. Here this is surpassed by realizations. If we were to describe it we might say it was more akin to variations in consciousness. Perhaps a modulated form of awareness is better. Allow us to simply say that after a time we are led to someplace that seems like, if it were on Earth, to be a reception area. We look about us and we see a regular shaped enclosed space. The ceiling is in the shape of an inverted vee though. And there is one ornament. To one side a covered elongated box. Of this we are told nothing, yet. We discover more about this just before our story concludes. Now the party pauses. We did not see or sense them a moment before but now we see seven passageways around the perimeter of the area. They are not marked that we can discern but plainly they each lead to other areas inside of the pyramid. And now we are moving again.

Each of our guide angels moves to one of the doors. Seven angels, seven doors, seven travelers. It appears that each of us will experience an individual adventure. The Lady, who is still watching says:

“Yes. You are correct. Beyond each of these doors is recorded the various structures of the spiritual realms, both high and lower. Each of you will see and experience the reasoning and mechanics of the forever worlds. Later then you will remember even after returning to the Earth. And a sharing, perhaps in your Healing Room, will be beneficial to you all. But more, as you continue with the rest of your lives you will teach those who show interest affirming the true nature of reality of it all.” We are given to understand that the “forever worlds” are the higher representations or correspondences of the lower, created worlds that we know so well. Shall we proceed?

Note: Angels are known to many all over the world. In each culture or tradition they are recognized by name. May we, for convenience, use the names given the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades by the Greeks?

The seven are: Taygete, Merope, Maia, Electra, Celæno, Asterope and Alcyone. In the company of one traveler each, they move each to a different portal, and enter. At this point the essence of the story begins.

To be continued.
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Old 09-12-2021, 02:48 AM
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Beautiful! You have our attention!
The Self has no attribute
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Preface to Part 4

At no time is our general lack of perfection more apparent than when we make the attempt to speak of God in a way that might bring true understanding. In previous efforts it was given that the business of gods was expression. In order to help our understanding then supposing we view this process as “expansion”?

Science seems to agree that our universe is expanding. It might be helpful to use this as an analogy. Can we draw a parallel between expressing and expanding? The former being about God (spiritual worlds). The later being about man (physical/emotional worlds). The ever present great Law of Correspondences applies.

In this part of the story occasional references will be made to Biblical passages. This is not intended to be an endorsement of any particular religion. May the reader remember that the stories in Genesis were in existence, passed verbally generation to generation, long before they were first codified by man.

Regarding names assigned to spiritual planes. These are not to be considered absolute. It is enough to understand that they exist in layered form, each being somewhat less refined than it’s higher neighbor and each having distinct purpose in service to the highest, the source. The reader is encouraged to assign his or her own names to these to agree with his or her experiences.

Part 4 Before the Beginning

With any expansive force we find a degree of necessary thinning or dissolution of the source (material). This is true even in those highest of spiritual realms. And so, the ultimate, the timeless plane upon which we find the source (God) has created another, slightly less dense, perhaps we might say, but lower in purity from it’s source. At this point the observer would see that there are two spiritual planes in existence. A third is just about to appear.

A spiritual plane is not complete, functional, without those minds which will make use of it. This is true with all planes, even the physical as we humans will attest to. One most essential duty of these is the management of further expansions (of God). Now we find that each spiritual plane has managers, great ones who, in turn, develop these to best potential thus preparing for yet other succeeding expansions. Now the observer will find that there are three planes within his or her sight. So far we have not named these.

Names are not universally recognized. They all too often vary with cultures. The learned will agree though that this effect derives from the inherent separatist nature of our world. Such considerations may, then, be set aside as having little value. For the sake of clarity in tabulation may we call the highest plane the Monadic (Divine), the next lower the Atmic, the third lower the Manasic? These will, at least, give us points of reference.

The source (God) occupies the highest of all planes, the timeless one, The “I am”. The Monadic or Divine to many. The next of the planes formed as a result of expansion, the Atmic, is also populated. The beings which populate this slightly lower plane are those that we, today, remember traditionally as being angels. In our story the Atmic is the source plane of the angels. What we find so far is the created spiritual worlds that existed before any of the lower spiritual and the physical. But this is soon to change.

There does exist in the spiritual realms a great hierarchy of responsibility. The business of those who inhabit any one plane is the manifestation of what is directed from above. Not a complicated process. Familiar to us in our world today. Visualize now the angels on the Atmic. They, the first of these, have completed their training and are ready to assume new responsibilities. The next step in God’s expressiveness is about to occur.

Now in the Atmic pyramid our travelers are about to witness the greatest event known to mankind.

To be continued.
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Old 20-12-2021, 04:27 PM
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Part 5 Let there be Light

We are fifteen souls on an adventure unlike any which has come before. Although we accept the fact of the angels that guide and protect us we can’t help but to wonder why. We then realize that when there are no more “whys” in the world there will no longer be any need for faith. Completion! In the meanwhile we ask.

We recall an experience we once had while gathered in the Healing Room. The seven of us plus many others were gathered in the garden, in a light meditation. It seemed at the time to be more like a dream that we all shared. Another short excursion to some destination in the astral that we had heard about but never yet experienced. Who has heard of the fabled Hall of Records? Edgar Cayce was one who referred to it perhaps more than others. His interest was retrieving bits of history from the time of Atlantis. As we were to find out though it was much, much more than that.

In our dream our friend, the Lady, was again our guide. Our magical carpet speeds to the higher end of this plane and then slows. Before us is again the familiar shape of a pyramid. Huge it seems and glowing almost golden in color. We slow but instead of stopping we find that we have entered as though it were more vaporous than solid. We find a central hall with passages leading away. Again the Lady speaks:

“In these rooms are stored the histories of all of the physical universe and it’s heavens. In addition is the story of humanity even to the point of memories of each individual human being that ever lived in your worlds. It is yours. It is for you. There are also recorded probabilities for the future. You may, any of you, come here to study in preparation for the phases of life which are yet to come.”

None speak but we all are in awe of this opportunity. We ask:

“Why? Have we earned some right that is denied others?” The Lady replies:

“But nothing is denied, only delayed. You are to bring back the knowledge of it’s existence so that in time the world will be introduced to the reality of life as being eternal. Do not be concerned with this though. Because of this experience, this visit, you will think of it often and this is the process, the creation of forms on the astral for others to perceive. This is what you will do.”

Thus prepared we, each of us, studied at length in those areas to which we were drawn. What we learned would be recalled should the occasion, the need for it ever arise. This was the magical quality of it all. Those other experiences remembered we now return to the present.

As in all things, created and non-created, there are correspondences. In our newest journey we traveled far away from the Earth’s physical plane. We are far, far distant from it’s heavens. In fact we are now on the very high plane, the Atmic, which was made long before God said the mighty word which resulted in that moment that some on Earth call the Big Bang. In a stillness beyond compare we again return to the present. The lady speaks:

“Friends we are inside the higher Hall of Records. Here we find all that is, the records of everything connected with the expression of Divinity primordial. As we watch with minds joined we seem to see it all.

So simple and elegant it seems to us. Why isn’t it complicated? No. The complicated becomes simple when the mind is properly attuned. This service is provided us by the angels which guide.

The great mind of the creator is impressed upon the matter of the newly created plane, the Atmic. This is the level just below the Monadic (Divine). Thus engaged God visualizes what will appear. The thought. The visualization, the will to act, the created substance. This is the law. And now the higher universes were broader, greater and, in their lower areas, less sublime, more “dense” (is a good word). As it was told before each of the spiritual planes needs necessarily a family of beings who will administer and manage. This then became the domain of the angels of God. Eight of these are with us today. The story continues.

The great mind of God again calls forth and issues a visualization. A new spiritual level is to be formed and with it both a lesser spiritual and the densest yet, the physical plane with it’s lower heavens will come into being. And in a moment of tremendous activity which we remember yet today, the new universe was “void, dark and without form”. “It was good.” It had begun.

As each of the lesser spiritual realms is formed the elemental, absolute quality of the God Head (Consciousness of God) is projected in order that the newly made will have the livingness of the creator. In the physical universe then we find that even the smallest of the subatomic particles has a degree of consciousness. This is the “spark of Divinity” of lore. It is true. But now there was another attribute. One that had not yet been seen. At this “distance” from the Creator an aspect of separation was beginning to be apparent. And so, in the newly made physical matter there was a bipolarity. Positive and negative, a new kind of force held in check by motion. Now there were two forces apparent. The attractiveness of gravity (distortions in the fabric of space) and the attraction/repulsion of an electrical force. And so the stage was set for the beginning.

Because of the influence of those two forces the elemental particles where formed. Now, again, because they were subject to the laws of attraction, repulsion and gravity they gathered together forming matter more dense. In time the first of the molecular elements was present. Hydrogen we call it today. And now the stage was indeed set. The process that began so long ago continues today. We call it evolution. The evolution of the all. Later we would find that the continual movement that we again might call evolution also works it’s magic on the souls of humanity.

In those distant days there were yet to be formed any stars. There was not yet enough physical matter for the great clouds to exist. The process of creation, though, once begun, has never stopped. It continues even to this day. As we listen to this we begin to understand more about our own story. But we have not yet come closer to our spiritual lives. This will follow.

We are at rest now. Our guides moderate our exposure to the flow of information so that we are not overwhelmed. No one speaks but we are thinking about our feelings of being “pressed” in a sense. The Lady speaks for all the angels and in our minds we hear:

“Rest for awhile. Refresh yourselves and then we will continue.”

To be continued.

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Very interesting read

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The story will continue in early January. Thanks.....
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Part 6 Celestial Beginnings

Time as we measure it here on Earth now was present in the physical universe. In our reckoning several billion years have passed. The great clouds of matter had been formed. The process of collection into large swirling masses, the beginnings of our galaxies today, had begun. And now as the matter grew more dense through compaction it heated until those great forms ignited and grew bright. Those which we call stars were born.

As our story unfolds we in the company of the angels are absorbed into what is being presented before us. We don’t simply see it but we, through the agency of our guides, are a part of it all. In a sense, for a short time, we are living vicariously as an angel might. Are we then angels ourselves? But this is a part of the auric immersion. We try to look to each other, to exchange thoughts. The best we can manage is to be aware of ourselves. The story continues.

The next step in the mighty process of creation begins with the formation of the stars. These are destined to be what we might call local centers of creation. Each of these, when mature, will embody a specialized being whose duties will include the management of those parts of the physical heavens which fall to his or her agency. These are the gods of Earthly lore. One such inhabits our star, the sun, yet today. He is has variously been known as the Sun God. And we are “his children”. But such beings cannot simply be created and have existence without a plane of their own. And so another, a lower of the high heavens was made. Some call it the Manasic. It falls below the Atmic and Monadic but it is above the physical. It is the much storied “home of the gods”. We continue.

In our created universe so far we have angels (Atmic beings) on high and lesser gods (Manasic beings) who express through certain of the stars which shine brightly in the skies. In our story our own sun is home to such a being. Indeed it is his body of expression. And our solar system is held energetically in his great aura. More about this later.

We rest now and in a period of transference we find that we are being “filled” (is a good word) with that which has been realized. Thus conditioned for the future we resume.

The universe has been expanding for eons now and it begins to slow. The time will come with the cyclic nature of things demand it begin to contract, return again to it’s source. There are certain areas in our universe which are built for this purpose. We call them black holes. The mature of these serve as portals, return paths for physical and lower spiritual matter to return (for recycling if you please) to the higher heavens. One might ask “why, if they are so dense, do then not ignite and become stars?” The answer is that the bulk of the energy that is collected by them passes through and expands returning (shifting up as it were and thus expanding) to the matter of the lower of the higher heavens. This is the mystery of those centers that so perplex science today. It might be added here that when we were traveling and made the transition into the higher heavens it was through the great portal which lies at the center of our Milky Way galaxy that we passed.

“But, we said, can it be so simple then?” Spiritual matter becomes physical by passing through the creative centers of certain stars?” “Later, at the end of it’s allotted span, it returns to the ethereal through the attractive force of black holes?” “Can anything so mystical and unknowable be finally explained in such simple terms?” And the Lady, our guide replies: “Yes. This and more you shall learn”.

In our story so far we have witnessed the first actions of God which resulted in the creation of the higher heavens and the race of beings, the angels. Later we watched as the physical universe was born. It’s processes, the plans for it’s development and finally the resultant creation centers each with a new kind of spiritual being, a god to each system which would later become reality. “God saw it and it was good”.

To be continued.
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Part 7 Through the Looking Glass

We are in the great pyramid like structure in the “home of the angels” on the Atmic plane. Each of us is accompanied by an angel who protects and enables us. This is the only way we can ascend to such heights. But are we really there? There is more to this than meets the senses.

May we remember two of the great spiritual laws? That of correspondences and that of attraction/repulsion are now being applied. The Lady explains:

“Each spiritual plane has it’s own organic entities. On the highest is the God of Gods, the Source. God expresses and thus expands. This results in a new plane being born. One just slightly lower, less refined we might say, than the highest. The beings made for this plane are we angels. This is our home. We are of it and draw our energy from it. Here we are born, begin our paths and to here we will eventually return.” “Completion” is the destiny which awaits all in creation.

“Now”, the Lady continues, “You have seen that we travel to lower planes in the fulfillment of our duties. As we do so we shift our beings so that we are compatible with that plane to which we will be manifest. The exception is that, on the Earth’s Astral plane we are visible to a human being whose vibrations are adequately raised up. This is a matter of his or her evolutionary position. This is a necessity. When one of us is seen by a human being on Earth or when a man or woman channels one of us it is our lower correspondence that is being accessed. This is a necessity. It is the way it is done.”

We listen and are given to realize then that this changing, plane to plane is described in the idea of correspondences. Further we realize that As we adapt to a plane we are attracted to it. Or rather, it is attracted to us and as this happens the plane we moved from can be said to be repulsed. To understand this more completely remember that between each spiritual plane are boundaries which, although they usually are in a state of dynamic flux, are effective, constant. The lady says: “Is this clear to you now? Do you understand better now why it is necessary for each of you to be carried by and within the aura of an angel on this excursion?” “Yes, we do.” And so with this added information we continue.

In part 5 of our story we learned about the great event which resulted in the beginning of our physical universe and it’s associated heavens. The highest of these new planes is called by some the Manasic. But the name matters little. It is only a reference. Some refer to planes as densities or levels. Others as dimensions. It matters not. Let each of use his or her preferred terminology. On this Manasic plane are the new beings that will serve as gods to the newly created physical and spiritual universe. As was told before these, when a star is adequately matured and when the need is upon them, a “god” will leave this plane and, shifting down, move to and inhabit (in esoteric terms it would be “inform”) one such star. Now the stage is set for the preparation of new worlds which will eventually be home to lower spiritual forms in the star’s system. In our solar system this decision was made long ago. Now we find a family of planets one of which is home to us. It is noteworthy here to say that our planet is so much different from the others only because it is held so by the continuous meditation by our solar entity. This process is not unique to our star. There are countless others.

In the pyramid we now find ourselves moving again. As was said before this “movement” is not through space but rather through consciousness. A most curious phenomena. Now a new series of scenes opens before us. We watch.

The Lady continues: “When we consider the creation of religious lore it is more complete to include the “heavens” which correspond to the physical universe for they are interdependent. No physical matter regardless of size can exist unless it is accompanied by it’s corresponding ethereal. And later, as these forms grow more complex the higher spiritual correspondences will be attracted. The whole then becomes greater, more suitable for the high purpose which is always present.”

As we, the travelers, are given to understand it is though our ability to visualize that we suddenly begin to understand the complexities of the creative process. Further it is clear to us now that this was the event which resulted in the passage of time. True there is a correspondence to this on the Atmic but it is so subtle as to be imperceptible to us now. We sense some kind of movement but as it is regarding consciousness instead of through space our ideas about time remain closer to the timelessness of legend.

Again we are moving within the great pyramid. There is the appearance of a main hallway or passage with openings, doorways left and right but also up and down. Pausing now, again, we see before us a doorway as yet unexamined. With the angels as our protector guides we enter.

The Lady again speaks: “The doorways which you observe each lead to a different universe. We will select your own. Now we will travel away from this place and return to more familiar surrounds. Your galaxy, the Milky Way, is our destination. We will leave the Atmic now and shift down again to the highest of the spiritual planes which are associated with your physical universe. This would be called, by some, the Manasic. Here is the home to those great beings which are referred by humanity on Earth as being the gods. They are the sources of the force that manage the evolutionary paths of all that lies below them.”

With this statement we again change from the fluid variations of consciousness that we were within just a moment before and feel tremendous acceleration. In a long sweeping curving trajectory we race at velocities unimaginable. All this yet we do not feel this in the ordinary way. Again we are on our familiar flying, magical carpet. That which we were first introduced to in the Healing Room of the Earth’s mid heavens. Now…. We again feel a passage of time. We know we have descended from “on high” but to where we do not yet understand.

Another way to describe our adventures so far is to compare them to she or he who sits high on a mountaintop in the quiet of a winter night. Above the stars seem clear and so close they could be touched. All we have to do is to close our eyes and not only do we understand but now we can move towards them, and even within. What secrets do they hold for us? Was the Lady, the First of the Angels, really with us then or is it all a dream. Then we open our eyes and watch as one star grows brighter. It draws near and slows. No. It was no dream. We see the heavenly vault above us and it is us. We are it. This is the magic The Lady speaks again: “Star light, star bright, which star will we travel to tonight?” She continues: “Yes we have just returned from the Atmic through to portal which is associated with the group of stars in your galaxy, the constellation Pleiades. We appear to be on a mountain top but we are not. This place is the home world from which those forces that guide are found. Here, on the Manasic we are in the home of the gods. And as we are told this we suddenly realize that it is all true.”

This constellation of stars that we on Earth know so well is representative of others near and far distant which through the benign intercession of the godly entities within condition the worlds within their scope of influence. And again we find the angels have roles to play.

To be continued.

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