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Old 01-02-2023, 06:49 PM
AnotherBob AnotherBob is offline
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Reincarnation: Notes from Spirit Guide Sparrow

Reincarnation is a foregone conclusion, and inaccurate. For some, this is their very first life as a human, for many have come from other planets, and others have never had a physical life in all of their millions of years of spirit existence. Most are just curious about the condition and only come here once, or will choose to return perhaps in another thousand years when great change has occurred. Yes, some choose to return after a few hundred years, but those are a specific majority who are doing specific work for their soul group associated with Earth or the species and its progress. Earth has, if you like, sort of task forces and groups/councils of beings from many origins in the spirit world who oversee the development of planet Earth. These group members tend to be those who return to continue their work or agenda. Most others have agendas elsewhere within other soul groups having nothing to do with Earth or human beings. You would be wise to discard this notion that you keep returning to Earth in this repetitious way, for it is inaccurate.

A soul, or rather, your spirit, does not have to have a physical experience at all. The spirit that you are is perfect in every way, it remains so no matter how many incarnations you have. No matter the consciousness you create around it, your spirit always remains unchanged and as pure as it was since its conception.

Those that choose to have a physical life do so, not because they must, but because they are curious as to the potentials it offers in terms of experiences. More experiences do not in any way make you more ‘ascended’ than anyone else, simply because your spirit does not change regardless of consciousness. The spirit is the essence of life, not the product of it. This is how everyone can be equal, and IS equal.

Consciousness is what changes and develops, through the aspirations you create for yourself as a soul be-ing. This soul being embodies free will and independent character. It is this unique character that chooses whether or not to undertake a physical existence. But the physical existence itself is merely one potential for your soul to engage.

This engagement in activity is how the spirit, the essence, expresses itself through creation. First into soul refraction – the embodiment of consciousness, then through the journey of that consciousness. It is up to your soul to lay the path for your own unique journey in the multi-dimensional multi-verse.

Ever since the physical multi-verse was created, many souls/spirits took great interest in this path and assigned themselves to develop it and create within it. Many souls/spirits were first observers and co-creators of planets and galaxies in the cosmos. They worked to develop the elements and the primitive structures of life. Spirit assigned refractions of itself into these primitive physical life forms. And on returning to the etheric world they brought stories of incredible sensations and experiences. As more and more of spirit refracted into different experimental life forms, different soul groups emerged representing different archetypical intelligence and character.

Eventually human beings came into creation. And just as every other species and life form, they too held souls of their own and returned to their own soul groups to share their experiences, each of them being recorded and logged in the hall of records by spirit.

Many souls choose to simply watch, learn, and create within the many vast realms of spirit in service to the physical multi-verse. They act as guides, friends, facilitators and channels of inspiration and creation to counterparts upon the planets.

Many souls do not associate themselves with the physical realm whatsoever — simply because they do not need to. Not because they are more evolved than anyone else, but because they simply choose to express their spirit in another way, through other means. Some work in other dimensions which have no physical structure whatsoever. Some work in dimensions which compliment both physical and etheric energies in creative harmony.

With so many different paths, pursuits of work and avenues of potential, this is not to say that once you have a physical life you will then go on to have another. Choices vary between individuals within their own greater soul intention. The physical incarnation is simply a small part of a much bigger plan your soul is constructing.

You will not have to reincarnate to pay back some karmic debt. Energy is resolved and realigned in the spirit world. For if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to vibrate at the necessary rate to reintegrate back into your original state prior to your physical life.

Souls tend to reincarnate to fulfill a sense of un-accomplishment they felt after returning from one life. When passing, if they have not particularly achieved what they had hoped, there is a degree of returning desire to ‘have another go’. Some souls develop a sense that they let themselves down and did not do as much as they thought they could. This stubbornness and pride compels many to return to the same planet, to begin a new potential, a new hope.

Perhaps it is they wanted to bring a new type of music to the world, or perhaps they wanted to bring a new democracy. Perhaps they wanted to bring their artistic talents or their healing knowledge. We all have our own talents and qualities to offer the world.

There really is no rule in place regarding when a soul can incarnate. So the human sense of time between lifetimes will differ with each soul. There are many who claim that you must repetitiously return back to the physical Earth in order to ‘progress’ and either earn some ascension title or learn some lesson which obviously the spirit world must therefore be ‘lacking’ to provide for you.

The home of your sacred spirit lacks nothing, it is the place from where all things come, and to which all things must go. It is a place where all questions are first born, and from where all answers may come. It is a place where all that is, all that exists does so to serve all else in the name of love.

What can be accomplished in the physical realm is this very same act of service to all else. While the tools and props are different, as are the costumes we wear, the needs are one and the same. That need is the need for love. Love is what brings things together. Love is what reveals true nature. Love reveals true Self in all things. This is your purpose.

While suffering and fear remain in the hearts and minds of men, souls will continue to migrate from the heavens to fulfil the balance and need for love. So shall the need for love continue in physical state, so shall those with a will to provide it continue to flock and flourish there.

When the day comes when Heaven is a place on Earth, and the veil of separation between two kingdoms ceases to exist, will be the day human beings accept their true inheritance. Each day you remember more of your true Self, and each day you act True in the name of love, the physical domain becomes closer to Self-realization. You are part of that process. Not only are you the process, but you are the beginning and the end.

It matters not what side of the veil you choose to walk, the original intention remains the same. All that exists is within a state of Self-becoming. You are upon the Earth to take part in the becoming of that which now is. The tapestry of the moment of now. Most souls do however plan their next life as best they can according to what they wish to achieve. This means the soul will undergo study of a particular talent, ability, quality, that it wishes to perfect and perform in physical life. Such as a certain type of music, art or healing. Any souls in the etheric world who specialize in such qualities will volunteer themselves as one of your guides for that lifetime. Though you will always have others as well.

It is up to those in the physical world to awaken their seeds of remembrance as to what it is they came to Earth to do. Then do that with every breath, until death do you part. Generally speaking, in my observation and in my knowledge, those who chose to take on a human experience do so to fulfill some concept of expectation or aspiration. At the end of the physical life term that conscious being undergoes a significant reflection process which creates two scenarios. Firstly, they are satisfied with their encounter within that human state and feel they have sampled it, enough so, that they do not feel it necessary to return. In which case they will either act in service to those who remain or will move on to somewhere and something else. Secondly, they are dissatisfied with their encounter within that human state and feel it would be unsuited or a direction not to their preferred orientation, so they move on to something else. Due to the differences in original core vibration of soul groups and sentient beings not all visitors to the human condition find it very compatible to their true nature.

Beings who share a human encounter tend to share it with other beings so that your human experience, once in the spirit world, becomes more complete. In a sense that, the experiences of those who lived at the same time as you, become your experiences as well. Understanding this will help you to see why it would not be necessary to return to play another scenario, for actually, you would eventually come into the awareness of the experiences of every other being you had encountered. In a sense, you would also have lived their lives as well as yours, making your human experience more complete and expansive. Understand that, while in the spirit world, you are no longer confined to a singular ‘unit’ of consciousness, and therefore are not limited to the memories or experiences of a singular carbon unit (human body).

To validate with your own feelings whether you are orientated towards a specific cosmic heritage you have but to resonate with the information you know about it. If you do not have knowledge to resonate with, in terms of cosmic origin, then it is enough to resonate with your own innate characteristics, deepest desires and intuitive principles which dictate your sense of values. Being of this origin or that origin does not make you any more special or better than anyone else. It is enough to know you are a sovereign sacred spiritual sentient being, above and before anything else you define yourself to be.

What else you must come to understand is that not all beings are upon the Earth for the same reason, same value system or same perception of what advancement, growth or enlightenment is. All are from different soul groups who have evolved within the spirit world from different thought processes and value systems. For example, do not presume Buddha and his way of life to be by default what is right or suitable for you, for this would be naďve in your own understanding and celebration of who and what you are as an individual entity. Many beings who you revere from history would in fact take a different path if they were alive in your present time period today. This is because the perceptions of value available to them in their own time period were much different to what is perceivable, or practicable today. It is also to do with the current state of the world and many other factors which they observe from above which have changed their perspective somewhat since their life term on Earth. Some you would seem as peacekeepers and holy men would in fact take up arms to protect forests, plants and other animals from the abuse of human acts taking place in this present time period. You would not perhaps deem this as being enlightened, but in their own words, they would deem it justifiable and an important responsibility in safeguarding the future of the planet within the greater picture.

It is a misconception human beings have that they must lay captive within a cyclical prison of reincarnation in order to ‘get it right’ and achieve some egotistical notion of hierarchical Self-value. This notion is very frowned upon by many within the spirit world who observe the implications of this mentality as damaging to the growth of individual character and life experience. This fear based mentality has no basis in truth as many discover when they choose never to have a physical existence again, yet advance beyond anything known in your current universe. This idea that souls keep on returning to Earth to re-experience the same limited existence through some fictitious reincarnation theory is religious myth. This is not to say you cannot choose to return, but to say most do not bother, having already experienced it.

We must also get past this notion human beings have that human souls ‘reincarnate’ as such things as lions, birds, bugs, trees and so forth. Not beginning to speak of planets. This simply does not generally occur. The reason it does not occur is because the soul group of each species is very different to the other, their very core consciousness is not very easily made compatible at the whim of a choice. The soul group of lion, of bird, of bug and tree has evolved into its current vibration over billions of years prior to Earth even existing. That compatibility within that species soul group has occurred over a very long period of time. A soul within human vibration would not suddenly evolve into a completely different species or incarnate as one. Yes you may find that souls do attract their vibration towards other planets and species, but this would only occur over a very long period of time and commitment. Very few beings in the spirit world ever engage or concern themselves with the physical plane to begin with. Even fewer still actually choose to ever have a physical manifestation as some sort of biological being because it is such a harsh environment. Indeed there are those who do nurture the evolution of life forms and who do take on forms of life the size of planets, but they would have steered their soul group energy towards that purpose and intention for a very long time indeed.

An infinitesimal fragment of the spirit world, less than 1 percent, ever gravitate towards having a physical life embodiment. That 1 percent also incorporates the very many realities you cannot see, but which are just as tangible and corporeal as yours is to you, which occupy the same space as you. There are a great many animals then which gravitate to having physical life experiences, both in the reality you can see, as well as the many you cannot.

When you ask if animals choose to come to the physical universe to which you exist, you may wish to bring numerous understandings into focus. Firstly human beings are also animals; they are no more ascended than any other life form on the planet and therefore are granted no exclusive rights of spiritual passage. Other animals similarly have an etheric cord attached to their biological counterpart just as you do. They also have spirit and ultra-dimensional companions walk with them, just as you do. The collective soul consciousness of some varieties of Earth species have even been in existence long before that of human consciousness.

Secondly, you would wish to dismiss any notion that the physical embodiment of other animals are the limit of what they become in the spirit world. Understand that they are not limited by gravity, the psychology and necessity for survival or the restrictions of language. So in other words, fish and marine mammals can and actually do fly in the spirit world. Animals are, in the main, not motivated in their behaviour by the need for food or procreation. They can understand, speak and even write language at the level of many acclaimed human philosophers. This is done through consciousness. There are of course exceptions where abused animals retain memory of trauma and may continue to fear humanity and distrust their interactions.

Thirdly, all sentient spirit, regardless of what planet or what universe they are from exist to be in service to the existence. This means every being in full awareness of their spirit identity is actively serving existence one way or another. So this means the spirit of all those millions of animals upon the Earth choose by way of, and through aspiration of, divine loving service to existence. Those who choose to have a short physical existence do so out of service to their soul group and to the universe as a whole.

This space you call the physical universe, that is, the blackness between the stars you see in the sky, is actually part of what you know as the spirit world. Less than 20% of your expanding universe is made of hot gasses, various particle masses and liquids which make up your galaxies. The rest of the universe which scientists presume is just a black void is teeming with activity and part of the fabric of the spirit realms. When you begin to grasp the reasons why spirit would even care what happens to the physical universe, you should begin to understand that everything is intricately connected. There is a vested interest in the outcome of the physical universe by ALL species choosing to incarnate within it, and many more who do not incarnate within it.

The fabric of the spirit world does not change for it does not follow a linear orientation. It is the beings within it which change through aspired creation. Beings within the spirit world are not bound to or by change, except that which they aspire to change for themselves. Nothing ever changes in the spirit world unless the will of one creates a change for themselves through attraction. You can spend an eternity blissfully living out a singular role to your soul contentment, and some do. If it is within some state of liberation from identity, responsibility or creativity then that too is also possible via your attraction to create it. Though it will be simply for you and you will create it within your own universal space. Such an aspired state is already experienced by many in the spirit world, and never have they aspired to become human as you are now.

Should it be that becoming human alters your value base and perspective of certain other states of being then that too holds purpose and potential. I would however say that each individual creates his and her own experience and understanding of what God is, and gravitates themselves towards this. This becomes your personal journey, for it is your ‘personal’ choice which aspires you to seek total liberation. This liberation, which you create for yourself will still be a personal journey no matter how you look at it, for you will always be the one creating it as a separate entity, a separate expression of God. You will be no closer to God through the renouncement of any personal identity adventure than someone else who perhaps aspires God to be something completely different. Each species, each energy being understands and experiences what God is in a completely different way. This is what God truly is, it is anything and everything you can imagine and aspire yourself to be.

There is no measure of lifespan in the state of spirit. For again spirit does not run upon the tracks of linear time. One cannot say this spirit or that spirit is older than another. The human sense of time is none existent except for those quadrants where physical state memories have been brought over to the spirit world and replicated as means of assimilating information and mirroring experiences for enjoyment.

The reason you yourself are in human form is very much the same as why other beings choose to exchange experiences and consciousness as I have described. Somewhere within your journey you have become attracted to some piece of information or being who has presented the human experience to you, which appears to have created attraction for you. This is not to say you have been incarnating as a human for thousands or millions of years, since human beings are relatively a new experiment. Many of spirit state may simply opt to have a singular human life and never again have another, here or anywhere. The exchange of consciousness to beings who have never before been human does not mean you are passing on your choices to that being and ultimately creating a double copy, but that energy is interpreted and rearranged in such a way as to create something completely new in that other. Since the energy orientation of the other being who borrows your consciousness is so vastly different to you, there is no risk of them becoming you. Nor is there risk of not having a will of their own, for their original origin and makeup reconfigures the information you share and extends what they already are to something which has certain human qualities or traits, picked up from its interaction with you. The key words here are qualities and traits. Not, as you suggest the choices themselves.

Regarding pain and suffering, this is merely a challenge. It is a process of interpreting information within a physical state utilizing emotional energies. Souls comes here out of compassion for others and bring their many gifts of love and knowledge with them hoping to manifest something much greater than what exists right now. It is an aspiration to create a better world which compels individuals to come and have a physical life. Often the love for the human species and the excitement of its development will outweigh any fears or reservations surrounding the pain and suffering which may follow. If beings did not continue to reincarnate then the human experiment would not develop into anything beautiful and would simply destroy itself.

It is a foregone conclusion of many human beings that reincarnation is a requirement of the soul. It is not. Not only is it inaccurate but it simply reveals an absence of awareness of what else exists and persists, and what else unfolds following the detachment of the silver cord upon physical death. It also discounts the vast experience and wisdom gained by your soul from one singular lifetime. For the truth of it is, as you will discover from your own Akashic records, the knowledge and wisdom gained from your current life will be enough to fill a whole library, even if you do not feel you know anything in your current state of mind. Most of the time this wisdom is only gained following death through the study of Akashic reflection. Every being, every creature you interacted with within that lifetime will also open their doors of wisdom and experience to you upon your return to the spirit realm. This is to say, not only will you have gained knowledge, wisdom and experience from your own individual biological journey, but from all those beings you interacted with as well. To think then that you must shortly after resume your studies of human state on the Earth, to be reborn to fulfil some notion of lack as some would have it, is blatantly dismissive of the abundant reservoirs of wonder open to you from your own spirit.
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