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Old 29-10-2006, 03:31 PM
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A looong night!

Last night I had one of those horrible nights with one nightmare after another, and it got so bad I was half afraid of falling back to sleep! I had indulged in a couple of large glasses of red wine the evening before, but nothing that would warrent the night I ended up having!

The first dream scared me so much I woke bathed in sweat & fighting to get the bed clothes off, lol. I was standing with someone whose face suddenly changed into something horrible, and they started beaming a laser-light from their eyes into mine. I tried to fight back by pushing the energy back at them, but in the end felt myself lifting up in the air. All the while a static energy was building up in my head, and got so bad I was clutching it & screaming with pain. All of a sudden it stopped, and I found myself on some sort of spaceship (lol) with these weird little fellas looking at me with glee. Somehow I managed to travel back down from where I'd been standing, going thru the static band & screaming in agony again, with all my body scrambled into little pieces - but when I got back I looked in a mirror to find my legs and arms had shortened & my body had got longer!! This kept happening, up & down onto the spaceship & off again, scrambling & unscrambling, until I woke up.

The second dream contained dinosaurs coming up out of the ground & a group of us running away from them. Someone who was running next to me got eaten & I only just escaped up a hill, where I thought I was safe until they started appearing there too!

The third one I remember was me having to dig out shallow graves at the bottom of my parents garden, as someone wanted to move some coffins which had been buried elsewhere. As I was digging & lamenting over the macabre job I'd been given, I started to uncover pillows, blankets, duvets & other things someone had buried under the earth!

It went on and on like this all night, and I was quite relieved when morning arrived, hehe! So, do you all think I'm crazy then, or what???
Old 29-10-2006, 03:43 PM
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Jaycee, this sounds very frightening. One of my friends is haunted by terrible nightmares on a regular basis, and for her we can trace this back to a series of very traumatic events in her childhood. It is linked to and is one of the defining characteristics of post traumatic stress disorder and is very disabling.

If a night like this is unusual for you it may simply be related to stress. The themes in your nightmares are fear, running away, confusion and lack of control. Are you about to undergo a change or challenge in your life that might relate in some way to one of these things?
Old 29-10-2006, 04:58 PM
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jaycee all i can say is beware of someone full of negative energy around you who is trying to sway your beliefs and may be very jealous of your spiritual acheivements and could well be trying to 'bring you down' the second confirms this imo, does this ring any bells? put a white light of protection up before you sleep.
Old 29-10-2006, 05:03 PM
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the third one is a little more complex, imo again lol, perhaps your belief in yourself and your abilities has been a little shaken, the fact you were unearthing these blankets and such could be telling you you will find this again soon, but could also point to a change of direction in the way you work (spiritually) are you looking in to rescue work for example???
i'm probably not making sense but that's what i think
Old 29-10-2006, 06:54 PM
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Joycee, I dream every single night since a small child, am 47 now so you know I've had my share of bad dreams etc........water works for me, a glass of clear water with ice on my night table every night. If I wake up thursty as I often do, I'll drink the water then refill the cup immediatly. I also sleep with my crystals near me, calling my Angels of protection to watch over me as I enter dream land.

Now "shake off" what you can about the nightmare, remember you are back with us now and that's a good thing. Those spirits were allowed to visit you, but they could not take you with them. Thank God for that, we would certainly be missing a bright light of love today.

Love to all....
Old 29-10-2006, 10:40 PM
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It's been intense lately that's for sure. The learning, healing, and transmuting never ends. I had one the other night myself, not a full blown "nightmare" but one that went on and on and in the end told me exactly what I needed. In it I'd rented some large house and when I arrived there with my belongings ready to move in, I discovered that the whole place was filled with the previous renters dirty and rejected junk. It was throughout the whole house and the deeper into the house I went, the more of it there was. Old nasty dirty rejected junk that they didn't want any more but didn't remove or clean up and throw away themselves when they moved out.

I woke up and new I was really tired of cleaning up other people's junk items whatever they may be. My own 'junk' is enough at this point. We're getting personal messages all over the place lately it seems.

Wow....first of all I'd wonder about the wine you had and if you've amped up to the point where you can't even do that anymore? Quite often empaths or psychic's/sensitives etc. reach a point or period where they can't get away with opening themselves any more with things like a glass of wine. Just a thought though OK?

The first dream sounds real unpleasant and you know what to do. This is also the time of year (Fall quarter) when things slide from their own realm/realms into this one and vice versa with the greatest of ease. The veil is very thin as the saying goes during this time of year. All Hallow's Eve is only a couple days away.

We could get spooked and feak out but in the end, I feel you're just doing as much 'work' while out of body as during the day while in it! I think you're processing a lot of 'stuff'......many are right now. These dreams sound to me like you're excavating more and more layers and it's usually a not so pleasant job doing that. Remember that if you can cope, you'll be transmuting not only your own personal 'junk' but some of your blood family's, and also bits and pieces of the astral or collective human trash dump zone as well.

I'm reminded of a silly TV commercial here in the US about some house cleaning product. The companys line for that particular product is: "Life's messy, clean it up!"
Old 30-10-2006, 09:48 AM
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Thanks for all of your replies, you've all been really helpful and I really appreciate it. I agree, it's been an intense time recently, and I have had to go over & over my beliefs and question lots of things, as I don't take anything for granted and like to keep an open mind.

Last night was interesting though, but it has helped to answer a few things. First, before bed, I meditated on these dreams, and also asked spirit if they could show me which direction to concentrate on. I had the following dream....

I was called to a house with another member of my development circle, plus a young woman I'd never seen before, but seemed familiar to my dream-self. We were to help a family who were at the end of their tether living in this weird house - it seemed to be on some kind of negative vortex or something. As we went in to check the place out, the walls were moving, and furniture was floating about and the atmosphere was horrid. The people were pleading with us to help them out & we agreed to go back later on, after we'd formed a plan of action.

Next thing, the senario changed as someone told me that a member of my family was in hospital. I shot off, but when I arrived the whole place was in pitch darkness, and the ward I needed was at the top floor. So the last thing I remember is feeling my way up the stairs, finding the lightswitches & flicking them on as fast as I could. I did manage to reach the top - where the rest of the place was really bright.

These dreams seem to be telling me to learn more about rescue work and healing!

I seriously hope I can have a few nights of calm, gentle dreams now, as these intense, vivid things are wearing me out, LOL!
Old 30-10-2006, 10:47 AM
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hi jaycee

i know how you feel. i used to have so many nightmares...lately they have faded though. touch wood.

but my partner tells me i sleep talk a lot and do my usual sit up in bed and going "shhhhh, they're coming!" apparently i do that a lot. but i remember nothing these days.

aspen is a bach flower remedy used in treating nightmares. i found it helped. it is for unknown fear...and is often recommended by natural therapists for nightmares. it won't cover them up but help you work through the process of releasing fear. it's a bach flower rememdy used for spiritual opening too and helping one through the process of accepting this.

i hope you get a good sleep soon. i love red wine myself but can only have one glass these days or i suffer. it's crazy. any alcohol for that matter. i think i did too much damage to my liver when i was younger. what lapis said is interesting about the wine though...
Old 31-10-2006, 10:14 AM
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that is a great point enlightener. actually i had a vivid dream that started as a nightmare once where i bumped into some girls i had dreaded seeing through my early 20's no matter how much i moved.

they had judged me once and given me a reputation i didn't deserve. they were nasty and talked about me aloud on a bus i had to take once, that was full of people in a small town. i have always felt invaded when my private life was open to others.

this episode hurt me so much and i kept fearing i would have to repeat it again, each time i hopped on a bus....anywhere.

then i had a dream where i was on a bus again and they were verbally attacking me. i was in pain and then thought "enough!" and asked them why they needed to do this, why they judged me etc. they apologised and saw me as a human being who deserved respect. i ended up feeling so healed and have been able to move on from this real fear i once had...and a bad memory i have tried to leave behind most of my 20's.

i have heard that people can meet those they have issues with in the astral plane and heal rifts etc. not that this is the explanation necessarily, but it does seem possible to me. has anyone had an experience of meeting someone in the astral and healed together a rift?
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