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Old 16-07-2022, 08:07 AM
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I feel sorry all that happened to you FraZZleD. I know from previous experience with an ex too that he would be difficult to me, question me, be harsh to me when I just knew things by the energies "over there" etc. I used to be like that when I was a child too and it could be difficult for me to breath, to cope in a house where a tragic death had occured even if it had been ages ago by then. My dad understood and got interested. My mom did everything in her power and more to not make me talk about it etc. This had all gone more or less back to sleep til for some reason while I was in the relationship it fired up. I think it was my higher self that felt I was in danger, that he was only wearing a mask and that he had been up to not so good things. It was in his interest to shut me down. He wasn't nice to me.

With my current husband we often both think of the same things that has no correlation whatsoever to what we are doing and he has never ever had any reaction to that. It is also that he can answer me while he is in another room when I have a question in my head that I think I am going to ask him (when I get to the other room) but I think he "hears" it already. He is on the autism spectrum so he has some serious concentration skills and funny thing is I have noticed if I ask a question out loud or poke on his attention - he won't give it to me, he won't know he seriously will not know, but if I think it...he will answer. Because he is still so focused on what he is doing (with his passions, his interests) it seems he is not aware that I did not ask that question out loud.

It's a shame though I can't get him interested in the spiritual. He knows I write here but he has no interest in reading any of it and says he don't care what I write, that it's fine by him.

One thing I can tell that it is him, his thoughts, is because of his practical, less emotional self but if I do not stop and feel that in extra hard I would too think it was just me. It is more sort of like a "flat line".
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Old 16-07-2022, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by asearcher
One thing I can tell that it is him, his thoughts, is because of his practical, less emotional self but if I do not stop and feel that in extra hard, I would to think it was just me. It is more sort of like a "flat line".

Thanks for your feedback. You sound like your better at figuring these things out than I am. Maybe you can get him interested in this site through your thoughts? Just wondering. Just an idea that popped in my head...lol.
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Old 17-07-2022, 12:22 AM
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LOL, yes that would be something. he is very set on what he is into and not and the spiritual is not for him, even if he too would tell me his experiences of poltergeist activity (where he would think practical and call someone to check the electricity , he was always looking for practical reasons, never anything paranormal). He just leaves it with that he can't explain it and move on. I do not know if this is because he is on the autism spectrum (he's really bright) that he just won't care. He want clear answers on things and these things are too uncertain for him. We have other things in common.

I have seriously questioned myself few times when it has happened thinking but I just thought that, I did not actually ask him out loud, why is he answering? It has also happened when I was just about to say something that he answers or say the same thing. I think when he is focused on something he is also relaxed in a way and that is when it gets to be possible?

I'm sort of used to him being focused (have special interests) and in one way I think he is suppose to be disconnected from me, but he ain't. I never took it personal. It never felt like a competition. I always knew/know if I need him to not focus/occupied with special interests he will do so and not be irritated. He would once ask me about one special interest and ask me for how long would be acceptable for me and I felt stupid answering that as I figured he himself could determine that but he said no he could not and if I did not say anything he could keep it up, so I said something, like a number for how much I thought was reasonable, and he went alright and then he cut it off even more, so he had even less time than what I had suggested. He's a funny guy. You can't make him do what he does not want to do and once he himself decide something it's difficult to change that too.

I think it is very wrong for people to have that kind of response to you in your past, they get frighten instead of curious. My husband is not the only one I have it with, I have it with 2 other people I am close to but I suppose I have not looked at it as telepathy that way before. I think it is that we are relaxed in each other's company and then that can happen and those who make you feel that way should not in my opinion have gotten mad or afraid but just see it as a sign that you are close.

I hope you are more fortunate today with the people in your life, how they react, than yesterday.

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