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Closed Thread
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Old 23-09-2006, 02:48 AM
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What is eternal ??


And it will be so - - until The Core / Center / Fountainhead pulls the plug on ALL of existence.

Then it won't make any difference.

Old 26-09-2006, 03:20 AM
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can existance ever end.............. if so..........what a ripoff................
Old 06-12-2006, 08:51 AM
hybrid hybrid is offline
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Originally Posted by katara
When we leave this life, what remains?

Your essence.

Is our mind and the way we think in this life eternal (though ever evolving)?

No. mind is was and ever will be, it does not evolve

Or what about our astral body, is that eternal or is it attached to the physical and therefore only temporary?

No to the former, yes to the latter

[quote]..What remains apart of our soul?
What must remain is what is in the beginning.

If we truly do reincarnate and evolve, do we keep a piece of our past selves along the way?

[color=olive][font=Verdana]No. what part of your past lives do you truly want to keep? The bad ones. Nah. What about the good ones, it is not kept because it was with you all along
Old 14-12-2006, 03:45 PM
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For a time, "God" experiences itself through us, through a physical medium.. then the energy that animates the physical expression of "God" fully reconnects to the Unified Whole (dies).. in the Unified Whole is the repository of ALL that ever was, ALL that is, and ALL that ever will be ( as the field of potential, of course).. as we conclude the physical experience of "God" (die, in the mundane expression) we have complete knowledge of ALL.. of all the harmonious deeds we did and their effects on other BEings.. of all the chaotic deeds we did and their effects on other BEings.. we see the effects of choice and consequence on a Universal scale..

The "Soul" is a cohesive unit of self-aware energy.. that unit of energy may so discipline itself as to maintain its pattern of awareness beyond the dependence on a physical vehicle.. it might also be so distracted by the addictive nature of physical manifestation that it foregoes discipline and its pattern of identity and self-awareness disipates at the transition known as "death".. in either case, as the energies shed the physical manifestation they are resident in the Unified Whole.. the difference is that by maintaining a disciplined awareness that particular unit of self-aware energy can choose another cycle of physical manifestation, or it can journey the cosmos an experience other disciplined beings/experiences.. the disipated energies simple languish in the Unified Whole until they form another unit of self-aware consciousness.. this is usually achieved when the physical manifestations open a portal (conception), energies randomly flow through the portal into the the newly realized BEing, animating the blue-print for the physical vessel.. the randomly summoned energies will contain fragments of many other existences of many other BEings/experiences as is linked to the energy's disipated condition.. hence the "past life" memories..

The cohesive units of self-aware energies that had the wisdom to physically discipline their patterns into a sustainable state can and do inspire conception with the intention of returning intact to further hone their discipline.. to further evolve through tangible expressions and interactions.. it is this physical manifestation and its addictive nature that challenges the spirit.. as purely energetic BEings resident in the unified Whole we can access any experiences of any BEings at any time with no consequences, we simply re-live those experiences as complete and perfect memories.. but, in the physical manifestation, there is uncertainty, there is spontaneity, there is the challenge of maintaining the physical vessel.. which, by wise design, presents a permeable barrier between the physical and the spiritual.. evolution is the cultivated ability to permeate that barrier, to link the spiritual and the physical into a balanced experience.. and discover the Unified nature of ALL things..

What is eternal? It's ALL eternal, resident in the collective memory and consciousness of the Unified Whole.. but, while in the physical manifestation of the Unified Whole that "permeable barrier" disguises that simple truth..

The above represents only my personal experience and is not intended to diminish or conflict with anyone else's experiences..

Be Well..
Old 15-12-2006, 06:37 AM
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thank you guys I have been wondering about this since I was a young child:)
Old 21-12-2006, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by BLAIR2BE
can existance ever end.............. if so..........what a ripoff................

Nope. If existence could end, it already would have. God/Goddess/All That Is wouldn't let that happen.
Old 26-12-2006, 10:33 PM
Annette Sassou
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Hi Katara,

I must say that you have interesting questions....

Questions are always a good indicator for your spiritual journey and it is a way of expanding your mind.

You have received very good and helpfull replies here.

I'd like to add one thing:

Your soul/spirit character remains overall the same throughout your lives.

However you can change the energy you might have with other souls.

Which is the blessing of our time. We are now able to examen our relationships we have with others and make changes accordingly.

For example:

In one of my past lifes I was married to a very mean and violent man.

He came back in this life as my older brother. (You can usually see it in the eyes when you encounter someone from a past life)

Of course he was just as violent to me as the husband from my past life.

I was now able through therapy a few years ago to resolve this issue with my brother.

He was asking sincerely ( and I really mean sincerely) for forgiveness. He did therapy on his part as well.

And I was able at that point to sincerely forgive him. (it was a process that stretched over 10 years I might add)

But it can be done.

Now the good news it that he will not reapear in my next life as this violent energy.

Yes you are able to make changes to yourself. You are evolving and have experiences in every life.

This is accumulating to this wonderful collection that is your spirit.

Hope this helped.

Peace and Prosperity
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