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Old 03-08-2006, 04:11 PM
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The Energy and the Energetic

Hello Katara,

Good questions - Here are some thoughts that I thought might be of interest:

The living entities are qualitatively one with the Supreme Lord, just as the sparks of a fire are qualitatively one with the fire. Yet sparks are not fire as far as quantity is concerned, for the quantity of heat and light present in the sparks is not equal to that in fire. The maha-bhagavata, the great devotee, sees oneness in the sense that he sees everything as the energy of the Supreme Lord. Since there is no difference between the energy and the energetic, there is the sense of oneness. Although from the analytical point of view heat and light are different from fire, there is no meaning to the word "fire" without heat and light. In synthesis, therefore, heat, light and fire are the same.

It is described in ancient Vedic scripture that the individual sparks of the supreme whole (the Lord) possess almost eighty percent of the known qualities of the whole, but they are not quantitatively equal to the Supreme Lord. These qualities are present in minute quantity, for the living entity is but a minute part and parcel of the supreme whole. To use another analogy, the quantity of salt present in a drop is never comparable to the quantity of salt present in the complete ocean, but the salt present in the drop is qualitatively equal in chemical composition to all the salt present in the ocean. If the individual living being were equal to the Supreme Lord both qualitatively and quantitatively, there would be no question of his being under the influence of the material energy. According to Vedic knowledge no living being -- not even the powerful demigods -- can surpass the Supreme Being in any respect. However, in a broader sense there is one interest, just as in a family the interest of all members is one, or in a nation the national interest is one, although there are many different individual citizens. Since the living entities are all members of the same supreme family, their interest and that of the Supreme Being are not different. Every living being is the son of the Supreme Being. As stated in the Bhagavad-gita (Chapter 7, Text 5), all living creatures throughout the universe -- including birds, reptiles, ants, aquatics, trees and so on -- are emanations of the marginal potency of the Supreme Lord. Therefore all of them belong to the family of the Supreme Being. There is no clash of interest.

The spiritual entities are meant for enjoyment. By nature and constitution, every living being -- including the Supreme Lord and each of His parts and parcels -- is meant for eternal enjoyment. The living beings who are encaged in the material tabernacle are constantly seeking enjoyment, but they are seeking it on the wrong platform. Apart from the material platform is the spiritual platform, where the Supreme Being enjoys Himself with His innumerable associates. On that platform there is no trace of material qualities, and therefore that platform is called nirguna. On the nirguna platform there is never a clash over the object of enjoyment. Here in the material world there is always a clash between different individual beings because here the proper center of enjoyment is missed. The real center of enjoyment is the Supreme Lord. We are all meant to join Him and enjoy life with one transcendental interest and without any clash. That is the highest platform of spiritual interest, and as soon as one realizes this perfect form of oneness, there can be no question of illusion (moha) or lamentation (soka).

Best Wishes,


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Old 04-08-2006, 07:02 AM
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Responding to your post, Ascended Master

Ascended Master

Forgive me if I go here and there...I've been finding it difficult to concentrate lately and grasp such concepts. And I may be raising more subjects than intended.

The way I've learned it and believe it, is our Spirit is our Godhead and the Godhead at the same time. We are one with God, though still somewhat individual (which many may disagree with).

"According to Cayce, our spirit self is, has been, and always will be

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Old 04-08-2006, 11:16 AM
peteyzen peteyzen is offline
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eternity: If only I was an advanced soul my friend, if only.
But thank you for your kind words anyhow,

Ascended Master: I can`t tell you how powerful and helpful your posts are to us all on this site my friend, positively inspirational!!!
We all feel lucky and unlucky at times just check out some of my posts I am exactly the same. This path is hard, it is the ultimate path, its what we are really supposed to be doing and as an endeavour , it is the highest a human can take on.
Please never, ever apologise for not being at your best at all times, because if you were, my friend, non of us could compare to you in the slightest.
We all have ups and downs, it is the natiure of this work and we grow by picking ourselves up time and time again.
You know where the light is. Try not to seperate light and dark rather see it as deserve and not deserve and act appropriately.

Wow look at me giving you advice!!?? I apologise
Best regards Pete
Old 04-08-2006, 11:52 AM
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Thank you so much for your lovely reply.
Please never apologise,not needed.
Offer all the dark to the Divine,you will see a rapid change.The divine is the ultimate light and will hear all prayers that are given direct.
Offer all,anger love frustration any thing that blocks the light.
Please keep me in touch with your future events.
Light and grace.
Old 04-08-2006, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by eternity
Hello Katara,
Wow,your questions are very deep and well along the path of knowledge.You have lived many lives and gained much knowledge already to be at a point to ask what you have.My blessings to you.
I wish to agree with all that Peteyzen has told you.He appears to be a very advanced soul.
Light and grace.

Thank you eternity, that means a lot that you say that. Many Blessings to you as well.

I believe in most of what Peteyzen has said...I'm just questioning the first part, because I think the brain is more a product of the mind, rather than the other way(just as the physcial is a product of the Soul, in which we use as our lower/earthly vehicle of expression) but at the same time is shaped by physical means, situations, parents etc...and I believe that part of our ego, life situation etc, are determind before we incarnate and the rest is shaped and up to us, for the most part, when we get here.

But I went back to reread your post Peteyzen and I understood it more the next few times around *winks*and got more out of it. I like how you explained each body, it makes a lot of sense. The Atma for me, would seem to be our GodHead I was speaking of, the direct link to God as you said and the Soul of course, would be the Soul and as you put it an Akashic (sp?) record, which can communicate between the Divine and the Physical.

Thank you again for the insight. Blessed Be
Old 05-08-2006, 03:16 AM
Red Sky
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Hi Katara,

I've asked these questions many times over. I do believe in reincarnation yet I also do not quite grasp the concept of being born again as an entirely different person. I've always wanted to have a past life regression to understand the person or persons I was and the person I am now. Maybe I'll get around to it someday. It sounds like we have some things in common like our compassion for animals.
Old 05-08-2006, 10:50 AM
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Agreed. The brain is mostly a "receiving station" for the mental awareness of each individual. The little neurons are actually separate "receivers" and we implement what is received and how by training it during infancy / childhood / etc.

As far as not remembering what we were in past lives - - consider what I just said above. We come into each life with a "new brain." In other words - - all the receiving stations have to be re-trained. The tendencies towards our previous beliefs are carried in the causal body. Hence - - the name causal. It is one of those bodies / sheaths that Soul (or the Atman) uses to be able to withstand the harsh environment here in these worlds.

And yes - - the "tendency" for certain things to happen in our lives is something we bring with us. We will bring the high tendency to do this or meet that person or go thru this experience at some point or another. What we "do" with it - - how we deal with it - - how we react to these situations and what we make out of them - - is always up to us. No one knows how the individual will act / react until in the middle of the situation itself.

As with all things - - semantics plays a HUGE part in the understanding or misunderstanding of how things "are" or how they "work." The ancient teachings offer this information - - the one true God is at the center of all existence. This "God exudes an essence - - a Spirit if you will - - and this gives rise to the concept of Divine Spirit / Holy Ghost / etc. Soul / Atman is spawned as a KNOWING aspect of Divine Spirit Itself. (The whole principle of Soul being a knowing aspect is the crux of SO much of the Path and the understanding of it that it is incredible.) Divine Spirit and Soul are of the pure essence of God. When Soul must enter into the lower world of duality / opposites - - where there is a negative factor to contend with - - then Soul must take on bodies / sheaths / armour (if you will) to withstand the harsh vibrations. From the top down - - these are the etheric to the mental to the causal (past lives) to the astral (emotions) and finally to the physical. The causal is in between the astral and the mental so that it "shapes so much of what and how we view our own personal lives.

I don't like to portray all of this in such a "pancake" fashion. It's not that way at all. Each of these bodies is just a matter of vibrational differences and each can occupy the same "space" because they can layer one on top of each other because of these vibrancies.

Soul / Atman - - is the driver of "them" all. Of all the bodies. But - - for the most part - - unknowingly. To finally figure all of this out - - to understand and contend with each of these facets - - to isolate Self as Soul and to knowing begin to "drive" each of these bodies for the benefit of Self and for all - - and ultimately - - to learn to step momentarily beyond the etheric world and back into the true home of Soul and be able to carry on living thru a balance of it all - - is pretty much - - the Path.

In my very humble opinion.
Old 05-08-2006, 02:23 PM
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Just enter the stillness beyond thoughts and concepts. Discover THAT which really is. All the rest is talk.
Old 05-08-2006, 03:12 PM
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Depends on what you mean by "stillness" and what you "do" when there.

The vast majority of LIFE IT-self is beyond thought and concept. No news there. But "beyond thought and concept" doesn't necessarily mean one big empty void where there is no Life at all.

There is MUCH more to Divine Spirit than just silence. Much more than just stillness. Much more than the lack of "things."

Much more.

Can you tell me a little about that, Maarkandeya ??

(And please - - no "it's beyond words so I cannot tell you anything.")
Old 05-08-2006, 07:14 PM
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things to ponder

"I and the creator of all things are ONE"

"We are an extension of God Source Energy"

"There is only a source of LIGHT or the absense of it"

"When we die we re-emerge into pure positive energy"

I think we make to much of all of this...we are all ONE each expressing
ourselves as what we preceive as individual or seprate!

We all have a broader wiser inner being, spirit guide or angel, pick your term,
we are just an extension of that expressing into this time/space reality (illusion)...a very small part of us is here...we can sense the inner world
by being still/meditate...

We come back again and again to have different experiences that add to the whole or source...We are here to experience this time...not relive past times!
we chose to be physical...more and more are here in physical form at this time...it is the time of great awakening...We are the same extension of pure positive energy just expressing in a different form to have a new experience...

Would you watch the same movie over and over and over again and only that movie? At some point you may want a change or a new experience...

A belief is just a thought we keep thinking...

what do you all think?
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