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Old 17-08-2006, 08:03 AM
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All Living Things

This Might Sound Silly But Ive Always Wondered. We Are Animals So They Say But What About The Wild Animals, The Beasts, They Are Alive, They Breath, They Eat, They Do All That We Do. What Happens When They Die. Where Do They Go? Are We Connected To Them? Mabey We Were One Of Them At One Stage? Is That Possible? Also What About Insects, Do They Have Spirits? We All Live And We All Die. Whats Difference Between Us And Them? Dose Anyone Really Know?
Old 18-08-2006, 02:01 AM
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Hello Shandieebony,
To Answer Your Question, Yes, We Are All Connected. All Living Things Are Made Up Of Energy. The Cells Move And Reproduce, Grow, Use Energy, And Create Energy. The Tiny Atoms Always Vibrate (creating Energy). We Radiate Energy Also (an Aura). As Do The "wild" Animals. The Very Planet Of Which We Live Has This Living Energy As Well. The Energy Flows And Melds. The Energy Is Everywhere And Everything. Some Call This Energy God.
I Believe That Our "spirit" Is Energy. With That Belief The Wild Animals Must Also Have A "spirit". An Energy That Drives Them To Do Whatever They Do While They Enhabit Their Physical Bodies (insects Too). When We Die, Our Energy(soul, Conscienceness, Spirit) Will No Longer Be Connected With Our Physical Forms, And, I Believe, In Most Cases, Will Ascend To A Higher Plain Of Existence.
Science Tells Us That Energy Cannot Be Destroyed. So How Could The Death Of Say, A Lion, Destroy His Energy Forever, Like It Just Disappears Into Nothingness. Cant Happen, His Energy Remains, And Must Go Somewhere.
Where Do You Believe we Go When We Die?

Everything Has A Spirit. One Spirit. That Flows Throughout The Universe. Thats The Nature Of Creation.

The Difference Between Us And Them? We Decided To Explore Technology. That May Be The Only True Difference. Does That Make Us More Special Than Them? Depends On Who You Ask.

I Hope This Has Made At Least Some Sense To You. Im More Articulate Some Days, And Less Others. The Ideas Are In My Head But Sometimes It Is Difficult To Force Words On Them.
Let Me Know What You Think.

-there's A Natural Mystic Flowing Through The Air

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Old 18-08-2006, 02:48 AM
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Hi Shandieebony,

You say:
"We Are Animals So They Say But What About The Wild Animals, The Beasts, They Are Alive, They Breath, They Eat, They Do All That We Do. What Happens When They Die. Where Do They Go?"

As I understand it (and In My Humble Opinion), although a human has a physical body that is made on the same basic 'vertebrate' plan as the vertebrate animals (that is, 'animals with backbones'), humans are quite different in spiritual constitution from animals. A human has (or is designed to have) a fully operational fully conscious ability to think, feel and create by use of the will. We have enormous potential for creativity. Animals, on the other hand, have an instinctual consciousness. Also, a human has an individualised Soul or spiritual motivating part; an animal's soul is part of a group soul, and the animal 'spiritual part' goes back upon the animal's death to merge with the rest of that group soul, that 'species soul'. A human, upon dying, retains the individual nature of the consciousness rather than disappearing into a merged whole.... unless and until it can truly merge with that Consciousness we call God or First Source or God/Goddess All-That-Is.

In essence, though, all living beings are ONE LIFE displayed and manifested in millions of different forms - each one has its place and its worth in the scheme of Creation, and truly, none is more important than another. They all have their place and contribute to the whole design of Creation. Something that indigenous, tribal humans are usually aware of - the "civilised" man, usually much less so, as evidenced by their selfish and unthinking ways of treating Nature! Interestingly enough, there is a series of books about a Russian Siberian Taiga girl called Anastasia which illustrate what it is like to be a human who is realising her true potential, and how she can interact with the Nature Kingdoms and have all her physical needs met by the animals and plants in her habitat, in harmony and their willing service to a true Man. The reference to that you may find interesting; its at:
I have the first book in the series, and as money allows, I will buy the rest. They can be highly recommended as true examples of what humanity could achieve if so inclined, and the books have priceless information for developing oneself to one's full potential and knowledge of the principles of life.


Old 13-09-2006, 06:42 AM
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every living energy has a same connection we do! animals goto the astral plane just like us ! to work out our emotions

in the next life they could be a human if there lucky....

Old 21-12-2006, 03:06 AM
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Everything living to me has a spirit and I believe we all go to the same place, maybe different levels as we each are on different levels spiritually now, but yeah God loves them all big and small! He welcomes humans an beasts alike!
Old 21-12-2006, 03:32 AM
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Do trees and plants have souls?

Old 21-12-2006, 03:47 AM
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well, you would have to define soul. trees and plants are energy. we are energy. a soul is surley energy. but what is the nature of these energies?
Old 21-12-2006, 04:00 AM
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If you would like to take everything living in my statement then "Yes" I would say a tree, plant is the same thing really, has a soul. It grows and nourishes just like the best of us, perhaps its soul does not go to where we do, but it certainly has a soul "To me" but thats merely my own opinion.
Old 21-12-2006, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Enlightener
Do trees and plants have souls?

I am sure that they do... the Ascendpress.org website has a section devoted to the channelled perspectives and historical information gathered by the Tree Kingdoms, (and other Nature Kingdoms as well). These indicate that although trees are rooted in one place and may seem not to have a consciousness we can interact with, in fact if a human can use the right "planet-wide" form of language (the Language of Light), then what the Nature Kingdoms have to say regarding our history and our civilisation and ways of living can be received and understood by such an one. And the comments and perspectives are very interesting!

So yes; trees and plants definitely have soul or energetic, consciousness parts to their makeup. The Indigenous People of the world appreciate this fact and usually base their relationship to their living environment upon this. Scientific experiments have proven that plants are sensitive to the type of music that is played in their vicinity; this points to an order of consciousness similar to our feeling-nature.
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