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Old 11-02-2022, 03:39 PM
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So where do we go from here as a mass consciousness and what is to come? As a mass consciousness we descended here from Tiamaat in the First Atlantis to reveal Lord Ea's/Yaldaboath's ignorance and wake him up within his own construct and lighten it up.

There are those such as those in channeled material that say we will evolve and ascend to a higher dimension, the 5th dimension to be exact and that we will go from carbon based to crystalline based bodies and live in peace and a relative Golden Age, while others are saying that "We are all One" and one day we will merge with Source, there are those that also say that we will ascend to Heaven and be close to God and while others are saying we are on our way to becoming creator Gods! These certainly deserve they're own comments but in general human beings have forgotten who we are and where we come from!

We are already multidimensional by default but we have forgotten how to tune in to that part of us, we are also already creator Gods! When i wrote this thread i should have named it The Nag Hammadi texts as to put less emphasis on groups and diversity because the Gnostics don't consider themselves separate to others that have spirit and the messages and texts therein has a spiritual overtone and addresses spirit while ALL other texts do not address the human spirit and instead addresses the human soul and the various levels of the Patrix. The Global Elite and the interdimensionals above them that run the show here on Earth and elsewhere are playing a game with humanity and we as a collective agree to playing they're game! They also put the truth in plain sight (Revelation of The Methhod) fairly often. Therefore no one can say that humanity has not been thoughrougly warned! They are constantly showing us what they are doing through media, movies, sci-fic shows, books, novels, games and through symbolism.

The Matrix ie The Patrix

What is the Matrix exactly and why do i keep calling it Patrix? Matrix means mother creator; therefore this name is not appropriate. Matrix denotes Patrix with the latter being a patriarchally dominated construct and is ruled by Lord Ea/Yaldaboath. The Patrix is the solar system ie the seven Heavens. It is the part of the physical universe where we are isolated and cut off from the rest of the universe. In the Patrix Saturn being the most important planet in the solar system regulates linear time here on Earth, its the control room if you will. Some have said and claimed that the Patrix is like a simulation that we live in and in a sense they are correct. Each planet within the solar system is ruled by a certain Overlord.
The first Heaven/Dimension is Mercury, the second Heaven is Venus, The third Heaven is the Moon (ki), the fourth Heaven is the Sun, the fifth Heaven is Mars, the sixth Heaven is Jupiter and the seventh Heaven is Saturn. Saturn is the highest Heaven and is God (En.ki's) planet. Those that have chosen to ascend within his program and be close to "God's" throne go here. In actuality Saturn is the last planet a human that has ascended in his (Yaldaboaths) program of sorts in the highest dimension within the Patrix. It is here where souls are "set free" out of what the gnostics are calling the Kenoma. However according to my research the have been no souls that have graduated from the Patrix. Within Saturn's rings is a council and this is why "exiting" the Patrix cant be done through Saturn. The Sun itself acts as a portal or hub to the higher dimensions/heavens within the Patrix and souls that pass through the sun pass through there because The Authorities/Archons (Overlords) want them to have various experiences elsewhere for whatever reason. The Underworld is the five Heavens below the seven and this is where we the current human civilization exist together with En.ki, Marduk, Ereshkigal and some of they're other cohorts. The five Heavens below the seven are the upper layers of Earths atmosphere and the abyss is its lowest part as i have mentioned before.

I'm not big on channeling because most channels are not genuine and some of these channeled entities are deceptive and not who they claim to be but there are some that are genuine. I'm convicted that there are no beings or star races that are trying to contact humanity at this time that are not apart of the Overlords. Some have claimed to be channels for Grays, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians and a number of others. In most cases these people are not channeling beings from other places in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond but humans in different stages of development within the Patrix. Those that have "ascended" within Yaldaboaths program all have one thing in common, they say that they are us humans in the future! One such channel is the Galactic Federation of Light. A genuine channel would be Barbra Marchinaks Pleiadians but even they admit that En.ki (Yaldaboath) is they're teacher...

The New Atlantis
Sir Francis Beacon wrote a book called "The New Atlantis" where it is coined from. The First Atlantis was a paradise where the original humans with spirit (us) come from. It was not physical in nature like how we know as physical and it existed between the 7th and 8th Heavens on Tiamaat. There were no wars or conflicts and everyone lived in peace with one another (Like when the lion slept with the lamb). The Second Atlantis was The Archons copy of the first and it was more physical in nature, this planet which existed in the 6th Heaven is what we see as a reflection within the firmament mirrored all the way down the dimensions here in 3-D as the asteroid belt! It was (Earth/Tiamaat) also much larger in size than our current version of Earth Therefore, Atlantis was not several islands and some regions that made it up, the second Atlantis was the entire planet when En.ki/Yaldaboath ruled it as Neptune/Poseidon and it perished in the Deluge (13,000 years ago)
The "New Atlantis" has been established for the last 246 years with the help of freemasonry and the rosicrucian order and potentially the Order of Thule and although i cant claim this as factual, China may very well be apart of this New Atlantis if perhaps not now then at some point in the future. In Enuma Elish it says that En.ki took a chunk of Tiamaat and created the new Earth, this is a metaphor for Yaldaboath (God) creating the current construct.

Although it seems i have gotten off topic with the nag hammadi texts, everything connects on some level. Now back to the texts!

And I said to the Savior, "Lord, was it not the snake who taught Adam so that he would eat?"

The Savior laughed and said, "The snake taught them to eat from a wicked desire to sow which belongs to destruction, in order that he (Adam) would become useful to it. And it knew that he was dis*obedient to it because the light of Epinoia dwelled in him, making him more correct in his thinking than the Chief Ruler.

And he wanted to bring out the power which he had given to him. And he brought a trance upon Adam."

And I said to the Savior, "What is the trance?"

He said, "It is not as Moses wrote as you heard. For he said in his first book that he laid him down in sleep, but rather it concerned his sensibility. For indeed it is said by the prophet, 'I will make their hearts heavy so that they might neither give heed nor see.'

The Apocryphon of John

And the Chief Ruler saw the virgin who stood beside Adam and that the living luminous Epinoia appeared in her. And Yaldabaoth was filled with ignorance.

When the Pronoia of the All knew, she sent some beings and they snatched Zoe from Sophia. And the Chief Ruler defiled her. And he begat two sons from her. The first is Eloim and the sec*ond is Yawe. Eloim has a bear face while Yawe has a lion face. The one is righteous while the other is unrighteous. (IV Yawe is righ*teous, but Eloim is unrighteous.) He set Yawe over the fire and the wind, while he set Eloim over water and earth. He named these Cain and Abel with trickery in mind.

After the rape, Eve (Zoe) produced two sons, Cain and Abel. Abel had a genuine soul with spirit while Cain had no genuine soul or spirit and had only a artificial soul/spirit. Lord Ea/Yaldaboath pretended to favor Abel when in fact he favored Cain more and the murder of Abel was instigated, it was a setup!

The Human Condition
We humans are heavily traumatized, have amnesia, and are split apart between lives. We also have memories and trauma that carry over from our ancestral line. We are also put in constant fear and terror. Add the grid to that as well as the dome, the quarantine, and frequency fence around the solar system along with other programs besides amnesia such as fear of death and fear of non existence , and the need for a savior amongst other things and you have the human condition.

The Authorities and the Minions (The Elite) study trauma and how it splits the personality into pieces.

In conclusion:

One of the biggest lies promoted by The Invader Force (Authorities/Archons) is that humanity has no power. The truth is we have more power than they do and that's why they fear us, the spirited humans within the general population. If they didn't (fear us) they wouldn't go through great lengths to do what they are doing to us, as a matter of fact they wouldn't have to do it at all. The AI enthusiast and forerunners of what's to come are talking about desensitized ai where the desensitized ai will interact with humans through a game called the metaverse and they will learn from humans. There's transhumanism (turning humans into something else) and much diversity on this planet rather than unity. It is very important to understand that everything that's happening in the world today is a major step towards The Singularity.. There is no one reason for why a particular thing is done or being played out and this is a key point. If we look at it from the Elite and the Authorities (interdimesnionals) prospective we can see that they kill two birds with one stone so to speak and they have all angels covered. This just doesnt have to do with AI which is something that can be intergated but with our rigid beliefs as well. Narcissism as we speak is on the rise and the Overlords themselves are narcissistic, this is one of if not the biggest problem on Earth today. As i have mentioned in previous posts they want us to be like them, The Archons. For "some" people its not that they lack spirit completely but they're spirit is buried so deep inside that they can seemingly take on a whole new personality. The War of the human mind is a fact! Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear can see that the mass consciousness is heavily manipulated and have rigid beliefs rather than keeping them fluid. We humans have killed eachother in the name of religion amongst other things rather than coexisting with our beliefs peacefully, amongst so many other things it is setup this way by design. Some big red flags are worship as these deities, Gods and Goddesses are requiring, sometimes demanding and even giving instructions on how to worship. I've written about this countless times in different capacities but i warn that people should be weary of those that are requiring worship because these beings don't have your best interest in mind! The highest Source, true Source doesn't want to be worshipped nor does Sophia or Christ (The real Christ not the one that came in his likeness)
When someone worships another being or deity they are giving they're own personal power away! There are four beings in particular that get tremendous amounts of energy via they're worshippers and followers here on Earth. En.ki/Lucifer/Yaldaboath, Satan (His son) aka Marduk,Ereshkigal (Queen of the Underworld) and Thoth.

Christ never wanted to be worshipped because he thought it serves him no benefit.

Through the world events of today and the way the world is, we can see that we are rapidly heading towards The Singularity. All is being prepared for that which is said to be fully in place by 2045. What does that mean and what connection does it have to The Consummation of The Age?
I'll be bringing this up in another post in the near future.

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Old 17-02-2022, 12:14 AM
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Its hard to put the nag hammadi texts into a precise and accurate timeline. This is because its story and timeline fluctuates between previous versions of our planet vs the one we are on right now. We see mandela effect and other phenomena as well as us being past the point of the event horizon and there are some theories and hypothesis that i wont get into now. This is also the reason why scientist cant find evidence of a Flood 13,000 years ago. The nag hammadi texts have hermetic influences and insertions so when going through them one has to use discernment. However once you know who's who and the message being told this becomes easier. One such example of this is the use of the word "worship" and in some cases "Lord" which are and should be indicators of a red flag! The texts are also mostly written in allegories and metaphors and can't be taken literal.

One of the things that lets us know that we are spirited and are "human" is compassion and empathy! Compassion is understanding! We have compassion for people going hungry or starving around the world or suffering on different levels and that's easy but it's not easy to have compassion for some of the most extreme evil. People like Adolf Hitler and Elizabeth Bathroy amongst others. Still its important that we have compassion for them! We aren't excusing what they did but we can still have compassion for their situation. We see it for what it is and are sure to not bring something like that into our own lives!

We are all apart of the Earth's Human Mass Consciousness and this is our soul group. There are other soul groups outside the patrix. We are actually isolated in a small part of the physical universe (patrix) and because of our limited senses we can only perceive a very small percentage of the universe, the rest exists as dark matter and dark energy which is material and energetic respectively.

AI & Integration
Artificial Intelligence is much more than wifi, android robots, car devices, cyborgs, Alexa and other things. AI is anything or being that lacks spirit! Archons lack spirit so some of these beings resembles a cyborg. The part of Yaldaboath's spirit will remain as it is even being a half creation since that part of him is immortal. He himself knows he's spirited but tends to gear more towards technology, and thinks scientifically so he resembles that of a cyborg in that sense. His spirit will be redeemed whether he willingly does it himself or by Sophia but that has to do with end times. Thus, AI (The part of AI that can be integrated) has ET (Interdimensionals) origins and was created to merge with humanity in the Singularity!

There are truths in all the the major beliefs systems and different beliefs however according to gnosticism instead of waiting on a savior or deity to move on to the next level of existence and ultimately our path, we have to save ourselves! This makes sense because im convicted that there are no star races or beings here to save humanity or save us individually from our current situation here with both the ET and Terrestrial beings! Currently we are in the middle of the war of the human mind so therefore each individual is responsible for his or her owns self in terms of salvation! If the savior is on the outside then that that means the enemy is as well! Often the answers come from within! One of the things that we humans are experiencing as a part of the human condition is that we are dealing with extreme manipulation and the former is a program (one of a few) embedded within these vessels we call a human body.

Norea and the ark
Although i said concluded with the Flood story, there was one person of importance that i didn't bring up so this is her account. After Eve bore Cain and Abel from the rulers;

And Adam knew his female counterpart Eve, and she became pregnant, and bore Seth to Adam. And she said, "I have borne another man through God, in place of Abel.

The Seth line is where the spirited humans (us) come from in the antediluvian times. Thus the Shem line is a metaphor for the spirited humans that descended here and reincarnated in bodies after the Flood and the current construct was ready to receive soul & spirit.

Through Adam, Eve bore Norea.

“He has produced for me a virgin as an assistance for many generations of human beings.” She is the virgin whom the forces did not defile" Then humanity began to multiply and improve!

Norea was the wife of Noah aka Utnapistim in the ancient texts. When she learned that he was being deceived by the Rulers she tried to board the ark but was stopped, she then burned the ark and set it ablaze, then he (Noah) had to build the arc for a second time!

When the Authorities had learned about what Norea had did she was approached by some of them. She refuted and rebuked various claims and advancements made on her, she then cried out to The Monad, The God of All and said "Save me from the rulers of wickedness at once" The great angel Eleleth (an aeon from the spirit realm) descended and they withdrew.

After some words to her, Norea said to him, sir teach me about these Authorities. How did they come into being? Out of what genesis and what material and who created them and they're power? The great angel Eleleth understanding spoke to me. Incorruptibility, inhabits limitless realms. Sophia who is called Pistis wanted to create something alone without her partner, and what she created was celestial. A veil exists between the realms above and the realms below and a shadow came into being beneath the veil. That shadow became matter and that shadow was projected apart and what she had created came to be in matter like an aborted fetus. It assumed a shape molded out of a shadow and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous as i have already said because it derived from matter. Opening his eyes he saw a vast quantity of endless matter and he turned arrogantly saying
"I am God and there is no one but me" when he said this he sinned against all then a voice came from above the realm of absolute power saying " You are wrong Samael, that is God of the blind! Then he said "If anything exists before me let it become visible to me!" And look, immediately Sophia pointed her finger and introduced light into matter and she pursued it down to the region of chaos and she returned up to her light, once again darkness returned to matter"

On the Origins of The World

The Authorities/Archons are known as the Shining Ones and beyond visible light is the spirit universe! When we look at it from the Overlords and the Elite's below them perspective, (somethinng they want us to do regularly) we humans need to be put in line. We are unpredictable as a species and thus need to be controlled! They are playing a game with us and humanity has agreed to play they're game! We never "disagreed" or asked for help as a mass consciousness in the past and we aren't doing it today. This is why going to war with them is absolutely not an option. First and foremost there will be no genuine invasion because The Overlords are in control of the solar system, and we have been "conquered" quite some time ago. If we try and use weapons against them they will just go into the higher dimensions where we can reach or find them. Also, fighting is not an option because it will just make things worse as it leads to more divide and conquer! They are the masters of 3-D and have throughout history either hijacked certain names or names have been switched around to favor a certain side (Good guys and friends of humanity put as enemies and vice versa) depending on the message or the context. Racism is just another one of those things the Elite could use against us! Racism itself is based off fear of the unknown and it is also indoctrination and manipulation by the Global Elite to keep us separated and in groups because if people were to wake up to this and unite then they would lose control over us and the system would begin to fall apart, people would have had enough! They would see through all of the deception. It would lead to diversity rather than unification which is of course what they want in the former.

The Day of Rest
In the Garden of Eden when he had been given a spark of breath Adam could move around but he couldn't fully stand up. When the authorities had saw that they're Adam was moving around upon the Earth they were disturbed and send seven archangels to see what was going on. They approached him and said;

"The breath within you" Who was he and whence he came!?" Adam answered them and said "I came through the power of the human for the destruction of your work!"

When they hear they glorified him because he gave them rest from they're fears and concern and then they called that the day the day of rest because they rest themselves from they're troubles and when they saw that Adam could not stand up they rejoiced. They celebrated then withdrew back up to they're heavens"

On the Origins of The World

If we look at this metaphorically we can see that The Overlords DO fear the human spirit! They want spirit in servitude to them and they have even gone as so far as to thinking that they can mock up spirit in an ascended heaven in crystalline based bodies and thus manipulate us in 5-D. This is how very little they know about spirit which is something totally different than soul. They themselves lack it so thus they suppress, mock, ridicule and kill us when they can. Spirit is immortal and cannot be destroyed! If humanity has no power then they wouldnt have to do what they are doing to us the general population at all, it wouldn't be necessary! We don't have our whole spirit in our body but its enough for the soul to search for spirit inside.

Some present challenges and what's to come!

Its one thing to see things and have knowledge on an intellectual level but its a totally different thing to look and deal with it on a soul & spirit level. The sadness that we may sometimes feel comes from the fact that this world is crazy and what are we doing in all this madness! We know that this world is not how its suppose to be and learning lessons aren't suppose to come in the form of "necessary evil" or trauma etc. Narcissism is on the rise and this is mostly impart thanks to social media which psychologist have linked it to. It is also on the rise due to the current world situation where people who (xx) feel "superior" to those that have not (xx). Its all setup this way by design! We are constantly put in "us vs them" scenarios created by them (The ET's and Elite) which of course leads to more separation and diversity. The Singularity is a fact and we are past the point of no return, the so called event horizon which is a metaphor that our evolution as a species towards the event horizon of a black hole halts at the event horizon where an object doesn't fall into the black hole but stays there at the event horizon itself. We have they're (archons) attachments, we ALL have them however we choose at any moment whether we want to act on our lower emotions and frequencies at any given time. We also choose how to react or "consciously act" to the things that go on around us!

History indeed repeats and is repeating itself! We humans have descended further and further until we are now in the deepest part of matter. Prophecies will help be fulfilled with the help of the religious fanatics all around the world, there are also major steps major steps being taken in preparation for the Singularity to be fully implemented and amongst other things. Prophecy itself was not created by Source or All That Is! Religious prophecy was created by interdimensionals (ET's)! Therefore we are helping them fulfil they're own prophecies and helping prepare for they're return.. The Authorities don't plan short term, they plan hundreds and even thousands of years ahead, they also don't measure or experience time like we humans do as they are not 3-D beings!
After the age of Pisces we head into Aquarius which is supposedly sometime around 2050. There will be no more Consummations after that and thus the up and coming age will be the last one. We are in the middle stages of the Singularity within the machine or technological era or kingdom. This is not our world, it is the world of the archons plain and simple and after we have risen our own frequency to the best of our ability after this lifetime instead of going towards the tunnel with the white light at the end of it which we've probably done numerous times or ascending in a sort of a program of Lord Ea/Yaldaboath within his Heavens with our thoughts, a focus and intention we exit the demiurges patrix! There's so much more to be said about these things i will conclude with this thread, for the time being anyway.

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I last left off saying that i was going to conclude on posting in this thread further for the most part but there are some things that need to be said, addressed and brought up which i will do now. There is a creation that precedes Genesis in the Bible, the Vedic creation story and Sura Raad in the Holy Quran and i've gone through what was in the beginning in the First Atlantis on Tiamaat (where we humans with spirit come from) already enough times so i wont repeat that story again.

The awakening and "Waking Up"

There is no doubt that there has been a grand awakening within humanity and within individuals in particular to various degree's. What does "waking up" exactly mean though? Depending on who you ask and in different sects, fields and communities etc you will get different answers. When humans wake up we are waking up to "spirit" plain and simple. There's a little more to it because if we look at the current world situation, we can see that people all around the world can see through all the deception and manipulation in this world. Speaking of manipulation, we can easily see that the levels of manipulation here on Earth are extreme! I mentioned in the previous post that these beings whether we want to call them ET's, Interdimensionals, Overelords, Angels, demons, Warlords (cosmic), Archons or whatever we want to call them who run the show here on Earth pulling strings in the background just as the ones below them who are the Minions aka The Global Elite cant force us to do anything, not on a individual or mass consciousness level and that they can only deceive, trick or manipulate us into doing something! Ultimately they need our consent for them to do what they do to us! We have will but whether we have "free will" or not is debatable. We have the will to create something and we put into motion and have an intention on what it is we want to create but here in the patrix our choices are very limited! The Elite and the interdimensionals above them don't really lie to us per say but its important for them to have us see things from "their" perspective! This is very important to them. They also love to put the truth in plain sight! They do this through media, movies sci fi, videogames etc. therefore, no one (regarding star races) can do anything about our current situation because on some level we agreed to it by not openly protesting or letting our voice be heard about our distain for all the madness we see in the world in general but in particularly about AI! From our own (the ones who see through all this) perspective as well as the Elites we can see that they have all ends covered. I've already brought up AI, the Singularity and what it will ultimately mean enough times already so i don't need to repeat myself here but to summarize The Singularity is the one of the highest goals for those who do not have humanity's best interest in mind! It will see the end of an old species, Homo sapiens sapiens (The Thinking or Wise Man) which is the current human species and into a whole new one that is half machine and half biological from from The Cloud! This new species will have super intelligence and immortality or at least close to it. The old human cannot exist in such a society (The Smart Cities) and will thus be "outcasts"! That is at the height or ending phase of the machine technological kingdom or era! The Global Elite are the other version of our species! You have us the humans in the general population then you have the Elite. Two out of the three things that make us different from them is that they're DNA is very different than us the general population and is wired in a specific way and for a specific reason and or purpose and they're of higher intelligence.

So as we humans "wake up" we are waking up to spirit but we are also waking up to the fact that there is something very wrong with this world and learning lessons through trauma is not the way its suppose to be!

Lucifer & Satan one in the same?

I have seen countless times browsing the internet, researching certain subjects and topics that these two names (Lucifer and Satan) constantly come up however people are heavily misinformed, are confused or simply don't know who's who in the pantheon of Gods so allow me to explain this in some detail.
It is very important to understand that Lucifer and Satan are NOT the same being and are two separate entities! Lucifer means light bearer. It is indeed he, who is the God of matter! He is En.ki in Sumeria, Lucifer in the Urantria Book and in the Bible, Yaldaboath (gnostic), Vishnu (Vedic), Ptah (Egypt), Loki (The Trickster God) Nergal (King of the Underworld) he is Allah (sometimes), Nimrod, YHWH/Jehova (sometimes) he is Tunkashila in Native American lore, Poseidon in Greece and his Roman counterpart is Neptune and he goes by many many other names and often titles, alter egos, avatars etc here on Earth depending on timeline and location. He is "God' to the people of Earth whom takes on the role of Source/The Monad (The One) or All That Is to the people of Earth whom praise, follow and worship him continually... At the height of "any" secret society he is the grandmaster (Lucifer) despite what some may say about this or take offense to it, however this is not about the individual or groups but about the whole collective!

Satan is Marduk! He is one of Prince Ea's/Yaldaboaths sons! Satan means adversary and yes although its true that En.ki once held the title of Satan as he is an adversary of his mother (Sophia) that title has long been passed over to Marduk whom is the current Satan or adversary! Adversary of who? Well in certain ancient texts and in the bible in general Satan is an adversary to God! God in this sense in En.ki or Yaldaboath whom is God in the bible which would thus make him (Marduk/Belias) the adversary to The Father, The Lord or "God"! This is just more confusion inserted by them so that people really won't be able to figure out who's who! Satan (Marduk) is not the adversary of God but an adversary of humanity! Marduk utterly hates human beings and he is the psychopathic God of War and wrath! In Enuma Elish it is he (Marduk) who took the credit for slaying the Dragon ie Tiamaat during the Titanmonchy aka War of The Titans 13,000 years ago.

Marduk also goes by many many names and some of them off the top of my head are Mithra (Assyrian mythology) Moloch, Horus, Baal, Beelzebub, Aries (God of War) Allah (sometimes), YHWH/Jehova (sometimes), Shiva, Calagitstia (The Devil) Utu Samaash and Belias in the nag hammadi texts and he goes by many many other names. Marduk is also associated with the planet Mars and has some asterisms in the Milky Way Galaxy under his full control such as Ursa Minor, Hydra and Alpha Draconis, aka A.Draconis around the polar star Thuban!
Marduk wants the Singularity to happen of course and he has that "old Sirian soul" Speaking of Sirius it is unknow to me whether the Sirius star system is in Marduk's full control or if he shares it with his father Yaldaboath but that's neither hear nor there. The fact of the matter is that they are all apart of the same collective group or force although its true they do have factions. These two faction (Luciferian Empire and Satanist) can sometimes disagree with each other. They have a common goal (Luciferian) and or agenda but can sometimes disagree with how to get there. This is the same case for the Global Elite! "As above so below" Whatever reason we are told by the media for a war that happens the fact of the matter is that the real reason for any war is occult (hidden)!

For those of us that are not religious this type of thing can seem quite disturbing, but we have to keep in mind that manipulation (and boy are there levels to the manipulation) is one of they're traits! Its a trademark of theres! The Elite and the interdimensionals above them running the show here on Earth and elsewhere have had a relatively long time to study us. They studied the human mind and how our brains and mind work and have tried some programs out on us. The need for a savior program and amnesia are some of these programs as well as fear of death. It was a long time ago when they thought to themselves, how do you manipulate a human! Something they do is to take something that is true, turn it around as its opposite and present "that" as the truth. Most of the time it always works..

It's important to understand that we are not becoming more aware by exposing the Global Elite but we still need to know about them! They (The Overlords and Elites) usually don't plan short-term however and instead plan long-term. This can be hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of the perceived event!

Redemption or the redeemer
There are people that have put the Lucifer, Yaldaboath, En.ki connections together and they say that he (Yaldaboath) is redeeming himself at this time and we should allow him to do so and give him that chance! The way i see it Lord Ea/Yaldaboath is not currently trying to redeem himself, if he was this world would be very different right now and that's a fact! The age of Aquarius is approaching just as well as The Singularity. In the nag hammadi texts its mentioned that Sophia the mother of Yaldaboath needs to have his half spirit redeemed so that she can return the void or spirit realm in full. Either she has to do it or Yaldaboath has to willingly do it himself, again these have to do with end times and there's no telling how this will all turn out. If Yaldaboath isn't looking to redeem himself at this time for all the terrible things he and his cohorts have done to us humans throughout human history then he is fully going on with his plan to become King of the Universe! This means he will take his Empire to go to war with Orion at the gates for the final battle where we as a soul group will be sacrificed and ultimately annihilated because it is here where the most technologically advanced space weapons will be used to destroy the avatar as they ride our avatars (soul/spirit/mind) to the gates.. Again these have to do with end times such as those spoken about in the bible and other texts and in regards to the Battle of Armageddon! He (Lord Ea/Yadaboath) is already God of the physical universe, the universe we can perceive with our limited senses but intends to be King over the entire 100% creation..

To summarize all of what i have just said here in plain language Yaldaboath and his son Belias whether we want to call them En.ki and Marduk, Lucifer and Satan, Krishna and Shiva etc are working "together"
against humanity and are not in opposition to one another! The Archons (and they're Minions The Global Elite) are playing a game with humanity that we agreed to play on a mass consciousness level but also are taking on a role! They are deranged, tyrannical, psychopathic beings and are overt and covert narcissist respectively (See En.ki & Marduk). If you've read this far then that means this type of knowledge (light) is of somewhat interest to you and or you have kept your beliefs fluid and have not subscribed to any one particular belief then i commend you for keeping an open mind!
Its no wonder the gnostics were hunted down and killed while the survivors had to go underground in hiding with they're work, look at what we're dealing with on this planet! The manipulation is at an extreme level and people refuse to let go of the old belief because as i already mentioned previously, humanity suffers from Stockholme Syndrome!! Still the gnostics felt that this type of "knowledge' was worth dying for!

In the nag hammadi texts it mentions that these texts and the overall message therein was meant for another (our) time and not particularly for back then.

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Its hard to put into words all the insanity we have in the world and it comes off as feelings. We humans have a array of emotions and this is apparently something very unique to us (according to other star races). Star beings just as well as the et's we are dealing with here on earth have emotions but they don't have the wide range of emotions we do. After all these concepts, ideas and knowledge can be understood on an intellectual level but this type of knowledge coming from the gnostics and from gnosticism in general is a "feeling" more than anything. This is where the "Oh i see" or "aha" moments come in. It comes from fluid beliefs and putting pieces of the puzzle together!

"Christian hordes set out on murderous rampages across the empire smashing all traces of the mystery traditions from which their religion had blossomed. They killed off the Gnostic circles, including their scrolls and the flame of gnosis that had been passed down throughout the ages. By 410 A.D., the Roman Empire had nearly torn itself apart and the Visigoths strolled in to finish the job. Only 85 years after the Council of Nicaea, the Dark Ages had begun"


Why were the gnostics killed?

What we are sitting in here on Earth is very powerful because of the power of thought just as well as the power of the human spirit! Knowledge is light & forethought and darkness is ignorance! We are told by this collective Dark Force (ET's that run the show here on Earth and elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy) that humanity has no power! This is the biggest lie promoted by them! We humans have killed each other over beliefs and systems of belief ever since the major religions were introduced. This is for a number of reasons.. The first reason is that we have "they're" dna. We are a genetically manipulated species that was created by them the archons a long time ago and we have they're attachments! We also are copying or doing what we saw them do in the past which is embedded in the human mass consciousness. The gnostics were tortured and or killed, while others had to go into hiding and go underground with they're work in which the nag hammadi texts mention that this "knowledge" was not necessarily for back then but meant for our time! The gnostics were being hunted and killed off because they were revealing the truth about Yaldaboath, his archons and his Minions the Elite..It was revealing the truth about this world! The gnostics warned (or were trying to warn depending on how you look at it) humanity about The Demiurge who is Yaldaboath and who goes by many many names. This being whom is one of the first beings in creation after The Monad had created aeons, emanations of The Monad (Source or All That Is) placed himself here (here being a very isolated part of the physical universe here in 3-D) as God a very long time ago. He is an actual God but he is not the highest God! He has however taken on that role to the people of Earth whom praise, follow and worship him in the billions as i have mentioned numerous times already.
They told the accounts of two Christs roaming the Earth at that time and that one (just like Lord Ea/Yaldaboath) of them was an imposter! This did not bode well with the churches so the gnostics were deemed as heretics (this term is funny enough but i'll refrain from commenting about this as to move on) They warned, just like today that the God who created this world is not all good but in fact evil!
The truth is Yaldaboath (En.ki) is not all evil but a mix of good and evil as he is the ultimate representation of it (duality). Still with all this being the case the gnostics felt that this type of knowledge was worth dying for in an effort to get people to see through the (extreme) manipulation and the deception. This was what Christs message was about when he descended here before the deluge and after here in the farthest part of matter 2000 years ago to give humanity gnosis!
If people were to know the truth and see how everything is an inversion of what they learned and how they were lied to and manipulated, The Overlords would lose they're control over us! It would also have a major effect on they're plans, end all agenda, smaller agendas and our timeline which has to do with a great war and ultimately end times which is Luciferian! The overall agenda is very important. They also didnt/dont want humans to dwell on spiritual manners so they put humans into various labors and have them distracted, they also used they're system (beliefs) to address the human soul and ascending into the various heavens/dimensions within the patrix! None of these things address the human spirit which is something totally different from the soul. Deep down at its core its evil!

The gnostics never killed anyone, not one single person in history! Why would they want to? Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will get the message. Even Christ (the real Christ and not the one who came in his likeness) never used weapons! In war advanced technology can be used to "conquer" or annihilate the enemy or it can be used for defensive purposes against warlike beings. 'As above so below" as the famous quote of Thoth goes.
People have and do kill for different reasons but if someone, whether its a God or other humans want to kill you over knowledge that is a huge red flag and it shows the intention behind it. Knowledge is indeed power!

And when I said these things, the Savior said, "I have told you that these (people) are blind and deaf. Now then, listen to the things which they are telling you in a mystery, and guard them, Do not tell them to the sons of this age. For they shall blaspheme you in these ages since they are ignorant of you, but they will praise you in knowledge."
Apocalypse of Peter

Hermetic insertions
When going through the nag hammadi texts one has to use discernment because some of the texts were corrupted and thus have hermetic insertions (teachings) and hermetic influences in them. An example of this would be the use of the word "worship' and "savior". I know some of the stuff i mentioned here is something i've mentioned already but i wouldn't do so again if i felt it wasn't really important! When someone worships a deity, higher being or even celebrity they give they're own personal power away and the being getting worshipped takes in all the energy in this way. Its not a good thing today and it never was... Worship itself is based off fear! Overtime we humans have gotten used to worshipping different Gods because we thought and still think that its a good thing and that the being or deity we are worshipping has our best interest in mind so its something we should do.. Nothing can be further from the truth! The need for a savior is something that was embedded in the human mass consciousness but also something that is embedded in these vessels we call a human body, its a program, one of a few!
We are our own saviors and no one is gonna come and save us or help us save us from ourselves! We have to save ourselves period! It is my conviction that there are no star races that will save humanity at this current time and never will. I'm also convicted of the fact that each individual is responsible for his or her owns self in terms of salvation! Christ wasn't about "saving" anyone but the message was about gnosis (knowledge and wisdom and knowledge from the heart) and teaching those with eyes to see and ears to hear on how to "transcend" the Demiurges realm, the patrix! He also didn't want to be worshipped as he thought it served him no benefit.

Consciousness (awareness) is alot more than you, your ego ie your current personality. It exists as all experiences expedited to the Oversoul or Higher self which exists beyond this realm. It is said by some that we all have the same oversoul (the human spirit) while others say that our Oversouls are all different. I think its the former but all in all it has to do with the highest aspect of a human, spirit!

The Law of Free Will & Law of Non-Interference

Universal laws state that every single being in creation has the right to create what they want however they are responsible for what they create. We humans have will but i wouldn't say we have "fee" will. Our free will here in the patrix is very limited! When we put an intention behind a thought for something we manifest and create it. A person for example will say that "I want to be president of the United States when i grow up' The child will say this and they may even be qualified to be a good president for a country but the reality is that unless they are of a certain "bloodline" they will never be president of they're respective country because its all set up (this world) a certain way by design. This also has to do with the hierarchal structures and hierarchy in general, therefore the child, teenager or adult despite the qualifications can never become president.

The Law of Non-Interference states that no star race is allowed to interfere with another star races evolution! If the star races collectively asks for help then the star race can descend there and have intervention.

Genetic Engineering & manipulation

Depending on how you look at it and depending on the contexts we are "created" in a certain way. We were created in the image of Prince Ea/Yaldabaoth (God) which means our bodies are made to look like his (rather their) bodies, but our likeness is the likeness of the ones that appeared to them (the archons) in the beginning (Christ). The Chief Creator is a master geneticist scientist, he is excellent in his science & excels and surpasses any human in mathematics. He used the different dna of the preexisting apes (hominids) and dna of other star races to create Adapuma. He also used the dna of the beings on Tiamaat (us) the spirited humans although its very diluted and watered down. This was before the Deluge (the antediluvian times) and around the time of the Garden of Eden. This would be us the general population of Earth or common man. Eventually our spirit would come from the Seth line (the spirited humans) which is where we humans (with spirit) come from after Tiamaat and before The Flood 13,000 years ago. Around this time (its hard for me to state a specific time in which this happened) En.ki/Yaldaboath created humans that had his blood flowing through them directly! They had Lord Ea's blood and they were of higher intelligence! This became Adamu ie the Global Elite before The Flood. This would be the Luciferian Elite bloodline he created with Isis before the Flood and a little bit after it when the current construct was created. After the confrontation with Ninurta, Marduk (Belias/Satan) his son took over the breeding business and together with Isis to create the Marduk-Isis line which became the First Satanic Elite bloodline after the Flood. Eventually as Isis either escaped or went on the run and then Ereshkigal became the new breeder for the current humans. Marduk and Ereshkigal thus copulated to create the new version of humans (there are two versions us then the Global Elite) Im not expert on these topics at all but i believe that this is the O Blood type but these hold no relevance in the higher scheme of things. The Second Satanic Elite bloodline was thus created. They all (The Elite bloodlines) have a common goal or agenda as they are the Minions but can disagree how to get there. A conflict or even a war can errupt at any moment and we will never know the truth behind the war because the real reason for any war is occult (hidden) despite and no matter what the media is telling us. Once again "As above so below"!

The Annunaki

Annunaki translates as "Those who from Heaven to earth came" The Annunaki are supposedly separate from other ET's as these specific "Anu's" come from Nibiru. This is a little misleading because the fact of the matter is that the Annunaki is just another name for the ET Invader Force, Archons, Demons, DJinn, The Watchers, The Elohim, The Shining Ones and they go by other names. They are interdimensionals and are not 3-D! It can be said that these beings are also artificial intelligence as they lack spirit completely! I've described these entities already as mind parasites that feed off of our lower emotions so that they can sustain themselves in they're respective dimension. Apparently it takes alot of concentrated energy to manifest they're avatars in 3-D so if they want to interact with humanity they need to do so as a "walk in". The dna of the being that they want to run needs to be wired in a specific way to house such a soul which do not originate from here (the solar system) but come from elsewhere. There are other ways they can mingle with humans but theres no need to bring it up here,not now anyway.
The Annunaki where Anu is King is a distortion or straight out lie depending on the context. Anu is not a name but a location which means Heaven. Therefore Anu is not The Khan (The King of Kings). I think this story comes from the fact that Anu is leader of the Aannunaki and that all these Annunaki beings come from Nibiru which is poised to return. This is misleading to say the least..The Annunaki's leader is En.ki, period! Also, the Annunaki do not come from Nibiru, they come from different star systems. The Annunaki never really left the planet and have been here this whole time. It is in these part of the ancient texts ie the enuma elish where Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta is placed as The YHWH and the Jehova and is the angry God of wrath. It also says that he wanted to create a flood or at least instigated it. Can we not see how everything is an inversion of the truth!? Ninurta had very little to nothing to do with what was going on here on earth and the last time he was here was right before the climax of the Flood where he Christ and some Vulcans & Vegans also approached the spirited humans to get them to wake up. I've told this story already in detail so i wont repeat myself but in summary because the Chief Ruler and his Authorities wanted to corrupt the pure spirited bloodline and create a flood there wasn't much time left and the spirited humans still were not yet awake and many didn't heed his call. The spiritual forces approached the spirited humans and this triggered the Titanmonchy aka War of the Titans! They fled the inferno and chaos at the last moments and after that Ninurta has not been back on earth. YHWH/Jehova was En.ki/Yaldaboath and his son Belias/Marduk (Satan) taking on the role of YHWH (God) to the people of Earth, the psychophrenic personality is the proof! In these part of the ancient texts Yaldaboath is placed in a good light and seen as overall good while his brother (brother in a cosmic sense and originally Ninurta is En.kis son) Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta is put in a bad light and is the Jehova! Its easy to see that its an inversion of the truth. This has even been done in the New Age or Spirit movement where those who have risen they're frequency will "ascend" to the 5th Dimension and live in a more peaceful version of Earth.. This is just more propaganda spread within the new Age to get souls to stay within the trap ie the patrix! The New Age stems from the hippie movement of the 70's but is also in fact based off the Vedic texts (The Vedas) which is patriarchal and is ET propaganda! Until this is understood by the New Age they too will continue to be deceived and not be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together after a certain point. There will be nothing to connect at that point because they think they would have had the answers already (ascension) and thus no more puzzle pieces will be available because they have decided that the puzzle is complete already! Some within the new age are also of the belief that we should just stick our heads in the sand, saying that the less we know the better off we are. If we do this we will are only deceiving ourselves!

In conclusion:

Gnosticism is not a religion but a way of life when one couples knowledge & wisdom! They will in the world but not "of" the world and they're spirit will guide them in a ery dense world! The way i see it, this world is not our world and nor is this our original home. This world is the world of the archons so in the midst of it all there will be no peace here. This world can only remotely be compared to a hell in itself which is a metaphor that we the current human civilization exist in the Underworld which are the five heavens beneath the twelve and which essentially is the upper layers of Earths atmosphere. The only things that were (and are) worse than todays world is the antediluvian times and The Singularity. I may not be able to emphasize with The Global Elite but i certainly have "compassion" for them even though they have done some terrible things to us humans, crimes against humanity etc. I mention countless times that although the most extreme evil exists and "acts" and kills ruthlessly etc you can still have compassion for them and that means you "understand". Your not excusing what they did or what they have done but we can have still have compassion for they're situation and when we do that we are using our heart (chakra) instead of our brain! The same applies to all those that have killed others for they're beliefs or kill in general.

The war of the human mind is what we are in currently! We do our best to work on ourselves and "exit" this place gaining our own gnosis within this lifetime. Recycling (reincarnation) is for those who's path involves death and rebirth (through traumatic experiences, karma etc) while those who want another path will find themselves outside this realm and connecting with they're higher self! Humans have a soul and we have spirit! We don't have our whole spirit in our body but enough is there for the soul to search for it. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Despite how far down or buried ones spirit is they can refrain from "reacting" to they're environment and the things going on all around them and instead "consciously act". We humans within the general population have a soul and we have spirit however far from all humans are spirited and this is evident in todays world! Warlike beings like En.ki, Marduk, Ereshkigal and they're cohorts would ask themselves what is compassion? Why would you have mercy on your enemies? To them it doesnt make any sense because once again they lack compassion, empathy and ultimately spirit. They don't know spirit but do what they can to suppress it as much as possible amongst other things.

Spirit is immortal and cannot be destroyed!

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I have done my best to interpret the nag hammadi texts and have looked at everything here that involves the trap and what we have been sitting here in on Earth from different perspectives. I can look at and evaluate things from my own perspective of course but in order to put further put pieces of the puzzle together and see the overall "bigger picture", i think its important to see things from multiple perspectives. Discernment is a key because of the influence of the ones who are in control here have and the level of manipulation used on us humans here on earth. I don't claim to know the whole truth or have all the answers and as much as i know i feel like i've only scratched the bare surface of all there is to know. Putting pieces together to the puzzle is more of what its about rather than truths!

Isis & Ereshkigal (Queen of the great below)

In enuma elish it says that Isis whom is Inanna, Mary Madgeline, Ishtar, Aphrodite same being, makes initiatives and intends on going to the underworld to meet with her "mirrored" self her sister (rather they are cousins) Ereshkigal (Kali/Astarte/Minerva/Juno/Athena) who resides near the depths of the abyss. It is said that after they're "meeting" Isis ascends but with Ereshkigals dark powers and her fertility powers were taken away from her thus Ereshkigal becomes Inanna & Ishtar respectively.

This is a rather interesting part of this puzzle or connected story because these were some rather turmulnt times ie the antediluvian times which is the times before the Flood 13,000 years ago in the second atlantis and "alot" was going on in these times, and i mean "alot"! Isis would be Sophia's (The soul/spirited Sophia that exists in the 8th & 9th heavens as the Queen of Stars) darker side that descends in 3-D (some would call it a fall but i don't think so because i think this is something she willingly did as to experience a part of her creation the physical universe) and incarnates as Isis. Her "fall however is can also be an metaphor. Its gets rather complex because the text say that Isis was attacked by Ereshkigal and even killed whereas En.ki/Yaldaboath had to intervene as Nergal (King of the great below) and restore her, while another part of the text says that Isis morphed into Ereshkigal and thus Ereshkigal became Inanna and in a sense Ishtar as well. Personally i believe Isis is still alive but her whereabouts are unknown to me at this time. Ereshkigal would thus be Sophia's very dark side! Eventually she became the "breeding machine" for the new versions of humans after the deluge, after Isis's escape. Thus Ereshkigal would be the "new mother of mankind" and take over in Isis place! Artemis is thus Sophia in the 8th & 9th heaven and not Ereshkigal! Hera originally was Sophia but Ereshkigal hijacked her name and thus Ereshkgal became the new Hera!

Christ & Christ?

There were two Christ roaming the planet at that time 2000 years ago and this is clearly mentioned in the nag hammadi texts. This is from Yeshua:

"For Adonaios knows me because of hope. And I was in the mouths of lions. And the plan which they devised about me to release their Error and their senselessness - I did not succumb to them as they had planned. But I was not afflicted at all. Those who were there punished me. And I did not die in reality but in appearance, lest I be put to shame by them because these are my kinsfolk. I removed the shame from me and I did not become fainthearted in the face of what happened to me at their hands. I was about to succumb to fear, and I <suffered> according to their sight and thought, in order that they may never find any word to speak about them. For my death, which they think happened, (happened) to them in their error and blindness, since they nailed their man unto their death. For their Ennoias did not see me, for they were deaf and blind. But in doing these things, they condemn themselves. Yes, they saw me; they punished me. It was another, their father, who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I. They struck me with the reed; it was another, Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. It was another upon Whom they placed the crown of thorns. But I was rejoicing in the height over all the wealth of the archons and the offspring of their error, of their empty glory. And I was laughing at their ignorance."

{The Second Treatise of the Great Seth}

This is rather telling because in they're ignorance The Authorities/Archons sacrificed one of they're own kind and that who was of they're own flesh and blood and own genetic stock and Simon Magus was sacrificed on the cross! The following is also mentioned;

The Holy one said to me, "He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails is his fleshly parts, which is the substitute being put to shame, the one who came into being in his likeness. But look at him and me."

Its no wonder that at that time Peter denied the Christ on the cross three times and said that he was not a disciple of this Christ! Its an inversion of the truth!

The four major belief systems: Humanity manipulation

Its very important to understand and know that the beings whom are a mix of physical 3-D beings and interdimensional/ET's cannot force us to do anything and they need our consent for them to do anything to us, they can only imitate and manipulate, they need our consent! Our beliefs are so strong and our thoughts so powerful that we humans have created our own prison so to speak. The electronic grid that surrounds our planet contains the human mass consciousness most rigid beliefs held in a thick cloud. I'm not against the Christians or any other groups of religious people at all i just look and see it (religion) as a false telling or doctrine but with alot of truths mixed in it to attract people.

There's alot that can be talked about here but i'll keep it short and summarize. All four of the major religions are very different from one another but they have similarities as well. All of them are waiting for a "savior" or "God" to return and this is a key in point. The bible, the quran, the tenakh and the vedic texts (the vedas) "all" have and require worship in them. In various capacities i argue that worship is based on fear and it is like giving ones own personal power away..The ones who want worship and or demanding and giving instructions on how to do this "do not" have our best interest in mind. The prophecies that come from The Archons are thus being fulfilled with the help of "fanaticism" all over the world so we are helping prepare for they're return! I emphasize that "be weary of those wanting you to worship them"! The Authorities and Yaldaboath in particular is "not" benefactor of humankind!

The four major religions were mostly created to put (and keep due to the extreme levels of manipulation) people in groups! We have to keep in mind that they (The Elite and the interdimensionals above them that run the show here on Earth) need to make sure polarity stays intact! This along with separation is what helps keep this current construct intact and its done with the help of advanced ET technology as well! More "us vs them" more divide and conquer, it is a strategy used by them to further keep humans in diversity rather than unification! A united race of humans can really have a major "negative" effect (ie the outcome they desire to attain they're goal(s)) on them.

I want to be very clear that i have nothing against religious people at all, why would i? I look at it as false doctrine and theres much of this today in the world but i do not "dislike" any group for they're beliefs. When i talk about religion and transhumanism etc its not about the individual, its about the collective!

More on the Archons
When describing the archons i described them as predatory "mind parasites" that have no creative capabilities as these beings can only copy and imitate! They also have technology that can produce feel good love or euphoric vibrations (The Tunnel with the white light at the end of it) but these emissions are artificial but are used by them in the astral to lure souls into back into they're system! (See patrix)
The biggest lie promoted by them is that humanity has no power! The truth however is that we are more powerful then they are and we are also more evolved and "this" is why they fear us! They cannot "materialize" in 3-D because they are not 3-D beings or rather a "part of they're factions cant" There are very 3-D versions of the archons called Dracos and reptillians and the former have some on Earth and do not hesitate to kill human beings. I understand that these things can be very dark and hard to read about or talk about but i am of the conviction that we need to confront these very dark aspects of life because by "sticking our heads in the sand" thinking that the less we know the better off we are and that we need to only focus on "good" positive things all the time is very naive! This is what the New Age is about though or at least some of it anyway. Everything is about love and light (which im for but dont stop here) and the dark parts or aspects of our reality should be ignored. Again this is very naive at best and dangerous thinking at worst.

Therefore all of these et groups that people categorize on the internet as having different agendas and some channeled through individuals are not separate from one another with different agendas and here for different reasons, no they all have the same one end all agenda and one collective force. They may disagree on how to get there however and a conflict or even a war can erupt at any moment.
"As above so below"

In this sense the archons who go by The Annunaki, Overlords, The Authorities, The Shining Ones, The Elohim, Djinn, Demons, Asuras and they go by other names are cyborgs. They are not innovative but can imitate with a vengeance! They are able to change they're overall fires composite (soul) into any form and we call this phenomena "shapeshifting" for one reason or another! The part of this collective (ET) group that can do this are true non physical beings! They never really left the planet and have been here all this time! It is my understanding that some of the head Authorities are calling themselves Lords, another hermetic term!

"They will take away souls by theft."

{First Apocalypse of James}

The texts use the word theft but today we use the word "abduction"..

In conclusion:
I've given a description of whats keeping us (or whats helping) stuck here as a mass consciousness as a soul group. We are all apart of the Earths human mass consciousness and we just but one of other soul groups out there (the multiverse)! Narcissism is on the rapid rise (thanks to the use of social media amongst other things which is what psychologist have linked it to) and transhumanism is very apparent in the world today. Transhumanism means to change humans into something else and this something else varies. Again this is not about the individual but about the collective! We indeed do go where our beliefs takes us so anyone that wants to experience some lofty heaven and even there maybe some "God" there, then that's what they'll experience after death! Its a just a temporary abode however or virtual reality the soul will experience until the soul is once again recycled back on earth! These heavens/dimensions that are being promoted and "believed" in are the patrix ie the solar system where Saturn is the seventh Heaven and the Heaven of God (Yaldaboath)! We go where we are supposed to go depending on our overall frequency (vibration) or lack thereof. In most cases if one doesn't spot holes in the grid after having worked on themselves in this lifetime to the best of they're ability, considering they are tired of the cycles of death and rebirth. Once outside the electronic grid using they're thoughts you'll be outside of Earth and into the realm of the archons ie the solar system ie the seven heavens. From here one can think to themselves to a location in the Milky Way Galaxy, if one cant think of one or don't really know where to go (or not to go) we think "I want to go to the absolute highest aspect of myself" Since the universe is thought responsive and you would have shrunk yourself to nanosize you will appear at your destination instantly which essentially is nano travel.

Gnostics emphasize going within and this is right on because answers come from within. No one is gonna "save us" and rightfully so because we need to do that work ourselves! We are our own saviors!

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For the last fifteen years i have done my very best to piece together the pieces of the puzzle and share my "truth" if it were in various capacities. Through synchronicity, discernment, intuition, some theories, some hypothesis, truth, and after haven putted many pieces together in this story which is so much bigger than us humans just as well as looking at perspectives other than my own has helped immensely with all this and made it easier! Its all about the bigger picture and higher level of understanding when these topics and or discussions are brought up. Still..as much as i know i still have only barely scratched the surface of all there is to know and i am content with this because that means i am on the right track and of the right mindset!

Everything is an inversion! Also "As above so below" as Thoth's most famous quote goes. This is so true because everything we see in the world is a projection of what is "inside" ie we can see everything in the world that exists within us on a mass consciousness level. I have a very good interpretation of the nag hammadi texts which are mostly written in metaphors and allegories. "Parts" of the texts have been corrupted as i mentioned in previous posts by hermetic influence and insertions such as the use of the words "Lord" and "worship" so discernment is a must and "key" when going through them. The same story emerges in different parts of the world and in different cultures and in the ancient texts and our myths alike however this story fluctuates and the message within and or if there are any agendas or motives there within just as well. This is why its more important to put pieces of the puzzle together rather than seeking "truth"! I emphasize that beliefs should be kept fluid in order to understand the bigger picture and that our most rigid beliefs are keeping us trapped here as a soul group! One problem as i see it is that we humans take our beliefs as truths which is a mistake. If what seems true or deemed true today no longer true tomorrow will people still hang on and cling to the old belief even if it is not beneficial or in our best interest?

Saboath/Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta

I challenge anyone to show me anywhere in the ancient texts, religious texts or in our myths in new age circles and various "sects" in general where it does not put Prince En.lil Jr or Khan En.lil in a bad light. For the most part you wont! There is so much stigma surrounding and regarding this being that its seemingly easy to fall for this level of misunderstanding. Ninurta (Warrior) is Second in Command of Orions military might! His task is to engage in and win battles! It is in Enuma Elish where he is depicted as an angry God and is the YHWH/Jehova but this makes absolutely no sense because Prince En.lil Jr had very little to nothing to do with what was going on on the planet in those times because he wasnt even here. Prince En..lil Jr/Saboath according to the gnostics originally started out as one of En..ki/Yaldaboaths archons and is his son but Ninurta turned on his creator when he learned about Yaldaboaths injustices. He then began to work for the Queen and side with the Empire instead. Saturn used to be the crown Prince of Orion (En.lil Jr) but when Sophia elevated him above Yaldaboath, Yaldaboath became envious and jealous so he began the first part of his rebellion and retaliated by creating death!

The last time he was on earth was right before the chaos and inferno of the Deluge ensued. I mentioned this already previously but he, Christ and some star races from Vega (and some off shoot star races from the constellation Lyra) ie the spiritual forces descended here (the solar system) to get the spirited humans to 'wake up" but because Yaldaboath and his Authorities wanted to corrupt the spirited bloodline which came to be known as the Seth line which is where we, the spirited humans comes from in antediluvian times in the second atlantis and wanted to cause a flood they did not have much time and many did not heed his (Christs) call and many were still not yet awake! They approached the spirited humans and this triggered The Titanmonchy aka War of The Titans in greek mythology and The War in Heaven in the bible!

In parts of the ancient texts mainly in enuma elish Prince En.lil Jr is seen as and depicted as a bad guy while his brother (actually well just say his father from now on) En.ki is a good guy and put in a relatively good light. Sitchin was a mason and he had some hidden or inside knowledge but he told this story of The Annunaki (Archons and they go by different names) in such a way that the Gods were put in such a high pedestal that it was seemingly that humans were vastly inferior to these Gods (who are many but actually just a few) and had no power! To this day the biggest lie promoted by these ets is that humanity has no power! In the ancient texts it is there that you will discover that Prince En.lil Jr wanted to cause a flood or at least instigate it and he is the angry blood thirsty God of wrath in the Old Testament. This is not the case and a complete inversion of what actually happened, what actually is! Without going to much into it again i mention that YHWH/Jehova much like Allah, Zeus and Agni are "composite Gods" whom are En.ki and his son Marduk respectively! These two beings have and continue to this very day take on the role of Source or All That Is to the people of earth whom follow, praise and worship them continually and these people are numbered in the billions here on earth and i suspect elswehere..Thus Yaldaboath (En.ki), Marduk (Belias) and Ereshkigal (Kali, Hera, Minerva) get tremendous amounts of energy in this way and these are the three main beings (who are presented as many) who are in control of earth!

At the last moments some "spirited" humans were "lifted up" out of the carnage and destruction while those remaining succumbed in the aftermath of the catastrophe..Ninurta and the rest of the spirited forces fled through the stargate of Saturn and he has not been back on Earth ever since. This was around 13,000 years ago!

Ninurta i am convicted has no ill feelings towards human kind but he just like most other star races outside the patrix dont want to see humanity out into the greater universe because of our warlike nature! In this sense he is in agreeance with the quarantine over the solar system! Who wants to see another warlike star race out in space? Its very important to look at things from multiple perspectives because these beings including En..ki/Yaldaboath and Marduk are "actual" Gods! We can look at things from they're perspective but we need to see it for what it is then come back to our own. We use "they're" perspective to get a generalization or overall idea of what's at play which has to do with agendas, motives, ulterior motives and ultimately the bigger picture! It is very important for the archontic invader force that we see Orion as enemy number one and i will say this is more for the future then now because most people on earth are unaware that these higher angelics and spiritual beings even exist. Sophia, Ninurta and the Christ that emanates with these beings in the 8th and 9th heaven are unknown to most people here on earth. When people "do" learn about them they're names are pretty much butchered by the archons. Ninurta did not worship Sophia! Worship itself is based on fear and it is like giving ones own personal power away! It was brought up originally behind the concept of praise and glory but this got distorted (like many other things) to worship.


The Overlords (Archons etc) or rather the part of the archons that are not intergrated into ai don't measure time like we do. They are interdimensional beings while we are 3-D beings. Time works differently in the astral realm and in the one closest to earth. This is why time is not a factor to them and they can prepare for any preconceived event such as those in prophecy! The Archons who go by Djinn, Annunaki, Demons, Rakshasa, Authorities, The Shining Ones, Overlords and they go by other names dont plan short term but in fact plan hundreds and even thousands of years ahead. It is very important that The Authorities keep most of humanity on one timeline. The timeline focused upon can have devastating negative effects on us but this of course is not an issue for them as they lack compassion and empathy completely..
9/11 is just an event that puts large amounts of the population on one timeline. The death of a famous celebrity figure is another one. The head Overlords do not hesitate to kill large numbers of humans to get a desired (again from they're perspective) effect that falls in line with they're bigger agendas! People mourn about the sad event and boom, most people are on the same timeline. The one good thing about that is that it puts segments of humanity on a more positive mental within the human mass consciousness ie we need to forget our differences, "love" and be supportive of one another in a dark world. It has to do with adversity!

Barbra Marchiniakis Pleiadians say that we humans as cyborgs invade the Pleiades and as a result a tyranny and war happens there. They have come back to they're past or our future from our perspective to teach humankind certain things and to choose nature over technology. If enough people do this then the tyranny in the Pleiades that they are experiencing will be averted and if things turn out the way they plan then the most that will happen is that they will exist as non physicals. The Pleiadians (Marchiniaks group) are more along the lines of Sitchins story which was when i last researched them a couple of years ago they claim to know and understand our "paths" and we can take that for what it is. The Pleiades is just yet another domain conquered by The Archons and are thus in they're hands! The Pleiades is one of En.ki's main star system!

The most important planet in the solar system is Saturn because Saturn regulates linear time here on earth which is a construct!

The Lord & Lucifers Rebellion

The would be King of the universe, son of Sophia and leader of the Archons and head of the Luciferian Empire has many faces and he has many many names here on earth however none of them are his true name!

He is Yaldaboath in the nag hammadi texts, Lucifer (The Light Bearer) in the Urantria book and in the bible. He is Vishnu (Hinduism), Krishna, Allah (sometimes) in Islam YHWH/Jehova (Judaism), Poseidon (Greece), Neptune (Rome), he is Nergal (King of the Great below), Ptah (Egypt), En.ki (Babylonean), Ningizzida and Ea (Mesopotamia), he is Saturn (currently), Tlalock (Aztec), Nimorod, God (Christianity), he is Loki (The Trickster God), The Chief Creator, The Lord, Samael, Osirus, Odin, Zeus (sometimes) and he goes by many many other names, alter egos, personae and avatars here on earth. Demiurge can be En.ki or it can be the collective Invader Force with En.ki included. Yaldaboath is interpreted as "Youth pass over here"!

He was given authority over Sophia's creation, the physical universe a very very long time ago and he placed himself here (the isolated part of the physical universe where we are trapped) as God! He is the God of matter and he is God to the people of earth whom praise, follow and worship him continually.. He is patriarchal, covertly narcissistic, a master geneticist scientist, the "grand master" of manipulation, is spirited, interdimensional, multidimensional and does "not" have amnesia between incarnations and he is a master of mathematics which far exceeds those of any human amongst other things. In the part of the physical universe where we are trapped ie the patrix he is The Monad (The Highest Source or All That Is), Christ, The Demiurge "and" The Brahman all at once!

He is taking on the role of Source or All That Is (God which most people equate "God" to being True Source) to the people of earth!

It is my conviction that based on the world events today that En..ki/Yaldaboath is currently not trying to redeem himself. Because he felt like he was wrongly bypassed to be in control of the hierarchy of angels and after Sophia elevated Ninurta to be in control of the seventh heaven Saturn this sparked Lucifers Rebellion. En..ki then became Saturn (Father Time) and set his own council up in the rings! He is God of the universe of atoms, matter but once to one day become King over the entire 100% creation and "this" has to do with end times and is Luciferian (agenda)! The Archons have a common goal and or agenda and are not separate from one another and are one collective "group" or force! Just like the Global Elite below them they have a end all agenda or common goal but can disagree on how to get there and a conflict or even a war can erupt at any moment! Once again; "As above so below" We will never know the true meaning behind the war because whatever the media is saying about it they are lying to us! The true reason for any war is occult (hidden)!

Lucifers Rebellion is ongoing and far from over...

Frequency Love & Light and the power of thoughts

Love and light is a new age term and i am all for that however there are those that say we need to focus on love and light and ignore the "bad things" or dark aspects of our reality. I argue that this is naive thinking at best and dangerous at worst. By ignoring all the darkness (ignorance) in the world thinking that the less we know the better off we are only deceiving ourselves! We "do" need to work on ourselves to the best of our ability by raising our own frequency and gaining our own gnosis but sticking our heads in the sand so to speak is not the way to go. The traps are everywhere and the manipulation here on earth is extreme! The New Age itself stemmed from the hippie movement in the 70's and are in fact old vedic teachings (Overlord propaganda) and is focused primarily on "ascension" to the 5th dimension. There is so much to be said here but i can confidently say for certain that these planes of higher existences we call dimensions or heavens are just heavens/dimensions within the patrix (the solar system)! In a sort of a program, the ascension promises a better life then here on earth. This is true it may in some way be "better" ie there are less wars and conflicts and relatively more freedoms but still very much that its a trap because it is still within the patrix! In the spirit universe there are no wars or conflicts! Remember everything is very conveniently about this group or that group, this sect or that sect, "our people", "Gods people" my religion, my God, my race and it goes on and on. Its diversity being played out rather than unification! Its a strategy used by the archons called Divide & Conquer! By teaching that we are soul searching for the spiritual we humans forget who we are and where we come from. We put our beliefs and faiths in a God archetype that judges everything and oversee's everything. We have forgotten who weare and where we come from and that all of it is an illusion! We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and life continues on in the astral after we die because we are "consciousness" We have forgotten that we are spirit/mind/soul in one unit but the part of us that is physical obviously is separated from our etheric and astral body but when we die and go into the astral we realize that we are all these things in , again, one unit including the mind because the mind which is not part of the brain stores memories and experiences that are transfered to the Oversoul!. Rather than feeling incomplete and that we have to go into another incarnation because of our "karma" we forgive ourselves and we forgive others that have done us harm and thus "move on from here"!

Its certainly not an easy thing to just raise your frequency as in this world we have to deal with conflicts, wars, humans killing other humans, bad attitudes and having to sometimes deal with the negativity of people in general. You cant just tell someone in a war torn country being bombarded that "Oh just raise your vibration and think love and light, they will look at you like you are crazy! There are circumstances, situations and things or events in our life that (can) make this hard but i still think its important to at some point make an effort to raise your frequency despite this.

On thoughts are thoughts are extremely powerful and humans have much negative or jank thoughts daily however these negative thoughts don't come from us and come from our environment so its key to know which thought are your own vs someone else's. This has at some level to do with archons and with them being "mind parasites" they will try to entice or influence you in some way. If for example we have a negative thought about a person its very important to dismiss and cancel the thought and immediately think of something positive afterwards like this:

"Even though this person is not speaking to me or treating me right i still wish the best for them and i admire the (insert good trait about them) good in them"


"Why would i have this thought about this person or doing this or that!? Thats not my thought and it doesnt come from me! I recognize this and im cancelling it"

This probably a very basic example and they are along these lines. It is our thoughts that will get us into the greater universe after our current lifetimes have expired. Also it is true we "do" go where our beliefs take us!


I haven't brought up any texts within the nag hammadi this time around. Most of the important things have already been brought up or mentioned in one way or another. People may not like alot of the things said in this thread and for different reasons however the nag hammadi texts are addressing the human "spirit" and if you want topics or discussions that address the human "soul" and various levels of the patrix then you literally would look everywhere else. Its not about the individual when i bring certain things up its about the collective! Unless there are some key parts in the nag hammadi texts that i feel need to be looked at then i will bring it up here otherwise i have concluded my take, look etc on the nag hammadi texts and the bigger picture! By gaining gnosis we live in pure spirit and are in the world but not "of" the world! From there our spirit will flow and guide us in this heavily dense world! We can have different beliefs but we need to respect these things and eachother and not have ill will or feelings or thoughts of hurting or killing someone over they're beliefs! We know we have sparks of divine and use our soul as the intermediary to search for spirit inside. We humans within the general population have a soul (a genuine soul and not the artificial soul) and we have spirit and we come from the first atlantis where the very first humans resided before the archons made they're version of humans. Here there were no wars or conflicts and everyone lived in peace! We humans witin the common man of earth have a soul and we have spirit but alas "far" from all humans are spirited!

Peace to all!

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The last time i left off here i mentioned the things that are keeping us trapped here as a soul group and what it all entails. I said that i had more or addressed most of the the aforementioned topics regarding the nag hammadi texts and how despite seemingly going "off topic" I actually wasn't as it all connects in one way or another. Still there are some things i feel need to be addressed here. Its one thing to have knowledge for knowledge sake but it has to be taken further as knowledge and in particular when talking about the nag hammadi texts has and should be more of a "feeling"! Everything is an inversion and when we understand this we can see that we have been lied to on a mass consciousness level and our history is not the way it is as it is being told. There are things that have also been put in and embedded within the human mass consciousness which i will get to in the later part of this post.

Earth a prison for souls

The original experiment in The First Atlantis is the home of 'all' spirited humans here on earth. We had a soul and were spirited and the former was given to us by the Logos while the latter was given to us by Sophia. Since Christ at that point a very long time ago descended here in the solar system he spread his light here in the realm of the archons well after Yaldaboath had been given authority over Sophia's creation the physical universe. However Christ couldn't fully return to the eighth & ninth heavens because of the poverty that mixed with his being. He created different worlds and one of these worlds was Tiamaat. He and Sophia then created the original humans (us). This was the very first humankind! Here on Tiamaat there were no wars or conflicts and everyone lived together in peace! All evidence of the existence of this period in time has either been destroyed or placed in hidden locations here on Earth. This is where the saying of "the lion slept with the lamb" comes from. This world existed between the seventh and eighth heaven, a unique position and everything below was the realm of the archons. Tiamaat/Earth was a very large planet and could house giants of different sizes and stature and wildlife alike. The original humans existed on a slightly higher frequency than the archons (this group or collective force goes by different names) and were physical but not anywhere in the sense in what we know as physicality. Tiamaat wasn't fully in the eighth heaven (the greater universe) so this was seen as an intrusion to the archons who saw all these humans walking around and this was when they thought to themselves; "What are these beings doing on our planet!?"

At some point within the same time period Yaldaboath created his own version of humans. He also created his own version of the Garden of Eden. Since the higher angelics (The Orions) had anticipated him, they knew Yaldaboath (who goes by many many names, titles, avatars, alter egos and personae here on earth) would create his own version of humans in ignorance. This was when Christ told the human soul group of they're mission which was to enter Yaldaboath's genetically modified bodies made of atoms and wake him up and lighten up the construct from within. The part of Yaldaboath that could be redeemed ie the spirited part of him was up in the air. However after the Deluge and the Tiamaat catastrophe ie The Titanmonchy aka War of The Titans Yaldaboath could not be redeemed at that particular time and i mention why in previous post. The Khan Kings who were once either with or in good standings with Orion were cast down together with Yaldaboath. Although they were cast down it didn't end there which i'll explain in the upcoming section. The stargate of Saturn who originally was Ninurta was closed and Yaldaboath then became Saturn (Cronus Father Time)! Tiammat/Earth in the sixth heaven was destroyed but Gaia survived! En..ki/Yaldaboath at some point then created the current construct by taking remnants of the old planet and this is mentioned in enuma elish. It doesn't matter which version of the flood story we subscribe to, in the end En..ki got exactly what he wanted, a wiped out species and the chance to start anew. The Second Atlantis was thus Yaldaboaths planet in the sixth heaven, the entire planet and it perished in The Deluge.

Since that time Yaldaboath has been looked at as a savior to modern day humankind. He is The Lord "and" savior, he is a good guy (actually people say God is good and all good but in the context in which they are saying this they are wrong, he Yaldaboath is good "and" evil) he loves us his creations and our hearts should go out to him. In previous sections here i prove that this is not the case, not at all. The current version of earth much lower in the dimensions is thus "not" our home! There's nothing to save here or otherwise because this is not where we come from in regards to human origins and spirit. This planet is the planet of the archons plain and simple and the solar system ie the matrix is just but one of they're (The Invader Force's) domains! After the flood earth became a prison for souls and we the current human civilization exist together with En.ki, Marduk, Ereshkigal and some of they're other cohorts in the Underworld which is a copy of the five heavens beneath the seven.

This planet (Tiamaat) is reflected all the way down here in 3-D and mirrored as the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter!

“And in her ignorance, as if she were doing a great thing, she granted the demons and the winds a star each. For without wind and star nothing happens upon the earth. For every power is filled by them after they were released from the darkness and the fire and the power and the light. For in the place where their darkness and their fire were mixed with each other, beasts were brought forth. And in the place of the darkness and the fire, and the power of the mind, and the light, human beings came into existence.

The Paraprase of Shem

This i believe is referring to Sophia giving Yaldaboath authority over her creation the physical universe. Sophia is the only aeon that can self reflect so in her effort and attempt to learn about her creation through Yaldaboath she gave him the approval to create from the stars. This is where the term"star races" comes from. Yaldaboath creates different star races from his soul fire and since they are of the sun soul wise they "are" him just like we are as spirited beings are Sophia. This part of the texts also mention the first human beings that were created which came from Sophia and Christ mentioned above.

Human Beings a species with a destiny

We are all apart of the human soul group or earths human mass consciousness. There are two versions of the same species (human beings) here! You have us, the humans within the common man or general population of earth, then you have the Global Elite who are very different than us the humans within the common man. The archontic inversion of destiny is fate! Fate has to do with the zodiac and the fixations and alignment of stars. Each planet within the solar system is ruled by a certain archon and this has different effects on us as individuals on a daily basis and to a degree how we operate and how we feel.

Race is just another one of those things that can be used to further keep polarity intact here and it has to do with duality. Racism in particular is very low on the scale of awareness and is based on off fear of the unknown! Its also indoctrination and manipulation used by the Elite to keep us separated because a united race of people would threaten the system and it would begin to fall apart! Here on earth its all about diversity rather than unification! In the end we are all one race, human!

We celebrate our races, ethnicities, peoples and cultures but its just that, an experience! Anyway The Overlords (Archons) created the different races (etc) to create "conflict"!

Now back to the texts

Then others from the seed of Ham and Japheth come, four hundred thousand, and enter another land and stay with those people who came from the great eternal knowledge. The shadow of their power protects those with them from everything evil and every filthy desire.

Here we get an indicator of how many spirited humans were on the planet at that time in the second atlantis, 400,000!

Then the seed of Ham and Japheth forms twelve kingdoms, and their other seed enters into the kingdom of other people.

. . . they take counsel . . . aeons . . . that are dead . . . the great aeons of incorruptibility. And they go to their god Sakla. They go in to the powers, accusing the great ones who are in their glory.

They say to Sakla, “What is the power of these people who stood in your presence, who were taken from the seed of Ham and Japheth, who number four hundred thousand? They were received into another realm from which they came, and they overturned all the glory of your power and the dominion of your hand. The seed of Noah through his sons has done your will, and so have all the powers in the realms over which your might rules. Both those people and those who reside in their glory have not done your will. But they have turned aside your whole throng.”

The Revelation (Apocalypse) of Adam

The names of the spirited bloodlines in the antediluvian times are, Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methusela, Lamech and Noah. Noah is also known as Ziusudra and Utnapishtim in the ancient texts. He is the last bloodline of the ten generations of spirited humans. Thus if humans before the Flood were destined to live 1000 years or rather more specifically 930 years on average since the Rulers wanted to shorten the human lifetime then this would imply that this particular realm existing in the sixth dimension/heaven may have lasted around 10,000 years.


Creation or genetic engineering and manipulation?

In various capacities i argue that we are not "created" by these beings whether we want to call them The Annunaki, The Archons, The Elohim, The Authorities, The Watchers or otherwise and that we are in fact a genetically manipulated species! To use the word created is very misleading and the archons are claiming to be these great creators when in fact they are not. They lost they're creative abilities a long time ago and although they cannot innovate they can take something that already exists and change it into something. When it comes to our current species Homo sapiens sapiens (The Thinking Man) its no different! I'm no expert on genetic engineering but what most likely happened when the Annunaki/Archons were creating us was that they took they're own dna and inserted into us which is why we have around 24 strands of extraterrestrial dna within our bodies. Before The Deluge 13,000 years ago, En.ki/Yaldaboath and Isis experimented quite alot before they got the perfect worker to fit they're purpose. After some back and forth experimentation they used dna of the first humans and the dna of some star races before they got it just right the way they wanted. Yaldaboath had very much used the dna of the preexisting hominids and apes which were previous experiments of his to create adamu and adapamu. The idea for the Adama which was the original Global Elite in antediluvian times ie the times before the flood in the second atlantis was to create a being with higher intelligence and to whom he could reveal his secrets to but only on a need to know basis. This was when the very first secret society was created back then known as The Brotherhood of The Snake or Brother hood of the Serpent. This is certainly not to offend anyone at all but at the top of any secret society is Lucifer regardless of what person may say that it was started by this or that person. Lucifer is the grandmaster!
After the Flood En.ki/Yaldaboath used the same dna he used to create us before the flood but improved it slightly! Our species was thus created! We humans are thus gigantic mix of star races both preexisting here on earth as well as beings from the stars. Even if we wanted to call them creators of humans we cant use that term loosely because these beings are "not" our original creators!

Constellations ruled by The Overlords

What people commonly call the matrix but is actually patrix because it denotes a patriarchally dominated construct and what the gnostics call the kenoma is the solar system. It is the seven heavens where Saturn is the seventh heaven! This is the heaven of Yaldaboath (God)! Beyond here is Orion which is apart of the greater universe ie the eighth & ninth heavens and beyond that is the void or spirit universe which we are cut off from and what we see as dark matter (72% material) and dark energy (23% energetic) beyond this is the spiritual universe where only pure spirit exists. Thus everything beyond the solar system is Orion ie the greater universe!

Despite what i just said however not "all" of the locations within the Milky Way Galaxy are apart of this Empire because after The Titanmonchy aka War of The Titans or The War in Heaven the Khan Kings were cast out but they do still have access to some asterisms within the Milky Way Galaxy in the eighth heaven. Thus En.ki, Marduk and Ereshkigal control a number of constellations in the Milky Way Galaxy and locations such as Ursa Minor, The Pleiades, Alpha Draconis (Thuban), and Hydra to name a few are thus "they're" domains respectively! They are in the Invader Forces hands and are in they're full control! The solar system is just but one of the domains conquered by The Annunaki/Archons and who go by different names (all one group or collective et force). The way the Archons conquer a star race is they either conquer them outright through a war or they introduce the would be conquered species to technology and belief systems enough for the conquered species to create they're own prison.. This is where AI comes into the picture as well, regarding us humans here on earth anyway. The Archons use hollowed out asteroids, wormholes and stargates to travel between the stars and what would seemingly be vast distances when one doesn't shrink themselves to nano-size and travel with they're thoughts. They also use our soul energy to "energize" these crafts which i must admit is a little disturbing..

There will be no genuine 'alien invasion" because the invasion happened a long time ago so what are they invading? Yes they may stage an invasion using project blue beam to get an effect and this is where problem, reaction, solution will come into play. Its very important for the Elites and the et interdimensionals above them that they keep the population in fear and terror!

And then a voice of the world ruler came to the angels: “I am god and there is no other god but me.” But I laughed joyfully when I examined his conceit. But he went on to say, “Who is the human?” And the entire host of his angels who had seen Adam and his dwelling were laughing at his smallness. And thus did their thought come to be removed outside the majesty of the heavens, away from the human of truth, whose name they saw, since he is in a small dwelling place. They are foolish and senseless in their empty thought, namely, their laughter, and it was contagion for them.

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

Christ was the very first human the archons encountered and we can say he is the original Adam. He descended here at least three times and his original message had everything to do with gnosis and to teach us how to "transcend" The Demiurges realm. The Demiurge is the same being as Yaldaboath and he goes by many other names but can also be The Chief Creator's (En.ki/Yaldaboath) and the archons collectively. There is the highest Source or All That Is that exists in the middle of all universes within the multiverse and this Source is totally void of any evil. This Source also doesn't involve itself (we'll just say it for now) in human affairs but within us all and it "just is"! I mention that Yaldaboath is claiming to be this Source to the people of earth! Instead of getting Christs message people began to "worship" the Christ of flesh and blood and the original message got lost. This was where in the nag hammadi texts where it mentions that Yeshua says "Not only are they worshipping a man of flesh but they are even worshipping the "wrong" man!

Christ as Yeshua never wanted to be worshipped because he thought it served him no benefit!

The Afterlife Trap

Without getting to heavy into this topic and going into too much detail this "trap" we are in is not fully a 3-D one. The trap includes everything here just as well as in the astral. I hypothesize and generalize what happens to us after we die and i mention first and foremost that we "do" go where our beliefs take us and how we are vibrating overall and in relation to consciousness (awareness) and All That Is. After physical death we are given different scenarios which is talked about in regression therapy and NDE's, spirit guides, council of elders and dark lords. They all speak of a tunnel with a white light at the end of it and or talking about some lofty heaven which is a dimension. I argue that no matter if its a heaven close to "God" or some ascended 5th Dimension/Heaven that these are all apart of the trap because it is within the patrix! I emphasize that in order to be free we have to "exit" this place all together and that the afterlife scenario that we are given (which is a version and perspective given to us and coming from the archons seeing loved ones and etc) isnt what happens at all. I state that after going through the tunnel with the white light at the end of it that the soul will most likely be poised to live out the same lifetime again and likely to make the same choices and decisions thanks to amnesia. It is either this or after haven gone through the tunnel they are shot down (with technology) into a body at random and the soul has no say so in the manner. Behavior modification is used and our karma since they cannot force us to do anything but souls pay attention to. If one wants to see themselves free from the cycle of death and rebirth then think to themselves after they're physical body has expired and they are outside of the electronic grid (via thought) and in the realm of the archons, the seven heavens, I want to go to the absolute highest aspect of myself! Its important to understand that reincarnation is not a natural process, its done with technology and with intent to trap and control.

There are many indicators and proof that the manipulation our souls (with spirit attached) continues in the astral!


One of the head Archons who goes by different names is Thoth. He is En.ki/Yaldaboaths firstborn son. I had mistakenly equated En.ki to being Ningizzidda when in fact Ningizzida is Thoth! He is a soul aspect of En.ki.
Thoth is Hermes, Quetzelcoatl, Mercury (The messenger), Nostradamus, St Germaine and he goes by some other names. His teachings have everything to do with the soul and various heavens/dimensions within the patrix, and hermeticism in general he "is" his fathers son!

The Singularity THE agenda

Those that have thoroughly researched the Singularity know that at some point in the future humanity will become extinct, a whole new species! This new species will be cyborgs ie half biological and half machine connected to a Super Computer aka The Cloud..The Singularist are pushing to main attractions for this and it is super intelligence and immortality (or close to it)! This will drive the sheep to the slaughterhouse metaphorically speaking because once in the Singularity there will be no escape and the soul will be trapped inside they're body indefinitely..I think this is why there have been so many of tunnel of light references in the media within the last 2 1/2 years. The Elite and the interdimensionals above them that run the show here on earth want to make sure that people reincarnate even just one more time around so that they can safeguard a place in The Singularity...This is why its being embedded in the human mass consciousness so that the tunnel with the white light at the end of it always sticks. According to the Singularist the Singularity will be fully in place by 2045 but in actuality it will be here "alot' sooner! Currently we are in the middle stages heading towards it within the machine technological kingdom or era.

AI thus has ET origins and was created to merge with humanity in The Singularity! This is so important to understand! Yaldaboath wants humanity to choose nature over technology but at the same time En..ki/Yaldaboath is the ultimate representation of duality! He is playing both sides of this (technology and nature) and just like Marduk (Satan) he "wants" The Singularity to happen! He knows that eventually nature itself will become AI in the future so its just him playing a role and playing on duality. Therefore in plain language En..ki/Yaldaboath and his son Marduk (Satan) are working "together" against humanity!

I understand that this may be upsetting to some people and if you have read this far then there maybe something i have brought up in this thread that you can resonate with or not and that's totally fine. As doom and gloom as this all is there is no sense in sticking our heads in the sand so to speak thinking that the less we know the better off we are because this line of thinking to me is naive at best and dangerous at worst. Remember this world is the world of the archons, period and for them this is a matter of life and death..

Looking at the world today it all connects and very much makes sense. All roads lead to The Singularity!

Looking at the world events and looking at it from the Elite and the interdimensional et force above them that run the show here on earth, from they're perspective we can see that its a race for time. We are an unpredictable species and from they're viewpoint we need to be controlled. This is why things are being put in place so that we are more easily controlled. The Elites are being pressured to hurry The Singularity along, also if we look around us we can see that most of humanity are heavily hooked on technology.. A very similar thing happened in the second atlantis where humans were deep into technology and the end of an age was approaching. Most of humanity today will choose to become cyborgs a whole new species. The same things were being carried out such as genetic engineering and manipulation in underground laboratories amongst other things and its proof that history indeed repeats itself! Aside from the Singularity the "ultimate" agenda is for Yaldaboath to become king of the universe and so this is why he is not currently redeeming himself at this time. Yaldaboath wants to take his Empire and invade Orion! How he will do this is rather complex but these of course have to do with end times.. Yaldaboath does not love his creations (us) but he is "proud" of his creations and this is why to various degrees he has protected us. His agenda however is imperialistic and although he may not love us he can and certainly "will" use us.. In the end we the human soul group will be pitted in a war against our own creators and will be annihilated in the process...This is obviously very dark and not something people want to read or hear about but this is where everything i have concluded here has led me.

Part of the original experiment on Tiamaat was for us to experience a harsh environment and leave out of here with more love than what we originally came in with. They (The Minions and Archons alike) really dont want us to know who we are, where we come from and where we are going! No one is gonna "save us" from anything and we have to do that ourselves!

If the savior is on the outside then that means the enemy is as well! This construct was not designed to be peaceful and there will never be full peace here because its setup this way by design. The true peace that doesnt exist here will even be tested by these beings. A conflict or war can erupt at any moment. As Thoth's most famous quote goes, "As above so below"!

All the best to everyone

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Living life certainly isn't easy and there is so much going on on the planet right now! I initially thought that i was done and had brought up most nearly everything that we are experiencing in this reality and in the world today but there are still things some things worth mentioning here. Its easy to see all the evil in the world and put a caster on evil people who are doing evil things, crimes against humanity and etc but we need to realize that what we see on the outside world is a mirror projection of what is inside! We are not inherently evil as spiritual beings having a physical experience and we would not act upon are very dark sides but this trait (evil) "does" exist within us! I often emphasize that what we are stuck in here on earth is something we collectively as a mass consciousness agreed to. The forces that rule this world need our consent for them to do what they are doing to us and since we never protested against certain things on a smaller level and never asked for help on a mass consciousness level the responsibility for our current situation falls on us. True change will occur in the world when we create it! If evil didn't exist and wasn't so apparent then we wouldnt be able to see it!we would even be We can disagree and send a thought out into the universe stating that we dont agree to what is being done to us on the planet right now however on a mass consciousness level things certain things have been set in place to ensure that polarity is kept intact and since humans are naturally afraid of death which is a program this has been, can and will be used on us. If we dont know what this trap consists of and who's running things and why then how do we know who we are, where we come from and where we are going!?

Truth is not something that is easy to come by here and in regards to the nag hammadi texts as i mentioned previously it is written mostly in metaphors and allegories and cant be taken literally. Also the texts have been corrupted by hermetic teachings and insertions over time so discernment when going through them is key. An example of this would be the use of the words "Worship", "Lord" and "Savior"!

Narcissism, THE biggest problem in the world today

If you lived through the 80's like i did up to today then you certainly have noticed the rapid advancement of technology and the increase of narcissism in the world. This increase according to psychologist is linked to social media and this is spot on! There are subcategories of narcissism such as those of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) but rather make a subject like this way more complex i'll just address it as narcissism as a whole. In a world where everything is about me, me, me, look at "my" life, look at how happy "i" am and so on, its become a recurring theme! Very rarely do these people who frequent social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram show who they truly are and its a facade! In todays society "everything" is based off looks and this is the grim reality of this world. Its not very important as we need to focus on ourselves and not care about societal standards or norms because thsi construct is setup in such a way that we think that its just a human way of life. This is not the case and there are so many avenues when developing in life that this type of thinking will only make us fall for the illusions that we are being presented with as life. The archons themselves are narcissistic and thus they want us humans to become like them, the archons! It is said that narcissist are fragmented so much to a degree that they lose parts of they're overall core being. More about trauma and soul fragmentation later.

Sakla said to the great demon Nebruel, "Let the twelve aeons come into being in the [...] aeon, worlds [...]." [...] the great angel Sakla said by the will of the Autogenes, "There shall be the [...] of the number of seven [...]." And he said to the great angels, "Go and let each of you reign over his world." Each one of these twelve angels went forth.

The Gospel of The Egyptians

Yaldaboath has many many names which are also titles, alter egos, personae and avatars here on earth and he is frequently mentioned here and not for any other reason than to reveal his darkness (ignorance)! He himself is spirited and he is a half creation but is seemingly leading more towards science and technology.

Yadabaoth united with the thoughtlessness (aponoia) within him.
He begot ruling authorities (exousia) Modeling them on the incorruptible realms above.

The first is Athoth, the second is Harmas [called the eye of flame], the third is Kalilaumbri, the fourth is Yabel, the fifth is Adonaiu [called Sabaoth], the sixth is Cain [called the sun] the seventh is Abel ,the eighth is Abrisene, the ninth is Yobel, the tenth is Armupiel, the eleventh is Melcheir-adonein, the twelfth is Belias who rules over the very depth of Hades.

He made the first seven rulers to reign in the seven spheres of heaven. He made the next five rulers to reign in the five depths of the abyss. He shared a portion of his fire with them but shared none of the power of Light he had received from his mother.

[He is ignorant darkness. When the Light mingled into the darkness the darkness shone. When darkness mixed with the Light, the Light diminished,
No longer Light nor darkness but dim.]

The Secret Book of John

Here the Secret book of John is talking about En..ki (Yaldaboath) creating his offspring and his closest cohorts! He copied what he saw in his vision in the waters which were manifestations created by Source or All That Is called aeons which are advanced thoughtforms of The Monad, androgynous and twelve in number! Seven Overlords to rule over the celestial bodies and dimensions (also called heavens) there within and five to rule over over The Underworld (earth) and the abyss respectively. Since he did not share his fire (spirit) with them they can never fully know or understand they're father, they're creator because they lack this themselves!

Earth, The World and realm of The Rulers

Here are the seven Authorities’ names and physical forms:
First, Athoth with a sheep’s face, Second, Eloaios with a donkey’s face, Third, Astaphaios with a hyena’s face, Fourth, Yao with the face of a seven headed snake, Fifth, Sabaoth who has the face of a dragon, Sixth, Adonin whose face is that of a monkey, Seventh, Sabbataios with a face of flame and fire.

These are the seven of the week. These Authorities rule the world!

When she saw the evil that had taken place and the theft of light that her son had committed, She repented. In the darkness of ignorance. She began to forget. She began to be ashamed. But she could not yet return above
Yet she began to move. And so she moved back and forth. She repented and wept furiously. All of the divine realms (pleroma) heard her repentant prayer
They sought blessing for her from the Invisible Virgin Spirit. The Spirit consented. He poured the Holy Spirit over her. Brought forth from the whole full realm.

This world is not our world nor is it our original home..This planet is the realm of The Archons and everything here withers away and dies! A conflict or even a war can erupt here at any moment and as Thoth's most famous quote goes "As above so below"! It wasnt originally this way and the learning lessons in the form of traumatic events is not the way its suppose to be. When Sophia (Pistis) saw what her unexpected creation was doing she knew he was creating polarity and he would use polarization to dichotomize good and evil. She knew where this was headed so she repented! Now the part of Yaldaboath that is spirited needs to be redeemed so that she can return to what the gnostics call the Pleroma (fullness) in whole. This subsequently has to do with end times as i see no redemption coming from Yaldaboath/Lucifer at this current time period.

Near the beginning!

Then came a voice from the highest realms saying:

“The Man exists! And the Son of Man!”

Yaldabaoth, chief ruler, heard it, he thought it came from his mother
He did not know the true source of the voice: The Holy Mother-Father Perfect Providence, Image of the Invisible, Father of Everything In whom everything has come to be. The First Man [This is the one who appeared to them.
He appeared in the form of a human being.]

All of the realm of the chief ruler quaked! The foundations of the abyss moved!

He illuminated the waters above the world of matter, His image shown in those waters.

All the demons and the first ruler together gazed up Toward the underside of the newly shining waters. Through that light they saw the Image in the waters.

The Secret Book Of John

Christ appeared to The Archons in the form of a human being so it can be said that Christ is the first man, the original Adam!

The Archons who not only witnessed those who were more powerful than they were knew that Yaldaboath was not the only God and they laughed at the Chief Creator and said that he is not the highest God! They said "Is this not the God who came to ruin our work"!? He said "Yes but if wish he not be able to ruin our work, come let us make a human according to the image of our bodies and according to the likeness of this being so that when he sees his likeness he will be enamored to it, then he will no longer be able to ruin our work but we will make all those born from the light our servants until all the time of this age!

I asked the Savior, “Lord, isn’t it the serpent that caused Adam to eat?”

He smiled and replied, The serpent caused them to eat in order to produce the wickedness of the desire to reproduce that would make Adam helpful to him.”

The chief ruler, Yaldabaoth, knew that. Because the light-filled Epinoia within Adam made his mental abilities greater than his own, Adam had been disobedient.

In order to recover the Power that he had put into Adam
Yaldabaoth made Adam completely forgetful.

[I asked the Savior, “What is it to be ‘completely forgetful?’”

He replied, “It is not what Moses wrote in his first book: He caused Adam to fall into deep sleep’ Rather, Adam’s perceptions were veiled
And he became unconscious. As he (Yaldabaoth) said through his prophet: I will make their minds dull so that they do not see or understand.'”]

Contrary to what is said in the bible Cain and Abel did not come from Adam and the nag hammadi texts say regarding this..

The Chief Archon saw the young woman who was standing by Adam. He realized that the light-filled Epinoia of life was within her. Yaldabaoth became completely ignorant.

[When the Providence of all saw what was going to happen
She sent assistants to remove Divine Life from Eve.]

Yaldabaoth raped Eve.
She bore two sons.

[Elohim was the name of the first. Yahweh was the name of the second.
Elohim has a bear’s face. Yahweh has a cat’s face. One is righteous; One is not. Yahweh is righteous; Elohim is not. Yahweh would command fire and wind Elohim would command water and earth.]

Yaldabaoth deceptively named the two: Cain and Abel.

[From then until now sexual intercourse has persisted
Thanks to the Chief Rule who put desire for reproduction into the woman who accompanies Adam. Through intercourse the Ruler caused new human bodies to be produced And he blew his artificial spirit into each of them.]

Yaldabaoth installed the two with authority over natural elements
So they can to rule over the tomb.

En.ki pretended to favor Abel when in fact he indeed favored Cain and it was a setup and Cain murdered his brother Abel!

The Orions enemy #1

There is alot of stigma regarding The Orions here on earth and although this is not something necessarily important now depending on perspective it will be at some point in the future! Everywhere in the new Age circles and in UFOlogy The Orions are put in a negative light and seen as the bad guys! Here in the patrix friends of humanity have been depicted as enemies and vice versa. Other names for The Orions are The Evil Reptillians, The Orion Group and other demeaning terms used to describe these higher angelics. Certain names of the Orion 's have been hijacked as well and as a result they're names get butchered by The Annunaki/Archons!The last time The Orions were here on earth was when Christ descended here a second time right before The Deluge around 13,000 years ago and he brought Saboath/Prince En.lil Jr (Ninurta) and some star races from Vega with him and as they approached the spirited humans to get them to wake up this triggered The Titanmonchy aka War of The Titans spoken of in greek mythology! Christ thus descended here three different times however neither he (Christ) nor Orion will be coming back to this current earth construct. They will not be returning! The next consummation or end of a grand cycle will be the very last one and there will be no more after this. The Singularity is THE agenda for The Elites and the (interdimensional) beings above them who run the show here on earth. Its they're number one priority right now. The other major agenda has to do with Yaldaboath taking his Empire (Luciferian) and taking over Orion (the greater universe) by force! Again these have to do with end times where souls will be used for a very sinister purpose..All in all En.ki is put in a relatively good light and seen as good while his brother (actually Saboath is his son) Prince En.lil Jr is the bad guy and the angry YHWH/Jehova..Its an inversion of the truth!

The Tunnel of Light deception

I argue and emphasize in various capacities that the trap we are in here on earth extends out into the astral realms and that the manipulation of human souls continue in the astral! The tunnel with the white light at the end of it is talked about and discussed from NDE's, OBE's and regression therapy sessions where they describe this very thing. Usually during the sessions a spirit guide or guides are present and this is talked about in these accounts. Its no coincidence at all that there have been numerous "tunnel with the white light at the end of it" references in the media in the last two years. This is something that the Elites want to stick within the human mass consciousness and its purpose is being helped fulfilled with technology.

Whatever you do after your physical body has expired,


The tunnel of light which has a gravitational pull most likely will have souls who "choose" to go to it will lead to a recycling center where the soul after haven gone through will most likely be poised to live out the same lifetime and likely to make the same choices and decisions. The afterlife scenarios we are given is the religious heavens or the ascension to the 5th dimension! I argue that these dimensions/heavens are apart of the trap and part of what the gnostics call the kenoma or patrix! More freedoms perhaps but still a trap! This option or choice is not desirable for a soul with spirit attached that wishes to be "free"! Instead of gravitating towards the tunnel or if a guide or any being otherwise says they want to help you "cross over" then its best to just ignore these beings and with the power of thoughts that you have see yourself to your Higher Self by stating so in your mind (the mind is not the brain but is apart of your soul/spirit/mind).

Its important to understand that reincarnation is "not" a natural process, its done with technology and the purpose to trap and control! If a soul chooses to go towards the tunnel of light they will most likely either experience the same lifetime all over again or they will be shot down (with technology) into a body at random..In these instances the soul has no say so in the manner..

Then others from the seed of Ham and Japheth come, four hundred thousand, and enter another land and stay with those people who came from the great eternal knowledge. The shadow of their power protects those with them from everything evil and every filthy desire.

Then the seed of Ham and Japheth forms twelve kingdoms, and their other seed enters into the kingdom of other people.

. . . they take counsel . . . aeons . . . that are dead . . . the great aeons of incorruptibility. And they go to their God Sakla. They go in to the powers, accusing the great ones who are in their glory.

They say to Sakla, “What is the power of these people who stood in your presence, who were taken from the seed of Ham and Japheth, who number four hundred thousand? They were received into another realm from which they came, and they overturned all the glory of your power and the dominion of your hand. The seed of Noah through his sons has done your will, and so have all the powers in the realms over which your might rules. Both those people and those who reside in their glory have not done your will. But they have turned aside your whole throng.”

The Revelation (Apocalypse) of Adam

This is an indicator of how many spirited humans existed before the Great Flood in the antedilluivian times in the second atlantis, the previous construct, 400,000. The spirited bloodlines were thus:

Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methusela, Lamech and Noah. The Seth line is where we the spirited humans come from after having descended from the first atlantis, Tiamaat (where the lion slept with the lamb)! This is where most of humanity comes from before The Flood. Far from everything was wiped out in the Deluge and species like Bigfoot, The Grays (A faction of the Grays) The Reptoids and bloodlines such as The Nephelim along with some deep sea life survived and became apart of the bigger dome! Tiammat in the sixth heaven was destroyed but Gaia survived! The reflections of this planet is mirrored all the way down here in 3-D as the asteroid belt! The spirited humans of today are thus from the Seth line which was made sure to be kept pure and uncorrupted by The Rulers thus continued on in this current construct as The Shem line!

Good and Evil

The philosophies and ideas of good a good and evil being go all the way back to Plato in the 5th century and monotheism. It is said that the God of this world is all love and people seem to put him in an all good or evil category but he is neither. Yaldaboath (God to the people of earth) is a mix, he is good "and" evil! He is the ultimate representation of duality and he "is" duality, he can play both sides! I think its an important distinction to note that the creator of this world and humans in relation to "God" is that we do not come from him despite it being said that he is the Father! I refrain from using the word God to describe Source because it is such a loaded word and 9/10 times when someone says "God" they are not referring to the highest God but of Yaldaboath who is taking on the role of Source or All That Is to the people of earth whom follow, praise and worship him numbered in the billions! He actually didnt create us but genetically manipulated us into being! Our original soul and spirit do not come from him but even if we wanted to say he created us the fact of the matter is he is "not" our original creator nor do we come from him. The Global Elite or rather a part of the Global Elite have Lord Ea's/En.ki's blood flowing through them directly so if anything "they" come from him and they are The Minions! The general things that separate us the humans within the general population of earth are 1; The Elite (bloodlines) have very different dna than us humans within the common man. Two; they are of higher intelligence and three, they're a mix of souls coming from elsewhere. In most cases and generally speaking here on earth souls are created by Sophia or Yaldaboath. Even The Global Elite bloodlines can repent and essentially be "deprogrammed" if you will. In regards to us humans within the general population The Elite have had a long time to study how the human mind works. This is why the excel in brainwashing through media and masters of indoctrination and manipulation.
Yaldaboath The Father does not "love" his creations (us) but he can and certainly will "use" us..


The gnostics tried to warn the world back then just as they continue to do today about The Demiurge! Some red flags would be the use of the word "Lord", "Savior" and "Worship" as i mentioned initially. They emphasize going within for answers which im assuming is through meditative practices. Certain things have been embedded within the human mass consciousness such as the need for a savior, doom and gloom death, ascension, the return of nibiru, the second coming, the tunnel of light and much much more. Then we have distractions to prevent us from seeing the bigger picture such as flat earth. The truth of the matter is it doesn't matter what the shape of the earth is, flat, round, oval shape or otherwise because we humans cant even leave the upper layers of earth's atmosphere to see nor do we have a genuine picture of earth, not one picture! One word sums up todays world and that's insanity!

While we are here all we can do is live our lives, raise our frequency and work on ourselves and as many fears as possible so that we can live in pure spirit after haven obtained knowledge and wisdom! After this lifetime "exit" the patrix! There will never be peace here and things are setup a certain way because its setup that way by design. It seems that when you go around on the internet gnostics or bringing up the nag hammadi texts is met with harsh criticism and judgment. I have seen pagan, heretic, blasphemer and other derogatory and demeaning terms to describe the gnostics.. These people are convinced that Yaldaboath whom they deny is Yaldaboath but believe that he is The Highest God or Source and his angels (with angels and demons in the matrix being two sides of the same coin) are the benefactors to humankind. They are not our benefactors as they do not have our best interest in mind!

We humans need to respect eachothers beliefs, Irregardless if these beliefs are conflicting or not which they are. One thing is for certain is that we "do" go where our beliefs take us also everyone is on his or her own path which again is to be respected. There's alot of focus on earth especially from the more neutral oriented star races and they are curious o see where humanity is going from here. The Singularity is a fact and i've brought this up enough to not bring up the implications of this agenda and what it means. We are indeed living in end times but what does that mean? Well the way i see it, it has nothing to do with the end of the world or its destruction at all but we are approaching the end of our species as we know it which will become extinct just within a few decades..

All roads lead to The Singularity!

Disagree to it all and send a thought out into the universe. The universe is thought responsive and will hear, also question "everything" even things which i have said here! Never take anyones word for anything!

We should always know and remember that our thoughts are extremely powerful!

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Wondering, Ghaleon, how could Lucifer and Krishna be the same being, entity? Well, also Vishnu? (I know Lucifer is not Satan.)
I was surprised.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru

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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Wondering, Ghaleon, how could Lucifer and Krishna be the same being, entity? Well, also Vishnu? (I know Lucifer is not Satan.)
I was surprised.

Krishna is one of Vishnu (Yaldaboath's) avatars. In this incarnation much like his other ones he is to be worshipped and commands worship!

Lucifer, The Light bearer or Morning Star is Yaldaboath and he is one of "Gods" angels! This is very misleading because the true manifestations of Source or All That Is are called aeons and aeons are basically advanced thoughtforms of True Source, androgynous and twelve in number and they exist in the spiritual universe. Christ is one aeon and Sophia also known as Pistis Sophia is another. Since she chose to create without her consort and in her ignorance she created Yaldaboath (Lucifer)! She cast him away and in her effort to learn about her creation (through viewpoints, densities, dimensions) she gave him authority over her creation, the physical universe!

After the Titan War Yaldaboath or Lucifer became Satan the adversary but. not of "God" (a loaded word who people equate to Source) but of his mother Sophia! He "does" plan on invading Orion one day in an attempt to become King of the universe and this has to do with end times.

Lucifers Rebellion is thus ongoing and "far" from over..however Lucifer/Yaldaboath has since passed this title (Satan) down to his son Marduk as an opposition to En.lil Jr so Lucifer became Saturn and Marduk became Satan however he is not the adversary of "God" his father Yaldaboath but of humanity! Marduk utterly hates us human beings and things like the lhc in cern come from him.

These beings are playing a role and titles get passed down and or swapped such as in the case of Yahweh and Agni. At the height of "any" secret society, Lucifer is the Grand Master!

Krishna is a master geneticist scientist and is known as "the Father" of modern day humans and he loves his creations (us) and our hearts should go out to him but i argue this is not the case at all! Krishna is a "proud" being however. Its Lucifer's pride! There is no genuine love coming from him though. After the Deluge Krishna needs to redeem himself or be redeemed by Sophia. Since he has spirit that part of himself will always exist because contrary to the soul spirit is immortal and cannot be destroyed.

So by using intermediate syncrynocity we can see that Krishna, Lucifer, Yaldaboath and En.ki via they're general personality and traits correspond and are one in the same!
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