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Old 07-10-2021, 03:44 PM
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"And he (the chief archon) repented for everything which had come into being through him. This time he planned to bring a flood upon the human creation.
The Secret Book of John

The Flood story which will change depending on who's telling it. It will either put En.ki/Yaldaboath/Lucifer in a good light or a bad one. When the story needs to fit a particular narrative to favor the Authorities the shift of "blame" is put on Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta or the Orions. One of En.ki's true alter ego's and or aliases is Loki (The Trickster God). In the end it really doesnt matter which side of the story we subscribe to the end result was the same, Yaldaboath got a wiped out humanity and a chance to start all over, to start anew.

After the Deluge 13,000 years ago the planet was seeded with the new rna & dna, a grid, a artificial soul, a corrupt mind and the "bloodlines" Genetic engineering and manipulation once again ensued and the spirited humans (us) within the general population descended once again into a more solid part of matter. In the Second Atlantis that realm which existed in the 6th Heaven was alot less solid and a much larger planet which is why humans could live 930 years on average and giants of various sizes we roaming the Earth (Tiamaat) at that time. When the catastrophe happened in the end period of the antediluvian time or time before the flood and from the time when the second atlantis was established there was petrification around the whole planet. En.ki then took a chunk of Tiamaat, the parts that had flew closer to the sun and created the new Earth while the remainder became the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is not the remnants of the actual planet but the debris is a reflection of it that we see here all the way down here in 3-D. Therefore all the planets that we see in the solar system are all reflections mirrored here in the most dense part of matter. This is also why we see mountains in the shape of faces and other shapes of beings as well as ancient deep sea creatures which survived. Not everything was destroyed in the Deluge!

It is also important to understand that Lucifer (Yaldaboath and he goes by many many names) and Satan (he goes by many many names, titles, aliases etc) are not the same being! They are two separate entities with they're own personaes respectively. One placed himself in the physical universe as "God" and the other is the son of the chief creator who is Marduk (Satan). It is my conviction that even though Marduk currently holds the title of Satan (The adversary of humanity) he is playing a role and is not in opposition to his father (whom he is suppose to be the adversary to) but is working together with him against humanity.

No one knows how this will all turn out. En.ki could invade Orion or the Consummation of the Age will happen first, they have to do with the ending of the Consummation of Ages in which the next Consummation will be the last one. We are leaving the age of Pisces (Thoth the messenger, En.ki's first born son) and into the age of Aquarius which is En.ki/Yaldaboaths own age.

We are in the middle stages of the Kingdom of the Machine and the Singularity is set to be fully in place by 2045 (i think it will be sooner than this looking at the world today). All we can do at this point is live our lives, gain gnosis within our lifetimes, be in the world but not of it help with spreading light (knowledge) in this construct then when the day comes when our physical body expires, "exit" this realm. Even though we humans out number them greatly in far larger numbers it is still the Archons (Whom are true ET'S, Interdimensionals and AI respectively) world and they are running this world behind the scenes in the higher dimensions/Heavens while the rest are they're own people coming from different star systems. The Global Elite thus run by these souls coming from elsewhere have taken on a human body are the Minions and they are called the Minions for a reason. It is very important to them to keep polarity in tact which is why we in the general population are constantly being kept in fear and terror.

I dont see anything from En.ki in terms of redemption as he is not redeeming himself at this particular time. He is good AND evil and this is his nature, he is dualistic. Yaldaboath also does not love his creations (us) despite many saying otherwise but he can and will "use" us because he needs us in that way, to serve him, his Empire, The Luciferian Empire in his quest to be king of the 100% creation not just the physical part of the universe within the multiverse.

Source/All That Is (The Monad) is within us not something external to us. I don't believe in saviors or a genuine second coming. It is my conviction that each person is responsible for saving themselves period but also if the savior is on the outside then the enemy is as well. There is an option for those who do not wish to become a whole new species or those nor those do not wish to repeat the constant cycles of reincarnation (with amnesia) and ascending into higher Dimensions/Heavens but we have to do the work ourselves to the best of our ability, spread the light in different ways and lighten up this construct then after this lifetime "transcend" the Demiurges realm!

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Old 07-10-2021, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghaleon
I totally get why you are angry iamthat but we really should'nt "judge" others based on them eating a animal or not.

Am I angry? That seems to be a judgement on your part, and I am not sure what it is based on.

Everyone is free to make their own choices and draw their own boundaries as to what they do or don't do. Their choices are none of my business.

However I do find it strange when I encounter people who profess to love animals while still eating meat in whatever form. They don't seem to make the connection between the food on their plate and the unnecessary cruelty and suffering involved in getting that food on their plate. This is not aimed specifically at you - there are many such people in society.

Old 07-10-2021, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by iamthat
Am I angry? That seems to be a judgement on your part, and I am not sure what it is based on.

Everyone is free to make their own choices and draw their own boundaries as to what they do or don't do. Their choices are none of my business.

However I do find it strange when I encounter people who profess to love animals while still eating meat in whatever form.
I understand and usually people can get pretty upset about this subject and rightfully so.
Old 20-10-2021, 02:09 AM
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"Now this ruler has three names. The first name is Yaldabaoth. The second is Saklas. The third is Samael. He is impious in his Madness, she who dwells in him. For he said, I am God and no other god exists except me,' since he is ignorant of the place from which his strength had come"

The Apocryphon of John

Yaldaboath goes by many different names, titles, alter egos, avatars and personae here on Earth. In Sumer/Babylon he is known as En.ki (Lord of Earth) other common names for him are Lucifer (The Light Bearer), Vishnu, Krishna (One of Vishnus avatars), Ptah (Egypt) Allah (sometimes), The False King of Tyranny, Yahweh/Jehova (sometimes). He is Poseidon and the roman counterpart to Poseidon is Neptune. En.ki goes by many other names. He is God to the people of Earth and subsequently this is his title in the more recent and ancient texts and scriptures alike.

Yaldaboaths first born son is Thoth (Hermes, Mercury, Simon Magus) and Belias is equivalent to Marduk the current Satan whom is another of En.ki's son. Satan means adversary and although En.ki is an adversary of his mother Sophia that title was passed to his son Marduk so Marduk is the current Satan or adversary and in this case of humanity (not his father)
It is my conviction that En.ki and Marduk are not in opposition to one another but are working together against humanity.

Yaldaboath is the father of modern day humankind but the ones that have his blood flowing through them and his DNA are who we call the Global Elite (PTB, Illuminati by some) They have En.ki's blood flowing through them directly. Many are convinced that En.ki (God) loves his creations (us) and this is why our hearts should go out to him and he means well. This is anything but the case.. Yaldaboath does not love his genetically engineered species (us) but is certainly a "proud" being. He is proud of his creations and has gone out in times to protect us although he is doing this to serve his end goal with his Luciferian agenda that has to do with end times and him becoming King of the 100% universe.. Yaldaboath (God) does not love us but can and "will" certainly use us!

To the humans of Earth En.ki (see Lucifer and his many other names) is God! Yaldaboath (as well as Marduk and Ereshkigal) gets tremendous amounts of energy via his/they're worshippers and followers here on Earth numbered over 5.5 billion...He/they happily suck in all this worship. Yaldaboath currently has humanity under a spell and humanity suffers from stockholme syndrome. People are stuck in beliefs rather than keeping them open and fluid and they will follow and defend Yaldaboath to the very end. They are devoted to him and loyal..they do not know that he is not the highest God but have been manipulated to the extreme by him. People are afraid to get rid of or abolish the old belief out of "fear" and he (and others) knows this. One of Yaldaboaths true alter egos is Loki (The Trickster God). In the part of the universe where we currently dwell, the physical universe, Yaldaboath is God!!!

Yaldaboath is androgynous, he is the grand master of manipulation! Amogst other things he is interdimensional and multidimensional and has many forms. He is a shapeshifter! He is the ultimate representation of duality in his nature, he is good AND evil. He however is more evil than good and it is my conviction that En.ki/Yaldaboath is not currently redeeming himself at this particular time. He has copied everything he saw in his vision even all the way to present times. For the last 245 years what the occultist are calling The New Atlantis has been established here in the US. Its his own Atlantis brought back from the time The Second Atlantis was created (The entire Earth) when he ruled openly as Neptune/Poseidon and which perished in the Deluge in the previous construct (Eath/Tiamaat) 13,000 years ago. Our race Homo sapiens sapiens (The Thinking Man) was just a temporary species Yaldaboath created in order to help him with his goal of creating the New Atlantis... Before The Singularity, said to be in place by 2045 according to the Singularist but may be alot sooner and i mean "alot" sooner, humanity will have become a race of cyborgs, a whole new species. Looking at the world and the way it is today this is no coincidence and it is also no coincidence that we are approaching The Consummation of The Age which most likely will be the last one coming up.

Yaldaboath has steered humanity right into his trap....The recycling center, his ascension theme and with the help of religious fanatics all around the world, the return of the Gods through prophecy which these people are helping them fulfill. Its all very cleverly done and evil just as well. By having souls stuck within the Patrix through they're beliefs, it serves his imperialistic agenda!

As we wake up we help En.ki/Yaldaboath wake up as well. We help him wake up the spirited part of himself deep within. In order for Sophia to return to the Pleroma in full, Yaldaboath's half spirit needs to be redeemed. At the Consummation of The Age all soul and spirit will return to Orion (The 8th & 9th Heaven) and then a choice will be made by those wishing to rid themselves of they're attachments (archontic) or not. There's no need to mention End Times further but the other scenario that will happen is that En.ki/Lucifer will ride the avatars of human souls and spirit to Orion's gates to have the final battle. This is when we will be sacrificed as a human soul group because the most devastating space weapons will be used as we ill be manipulated into a war against our own creators. Neither one of these things will happen in our lifetime most likely but it is something to ponder much like death and the afterlife.

Christs message was about teaching and telling people with eyes to see and ears to hear how to "transcend" The Demiurges (See Lucifer & Yaldaboath) realm by giving us gnosis 2000 years ago. Yeshua never wanted to "save" anyone because we have to do that ourselves and he never wanted to be worshipped as he thought it served him no benefit.

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Old 03-11-2021, 05:08 AM
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Revisiting and in conclusion of the Flood story as well as the asteroid belt, depending on who your asking your gonna get different times on when the asteroid belt was formed. Some say billions of years ago some half a million years ago while others say hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Tiamaat catastrophe is however much more recent.

In the antediluvian times the Archons (The Authorities) wanted to pollute the pure spirited bloodline so that they would be corrupted and polluted enough so that if enough of they're kind did this they would have the spirited humans under they're control and subsequently have full control over matter. They planned to have the seed of Earth woman and use the offspring as host. This bloodline was the bloodline of Noah. The Authorities knew there was a flaw with spirit and that the masculine part of it lay dormant so they decided to take advantage of this and took on Sophia's masculine part of spirit and this is when we hear "having committed adultery with Sophia" This brought about some major problems!

"And he created a plan with his powers. He sent his angels to the daughters of men so that they might take some of them for themselves, and they might raise a seed, to be a respite for them. And at first they were not successful, but when they did not succeed, they gathered together again and made another plan. They created a despicable spirit in the likeness of the Spirit who had descended so that through it they might pollute the souls".

The Apocryphon of John (Long version)

When En.ki/Yaldaboath had come to know of they're decision he warned Noah/Utnapishtim to build an ark and told him to make it space tight! Depending on who's telling the story and the intention and or motive behind the message we are going to hear different things. In one account of the texts En.ki admits to creating a flood to wipe everything out and he repents for having created humans. Another account says he knew of the Archons decision who took council and agreed to create a flood while in the more ancient texts it is there where they say that Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta wanted to cause a Flood and instigated it. The ones who are saying this also claim that En.lil Jr is YHWH/Jehova and this simply is not the case at all.
When the Archons weren't successful they created the artificial soul to have they're souls coming from different places in the Milky Way galaxy envelop them. This new type of soul is what are commonly known as organic portals, extreme narcissist, psychopaths, and sociopaths whom we see in todays world as well. They are empty vessels so to speak as they lack spirit completely!

"The Rulers took council with one another and said "come let us cause a Flood with our hands and obliterate all flesh from man to beast"

The Hypostasis of The Archons

Around 13,000 years ago Christ (the perfect pronoia of the 8th & 9th Heaven) descended down to Tiamaat/Earth to wake the spirited humans up. Since the chief creator decided to create a Flood and wipe out and destroy his own creations nothing could be done at the time towards En.ki/Yaldaboath's redemption as he could not be redeemed at that point and the spiritual forces were running out of time. Christ descended with some Vegans and Vulcans and he brought Saboath/Ninurta with him to approach the spirited humans, this triggered and set off the Titanmonchy or War of The Titans aka The War in Heaven.

"Now, they were completed in this way up to the sixth heaven, the one belonging to Sophia. And the heaven and its earth were disrupted by the troublemaker, who was beneath all of them. The six heavens trembled, for the powers of chaos knew who it was who disturbed the heaven beneath them. And when Pistis knew of the harm caused by the troublemaker, she blew her breath, and she bound him and cast him down to Tartarus".

On the Origins of The World

The previous version of our planet (Earth/Tiamaat) existed in the 6th Heaven (Saturn is the 7th Heaven) and that construct was not as solid and could house giants and other lifeforms more suitably. At the height of the chaos Christ, Saboath and the remaining Vulcans and Vegans along with some spirited humans fled through the Saturn stargate at the last moments and since that day the stargate has been closed and guarded on both sides. This was the end or "great reset" of the old construct and was the destruction of Tiamaat, the second Atlantis thus was the whole planet and it perished in the Deluge. The asteroid belt is just another mimic or copy of the original mirrored all the way down the dimensions here in 3-D.

After having learned that he was deceived by the Authorities after haven been enlightened by Eleleth the Aeon from the spirit realm ie the void he (Noah) and some spirited humans withdrew.

"They went into a place and hid themselves in a luminous cloud. And he (Noah) recognized his authority, and she who belongs to the light was with him, having shone on them because he (the chief archon) had brought darkness upon the whole earth"

The Apocryphon of John (Short version)

Thus the pure spirited bloodline (The Seth line which is a metaphor for the bloodline of the spirited line of humans kept pure from corruption and pollution by the rulers) continued on in the current construct and this is the bloodline of Shem. This is us, the general population of Earth. Not everything was wiped out in the Deluge contrary to what some texts may say. En.ki used the remnants and debris from Tiamaat/Earth to create the new Earth. Gaia still very much exists and was never destroyed we now however live in a more isolated part of Gaia within the dome. This is why aquatic wildlife and some deep sea creatures exist today, because they survived and were caught within the dome. This is why we find ancient structures and pyramids along with other parts of the world in tact, this is also why we see petrification around the planet in the form of mountains and other landscape. The event/catastrophe captured living beings whom some could be some of the first humans in the First Atlantis that are now petrified while others are various giants that succumbed in the War of The Titans. There are other beings that got trapped here as well. What UFOlogist are calling some ET's are actually terrestrials. Such species are bigfoot, The Grays and the Reptoids. These star races got trapped here within the Dome some time ago and are thus terrestrials!

After the Deluge some 6,000 years ago, the new "Adam" was created! The new human now called Homo Sapiens sapiens (The Thinking Man) was created and this is us, the common man. En.ki/Lucifer/Yaldaboath used the same dna used to create Homo sapiens but made some adjustments and improved it slightly. Two versions of the same species was created. One is us, the general population (called Adapa before the Deluge) and the other is The Global Elite (called Adama before the Deluge) who's DNA is very different than us, the common man, whom also have higher intelligence and who's souls are not from here (The solar system called Araidu by some star races). The Authorities then continued to create the artificial soul they created before the Deluge but this time they decided to give us something that came from them, they gave us "their" mind. This is the War we humans are in the middle of, the war of the human mind! This could very well be or even remotely compared to world war 3!

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Back to the story about the Garden of Eden!

Then justice created paradise which existed between the 7th and the 8th Heaven. The tree of Life is in the north of paradise in order to give to the immortal ones who had come out of the fashioned bodies of poverty in the Consummation of The Age. The tree of knowledge and the tree of life were in the north of paradise to rise up the souls to the stupor of the demons so that when they might come to the tree of life and eat its fruit and they might condemn the Authorities of Chaos and they're angels. The effect of this tree is described in the holy book as follows;
"You are the tree of knowledge which is in paradise from which the first man ate and which opened his mind so that he loved his female partner and condemn other alien likenesses and loathed them.

On the Origins of the World

This is Saboath/Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta creating the original Garden of Eden in the First Atlantis on Tiamaat which existed between the 7th and 8th Heaven, where the lion slept with the lamb. This was home to the original spirited Human Soul Group which is us the spirited humans within the general population. This apparently was something very unique because Yaldaboath (En.ki) and his archons roamed around on the planet at the same time the first humans were there but since Tiamaat wasn't entirely in the Holy realm ie the 8th Heaven the archons saw this as an intrusion and this was when they most probably thought to themselves "What are these beings doing on our planet"

After Yaldaboath had become jealous because Ninurta was elevated to a higher position then he was by Sophia he started the first phase in his retaliation by creating death. This was the beginning of Lucifers Rebellion and Saboath and his angels returned to the 8th Heaven and closed the stargate of Saturn (The 7th Heaven) behind them. Ninurta no longer had authority and rulership over Saturn and En.ki/Yaldaboath became Saturn (Father Time)
Saturn helps regulate linear time here on Earth. Its very similar to a control panel or is the control room if you will.

Yaldaboath then created his own version of the Garden of Eden he saw in the first Atlantis as well as the first human(s) he saw in the primordial waters (Christ) and on Tiamaat. They created our bodies like they're bodies (The Archons) but our likeness is the likeness of the humans that had appeared to them. The ET Invader Force (Archons) can only mimic and copy! They have no creative ability (or power) of they're own and can only do this, copy what was in their vision. The Second Atlantis thus was the entire planet and it perished in the Deluge (13,000 years ago) The original or first Garden of Eden exitsts somewhere in the asteroid belt as or within the debris.

At a early point in galactic time when the Archons witnessed Christ passing through all the realms before his ascended return to the 8th Heaven they laughed at the chief creator because he lied when he told them

"I am God and there is no other God but me"

They said to him "Is this not the God who ruined our work"? He said yes but if you wish he not be able to ruin our work come let us create a human being from the Earth according to the image of our body and according to the likeness of this being so that when this being sees his likeness he will be enamored in it, then he will no longer be able to ruin our work but we will make those born from the light our servants till all the time of this age.

When the Spiritual Forces, The Khan (Christ), Saboath and Sophia had learned of they're decision they laughed at the chief creator because they anticipated him. They had created they're human being first so the plan was and they informed the spirited humans (us), the Human Soul Group of our mission to enter En.ki/Yaldaboaths fashioned bodies made of atoms and lighten up the construct from within and wake up Yaldaboath to the spirit that is buried deep within him so that he can be redeemed and Sophia can return to what the gnostics are calling The Pleroma (Void aka Spirit Universe) in full.

Then the Holy voice (Christ) said "Go, multiply and rule over all the creatures" and these are the ones held captive by the chief creator according to they're destines and thus they were locked in the fashioned bodies of the Authorities until The Consummation of The Age!

On the Origins of the World

In typical fashion the Authorities/Archons had they're own Christ and this was for a purpose. Ironically the most famous quote of Thoth (En.ki's firstborn son) is "As above so below"
There were two Christ roaming the Earth at that time and the nag hammadi texts mention this about it:

"He whom you saw sitting on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails into his fleshly part is the substitute being put to shame, the one who came into being in his likeness but look at him and look at me"

The Apocalypse of Peter
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In conclusion of The Deluge:

Christ (The Christ emanated in the 8th and 9th Heaven aka The King of Kings) also approached the spirited humans to get them to wake up but since the Chief Creator (En.ki/Yaldaboath/Lucifer) and his Rulers decided to pollute and corrupt the spirited bloodline and cause a Flood time was running short for the spiritual forces and the spirited humans were still not yet awake, many did not heed his call.

Now, they were completed in this way up to the sixth heaven, the one belonging to Sophia. And the heaven and its earth were disrupted by the troublemaker, who was beneath all of them. The six heavens trembled, for the powers of chaos knew who it was who disturbed the heaven beneath them. And when Pistis knew of the harm caused by the troublemaker, she blew her breath, and she bound him and cast him down to Tartaros.

On the Origins of The World

Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta along with some spirited humans and the Vulcans (The Titans) were attempting to escape the inferno that was taking place. Yaldaboath could not be redeemed at that particular time and his Authorities had intercourse with the Earh human women to pollute and corrupt the pure spirited bloodline ie the Seth line. Noah's bloodline was pure and thus kept hidden away from the rulers so that when the time was right Christ could descend down here into a body that was strong enough to receive his powerful spirit. Since he (Yaldaboath) wanted to cause a flood and wipe out his creations his redemption had to be called off at least for that time.

As the carnage and catastrophe ensued nearly everything died in the Deluge and was wiped out and Sophia blew her breath and cast Yaldaboath down into Taurtarus. Tautarus is equivalent to the Underworld where we currently reside with En.ki and some of his archons and the abyss is the lowest part of it. The Authorities still have and do have access to the 7 Heavens which is equivalent to the solar system and it was only En.ki/Yaldaboath that was cast down. The Saturn stargate closed as the spirited forces escaped the chaotic inferno. Sophia then sealed away her Heaven until the Consummation of the Age!

That was the end of a planet and the destruction of Tiamaat/Earth (13,000 years ago). This planet existed in the 6th Heaven and was much less solid and much larger than our current Earth. Now we have descended to the lowest part of matter and a new version of Earth was created from the remnants of the old one and here we are, a much more solid version of Earth in the deepest part of matter known as 3-D. Thus the spirited humans continued on in the current construct which metaphorically is the Seth line which is the bloodline kept pure from corruption by the Rulers ie the bloodline of Shem! They also created the artificial soul once again but this time they gave us they're mind. History indeed repeats itself and now we are approaching The Singularity in the near future. Its no coincidence that we are approaching The Singularity AND The Consummation of The Age which most likely will be the last one.
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So what does this all mean for us as a human mass consciousness and what is the bigger picture about? We all as individuals, collectively as a species ALL have beliefs. However, when we take our beliefs as the truth or not keep them fluid is when it becomes a problem! This is why it's not so much about finding truths as it is putting pieces of the puzzle together.

The spirited humans within the general population ie us, the common man were to descend further and now into the deepest part of matter into (Lord) Ea/Yaldaboath's new Earth in order to reveal his ignorance and as we are waking up ourselves spread light (vibration & knowledge) within the current construct. As we do this we also wake him up as well to part of himself that is spirited and have it redeemed so that Sophia can return to the Pleroma (Fullness/Spirit Realm) in full! This has been an ongoing mission!

En.ki is the father of modern day humans just as well as the humans in the antediluvian time period which are the times before the Deluge (13,000 years ago) on the original Earth/Tiamaat and he is seen as a good God and put in a fairly good light while his brother (originally his son and one of his Archons but turned against his creator and in a cosmic sense because of the heiarchy they became brothers) Prince En.lil Jr aka Ninurta is the bad guy and is Jehova! It's in these parts of the ancient texts where we can see how The Authorities (The Overlords) have as they have and continue to inverted the truth.

En.ki/Yaldaboath (The Lucifer archetype) is dualistic in his nature, he is good AND evil! He placed himself here (the physical universe) as God a very long time ago and is followed and worshipped by people in the billions here on Earth.. He became the God matter! He also placed himself here as The Demiurge and The Monad (The highest Source or All That Is) both at once! He doesnt seem to be redeeming himself at this time and seems to be more geared towards AI and if this is the case then the battle of Armageddon talked about in the bible and in other texts is a fact..

"He is wicked because of the Mindlessness that is in him. For he said, 'I am God, and there is no other God besides me,' since he did not know from where his own strength had come."

There are a couple of reasons as the why the decision to wipe out humankind was warranted; the main ones are:

1: The wickedness of man was great in the earth
2: Every imagination of the thoughts of his (man's) heart was only evil continually
3: The earth was filled with violence
4: The earth…was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth’ (All the people on earth had corrupted their way.) genesis

Humankind is blamed and we have even to this very day blamed ourselves for Yaldabaoth's (God's) decision to have everything wiped out in the Deluge so that he can continue on with his creations in in the current construct. The fact of the matter is as i have mentioned in a previous post, Lord Ea and his Authorities wanted to pollute the pure spirited bloodline (The Seth line) ultimately corrupting it so that the offspring would be too ignorant to return to the light which they knew little to nothing about. They wanted humans under they're full control! They knew that the weakness of the human spirit was that the masculine part laided dormant so this was when they (The Archons) were sent by the Chief Creator to the daughters of man. When they weren't successful they created the artificial soul which is a mock up of Spirit which comes from Sophia. So thus the extreme narcissist, sociopath and psychopaths entered that world just like we have today, they lack spirit completely and only have a artificial soul. They're empty vessels so to speak.

There was also "alot" of genetic engineering and manipulation going on in those times (History indeed repeats itself) and there were many monsters and strange creatures roaming the planet whom none took responsibility for and at one point were left to evolve on their own when En.ki decided to leave the planet). Beings such as Hydra, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Cyclops and other creatures! The main geneticist scientist that were in charge of these operations were En.ki/Yaldaboath, Marduk (En.ki's son)/Satan and Ereshkigal (Queen of the Underworld)/Hera (Hijacked). The same three beings in charge of Earth where Ea is The Chief Creator/Overlord are the same three beings that control a number of star systems and constellations/asterisms in the Milky Way Galaxy in the 8th Heaven. Thus the solar system and places such as Sirius, A. Draconis (Thuban), The Pleiades, Arcutrus, Hydra and Ursa minor to name a few are they're domains respectively! The rest is Orion (The Highest Heavens) and beyond that is the void or spirit universe where there is no matter and only pure spirit exists which makes up the majority of the universe and what we have been cut off from perceiving what is know as dark matter (74% material) & dark energy (22% energetic).

When he had to come to have a change of heart En.ki warned Utnapistim (Noah) and told him to build an ark so he could save as many of his children, his beloved humans as possible..

"And he (the chief archon) repented for everything which had come into being through him. This time he planned to bring a flood upon the work of man. But the greatness of the light of the foreknowledge informed Noah, and he proclaimed (it) to all the offspring which are the sons of men. But those who were strangers to him did not listen to him. It is not as Moses said, 'They hid themselves in an ark' (Gn 7: 7), but they hid themselves in a place, not only Noah, but also many other people from the immovable race. They went into a place and hid themselves in a luminous cloud. And he (Noah) recognized his authority, and she who belongs to the light was with him, having shone on them because he (the chief archon) had brought darkness upon the whole earth.

Secret Book of John (Long Version)

Thus after having he had been given knowledge and enlightened by Eleeth (An Aeon from the Void or Spiritual realm), Noah realized that he had been deceived by the Rulers, he and his family as well as those from the immovable race which pertains to spirit were lifted up out of the chaos and fiery inferno! Noah's bloodline was made sure to be kept pure and hidden away from corruption by the Rulers. After the current construct was created and ready to have soul & spirit receive it, the spirited humans continued on which is the general population/us and this is the Shem Bloodline! They (The Archons) once again created the artificial soul and this time a corrupt mind as i have mentioned before. The artificial souls lack spirit just like the Elite do and thus since they dont search for spirit or know what it is at all the artificial souls were placed here to traumatize the spirited population and to keep spirit in check.
I know i said i was concluding the Flood story but i felt like a few things needed to be looked at before completely moving on from that part of our history.
When a certain narrative needs to play out or depending on the intentions behind a certain message and when the timing is appropriate Khan En.lil (The King of Kings) is blamed for instigating the flood. Another story that's within the ancient text instigated by the Overlords that is inverted!

The First Atlantis was the original Tiamaat between the 7th & 8th Heaven where the original humans (with spirit) come from, was a paradise and there were no wars or conflicts! Everyone lived in peace like we hear about when the lion slept with the lamb. There was a time when humans indeed roamed the planet with Dinosaurs!

The Second Atlantis was Yaldaboaths planet copied from what was first (see Tiamat) it was more physical in nature and existed in the 6th Heaven (Jupiter). This planet was much larger in size and is now what we see as a reflection above the firmament as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter! (See The Titanmonchy/ War of the Titans aka The War in Heaven 13,000 years ago in a previous post or research the enuma elish or the bible regarding this)

The current construct is the Underworld (The 5 Heavens below the 7) where we the current human civilization exist together with En.ki, Marduk, Ereshkigal and some his other cohorts.

There is a "New" Atlantis and i'll bring this up in another post for another time.

In conclusion
We can see from the world today that we are rapidly heading towards The Singularity..Once fully implemented (said to be around 2045) humanity will have already been connected to a Super Computer where they will have immortality (or close to it) and super intelligence. This will be the end of our species and a whole new one will emerge that is half biological and half machine run from the Super Computer..

The only way i see out of all the insanity being played out in the world is to work on as many of fears as possible and raise our own frequency as much as we possibly can. Once one has knowledge with wisdom they would have gained they're own gnosis and will live in pure spirit! Our spirit will guide us in a more or less heavily dense world. When the day comes when our physical body has become expired we use our thoughts, focus, and have an intention to exit out of The Demiurges (Patrix). We continue on with our path and instead of going towards the tunnel with the white light at the end of it which is part of the trap, we go to the highest aspect of ourselves and become Creator Gods in the 8th & 9th Heavens or instead shed our genuine soul (with spirit) and go to the Void (Greater Universe) and live in pure Spirit. These are all choices of course and much more desirable than recycling (reincarnation for the fainthearted) I mention on a way to do this and recommendations on other parts of this forum so i'll refrain from repeating myself here.

Its not about judgement at all, i personally would forgive En.ki/Yaldaboath for all the terrible things he has done to us humans throughout time if the situation were to arise i also have compassion (understanding) for him and to a degree his son Marduk (Belias/Satan) and other extreme evils from people in our history.

The majority of the Earths Human Mass Consciousness ie The Human Soul Group the general population have compassion and empathy. This is what makes us human and apart of the overall human spirit!

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What is an Archon? Archons are parasitic extremely low frequency lower dimensional beings that feed off the lower emotions (vibrations) and energy of humans and animals where they take it in as loosh which sustains them. The description of the the Archons vary and they go by different names here on Earth. According to the gnostics they have they have bodies that are both male and female and the faces of animals. Regardless of belief systems or culture they are not divine and the gnostic description signifies lack of divinity. Other names for the Archons are Djinn, The Authorities, The Watchers, The Elohim, Demons, The Annunaki, The Ausuras, The Shining Ones, The Nephelim and they go by other names. The Nephelim which are the giants of old were a bloodline that were created in labratories, this bloodline is supposedly still on Earth today. The Annunaki is said to have come from Nibiru but Nibiru is not the home planet of The Annunaki. The Annunaki come from different star systems and most of them are rebellious Orions.

The Archons are able to change or reconstruct they're overall soul composite and take shape or form into anything they see fit or convenient for them at any particular time. This phenomena (one of many) is called shapeshifting. They are true ET's! They have some of form of physicality in the lower densities but a part of this collective Invader Force are non-physicals! One faction of this group is led by a being called Yaldaboath (Gnostic), En.ki (Sumerian), Lucifer (Urantria Book) Ptah (Egypt), Poseidon (Greek), Neptune (Rome) and he goes by many many other names, alter ego's, titles and personae depending on time and location here on Earth. This is the same being who placed himself here (the physical universe) as God a very long time ago and he is leader of The Archons! His Empire is Luciferian! The other faction is led by Marduk (Satan whom is En.ki/Yaldaboaths son) whom controls star systems such as A. Draconis (Thuban) Hydra, and Sirius! Marduk is also assosiated with the planet Mars.
The Archons can't create on they're own but are masters of mimicking and copying! They also have emotions but don't have the wide range of emotions we humans do. They masquerade themselves as angels but angels and demons are the same thing in the Patrix as they are two sides to the same coin. They can pass themselves off as more benevolent or malevolent in nature. They (The Archons) are also able to create a synthetic version of love and light to lure unsuspecting humans back into they're trap (Patrix). They are patriarchal and En.ki and Marduk are covert and overt narcissist respectively. These are the same two beings whom are working together against humanity and are not opposed to one another!

Soul & Spirit

I've seen countless times through media, movies, the internet and widely in general that people use spirit and soul interchangeably however they are two completely different things! The soul is comprised of trillions of tiny bioelectricity (fires) and are of the sun. This is why we humans just like other races in the Milky Way are "star races". We are of the sun soul wise and created by Lord Ea/Yaldaboath within what the gnostics are calling the Kenoma (The physical universe) but our spirit comes from Sophia!

**Its important to understand that our original soul & spirit come from Tiamaat, home of the first humans and was given to us by the Logos (Christ)***

Through the soul (which is an intermediary between the body and spirit) we search for spirit inside. The soul is the personality, and something you build up while incarnated here on Earth. The ego is apart of this overall personality and is not something that should be looked down on. There's nothing wrong with the ego as a ego that is not buffed up can and will be our good friend on our journey here! Its when our ego gets out of control or we use our ego in a way that puts others down or make them feel bad is when it becomes a problem. This is where the term egoist or egotistical comes in. The soul goes through death and rebirth (recycling or reincarnation for the faint hearted).

Our spirit is who we are at our core being! The heart is based off spirit and it is our sprit inside that connects us to the spirit of others. Contrary to the soul, spirit is immortal and cannot be destroyed! We, the spirited humans within the general population have a genuine soul and we don't even have our whole spirit within our bodies but its just enough for us to connect with that part of us that is divine! Also the spirit within our bodies is not even ours, its Sophia's! We, the people within the common man have spirit within us however far from all humans are spirited!

The Garden of Eden revisited

The name of the beast "was" The Instructor for he was the one who was wiser than all creatures!

"Then came the one who is wiser than all creatures, who was called the beast. When he saw the likeness of their mother, Eve, he said to her, “What is it that God has told you? To not eat from the tree of knowledge? She said, “He said not only ‘Don’t eat from it’ but also ‘Don’t touch it, lest you die.’” He said to her, “Don’t be afraid! You certainly shall not die. For he knows that when you eat from it your mind will be sobered and you will become like gods, knowing the difference between evil and good people. For he said this to you because he is jealous, so that you would not eat from it.”

Now, Eve believed the words of the instructor. She looked at the tree and saw that it was beautiful and appealing, and she desired it. She took some of its fruit and ate, and she gave to her husband also, and he ate too. Then their minds opened. For when they ate, the light of knowledge shone for them. When they put on shame, they knew that they were naked with regard to knowledge. When they sobered up, they saw that they were naked, and they became enamored of one another. When they saw that their makers had beastly forms, they loathed them. They understood a great deal.

On the Origins of The World

The Instructor aka the snake or the beast was Christ whom descended from the highest dimensions/heavens to tell Eve (and Adam through Eve) to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

Then when the rulers knew that Adam and Eve had transgressed their commandment, they entered paradise and came to Adam and Eve in an earthquake and a great threat, to see the result of the help that was given. Then Adam and Eve were very much disturbed and hid under the trees in paradise. The rulers did not know where they were and said, “Adam, where are you?” He said, “I am here. But because of fear of you I hid after I became ashamed.” But they said to him, in ignorance, “Who is the one who spoke to you of the shame that you put on—unless you ate from the tree in which i commanded you not to eat?” He said, “The woman whom you gave me, she is the one who gave to me, and I ate.” Then they said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” She answered and said, “The instructor is the one who incited me, and I ate.” Then the rulers came to the instructor. Their eyes were blinded by him so they were not able to do anything to him. They merely cursed him, since they were powerless. Afterward they came to the woman, and they cursed her and her offspring. After the woman they cursed Adam and the earth and the fruit because of him. And everything that they created they cursed. There is no blessing from them. Good cannot come from evil.

On the Origins of The World

Lord Ea/Yaldaboath didn't want the true spirited human to surpass him in excellence and because our thoughts were higher than his he wanted to restrict us! When Adam had went to sleep they told him in a dream as though she (Eve) came from Adam's rib so that the woman may serve and he (Adam/Man) would rule over her (Woman). The Authorities knew that there was something stronger than they were and they brought a great envy into the world only because of the immortal human. When they had wanted to test Adam they gathered all the wild creatures and birds of the Earth and "when Adam started naming the creatures they were troubled because Adam had sobered all up from ignorance"

They gathered together and took counsel and said, “Look, Adam has become like one of us, so that he understands the difference between light and darkness. Now perhaps he will be deceived as with the tree of knowledge and will come to the tree of life and eat from it and become immortal and rule and condemn us and regard us and all our glorious falling, then he will pass judgment on us and the world. Come, let’s cast him out of paradise down to the earth, the place from where he was taken, so that he will no longer be able to know anything better than we can.” And so they cast Adam and his wife out of paradise.
And what they had done did not satisfy them. Rather, they were still afraid. They came to the tree of life and they set great terrors around it, fiery living beings called cherubim; and they left a flaming sword in the midst, turning continually with a great terror, so that no one from among earthly beings might ever enter that place.

After these things the 7 Overlords which included Yaldaboath wanted to shorten the human lifespan because they were jealous of Adam & Eve but because the lifespan was set from the beginning because of human destiny they weren't able to shorten it to no more than 10 years per Overlord. The course of the luminaries of the bodies allotted 1000 years per human so all the evil ones could do was take away 70 years so each human lived 930 years on average.

"and these are spent in grief and weakness and in evil distractions. Thus life has gone, from that day until the consummation of the age."

On the Origins of the World

In the world today we have had a number of wars & conflicts. Some of these conflicts are religious and just like in certain constellations and asterisims just as underground a conflict or even a war can erupt. The quote that of course comes to mind comes from Thoth's quote "As above so below"
We humans have not come to the place where we should respect our differences, albeit whether its religious (belief systems) or not. Violence is never the answer and even Christ (The real Christ) never used swords. You don't fight violence with more violence but that's the way this Patrix is setup. Its per design!
The gnostics were hunted down and killed while others went into hiding with they're work and in most cases underground. Still..they felt that this type of knowledge (Light & Knowledge from the heart) was worth dying for in hopes that people will find they're own gnosis and spread it to others so that they can exit The Demiurges (See Yaldaboath) realm! Its also mentioned in The Nag Hammadi texts that the texts (Nag Hammadi) were meant for our time and not necessarily for back then.

Humanity at this time are stuck in one particular belief instead of keeping them fluid. It is very important to understand that ANY being that wants and require worship does not have our best interest in mind! People have put they're belief in the God archetype that rules the world with an iron fist and judges everything and see's all..We humans have forgotten who we are and where we come from! We have forgotten that we are soul/spirit/mind in one unit! In some belief systems those that dont follow "God" are unrighteous and prone to condemnation. This is just more extreme manipulation and also there is much propaganda!

I have mentioned in a previous post that Lord Ea/Yaldaboath, Marduk (Satan) and Ereshkigal (Kali, Ishtar, Hera, Athena , Minerva as some of her other names whom is Queen of The Underworld) get tremendous amounts of energy via they're worshippers and followers here on Earth numbered in the billions! Humanity itself suffers from stockholme syndrome and the chief creator whom is God to the people of Earth who is not the highest God but happily sucks in all the worship takes on the role of The Monad/Source/All That Is. Yaldaboath (God) created us and we were created in his (they're) image but our likeness is the likeness of the human that had appeared to them in the cosmic waters in the beginning. The Aeon Christ is therefore the first Adam. One of the worlds he created between the 7th & 8th Heavens was Tiamaat and it was not physical in nature. This was the First Alantis where the original human soul group comes from (us) and this was where the original Garden of Eden existed before Yaldaboath made his own version of the garden. This planet is what we perceive as a reflection of it mirrored all the way down the dimensions here in 3-D as the asteroid belt!

Yaldaboath is the father of modern day humankind just as well as the humans before the Flood and it is said that he loves his creations (us). This is not the case at all and there is no record of En.ki having genuine love for humanity however he is a "proud" being and he is proud of his creations (us) but thats as far as it goes. Yaldaboath can be remotely compared to a narcisssistic father whom see's you as extensions of himself when you are obedient and you succeed for his benefit but look down on you when you fail.

In conclusion:

The Archons/Authorities created humans once again after the Deluge but Lord Ea/Yaldaboth used some of the same DNA he used to create humans before the Flood but improved it slightly. The artificial soul was created (sociopaths, narcissist, & psychopaths of the world whom all lack spirit) yet again as i have mentioned before and the spirited humans (The Seth line) continued on in the current construct. Our lower emotions such as anger, fear, depression etc which causes reactions comes directly from them , The Archons. They also gave us they're mind and this is why we are in the middle of a war of the human mind! Look at the world today!!
Its not so much as about finding truths as it is putting pieces of the puzzle together and this is a key point! Our thoughts are extremely powerful!

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New word: loosh 1. New Age term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from.
2. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. From books by Robert Monroe.
Maybe a play on the French word Louche.
Aliens feed off the loosh of humans for food.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru

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