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Old 31-08-2021, 07:42 AM
True Angel True Angel is offline
Join Date: Jul 2021
Posts: 97
Angel1 One-Eyed Alien Dream & Marks Found On Body


Sunday, August 29, 2021
7:45 pm
Realness Factor (RF): Very High (9.8 of 10+)

Participating. Parts forgotten.

Segment 1
I am in an unfamiliar location that is pitch black as if to mimic deep space but without any stars, etc. I'm sitting in or atop some sort of slender flying vehicle. A female friend or companion is on a similar device to my left. We are about to participate in a (simulation?) game or test. I don't remember the reason for the event, but I think it is to teach or to test us on how to evade oncoming craft. There are light blue ribbons of (laser?) lights swirling about the space. I think we have fun, but the maneuvers are fast and intense.

Segment 2
I am laughing softly, joking lightly with my companion as we choose seats and sit 2 or 3 chairs apart. She is to my right in the shadows. We are still in the same location, and I still can't see much of what's around me. We appear to be seated about five feet from the testing area which is in front of us.

We are sitting on what could be the seats of a theater. I'm sitting in an aisle seat and decide to see who or what is nearby. I sense a presence near me to my left but a few feet back.

I get on my knees and crawl into the aisle, turn a sharp left and see in the middle of the aisle, what I assume are the legs of some being. They look like two lower leg bones without flesh or muscles, just skeletal-looking bones. I grasp the leg on the left midway with my left hand. The bones feel flat and smooth.

Then I look further up, seeing short muscular thighs. They are about two feet long and ten inches in diameter at the middle, the most muscular part. The thighs are humanoid in structure with portions of what looks like beige- or dough-colored skin. But the larger portions look to be smeared with blood. Maybe I'm seeing part skin and part flesh? It looks so weird to me.

The stomach and chest seem brown and crinkly or like crackle, like the skin had been cooked or something. These areas are like hidden in the shadows.

Then I come to the head. This alien's head is a horizontal oval, consisting wholly of a rather large white eyeball with a small, dark, centered pupil (if I remember correctly) and no discernable iris. The eye is surrounded by a rim of that rough-looking brown skin.

As I'm looking, I'm thinking, "It's a cyclop! They really exist!"

Soon after, the alien looks to its right, then walks quickly away. There's a soft tapping or clicking sound as its brown skeletal feet (3 or 4 toes) touch the floor. It is like the feet are made of metal or the ground is metal or a hard surface (btw, I don't remember feeling the ground while on my knees). The being has an effortless gait. It walks upright on two legs, advancing forward quickly but without bending whatsoever. I get the impression that it doesn't have to turn its body to go one direction or the other; it appears to be built as it is for that reason. I guess it just has to turn its head.

The alien stops before a counter or some storage-like area about five feet away; its left side is facing me. Now I can see more of its body, thanks to the dim light coming from the far left, past where it is standing.

Its chest and back, down to its waist is that rough brown and not well seen because of the dark.

The area from its waist to its buttock and genital areas, is very flat, smooth and beige or dough colored. There is no belly button or buttocks, not even a slight stomach bulge. This area is only about three inches deep at the sides, four to be generous. The shape of this section, front and back, is an upside down triangle with a gentle inward curve at the sides (perhaps to define a waistline). There is no sharp decline to a point, instead, there is a gradual reduction in width, so that there is a 5 to 6 inch straight horizontal cut where a Humans' pubic region would end.

As soon as it had stopped walking, it uses its (4?) long brown skeletal fingers and scratches this 'pubic' area 4 or 5 times. It sounds like it is scratching a solid object. In the dream, I get the impression from the sound, that that area of its body is made of solid bone or metal.

Its arms, legs and hands are mere bones akin to that of a skeleton, but look brown in the dim light.

I don't remember feeling any fear or apprehension at any time. The being did not exude any malevolence I could detect.

Dream ends.

I awoke at 7:45. Within 5 minutes of awakening, I discovered a set of six small pin dot marks reasonably fresh because they mildly stung. Five of the marks are covered by smooth, light reddish brown scabbing. One mark has a pale scab. The surrounding skin is mildly red and slightly raised.

Update: By the next day (Aug 30), I can tell that they aren't 'pin dots'. Two of the marks look like triangles and one mark looks like two squares atop each other.

Ninety minutes later, I awake from a second dream about Japanese tourists, wearing dark shades and handing out phamphlets and packages of chocolate. The pamphlets I received were about learning Japanese words and songs, and a review or something regarding an old American TV show I like, called Living Single.

Maybe the shades and Asian tourists are a screencover memory of the Grays?

Haven't seen an ET in a dream this vividly since the 1990s. Whoa!

This is how it goes for me, I will dream about ETs every once in a while. A UFO dream may just come along also. Haven't had one of those lately. . . . Will attach photo of ET drawing and Marks if I can.

Comments are welcome. Feel free to share your own ET dream(s).

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Old 11-10-2021, 06:12 AM
True Angel True Angel is offline
Join Date: Jul 2021
Posts: 97
Book1 Getting Closer To Knowing?

Hi, everyone!

A few minutes ago, I read a brief passage from a book called:

"Close Extraterrestrial Encounters
(Positive Experiences With Positive Beings)"

By Richard J. Boylan Ph.D. & Lee K. Boylan

In "Experiencer" Brian's account, he briefly spoke of a set of childhood drawings:

". . . I drew beings I called the "Eyeball People." They had claws and wore robes, and each one had an eye for a head. . . ." [pg 128]

As to body marks:

"A pattern of inexplicable needle marks after sleep. . . if related to an actual close encounter, would represent the signs of ET scientific sampling or medical procedures . . . ." [pg 34]

I feel I'm getting closer to some truths.

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Old 21-04-2022, 02:00 AM
True Angel True Angel is offline
Join Date: Jul 2021
Posts: 97
Now, who is this?

Content: Alien
Circa 1/14/2022

Had a brief, realistic dream. Btw, I tend to relate dreams in first person present. In some dreams, I am an active member of a dream AND I seem to be watching the scene as it unfolds.

Participating and Oberving.
I am surrounded by darkness and am upright with the front of my body laying against the right front of an alien or other type of being.

It is like the dream me knows this being from the very distant past.

This being (feels masculine) has a brown skeletal-like human face that consists of strips of flat 1" wide medium brown horizontal bones (they look like slats pitched at a slight downward angle) with a brief space between them. Its head is turned sideways to my right, so that its left side is in full view. I see half its eye, but I know it is oval.

[Note: Upon seeing the being is a cyclop, the observing (dreaming) self says, "Another Cyclop!"]

My head is just below the being's face, resting against its right shoulder or jaw. Its large oval-shaped eye is horizontally positioned at the center of its forehead and is a very bright white and yellow-gold light. No eyelid or lashes. The eye protrudes from the forehead surface, where it is partially embedded.

I feel unhappy and ask the being quietly, "How much longer do I have to go?" (Or similar phrasing) [I am asking how much longer do I have to be on Earth, because I don't feel I can continue much longer (exactly mirrors my feelings at that time).] I don't remember a reply, but the being turns its head frontwise, providing a full view of it's eye which was quite illuminated and beautiful.

Comments are welcome.

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Old 30-04-2022, 11:46 AM
True Angel True Angel is offline
Join Date: Jul 2021
Posts: 97
Regarding the reality of Cyclop beings . . .

I came across this a few days ago:

In Chapter 15 of Close Extraterrestrial Encounters by Richard & Lee Boylan, Brian tells of his strange experiences. Here is an excerpt of one of them:

"From the time I was five years old until I was eight, I drew beings I called "Eyeball People." They had claws and wore robes, and each one had an eye for a head. . . ."

A friend of mine thinks the Cyclop is symbolic for the third eye. I don't agree, because these dreams felt as if I were really experiencing the events. I don't know, maybe they are just dreams.

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