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Old 28-01-2011, 03:28 PM
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i agree that the mods and admin try their hardest to keep this place a respectful community. Some things ive wintess may seem unfair, but that leads me to this point:

To say NOTHING or life isnt fair, is too pessimistic for me. But there wouldnt be love without chaos. No matter how perfect nature looks and seems, it is highly unpredictible, and yes chaotic at times. You look at us humans from, the macro, we are perfect in many ways. The golden ratio for example. How every but of our exsistance works in hrmony. You zoom to the micro, or lower, everything seems to be chaos. Atoms collide, quarks and allt he base elements fo attoms constantly kill and replenish themselves, and almost many ways of science dont deal with these conditions well ( physics, study of the large) . Quantum theory shows that we are a mix of both ( harmony and chaos..... and to make matters more confusing, theres a "grey area" involving string theory).

While i can undertstand, there are many things that really have no place here at all, to not cover subjects that may be "harmful" or may need disgresion may cause more damage then covering it. "knowledge is power" was the saying. Knowing about them, or at least them being dangerous will usualy lead to people NOT doing it. Since this is usualy the first site that comes up under spirituality, isnt this the place that should show that they may be bad. A simple disclaimer, stating that no one can claim to be a professional ( with out credentials, which you already have in place), but as well, all advice is taken at their risk, and andy advice should be reserched by you, and talked about with the appropriate professionals.

To only talk about "love and light", is really missing the big picture of spirituality, which has always dealt with the darker side of our psyches. Its like watching a movie with no sound, just the picture you cant fully understand whats going on.

In my experience, things may have not gone my way here, but thats life to some degree. The mods are doing their best to get things running ( even after being shut down TWICE), and while they may not beable to appease everyone, people still come back. Its as simple as, if you do not agree with how it is being run, make suggestions. IF that deosnt work, then the only thing you should do, out of respect is to leave so you do not cause any discomfert to the rest of the staff, and members on here..

Spirituality, isnt abotu right or wrong, or light or dark anyways. Its about respect. Respect for this earth, and eachother and everything on it. We may not agree, or even agree to disagree. But mabey with a little cooperation, and putting outselves in eachother shoes, to let our selves have our fair say in the matter.

Thanks mods, for doing your best and keeping the place respectful as you can
Old 28-01-2011, 03:43 PM
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Time .. thanks so much for the support and understanding.

I TOTALLY agree with what you're saying (Jue talking now lol) .. Spirituality IS about respect, plus a whole lot more. Discernment, non-jugdmentalism, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, truth, hope, joy, bliss, love. And whilst that is what I personally try to live by - I wouldn't understand or accept any of it without all the opposites.. how else would any of us KNOW what it was to feel happiness if we hadn't suffered sadness for example?

Rules are there to protect people and as a member first and foremost I for one, try and stick to those rules whilst still retaining my own dignity and respect for others.

Old 28-01-2011, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by pre-dawn
Of course, the moderators are in their right to make their rules and censor posts. In many forums where this happens it is however implemented and managed in a way which goes against the fundamental spiritual values of openness, transparency and fairness.

The policies should be unambiguous, clear, and subject to appeal. Anything which does not measure up to this I cannot lend my support to. I am really surprised how many people here are prepared to hand over decisions to the moderators, giving up their own powers of discernment.

If I visited your home and behaved in a way which you found unacceptable and upset your family members and telling any children you had about dangerous things i've done would you be happy about that? No, you would show me the door very quickly.

This isn't my 'home', this is Devolution's sadly he passed away and we are taking care of things just as he would have wanted.

No one likes rules and in an ideal world full of common sense and common courtesy they would not be necessary, but sadly the world isn't like that, as usual it is a minority which spoils things for others.

Spiritual Inspiration

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Old 28-01-2011, 10:32 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
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I Respect the vision of the founder Matt.. and those he held in his heart.
I feel Devolution would be proud of his people .. their time ..effort and love is beyond measurement.

Some people travel this plane and leave Loving Foot prints in hearts of many.

Love and Light to all

Old 28-01-2011, 10:40 PM
daisy daisy is offline
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Some people travel this plane and leave Loving Foot prints in hearts of many.

What a beautiful line and so perfectly describes Matt :)

Spiritual Inspiration

The forum for seekers everywhere...
Old 28-01-2011, 10:41 PM
Spiritlite Spiritlite is offline
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I think that if young children or even chilren or people who have no clue about a "healing" modality is told about it and they blatantly go out and practice it and cause harm that's an issue.
Old 28-01-2011, 10:45 PM
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I think all pre dawn was suggesting, was that rules, and other things, should be subject to everyones opinions, or taken into concideration at least. This is everyones home, not just the admins or mine or anyone elses.

This isnt anyones house, its more like a park. There are general rules most people ablige too, that are common knowledge. You cant kick people out of the park, you have to move to a different spot, or leave. IF the people are being unlawful, the police are involved. I belive he was suggesting we, the non staff, should have some say as to what goes on, because it is our site, as much as yours. It would be chaos without mods. But the site wouldnt exsist without members.
Old 28-01-2011, 10:49 PM
sound sound is offline
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There have been times during discussions when I have momentarily forgotten that there may be children logged on. I offer my humble apologies in those instances.

In an effort to promote personal responsibility I will take this opportunity to stress (to any member who reads anything that myself or others have shared) that I do not promote anyone copying behaviours of others which could be dangerous. I agree with the guidelines of the forums and even though it can sometimes feel a little limiting as to what we can share our duty of care to children must always be a priority.
Old 28-01-2011, 10:51 PM
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The rules for this site are quiet clearly established and really easy to access should anyone need a reminder.
Old 28-01-2011, 10:55 PM
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Hello Time,

You can remove the more harmful elements from a park. When I take my family to the park, I don't much care for the used syringes, or litter, fortunately there are none because someone cleans it all up.
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