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Old 18-04-2020, 05:19 AM
inavalan inavalan is offline
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An excellent example of how ordinary events occur

The Power of Expectations (free distribution)

----- Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 485

Your friend Leonard’s return has changed the environment to some degree. It was his belief, quite simply, that brought about the mowing of the lawn. He is sending constructive telepathic suggestions to the landlady, and they are being received. She is highly suggestible.

Some of your own attitudes still escape you. You do not recognize them as negative because they are so familiar that you glide over them. Some of these operated in your reactions over the raising of the rent.

You must remember, once more, that expectations are the blocks with which you build your reality. There are no exceptions to this rule. I merely wanted to point out these matters this evening.

Now. Take any single event or perception. I want you to see what forms an environment. We will take the simple example of the high grass. Most of the people in your house took it for granted that your landlady would not take care of the place. She is highly suggestible. She is also insecure and very on guard against threats of any kind. Her houses represent security to her.

She has accepted the advice of two men in whom she puts great trust. At the same time she is afraid that in several instances their advice has been poor. She dislikes change, and is afraid of it, and does not trust her own judgment. She is upset when she distrusts the judgment of those in whom she has put her trust.

The resentment felt by the tenants was picked up by her, and felt as a threat. If everyone moved out she would have to force the issue with her advisers. Her advisers have told her to raise rents, since they handle her estate and money. She means well enough but in her insecurity she believes them when they tell her that she would be a fool for not raising rents. Money does mean security to her. She has no other and this does play into their hands.

She was very sensitive therefore to telepathic suggestions sent her way by tenants, and felt that they did not like her, highly resented her as the new landlord. When Leonard returned, all unknowingly he sent out constructive thoughts to which she also reacted; but he loved his lawn and his yard, and in his mind’s eye he saw it the way he wanted it, clearly, and it did become an event.

The event itself was an interaction of thoughts and emotions and images, a group of communications in which actually many people were involved. She is not a puppet, simply carrying out the telepathic wishes of others. She also has a love of yards and gardens, and a love of beauty, so that Leonard’s wish met with fertile ground.

There are points of correspondence you see between people that can be used to set up constructive communications and bring about constructive events. Leonard's planting of the flowers has more than symbolic significance.

He ignored what seemed to be a fact of reality, built his own constructive expectations, and made them the reality. He expects good things and receives them. Now he also gives. At his own level he gives in his relationship with his students, and primarily his turn toward counseling is directed by a desire to help others. There is no one to whom he wishes ill.

Now in his own mind Ruburt has been highly critical of that neighbor, and so have you at times. There is one area you see where he (Leonard) is thus far entirely blocked, for he cannot love another person wholeheartedly, nor imagine himself in that position. This lack is always with him, and it is caused by a particular shallow area in his personality that is not developed.

(“Who are you talking about here?”)

I am speaking now of Leonard. Now your landlady is in somewhat the same position, and it is for this reason also that a corresponding sympathy is set up between them. I am trying to give you some insight into how a seemingly trivial event takes place, how telepathy and expectation enter in. These intertwinings take place all the time, beneath notice. Any physical event is the result of them.

(During break Jane and I entered into a discussion that was vehement at times, covering various people, subjects, etc. … Seth finally interrupted …)

Now – if you are ready for me – I will tell you. First of all there is no need feeling resentful. You knew the rent was going to be raised, and you wanted it raised. You wanted it raised because you were ready to change your environment, but not ready enough to move on your own, without the additional impetus.

You said often enough to yourself: “I’d move if the rent were raised”. That is one point. The raise was meant to be used as an aid. Now this does not mean that your landlady knew this, but in a way she did, for all of your intentions were subconsciously taken into consideration when such a decision was made.

Leonard will want to buy a house. When he finds he can afford the rent easily, he will realize he can afford a house easily. Your lawyer wanted to get out of a bad situation in the front apartment, and the increased rent serves his purpose. The woman in the back over the garage, the whole family, is also involved. One daughter is paying the rent. Other members of the family live there some of the time. She wants a smaller place so the family cannot visit overnight. This will giver her an excuse shortly to move.

The two unmarried people on this floor are also involved. **** wants the young lady to marry him. The high cost of keeping the two apartments will be used by both of them as an issue and excuse. The man on the top floor always feels persecuted; for his own reason she seeks out situations where his feeling is justified.

Now I am giving you an apartment-by-apartment version simply to make my point. The elderly widow fears living alone now, and hopes her children will take her in. She hopes the additional rent will help convince them.

The only person who was more or less entirely neutral in the whole affair was the woman above, who had little to do with any decision. Now this does cover only one issue that you mentioned. Give us a moment.

The landlady chose, unconsciously, houses in which the deeper needs of her tenants would in one way or another correspond with her own. This does not exonerate injustices. Nevertheless the lacks that exist, for example in your landlady, will bring about further lacks, and resentment on your part only hurts you. Does this answer a few of your questions?


Now I can go into each issue that you mentioned in detail –

(“No, that’s not necessary.”)

- but each event is formed by those involved in it, for their own reasons, and it is foolish to feel resentful because also the situation serves ends of your own that you may not consciously recognize. If you can take this for granted then you will be much more at peace; and beside that you will most likely be much more correct in your overall assessment.

There were also reasons why the same thing happened in the medical line, with the offices. Many of the men involved were imagining how happy they would be in a medical building, and subconsciously hoping for an excuse to move into one. The people drew the landlord then as much as she drew the houses. There is always a give and take. She will discover that without inner security money is no security, and she will discover this without your resentment to help her.

You will say later: “If the rent hadn’t been raised we might have been in that place the rest of our days – who knows?” and laugh, but at times you still feared that that might indeed be the case.

… This material, while it is personal, should give you an excellent example of how ordinary events occur.
Everything expressed here is what I believe. Keep that in mind when you read my post, as I kept it in mind when I wrote it. I don't parrot others. Most of my spiritual beliefs come from direct channeling guidance. I have no interest in arguing whose belief is right, and whose is wrong. I'm here just to express my opinions, and read about others'.
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Old 18-04-2020, 07:44 AM
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Change a steadfast thought,to 360,to where it now bares little insignificance on the scheme of things and matters little to one,change occurs.

Water off a ducks back.

Que Sera Sera.
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Old 09-06-2024, 10:25 AM
Sir Neil Sir Neil is offline
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Life conforms to your expectations, because expectations are beliefs in themselves, and once which we use often. So often in fact, that they are subconscious and we generally use them without being aware of it.
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Old 09-06-2024, 03:42 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Sir Neil
Life conforms to your expectations, because expectations are beliefs in themselves...
YES! This has been my personal experience for DECADES.
(To me it is part of the Formula of Life...a happy, successful life, I mean!)

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru

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Old 10-06-2024, 04:04 AM
Anala Anala is offline
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>>>>> I agree <<<<<. :)
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Old 10-06-2024, 06:43 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
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I would agree with that also

The Spoken Word Always Comes Back As Whispers In
The Wind
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