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Old 22-12-2021, 11:54 PM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
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Location: Vancouver, WA, USA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, Ukraine.
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For The Children. A Christmas Story

Part 1 The gathering

It is often thought that when God created the heavens He or She was especially aware of a need for those souls who, for short periods of time, would be at, participating in, the beginnings of new cycles and that this would mean, for them, short times of relative uncertainty. The return to Earth for a new life is not a matter of single events occurring in linear patterns. A soul does, when the time is correct, approach it’s new form to begin the process of integration. The physical body of the new babe must be attuned to the soul which will inhabit. It quite frequently happens that a soul will pass in and out (merge then partially withdraw) of the new babe’s body, on business of it’s own several times before birth. A mother is the one who can feel this happening. We men depend on them, the mistresses of creation in this area of life.

The process of being born, then, is not completed in moments. No. The soul and the body interact to varying degrees for up to three years after birth. In this time the subtle body will often leave for the Astral plane where it undergoes periods of conditioning. As when we Astral travel the soul will then be connected by the cord. And the child will be asleep. The soul of the wee one will return often for the purpose of remembering who and what the goals are. Sometimes…. The soul will not return. In these cases the new babe will pass in the night.

When our angel requires our presence in the Healing Room she sends to each of us a visualization, a feeling of movement, acceleration, traveling. And, in our dreams then, we awaken as if by magic, on the familiar lawn outside the entrance to the Room. Here we are now. This time there are twelve of us in attendance. Travelers all, well adapted to this “other” life that we share.

In the garden now the angel speaks to us. In our minds we begin to see, just below us in the Earth’s Astral, swirling masses of cloud like formations. Moving this way, in our direction. As we watch we note that our animal attendants are also present and aware that we are about to have a new experience. Visitors perhaps for the first time?

Our magical carpet appears now filled to capacity with children of the Earth. They sit or stand quietly looking about for that which might calm them. But they are guided by an angel who is to each of them, exactly what is needed. If we were to use a single word to describe this it would be “nurturing”. Then, although they do not recognize where they are, they trust. It is remembered too that in each of these are the higher and the lower. The bodies are newly made. The souls are older, much more experienced. So… each of these is present now. They are strangely aware.

We look to the angel for some explanation: “Why are these here and in such great numbers. What are we to do?”

The angel replies: “These are your wards, for a time.”

“But who are they and how do they come to us in such a grouping?” We ask.

“You shall soon know” she responds.

We are gathered around the carpet now. The children, now in their Astral bodies, stare back at us. They are quiet. Not restless as one might expect. The magical carpet rises a bit off the lawn now and enlarges. We all step aboard. As usual Miss Hepburn is watching carefully. Gem has found three of the smaller babes and, with them seated on her lap, wraps her blanket around all. “you are OK now…”. It seems to be an appropriate thing to say. Anala has brought from some corner inside the Room a basket filled with food, as usual for gatherings. But this time a little different. The contents appear as one might expect but they have come from higher up in the Astral. Picnic items made by the souls of the babes. These have messages attached. More about that a little later.

Our animal kin approach. Goodness the pig, eyes filled with sensible ideals as always High Bette whose thoughts reach for the heights. The matron of the group, Lady Pumpkin, stands somewhat aloof. With head bowed she invites the children climb up her trunk and arrange themselves on her back. Now we begin to see smiles.

Rudolph approaches the children. They watch. He invites them who have yet to get settled to board the backs of his reindeer companions. Two kids to each. This they happily do. It’s interesting now. Where before, just a bit before, the Astral children were quiet and reserved, they now begin to open to this unexpected adventure. “And away we go”…

The great northern angel, Nicolemo, whose domain encompasses the star which we know as Polaris, has been notified. He awaits. No. He is not alone. We know them as helpers but really they are more of the universal helper spirits whose duties include helping, assisting, providing... all as required so that forms, spiritual or physical, continue to "adjust" to changing conditions. But these have stories of their own. Perhaps another time.

And now with the children all settled in on the carpet or upon the backs of animals, we rise up and, with Rudolph in the lead, begin our journey to the far reaches of the celestial north mark.


Part 2 The road to happiness

Our group of travelers now, in the company of our animal friends and several hundreds of children, speeding through the Astral plane clouds towards what exactly we are not sure. But as we are once again guided by an angel we trust. Our speed increases now. And in a few moments we find ourselves in the next adjoining division of our galaxy, nearing the bright star, Polaris and it’s constellation known to us as Ursa Minor.

We all, but the children especially, are in awe of the spectacular sights which now surround us. The darker background of the universe seems to fade now as the brightness of Polaris nears. But it is not our destination. In the handle of the big dipper, the second star and it’s fourth planet is where we are bound. As we near this part of the heavens the children are nudged by the animals who want so badly to communicate to them saying:

“We are near to our home. Can’t you see?”

We begin to slow now. As we do the colors before us brighten, grow more distinct. We have been speeding at 100 times the speed of light but now as we slow the physical worlds return to what we would normally expect to see. An icy world is just ahead. A seemingly uninhabited one but no. It is filled with life.

Has the reader seen a photograph of the small planet(oid) Pluto? This world looks much the same. Ice throughout the landscape but here ridges and there smooth plains. The central core is hot. This provides the dynamic which allows both physical and ethereal/astral plane life. Guided by Nicodemo we approach.

Rudolph and his team turn slowly now, heads held high in the action of deceleration. Turning to the right we descend more quickly. Small hands hold tight to the reindeers’ antlers and to each other. They are not afraid but they instinctively grab whatever is near to them. It is an exciting experience like none other they’ve ever had. But none speak except perhaps the occasional squeal of delight. And on the carpet we more experienced travelers watch as always but we’ve come to trust to those who guide. We are silent.

The surface of this icy world nears now and we see that before us are a series of large chasms which seem to run parallel to the polar opposites. Into one of these we plunge at a speed that seems much too fast. Some of us close our eyes. But we continue and all is well. Before our party now is a scene most unexpected. At first we see a bluish haze. As we approach it changes to a varied green design. Then, in an instant, we burst through some sort of barrier and find ourselves flying over a landscape with forests and open areas with lawns. Above, the sky is only a whitish haze. At a certain larger one of these we circle and slow. And then the landing. To slow to a stop the team of reindeer has to run for a bit, then trot and finally a walk before stopping. And here we are.

All around us is a magical landscape unlike any that we have seen before. Is the sky blue or is that more of a purplish glowing. What ever it is it varies as we gaze. We find out later that these are caused by the ice above which filter light from the nearby star. Relative position determines the colors which are transmitted into our enclave. But here we are and the children are anxious to begin exploring. We all dismount.

There is a lawn almost the same as that we are used to in the area of our Healing Room. And it is warm and comfortable to the bare foot. Our magical carpet is now back to it’s normal size as it settles onto the ground. In a moment all the animals are gathering together. They seem to be aware of something else that we haven’t seen yet. In the distance two figures approach. The children squeal in delight. It is a rabbit and an owl. Each bring gifts of welcome. The children sit in a large gathering as it is explained to them that here in this small world care is given those children from all other nearby star systems, children who have suffered and then passed over before their allotted times. And you are among these.

With implied permission from the video author please to to this link to hear our two animal hosts as they greet the children.


We find now that the truth is that these children of souls meant for longer lives have made the great transition before they were meant to. In our own changing planet there is much joy but also more than enough suffering and injustice. Because they are vulnerable the children suffer more than one expect is their share. Amends must be given. And so the great ones who give “life” to this part of the galaxy have made this little world with the intent of allowing rest in safety for all those who have cried in vain for that which should have been theirs had their lives been fuller.

Lady Pumpkin has been called away for a special task. She returns with a large fir tree which they set up in the center of the lawn, near to where we all are gathered. In a moment more here comes High Bette with saddle bags filled with ornaments of all kinds. She places it on the lawn before us. Now Goodness, not to outdone, roots the packages open and begins the distribution of all to the kids.

“Your job is to decorate our New Year or Christmas tree and when you are finished we will have a celebration.” As our angel Nicolemo speaks our attention is directed to something in the distance. We wonder:

“What could it be?"

Part 3 Reunion, farewell

Is there any holiday activity more pleasing to the soul than watching children as they decorate the tree? And here we have more than one hundred all busily working from bottom to top. And who will put the star on top? No one can reach it. For a few moments the children have forgotten the sorrows they so recently experienced. They are not only among friends now but consoled by the spirits of the animals who, in accordance, with the directives of their kind, offer companionship… the love that only one pure of heart can offer.

The difficulty of the star on the top is settled when High Bette offers to help. She, at fifteen feet tall, has to stand on her back legs to do the job but she manages it nonetheless. And now the tree is complete. It promises to be the best Christmas ever.

Now Anala and pixiedust come forward. One with a gift of sweets and other edibles, the other with a very large bag which contains? We don’t have any idea yet. Not yet. Now off in the distance another is apparently approaching. Rudolph and company know right away who they are. Who can mistake a team of reindeer in the night sky? As it turns out this custom is widespread. On many planets besides our Earth the Winter holidays are celebrated with gifts brought by the angel of winter. Not all planets have seasonal variations as does ours. Some are not inclined with reference to the sun and thus do not experience long and shorter day periods. However these very often have elliptical orbits and at the distant points it can be very cold. In both cases those souls who live in these worlds enjoy the cycles with traditions not unlike our Earth. This is the way it is here on this small planet, the fourth from a medium brightness star in the constellation Ursa Minor.

Pixiedust opens her bag and reveals more than one hundred brightly decorated presents. They, with the eager help of the children, go under the tree. The angel, Nicodemos is our guide on this excursion. But he too, watches as the sleigh approaches. The sleigh approaches now in company with someone else. It is a grand north country style sleigh all In red and silver, pulled by a team of twelve is circling overhead. In a moment it has descended to just over our heads. It lands and comes to a stop. The driver is someone we all know quite well. It is our very own Saint Nicolas of old. On Earth his memory goes back to the third century AD. Because our special guests are children of the Earth this was thought to be appropriate. This was arranged even though here on this world Time has not the same flow, traditions are much different. This is the planet and the Astral world of winter dreams. Here, apparently, we are free to create our own realities.

The sleigh lands and comes to a stop. Yes. Saint Nicholas looks just like our Santa Claus. The children are delighted as never before. They though for sure they’d never again have such happy times. Now everyone gathers around the tree and the distribution of gifts begins.

Goodness is the master of ceremonies for this occasion. She is well suited to the job as we all know. Her kind are well known for their domestic abilities after all. She is overjoyed to be of real service. As the children, all in a circle, wait pixiedust calls out their names, Goodness finds their gift and presents it to them. But wait. There is more. Remember Saint Nicolas who is the sleigh master? He has a surprise for us all too. As Goodness hands out a gift he likewise adds to the occasion. He has brought the spiritual image of the Earthly parents of each of the children to visit, to greet and rejoin in the spirit of oneness. This is a most meaningful gesture. The children, some of whom, never met their parents during their short sojourns on Earth are truly awestruck. Now in this single moment the greatest gift of all, the gift of parental love, is bestowed upon the little ones. And in addition each has another kind of present. Something for a child to hold near in a physical way. It is good.

The children gather now to say thank you to everyone. They still wonder about it all. What does it mean, really? They look up at the sky now as the owl and the rabbit begin a new song.


As this story draws to a close we are told that it was at this point that the Lady, the First Angel had come for the children. They left with her bound for a return to the vicinity of the Earth where they were settled into an area of the Earth’s heavens especially designed for those who passed back before their allotted spans were reached. The comforts of a home and family are the focus here.

We finished our Christmas journey and returned on our Magical Carpet content in the knowledge that in a world filled with uncertainty a small amount of good was at least attempted. And back in our Healing Room the stories of that excursion will last for a long time.

This little story really did happen and it really was on that planet circling the smallish star in Ursa Minor. These are the kids who, in recent years have been harmed by violence in their own lands. These are the kids who never had a chance to know what a loving home was. Although the great law of karma will make the earned adjustments in later times it is for us to easy their suffering now, if we can.

This story is dedicated to any kid anywhere who is lost and afraid…


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Old 23-12-2021, 03:12 AM
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Thats how I feel now... Lost and afraid!!!!!

Thank you for this.... God bless you......
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Old 23-12-2021, 03:16 AM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Vancouver, WA, USA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, Ukraine.
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Originally Posted by Bambo
Thats how I feel now... Lost and afraid!!!!!

Thank you for this.... God bless you......

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Old 23-12-2021, 11:03 PM
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Ahhhhhhh thank you
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Old 24-12-2021, 07:47 AM
pixiedust pixiedust is offline
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This story made me cry. Thank you for sharing.
I am pixiedust
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Old 28-12-2021, 11:14 AM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
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Lovely story

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