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Old 21-11-2022, 02:05 PM
CosmicWonder CosmicWonder is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 1,443
Only dreaming about conversations

Hii all,

Last month or so the only dreams I had was about taking a walk and talking to some beings. There were some other dreams, but seldom they were. Often it was just me taking a walk talking to a I guess dream figure. And that 7 or 8 times a night. Just whole conversations. I canít remember what they are about because they are in energy form and not in words. So I just canít figure out what they said. But even so I respond to the dream figures and we have entire conversations.

I think itís very weird. I never had a wet dream and only like 2 or 3 times a year I dream about intimacy. Usually my dreams are including traveling and talking, and often they are about gaming and playing. Sometimes I have nightmares too, but these I donít recall. But lately itís just been talking.

Why all the talking? It doesnít make sense. I donít get to have a fun experience or Idk, premonition? Anything else? Itís just me talking to dream figures.

Itís so weird..

Kind regards,

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Old 21-11-2022, 07:26 PM
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I often experience in dream state my husband "talking" but like you described, it is not exactly words but still is in a way but I can't caught them. He is the only one I have experienced this with. In real life he has his special interest as they say and he is trying to figure things out and can spend countless time on it if it was possible and fall asleep while at it. I think it's his brain going through it during night time and to me it then comes off like that. I can't make sense of it. To me it is just random figures, numbers etc, but to him something else. To him some sort of magic I take it. It is as if he is surrounded with it one minute , the next as if he is driving with it, following it.

If I should guess could it possible be other people (even if you do not know them) who "talks" like him?

The ones you dream off, are they talking to you or are they at the dominant part in some sort of monologue or is it 50-50 conversations, give and take (I know you wrote conversations more than once, and I am a bit slow, ha ha, so I just figured I'd ask anyhow? Could it be as if you are on the side of it? That is how it feels with him at times in my dreams. Could it maybe be you got the same interest in what you are now "talking" about?

From w hat you described before you attract people who are in need of help and look to you for guidance or rescue, so maybe you got that kind of light to you (your astral body) and so they come, whether you like it not?

I am sure there is some other interpret than the experiences I described as in what these dream-interprets really means, but (sigh) I am no good at those. I leave that to the experts :)
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Old 22-11-2022, 07:03 AM
CosmicWonder CosmicWonder is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 1,443
Thank asearcher! Very interesting!!

These conversations seem like with a coaching figure. So as if that person lets me do my talk talk talk and also talks back. But also I might want to watch for when the roles might appear inverse. But it’s difficult to day what the talk is about. It could also be a friend of mine that I connect with and she always wants to completely understand me, but that she isn’t aware of that energy.

Last night was different tho. I explored space for a change!

Kind regards,

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Old 22-11-2022, 07:52 AM
Posts: n/a
Thank you, maybe it is a guide then or like you say your friend?

I had a co worker like a little brother and I think his brain was busy with work stuff and one night he first appeared "talking" in my dream and then when I opened my eyes it was as if I could see him standing by the side of my bed. That is not the first. This comes off to me like that before I truly wake up. And he was busy having this work-conversation, he was worried about someting and I know I thought what do I do? As I knew it was not truly him in his physical body but me thinking his astral body (who will believe this right in real life?). In real life he could also at times give me his "puppy eyes" like a "cry" for help about something but to others he was not like that. I have had it happen now a few times when people tell me things while they are dreaming and then when we meet they tell me that in real life (and I always have to act surprised. First time it happened I was like no, this can't be, my mind is tripping).

OK, I'll stop "talking" now, ha ha.
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Old 23-11-2022, 05:21 PM
starlight11 starlight11 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 384
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Maybe you're talking to your spirit guides through dreams?

I have had similar dreams too. One that comes to mind is me and a tall being made of light walking at night around some beautiful trees that had flowers that were lit up. I could not see his face but I remember him talking to me. Like we had a very long conversation but I don't remember a single word. Maybe the message is for the subconscious mind.

I've also been feeling that way recently. Like I have been having long conversations in my dreams even tho I don't remember the dreams.
If you're not paying attention to the small things in life you're missing out on the constant sprouting of creation. The birth of art at every breath
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