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Old 14-02-2013, 09:48 PM
adamkade adamkade is offline
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The paradigm of suffering

There are many people that live in third world countries that are starving and dying every day. They live a life on constant suffering. Are these people then creating and sustaining their suffering by believing, creating, recreating (as you have mention previously) and manifesting their reality every day? Many would say that suffering is caused by our inaction, by our unwillingness to share what we have with them. That through our inaction we are prolonging their suffering.

The people which are starving and dying of diseases every day are doing so because they have accepted within their being that this is the natural way of things. For them, living and dying is part of life. On a deep level they have accepted this as truth. Yet the situation is not static. Many of them even at this moment believe that their situation can change. They working hard to transform their reality into a more beneficial one. They have accomplished much already. As they focus on creating a better reality for themselves they are constantly changing their own lives. Also, be aware that many of those that live in the third world are very seasoned, powerful souls. They understand within their being that they have chosen to incarnate in this world to help others transform the reality of the poor. They take on the burden of poverty and do so to willingly to present teachings (through word and actions) to the people which have entrapped themselves within the poverty matrix.

Many souls which incarnate, live and die within the matrix of poverty are not released from the burden of poverty when their physical bodies die. Their physical bodies perish, and when it does so the soul body finds itself on a very similar level. They find themselves still in an impoverished state. When this happens it is because, within the very matrix of their belief system they hold to the idea that their impoverished state cannot change. They stay at this stage of development for various amounts of time. It is a very intolerable state of being. So as time passes (quite a short time really) they decide to enter again into the physical realm and are reborn into an impoverished state in the physical realm. On a very deep level everything understands that every situation can change.

Other beings are violent and believe that the only way change and transformation can occur is by exerting their will through violence. Many are seduced by this idea and come into this world with the express purpose of gathering together and forcing others to an even greater impoverished state. yet as they do so, they often experience together an elevation of their suffering (within their sub group). They divert resources to themselves which in turn causes the rest of those which are in an impoverished state to undergo great suffering.

However, at every moment those which occupy the reality of the impoverished state (the reality of not having enough) have an opportunity to create and recreate the solution to this problem. Some of the impoverished of the greater majority choose to rise up and take back the few resources and in so doing become part of another group consciousness which believes that through violence they are able to do so. Perhaps this is the case. Yet it is only a short term solution.

This “rising up through violence” causes the impoverished experience to continue.
There are many which attempt to teach and enlighten the impoverished soul about the spiritual truths. Hoping to bring a different created reality to those which truly wish to escape their self made imprisonment. A little bit at a time, one individual at a time, the group consciousness of those that have accepted that the impoverished state of being is unchanging become a little more convinced that their experience can change. Meanwhile, in other parts of the earth, the parts of the world which have abundance. Individuals are awakening to the reality that they too can create, recreate and manifest their wills. The human race and everything in existence are in sympathy with each other. Every time one soul in one part of the earth takes a step towards enlightenment, then another person or persons somewhere else does so too. There are many souls which understand and incarnate on the earth with the express purpose of teaching those which exist in the impoverished state that this reality can change. They bring to the table of life new solutions to those in the impoverished state. Yet if those in the impoverished state choose to remain inert, then no matter what truth or devices the wise bring to the matrix of the impoverished state, there will be no change. The impoverished soul must truly desire to release themselves from the matrix of suffering to bring about the change.

Reflect on this: You are an impoverished person. You may have the right physical resources and be completely healthy physically. But are you spiritually impoverished? Ask yourself: am I truly happy? If you are not happy, then you exist within the impoverished matrix. The whole of humanity exists within a self realised spiritual impoverished state. Humanity as a whole lives within the matrix of suffering. If you truly believed that you were not in an impoverished state then you would instantly recreate a different reality, and then experience that reality. The fact is, at this very moment, souls all over the world, in one way or another universally experience “not enoughness” of some sort or another.

The Taba also experience their very own impoverished spiritual matrix and exist within it. At each point in humanity’s experience, the Taba present a created reality and project it through the media, through books and across many other mediums. They convince the majority of people that bad things happen all the time and there is nothing that the individual can do to change it. They create the illusion that we are not creators of our own reality, and they attempt to convince us that we are spectators and must endure suffering. They create the illusion, and then the rest of humanity create the reality and experience it. Then the Taba offer the solution to humanity’s problems at a price. They present themselves in one way or another as the saviours of humanity. They create groups and within these groups they propagate solutions to “help” humanity. Sometimes these groups do help humanity, though only within the strict parameters of a Taba social structure. But these groups are controlled by the Taba and prevented in giving to much aid to the countries that need it (as much as they are able to influence such groups/companies/charities -- after all the Taba’s influence is wide, yet it is limited to how much they are able to influence.

The Taba believe that they do not exist within the paradigm of the human suffering matrix. They are not outside the paradigm, they are very much in it, and very much part of the problem. They have created their reality and within the strictures of their belief systems any concept which causes an individual to feel compassion and love, especially outside the organised structure of their hollow belief systems are rejected.

To know what you are you must ask yourself what you aren’t. Your belief system creates a matrix within your very being, and then through thoughts and actions, the belief system enters the externalised world. If the belief is powered by conviction then the reality will manifest. Others will then share that belief system and further fuel it. Recreating it over and over, continuously reinforcing the reality until it completely accepted by everyone.

This is where humanity is. Humanity has always known suffering, from one generation to the next. Is it not about time that you all just stop for a while. The only thing that you can be sure is that your belief system is incorrect. If you define a successful creation as that which creates and maintains a harmonious way of being then you have to stop for a while and understand that your belief systems does not work. It does not work because it does not create a desirable experience.

When a sentient being comes to the inevitable realisation that they are unhappy. When they reach this point they have three choices. They can choose another creation, another belief. Then from this new belief the process will begin again. Accept (hopefully) the end result is happiness, or rather, the feeling of being happy most of the time. Then the belief system is correct. Or they can choose the second option. The second option is to deny that there is a process at all. The individual can deny the reality that they create. When the individual does this they attempt to divorce (within themselves) cause and effect. This will only serve to keep the individual within the matrix of suffering. The third choice that an individual can make is to choose not to choose. However, when an individual chooses to not choose what they really do is assign the choice making process to a subconscious or unconscious part of themselves.

I say this: choose to choose at every opportunity. Own your reality. Own your experience. Know it is as your own. Then choose either to recreate it. Or change it.
Blessed be to those who knowingly create their own reality. Blessed are those who choose to express love through every word and deed. Blessed be those in the past, those who, throughout history’s tide, have taught that every sentient being is a being that creates their own reality. Blessed are the ones who have chosen to do good in all their actions and words. Yet thrice blessed are those who who consciously decide to do good and speak good. Blessed are the thankful, they shall create their own path to heaven. Blessed are those who seek for they will find. Yet thrice blessed are those who know, and continuously strive to create and maintain love in their life, truth and patience too.
Blessed are they that have suffered in order to bring about the realisations of spirit truth. Yet infinitely blessed are they who know and create their own reality, and refuse to submit to those who are ignorant even of their own ignorance.

If you have seen an Angel and heard his words yet have not felt his love. Then discard the experience. If others have preached to you, but not through love and patience. Then discard their truth. I say this: it is only through love that love can be realised. Walk this life in truth and love and you will instantly feel my love, and in so doing you will be rewarded. For I am the Divine nectar. I am the well that gives forth ever lasting water. I am the truth that will not be denied. I am in the silence of a love never forgotten and within the breath of a child before the break of dawn. I am the delight in a Mother’s sweet kiss. I am the touch of the snowflake on a window sill. I am the reflection of yourself. I am that which you are. I am the person that you long to be. I am everything you truly wish for yet felt you could never be. I am the alpha and omega. I am the creator. More than this: I am that which loves you in every moment yet requires no reward for doing so. I am the dream and the realisation of that dream. Peace be with you, and love too.

If you are kind, then let that kindness serve you. If you believe yet do not know, then the way will be laid down for you. If you doubt then you will be blessed. It is within your doubt that you find cause to question truly. When you question truly and demand to know the answer, then you are blessed. Blessed because you have yet to experience the answer but will do so. When you do not trust me. It is then that I am blocked from helping you. Must you wait till your back is against the wall before you ask me to come to you? Why not let me be within your first thought of the day, and within your last thought of the day? Why not be your own saviour?

If I was to answer your prayers and give you everything that you asked for. If I manifested your every desire instantly for you. Would you not be happy? Yet I tell you this: I have done something far greater for you. I have given to you the means of making your every dream come true. You have said to yourself many times: Why can’t I get everything that I want? Your very doubt is made manifest in your reality. The very act of believing that your reality is a vexation causes your reality to be vexing! Place aside your oars of doubt. Stop fuelling the belief that you will never get that which will set you free.

If you have the slightest question as to whether what I say is true. If you decide in yourself that you will keep everything which is written here open to you, or not entirely closed to you. Then you will come to know my truth in the very fibre of your being, and then come to know it in your reality.

Seek first the kingdom of God. Seek first to express yourself in your highest form. Love mightily. Sing loudly. Say your truth quietly. Know that you are as great as the highest Angel yet no better than a dust particle. It is better for an eagle to be an eagle and a sparrow be a sparrow. It is better to be lowly yet live mightily. It is better to be less yet live peacefully.It is better to be a sparrow and truly be what you are. Than to be the mightiest king and live a lie. It is better to have an open palm than a clenched fist.

We are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising.

If I do a reading for you. Be aware, that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

*I hope you got a receipt for your goldfish.

"It is worst still to be ignorant of your own ignorance"
Saint Jerome.

It is probably wise to send me a private message first (on this webiste) if you wish to contact me via skype
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Old 15-02-2013, 10:55 AM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
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Everybody has the right to life doesnt matter where we are from.as for third world countrys you need to look at their governments they get aid but it doesnt get to the ppl its intended for.but its not for us to sort it out its the governments they take for themselves and leave the ppl its intended for,so they ask for more aid,

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Old 25-02-2013, 04:21 AM
The Fox
Posts: n/a
Great composition, answered to many questions I've had in mind about the spritual place for the World's socioeconomical system.
Thank you.
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Old 25-02-2013, 02:39 PM
Posts: n/a
Wow, I really enjoyed your writing!

I agree with you in many ways. In my younger days I was hit with a terrible illness that is still with me today. It made me question everything in my life and my self. I lost a lot, some might say everything, over the years of dealing with being so sick. But in truth I gained so much more! I can say with certainty that every difficulty is in truth a blessing in disguise.

For many years I struggled with "Why?" So many different ideas and theories it was maddening. I finally came to a point where I simply accepted my reality, and once I did that I became open to change. It may sound harsh to some, but I take full responsibility for my life, my illness, my problems, etc...I have no room to blame anyone else, God or Man. I don't mean I blame myself either, there is simply no blaming.

What I have found is happiness and peace, and knowledge instead of faith. I know that Life will take care, and that Life is eternal so I have no fears. This life I am living now is like a blip in the big scheme of things. It is freedom, I am no longer imprisoned in my pain, I am thankful for the opportunity to really live and learn. Because of this I have become proactive, and my health is improving as the past few years have gone by. Slowly but surely. I had to take the responsibility to be able to do this, only I can find my healing. Knowing the responsibility for the quality of my life is ultimately my own is a great incentive to act. It gives me the courage I need to walk a lonely road.

I am quite certain that if my life had not been turned upside down by pain and illness, I would have more materially, but so much less inside. Yes I had to be backed into a corner before I could open up and accept and commune with Life. I struggled for so many years, now I see I was really struggling against myself. Life is a wonderful gift, and a blessing. We are fortunate who can truly know and experience it.

Running away from Life is a mistake, one has to look it square in the eye. I am no longer angry or resentful, I am happy and feel blessed for the road my life has taken. I quit looking outside for answers and turned within.

I am still learning and I know I have a long way to go, but the constant extremes of high and low are gone. My inner state is on a steady smooth incline overall. I have my days, but now they are just days not a constant struggle. I can kind of ride them out and remain fairly balanced, at least compared to before. It has been about five years since I came to this acceptance, and in spite of some real challenges on every front, I can say that I have been truly happy at base through it all.

Everything can go seemingly wrong outside of yourself, but inside everything is perfect - and tapping into that is where I have found peace that surpasses all understanding. And let me tell you, nobody in my life can understand my thinking or my attitude.

I wish they could though, I wish others could know there is nothing to fear ever! That you can Trust Life, That Love really does rule the universe. Life is a Gift, Life is Bliss!

I didn't mean for this to be so long But it is so rare for me to feel prompted to talk of these things! I could go on and on, but I will stop now. Thanks for listening, and thanks for writing that wonderful post!
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