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Old 05-08-2016, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by lenvdb64
This is truly a confusing concept for humanity, which I can understand.

To start with

YES, there is ONE God / One creater of all - The ALL that IS.

But the ALL does not have a single name known in our dimension.
According to the Ancient Mystery teachings, the ALL always was, has no beginning or end.

The All wanted a vantage point from which He/She could Observe itself.
The ALL is ineffable and All MIND. Genderless containing all genders at the same time.

So in order for a proper Vantage Point to work, the ALL first created a container that could hold itself. This was to be the Multiverse, a Multidimensional Universe with 10 Dimensions.

For each Dimension the ALL created a ruling Archangel, an Order of residing Angels, all to assist the ALL in its descent down into the lower dimensions, and back up to the Higher Dimensions.

Some say the first attempt at this container failed, and a second attempt was made at this creation.

So the ALL, after making this Multiverse began its own descent into the 10 Dimensional Multiverse. In each Dimension a Deity was left, an Aspect of the All, each with its own Divine Name and Attributes.

One of the Dimensions was the realm / Sphere of Chokmah (Study the Kabbalah / Sepher Yetzirah to understand this! Check it out on Google).

In the realm of Chokmah the Divine Aspect (aka Emanation of the ALL) is known by the Name of YHVH. In the Highest realm, called Kether, the Divine Name of the Deity / Emanation of the ALL is known by the name EHEYEH.

So here are the Divine Names in each realm:

1 - Kether - Eheyeh
2 - Chokman - YHVH (Masculine)
3 - Binah - YHVH Elohim (Feminine)
4 - Chesed - EL
5 - Geburah - EL GIBOR
6 - Tipheret - YHVH Eloah ve Da-ath
7 - Netzach - YHVH Tzabaot
8 - Hod - Elohim
9 - Yesod - Shaddai El Chai
10 - Adonai Ha Aretz

All deities within this Multiverse are often referred to as Gods
But at the same time how does man in a state of ignorance refer to beings from space? How often in ancient cultures do we see references to gods who came from the sky?

As long as we understand all Deities are simply emanations / Aspects of the ALL, and we ourselves are Souls, the Divine Fragments of the ALL.
Therefor all of the Archangels Angels, demons etc are subject unto us. They are to help us with our Ascent.

When the ALL descended and passed through Tipheret the ALL became the many and the SOULS were formed as the ALL fragmented into billions upon billions of fragments. This was a very painful process as we who once knew the safety and comfort of the state of One-ness, became separated. We still carry within us this pain.

Our goal is to return to the state of Oneness in Kether.
So the ALL failed in its first attempt at making the Ark or container or Deciverse? Hmmm. What kind of ALL needs a vantage point to observe it's Nefesh when it is the ALL knowing? Is it somewhat blind and limited?
Yes we should be praising Tammuz like on the Jewish calendar and the myriads of other gods. I agree. Btw God number 10 looks to be "The Land Lord".
I would've thought that Ahi in your case EH would've been represented by the Northern Kingdom, where as YaH would've been represented by the southern Kingdom since that Kingdom carries the name Yehudah or YaHaWaDaHi. With the addition of the Dalet being the door. That's not necessarily everyone that claims themselves as Jew. When you say emanation you mean human perception of a God that has assistance to descend and ascend back to where it once was? I'd like to hear more on this theory.
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Old 07-08-2016, 12:23 PM
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Don't get me wrong it may seem that I am mocking your theory as in your spiritual theory and I am. I do this to also see the other extreme and that is to accept it in the positive and when I do this I free myself up to perceive it in a self afflicted light so to speak. This is why we have this "Yeah Nah" concept always flowing. Although I may be accepting your "Spiritual theory" I leave room for the possibility of accepting it with a different perception, which in it's self is from another set of polar opposites being the concept of good and evil. This ofc is on a particular plain. Where this concept of Good and Evil resides. Believe it or not depending on the Evil, Good and Evil can exist in harmony. All polar opposites are connected to other polar opposites. Natural Law. I actually like the analogy of the descent to The tenth God/metaphor/realm/heavens on Earth/Tangata Whenua/WaiOra etc being "The Land Lord" as in the Natural Law holder. The Law that is written in the flesh/in the Earth/Heart.
Real Recognise Real. Unknown author.
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