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Old 13-07-2020, 02:44 AM
Sun Koti Sun Koti is offline
Join Date: Jul 2020
Posts: 34
Just my opinion, but your aura will change as your spirit quickens and you deepen in your connection to Creator/God. The universe has a frequency and a vibration, that surrounds us always. You can't hear it with your ears or see it with your eyes. You have to merge with it with your heart. It is very healing for you.
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Old 14-07-2020, 05:11 PM
Fatimasque Fatimasque is offline
Join Date: Jul 2020
Location: Bahrain
Posts: 103
Originally Posted by Tim here
I second that.

Exactly !

When you mean recently.. Like the last weeks ? I too !

Yes! in just the past week I felt the physical nausea. emotions I've been picking up for years, but recently got so intense, I been 'feeling' people's thoughts like they're inside me.
and sometimes as though I can see the thoughts that are tumbling or flowing in their mind and their shifts of energy etc.
I don't see or hear anything specifically in terms of the two senses. but I receive sensations that translate as seeing and hearing.

I spoke to my therapist about this too. we spoke about protection, and concluded that protection is not needed. simply the right awareness, a collection of myself and holding of, and presence in myself in a way that I'm less penetrable, to be strong within my sensitivity, and not less sensitive.
(gosh its difficult describing the process, I feel like I either sound crazy or absurd)

so, are you saying that you are experiencing shifts and 'expansion' as well lately?
I would love to take this further if you don't mind. I'm wondering whether other people are experiencing this sudden awakening now, and what its looking like for them... I was overwhelmed at first. (this all started early June) but now I'm ok.
I've been on this path longer than my own realization of it, but I became aware of it a few years back... I keep advancing through intuition, and I did some schooling between Pranic and Reiki healing. now I'm ready to dedicate my life to this... I feel like all that's happening is a sign somehow.. the universe is saying, we're ready for you, all you have to do is step into the intent with your right foot, we will help with the left foot.
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Old 29-07-2020, 07:04 AM
TrueNorth TrueNorth is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jul 2020
Posts: 11
Meditating every morning for grounding and protecting your energy
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Old 30-07-2020, 05:46 PM
lomax lomax is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Location: Greece
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This is the curse of being an empath.No matter what i do,i allways picking up the garbage and negativity of others.

It's extremely difficult to handle it.Others descent in mental illness,heavy medication,or having their lifes completely destroyed.

I wish strength and courage to all buddies who were born this way,and send them my love.
Γνώθι σαυτόν
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Old 05-08-2020, 12:38 PM
one-light one-light is offline
Join Date: Jun 2019
Location: England, UK - Up North
Posts: 2,223
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The aura was my specialist subject in my research for a least a year, anything I could find I would read on it - and after all that research I was taught valuable stuff by my support... So sometime during the last year on here I suffered a stroke, lost the use of my left arm completely early hours one morning - this was part of my training/learning in my opinion...

I now know that the aura protects you from the suns energy as well as other energies we all know of. I keep mine strong by keeping my energy vibrations high, and I don't worry about anything else coming from others, or advise that sometimes professionals will offer...

Back to the stroke and how I recovered... the day before I had been 'hit' by an energy while walking in town - wow I thought, what was that! I could see a glow in my mind with eyes closed 'like i'd been looking at the sun' but I hadn't - half an hour it took before I got home and grounded, half an hour with this 'glow' in my mind, grounding cleared it - should have done this in town.

So my aura is most likely severely damaged for a few days and I know it from my research, would take days to repair itself... the next day 'and this happened for a reason' in my opinion to teach me, to learn.

I was lying in bed near the window and energy hit again, chance in a million - I had a scar on my forehead for several days, lost the use of my arm for 15 mins - I prayed to Jesus could he fix it because I was due in church the next day to possibly talk to some people with health issues regarding possible self healing...

Well all that day I was under the covers in bed shivering - and I could see when I had my eyes closed the repair work being carried out by my spiritual support - and do you know I fully recovered - the next day on my mountain bike 9.00 am with full use of the arm again, to continue my work to help others... Thank you Jesus...

So I was hit right on the control centre, and I now know what it feels like for the mind/brain to think move the arm and it doesn't respond... it's all learning for me to share... So if anyone here reading ever gets 'hit' with access energy and sees a glow in the mind, ground immediately - then take immediate time off for a few days, and stay under a tiled roof, and try to rest and stay positive to help recover, and avoid a possible 2nd hit of energy while aura is damaged and repairing - and so avoiding a possible stroke or seizure...

Last edited by one-light : 05-08-2020 at 07:37 PM.
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Old 25-01-2021, 06:01 AM
o0A0o o0A0o is offline
Join Date: May 2018
Posts: 131
Metaphorically what do you do to protect your hands when you are sensitive to something you need to handle? A common approach is wearing gloves. Does this mean you are any less sensitive? No. Does this dampen your ability to sense? Yes and No. Do you need to fully sense the splinters of wood, the extreme heat of a stove pot, the freezing cold, the harsh chemical you are using to remove paint? NO! You select a barrier because it protects you from a danger while allowing you do use your hands.

Unlike the metaphorical glove you can remain fully aware without needing to fully engage with everything. The metaphorical glove called for here is setting appropriate boundaries. It is probably unnatural to most empaths but you can develop control and skill sensing with boundaries. You can safely experience varying degrees of relationships ranging from deeply intimate, to casual, to passing strangers, to unknowns who pass by who you never consciously become aware of. You do not have to live vulnerable to the whim of every energy you encounter.

More than likely you will slip up and let your guard down from time to time. Like flexing a muscle and building that muscle, fluidity is an integral component. You can break a bone as a consequence of bracing against a force. As time goes on you will get better at it.

What form does the boundary take? Others have mentioned some traits. Part of it is a state of mind, a knowing you are protected. Being centered/grounded is essential. Do things that lead you to feel good on multiple levels. Cultivate a flourishing YOU (i.e. set attainable/realistic goals and enjoy attaining them then raise the bar, get adequate rest, eat a healthy diet, nurture healthy interaction with people, think of everything as a spoke of a wheel and develop the shorter spokes so your wheel rolls smoothly.....and work all of them to grow the wheel, nurture your physical/emotional/intellectual/psychological/spiritual body, etc.). Predatory energies prey upon the weak and vulnerable so be the Captain instead of the deckhand of your own ship.
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Old 30-03-2022, 10:51 AM
Izz Izz is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 1,888
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Originally Posted by SikuX
- Being one with nature (ex. walking outside barefoot, organic diets)
- The chakra cleansing approach which includes using stones such as Red Jasper or Hematite
- Youtube frequencies or meditations specifically for grounding or root chakra

This is very insightful, thank you
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Old 30-03-2022, 12:10 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 6,416
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Originally Posted by Izz
This is very insightful, thank you
Grounding is very important, but in itself not enough to strengthen the aura, which the question was.
You need to both ground properly -which takes more than 5 minutes if it's new to you- AND shielding.

And as for crystals, labradorite is THE go-to crystal to protect the aura from projections, unwanted energies and so on. Red jasper is mostly helpful and advised for grounding.
Best would be a labradorite with red and yellow shine, not so much the blue, and then wear it lower down. So either on a long cord on the Solar Plexus or in jeans pocket.

In many cases it would help tremendously to work on the first 3 chakras to cleanse them, which again does not just take a few minutes a day or week, but more a matter of months/years depending on the traumas & issues one carries.
By which I don't mean to suggest it's hopeless, but just want to emphasize that doing a few minutes here and there is simply not enough to get results.
And a lot of emphasis on the Solar Plexus, but you cannot get much done without also working on the Root & Sacral.
A matter of enjoying the journey and every step in the process and progress :)
It's like wanting to develop muscles and body toning. That takes time, dedication, and exercising regularly too.
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Old 15-10-2022, 03:50 AM
SeaGoat SeaGoat is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Oct 2022
Posts: 9
The first step is to stop labelling yourself, any label you put upon your self is a self delusion.
It implies specialness, to be above, to be separate or to in some ways especially this one, be a victim.

Victimhood and also specialness if taken to an extreme are parts of narcissistic personality disorder.

What I wrote is just a concerned and cautious entry because I don't know you and I am sure many here do not either, that however does not mean you are the summation of my thoughts.

I am a very sensitive person but I wear an armor which keeps the outside world where it should be so I can regulate my own inner world, I don't see this as empathy or being an empath purely because the self wants me to be and feel special. The self is our ego, it is the monster we should be trying to tame and put aside, it is the monster that stops us connecting with the world around us.

I can't put words for what I feel, feelings don't have objectives, they are a sense, they are a survivial mechanism so that we can protect ourselves or others in some cases.

This does not mean our feelings are always correct or should be relied on soley. Feelings just like the more grounded and logical side takes hard work to master.

To truly walk in who you are, accept you are not perfect, accept that labelling ones self only leads to not being who you are, it keeps us stuck.
You don't need labels, you merely must just exist, that should be enough... you are enough.
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Old 08-11-2022, 04:31 PM
Posts: n/a
As an empath with codependency issues, I've found forcefully meditating and focusing on myself strengthens my aura. I have an urge to focus on others problems, heal others, etc. Self-care, self-healing, self-love, cleaning my room and my things, reading about my astrological sign, understanding what I want, and manifesting what I want. To those of us for whom this isn't natural behavior, it's surprising to imagine there are people out there we'd consider powerful whose natural inclination is to be like this.

Studying reiki helped me with this because they stress self healing so much in Level I before ever going on to healing anyone else. Spending an hour a day focusing on healing myself. It works....after a while I have trained myself to be a more powerful focus in my own world. Which strengthened my energy and aura.

Oh and I also like the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. That meditation helped me with seeing my higher self, and for reaching my Holy Guardian Angel. The earth is actually very small relative to the universe. It's tiny!!! Our higher selves are so big we cannot fit on the earth. That's important to see for any healing work. After a while I began seeing any bad entities or energy as very small because they are. When I go into higher self mode, it's easier to see these things are more like parasites than physical opponents. Cause what can a little bug do compared to an elephant... it could cause an itch, bite, crawl on you... some others could try to find a way to burrow under the skin.
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