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Old 03-02-2024, 07:28 AM
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Part 10 Continues

This is the story of our times. We are, once again, gathered in the garden where, on the lawn before us, is our wondrous conveyance, the carpet which, so many times before, has taken us to distant physical or spiritual realms just so that we might learn more about ourselves, our origins. The Lady appears and begins to speak “Come now and be seated for we will see the Earth, your planet, as you have never imagined it before. And as the last of us again settled for the journey the carpet rose from the ground and began to accelerate.

The Lady bids us, once again, to prepare ourselves for an excursion within our world. And as we think of this idea we find ourselves far from the garden room in which we have found so much solace. And as we finish this thought we are in a different place. Here, although near to our Earth, is one that is new to us.

The Lady speaks again. “We are in the higher reaches of the Earth’s astral plane now. In physical terms this is nearly 26,000 miles from the Earth’s center. This place is connected to each of our higher planes but it’s singular purpose is to record for all to see the Earth as it was in it’s beginnings. This is the fabled Hall of Memories.”

We see before us a small square building made of stone. It has a flat roof. There are no windows but on the side facing us is a door with three steps before it. One of our number exclaims. Suddenly, recognition. “I know this place. I have been here before.” The others hesitate but try to find in their own lives some measure of agreement. To us all, yes, we know this place but from where and when. How, too, is a pressing question. But enough of this. We move forward.

Our group is still on the carpet as it is settled on some surface which we cannot see clearly before this little building which now captures our attention. Hesitating again we look around us. In the distance we see clouds or structures which seem to be. Above, below to right and left they are constantly moving and within? Little points of light which, too, move about. Suddenly we wonder in unison, do we appear also as points of light in this place? But before we can find an answer we move forward to the threshold. The door now swings open outwardly and to our left. “Welcome!”

We hear the Lady’s thoughts now. “Enter for this is the place in your heavens where the entire history of your planet may be seen, witnessed, relived, known.” As one we step forward to behold the view presented us.

There are no windows in the room but there are three walls all covered in books of every description arranged on shelves from floor to ceiling. The shelves are made of some kind of wood that we realize is impervious to the passage of time. Asian Teak perhaps it seems. Yes or some other such as the Ebony of the hidden regions of the African interior. In the center of the room is a small wooden table. Before it is an unadorned wooden chair. We seem to know that we are invited to be seated. Not considering that our numbers are too great we do so. And now on the table a book. It opens to a page near it’s beginning.

It is as though each of us is the only one in the room. At this thought the Lady responds to us in her quiet manner. “Yes. It is the story of us all but of each of us too. Consider, as you proceed, that you are the subject of the story without which purpose would not exist. In this way we will discover the oneness which, although now seems far distant, will someday describe that more advanced state of consciousness to which we all aspire.” So, as we look closer at the page opened before us it begins.

Author’s Note: The scene which has been presented is not a fabrication, an embellishment used to further the story in which we find ourselves. It is real, literally so. Some years back, in 1991 as I recall, while in a group meditation of discovery in the Arizona desert, I, in the astral now purposefully seeking the Hall of Records mentioned by Cayce, found myself standing before this little building. It was as I describe in this story. Exactly the same. As I entered I looked left and right then, being seated the book before me opened. Very curious it was that although expectations where high, the pages were blank. Not a single word was to be seen. At that moment my guide (Bartholomew) who I knew to be nearby, caused me to understand that truths, although universal, seemingly immutable, were for each of us to discover. I knew at that moment of the richness of our existence.

The story continues:

Upon the page opened before us a well defined shape point of light appears. As if through a rent in some celestial fabric it grows until suddenly it becomes that which we recognize as our star, Sol, our sun. At this point the Lady speaks again. “What you have just seen is the moment of our creation. At this point, although the larger universe was already very old our solar system was just in it’s beginning. And how does this happen? As you have seen a barrier of some sort was torn. Through it from some other place that which would become our great one appeared in the newly fashioned physical and lower spiritual forms.” At this point we remember that much earlier in our story we learned of the higher spiritual planes, those which are timeless, un-created, come those which are bound in time, created. We knew too that an angel of destiny had carried forth into our universe a newly made great one who was to be our God. Sublime, elegant it all seemed. Without question. Yes. I understand. I will return with this new awareness.

Do we not remember that in the scheme of things a soul is born then, through long experience grows to the point at which it leaves the human phase of existence behind? Life continues now in new forms. That which had once been an individual soul was now changed. Countless others are joined. A new identity emerges, oneness redefined. New purpose now. New adventures, responsibilities. And when all is in readiness, an event of such a grand magnitude occurs. The gap between the high kingdoms and the lower is breached, just for an instant. A small amount of God’s true creative force is directed at and suddenly bursts through the barrier becoming substantial, assuming lower dimensional form in both the material and spiritual, bound now by time. A star is born. And we? Our new lives are within and through this mighty one. A new solar system which will be home to a newly created family of souls.

The Lady impresses upon our minds once again. “This is the way it always is. It is perfectly alright to call this a beginning because it is the point at which divinity descends and assumes a (separated) livingness, for us, bound in time.”

All this in a moment of blinding light. We have seen and now are able to understand that which is to follow. As we watch the pages of the book begin to turn and one by one the events concerned with the shaping our systemic worlds within worlds are revealed.

As our story continues, now fast forwarding it seems, we watch as the new star, our soon to be sun, grows in mass until it reaches a certain weight at which it ignites, bursting into the dynamo which will be remembered later as our “creative moment”.

The Lady speaks now to explain more for us. “The physical material of our solar system, including the planets and other objects, are “born of our star”. It is what God has ordained stars do. They are points of creation behind which, lay the doorways to the “uncreated”. And through these portals comes the mighty will, with purpose.

The Lady impresses upon our minds a further account of stellar development. In it’s early days our star was yet to become stable. It’s combustion was uneven, the distribution of material unsettled. Yet it was alive with a purpose born of divine determination. The materials within, seeking balance but subject to centrifugal forces. Formed two bulges on opposing sides of the globe. These, reaching and exceeding the mass at which the sun’s gravity could hold them, separated and moved away. At this point an observer would see three suns but the two were to continue moving away until a new point of balance was found. These were to become the planets of our system. The entire process was much more complicated but for our story this statement will suffice.

The Lady speaks again. “This globe of living force is both physical and spiritual. It sends forth the guarantors of life in both the physical and lower spiritual forms. The planets are created, yes, but also the heavens which will give spiritual life to them are fashioned. As the entire solar system and it’s greater spiritual essence is the body of manifestation of God, the sun is the crown chakra, the Earth is the solar plexus. Saturn is the heart. Mars represents the second of the primary, the spleen center.” The spiritual life of our solar system will perhaps be presented in a new and separate story… in the future. Through this the Lady wishes to convey to us some essentials of the true nature of the created worlds which exist in the spiritual realms.

As we continue to watch we see the pages of the book turn, faster now until again they stop. Now we see our planet as it was long after, ready to host the higher biological forms which would, with those others, inhabit this new world.

At this point the Lady bids us withdraw to the area which surrounds the little library building. “Be seated” she bids us. “The story will now return to our time, and continue.”

“We will now return to the time of the arrival at our Earth of those other travelers who did not shift up to the ethereal/astral in the great transit from our old world, Aryana. It had been a long voyage, nearly three generations passed during which time the unfolding of our story, that which had past and that which was yet to come, was told to the children. It was they, after all, that would be the builders of the future.

In the latter time of the journey the need for preparation had arrived. Leaders were selected, men and women who would descend more rapidly to the surface of the new planet. These would build the first cities in the manner of those that they had known on their home world long before. Then would begin the process of integration with those beings which the Earth’s evolutionary forces had produced. They would bring sudden changes, improvements so that new races of human beings could easily continue to grow and adapt.

The Lady shows us, again the Earth’s heavens. We see that, in preparation for what was to come they were also experiencing rapid adjustments. More advanced souls from distant spiritual realms had arrived. There was a great need for those who would guide both the physical and the emotional and the mental life of the world so that the developing humanity would have it’s required resources within which fulfillment could be found. “Remember the often heard correspondence, as above so below?” She brings us a sudden visual interpretation of those words. “Yes… it is our world. Ours to be in!”

As we watch the Earth below us now we find that these groups of new leaders, each with their entourages, travel about the globe in missions of discovery. They have already found and established themselves in the older bases on both the moon and in the high places of the (Andes) mountains. From these they now traveled about using those smaller conveyances (ships) which they had brought first to the moon base and later to the surface of the planet. In these now they traveled extensively. It was necessary for them to find those locations on the Earth that would be best suited to their work.

This, too, is the way it was in those times. The Lady brings us those visuals which by now we had become so used to. As we watch we see those pioneering folk finding the lives with which their efforts would be successful. In the beginning there were to be five centers of activity. These, as we watched, were shown to us (also in quick time).

These were…. In the middle east lands, the Atlantian Sea, in the highlands of Tibet, in the Central Asian-Chinese lands and in North America. To each of these a leader traveled and began the work. The Lady pauses here to say “You will be shown much more but it is desired that you here may know the names of those elder ones, those travelers from afar, those pioneers to this, your world. In this way you will be able to recognize through your own historical narratives the true history of your advent here on Earth.”

At this point the Lady pauses, looks at us, then continues. “You will remember too… creative stories of a garden from which you emerged. That garden exists still. We have all seen it. It is our familiar garden setting in the Earth’s ethereal/astral. It is that place which, just recently, we met to continue our, your, story. It is also known to a certain group of seekers as the Healing Room.”

Before a man can fulfill his destiny of living on the Earth he must first leave the garden behind.” As the Lady stops we know that we will hear more anet this familiar theme later.

As we watch again we see the ships containing the travelers as they journey from the Andes base. To each of the five locales a city was to be built. These, at that time of the Earth, were new ideas. They were guarded, bounded against the possibility of some reversal of purpose. The Lady allows us to know “we will tell more of these excursions later”.

1. To the lands of the two rivers, the middle east of our time, we see that the leader/teacher Tea-Adamu (first man) had arrived, the work begun.

2. In the great sea kingdom of Atlantian the teacher Set-Tholomo (water king) was sent. Of this kingdom, also known as the home of the Atlans, more will be told later. Here, too, another was known to the people. His name was Adamis.

3. Far away in the high mountains of Tibet another group led by Te-Balda (protector) was active for the work which would begin there. From this assemblage a second leader At-Gangal (Mother guide) was to move, following a new river from it’s glacial lake source, to the distant lowlands which would later be known as the Indian sub-continent. Do we remember the Ganges river? She, Mother Guide, traveled the length of this water route with great purpose, bestowing blessings which are active yet today.

Note: This is the reason for the Ganges river to be remembered by the people, even today, as being the Mother River. Blessings, Healings, renewal.

4. The next of the new arrivals selected North America for it’s work with the peoples that did exist there in those days. His name was Te-Balda (Spirit Guide).

5. Lastly the great ancestor Pa-Hsieu (Bringer of Knowledge) went to the lands of the great grasses and of the rivers to the western seas, the China of today.

Again the Lady speaks to us. “Rest now and absorb all that has been transmitted to you. We ask much but you are both capable and ready. You may ask why this effort is taken? Our answer is that you are ready. That is enough. You are ready to move beyond superstition, to embrace true events of the distant past.” We watch and listen now and as we wait certain visions are shown us.

The Lady continues “The center which most of us remember today is that one which was in the lands of the two rivers, the middle east of our time. Here, in this area, the great one, Tea-Adamu caused to be constructed a city. Surrounding this he and his folk established lands developed for agriculture and also for animal husbandry. In the center of this city was built a center of learning. Here, those new folk the descendants, the hybrids of the new arrivals combining with those Earth produced, would learn, be taught the essentials of the societies which would follow.”

Note: In later times, ours of today we remember these times but not in exactly the same way. We have misinterpreted certain things. The Lady, through this story of long ago, seeks to clarify. “Looking closer at the middle east we find questions regarding the seeming unnatural, quick transition from what we call hunter gatherers to the more advanced city dwellers who, so suddenly, knew to establish gardens for food and to domesticate animals for work companions. In truth these were all accomplished through the very fast efforts of the new arrivals about which so little, outside of incomplete legends, is known. We will clarify one point here which will serve to explain to the reader the beginnings of religions…

In the great city described in the middle east was a center of learning. It’s purpose was to teach the newer generations and those who had only recently left the old ways and moved nearer, those skills which would result in a period of rapid social growth. Each of the centers that were established was led by a new man or woman.
That is to say that in the beginning it was the travelers, who were long lived (up to nearly 1000 Earth years) who taught, who led, who ruled until the time for them to stand aside was reached. Each of the centers of leaning thus was overseen by one who set the standards for what was to be conveyed to the students. This continued for a very long time in Earth years. In other lands the same activities were present. The travelers, all of them in each of their original and later locations, established these centers. But here is what happened long centuries later.”

At a certain point it was deemed time for the new men to assume responsibility for themselves. And so the elders, the men or renown (of lore) stepped aside. As the Lady continues now we see what was to happen. We begin to better understand our lives of these times.

“Watch now and witness those times. The time arrived when the centers of learning were given over to the new men who then would continue the work. Here is what happened.”

The middle eastern center is remembered more in this story because we are, most of us, more familiar with, we relate our own history to those times, to those places in the world. As the elders stepped aside and withdrew the men began continuing at first in the same way as before. The centers of learning remained the same. The people, as generations, progressed, were able to attend these and learn the skills which would enable them to live as the elders (gods) intended. The Lady here interjects “It was, if we can remember, an effort not just to tell the story of the travelers but to quicken the pace of the Earth through enriching the new men of those those times (from which we descend).”

As we continued to watch we saw in our minds eyes the way in the beginning all was well but later, a little at a time there were changes. The new teachers, (the men) being less evolved than the teachers (the gods) who came before them, began to move from the purity of instruction and closer to some new form in which it became they, not the lessons, which were now the objects of the work. Over time they continued to teach but now they had established themselves as overlords beneath which the people would be subjected. They had been teachers. Now they were priests of (the gods). And the people were now taught to worship those who long before been their benefactors. This was the beginning of religions on Earth. The ancient centers of learning were now known as temples (to the gods). Here, our traditions built around sacrifice (to deity) began Thus they remain today.

The Lady once again explains her purpose. “We have said that the purpose of this story is to bring to you listening and reading certain corrections to what you know as being the history of your times on Earth. Shall we now say that our religions are mere inventions? No. Indeed they are not. They serve distinct purposes in cooperation with the creative purpose. We merely mean to explain their origins. They evolved from learning centers, became religious centers. But this, too, was by design.”

As we continue to try to absorb all of this information the Lady gives us yet more visions. “Through religions we know of those spiritual realms, the heavens which are so necessary to the Earth (system). Through them we also begin to learn of the great one, the creator spirit, who resides within the spiritual center of our star, sol. We will know also of the portal connecting our worlds to those of the uncreated from which all that we know issues. Mankind is given religions because they serve the purpose of spiritual growth which is no less important than temporal.”

In the next part of our story we will watch and discover more about those elder days. We will learn more about the history of our planet and of we, her inhabitants.

The next and perhaps the last part of our story will be called “Land and Sky”.

To be continued
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Fantastic read keep them coming

The Spoken Word Always Comes Back As Whispers In
The Wind
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Part eleven of our story will be ready for posting on April first. Thanks for being patient.

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Hi James... hope you are well.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru

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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Hi James... hope you are well.
Tired lately and fighting the flu. Otherwise OK... Thanks for the thought.

The next part in the story is going to be the most difficult. I see what I will be writing about and try to take notes. Not satisfactory. So much is lost. It's interesting to think of this effect though. Trance channels don't usually have this difficulty. They dictate and others do the scribing in real time. I'm a semi-trance so the personality is always there sometimes enough to interfere. Usually when I channel I'm verbal but in this story I receive only visuals of people, places, things and events. Often not easy.
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Part 11 Earth and Sky

Even if it is pure fiction a story can contain truth. This is because wherever we send our minds they will gather information from some source. Can it be that a thing or an idea can exist outside the realm of reality? In this next part of our story we will begin by posing and then answering some questions. Some of these have been asked before, others will be new. Because we all have equal access each reader may decide the source.

In the garden.

The Lady greets us again and begins to speak. “Let us imagine ourselves on the magical carpet as it races towards the farthest reaches of the Earth below. Then… if we turn our gaze upwards (towards the records book which is yet open) we will see the answers, watching as they unfold below us.”

We are, in our story, witnessing the beginning of the third of the four great cycles of humanity on this planet. Yes. Human souls have lived and achieved here in two times past. Ours is the third advent. Another, a final one, is yet to come. The first occasion in which human souls lived on this world was, in our reckoning, more than 100 million years ago. Theirs was a scientific mission concerned with the directed evolution of species. Here, on this most convenient laboratory planet, they were able to build and in so doing gain the experience which would enable them to make desired adjustments on their own world which, in those days, was quite ancient indeed. They never intended any permanent stay on this planet but their activities in both the physical world and our heavens did much to prepare our planet for the others who would come later.

These were a very large people by our standards today. They often exceeded more than 22 feet in height. Their remains are to be found on all continents. Like the travelers in our story they preferred the high places, mountains or the steppes adjacent. Their central, most permanent location was in that area which is now the Tibetan plateau. In those days the sub-continent of India had only just begin to push against the Asian mass. The lands were not yet raised up as they are now. Remains of these folk can yet be found in their well concealed burial chambers in the deep places below the present day folded mountains of that part of the world. Their remains can also be found in the north American continent, again in the mountainous areas of the west. Look also in that land which we know as South Africa. Here their activities were more intense. They had a special interest in the development of those early species which would later host the newly created human souls, products of the heavens of that world.

Note: Here the Lady reminds us of the common method used in the combined spiritual and physical engines of a world. As the physical grows and becomes more diverse, is raised up so to speak, so too the heavens change to keep pace. This is because a world must have it’s heavens else there be no place of respite for the souls who are such an important part of the whole. Of this the first of the visitors to this planet were well aware. In today’s understanding we would cite the necessity to be ecologically sensitive, to work with and not against, the natural forces. Being a harmonious folk they moved instinctively to this end. Do we see, then, that advancements are dependent upon the lowest, the physical plane? Evolution, be it physical or spiritual, begins at the beginning.

The second of the periods during which our planet hosted human souls came later, approximately 200,000 years ago. These travelers were, as we might call them today, refugees from a world far distant. They were human like us but a bit more scientifically advanced. Theirs was a journey of survival for they sought refuge from wars unceasing. These too, lived on each of the larger land masses of this world including the great (present day) southern continent which in those days was yet to move to the region of the southern magnetic pole. It was these that left their mark in ways that we find so interesting today. For instance. They were active in all parts of the world. They preferred traveling by water vessels and were adept at map making. They were determined to stay, to become a part of the Earth system, permanently. This they did but in an unexpected way. They intermingled a great deal with the Earth species of their times with the effect of a gradual moving away from their own identity, into a blending so complete that their descendants had quite forgotten their own roots. In the end only a small group remained true to their origins. These were located at the (today’s) southern lands, Antarctica. Nearer to our times they suffered the effects of climate changes caused by a magnetic pole shift. Crustal movements occurred. Many perished. These events were already history when our travelers arrived from Aryana. Only a few of the others remained. These were in two groups. The remnants still to be found in the deep places of the southern continent and others who had found refuge in a land very close to the Atlantic fracture (spreading) zone that we hear tales of. This was the home they called Atlantis.

Note: As with the first generations of humanity on Earth, this second experience waxed then faded having lost it’s will to continue. And, as with the first times certain markers were left to be found within other species that had benefited from their presence. This was the state of the world at the beginning, at the arrival of those travelers in our story. It is the reason that they were able so easily to intermingle with Earth life as they found it.

Again the Lady speaks to us. “The story of your world is complex but not unique in the greater scheme of things. It is thus in many worlds of our galaxy and elsewhere too.” Here the Lady allows us to see representations of far distant places (other worlds inhabited by human souls) which were under the guidance and tutelage of others of her kind.

Next and last.

Note: The last of the advent of human souls on this world will be after a long period of global adjustment in the distant future. It is important to note here that a large portion of those human souls that have been in association with this planet remain living in our solar system (scheme of worlds). Some of these have grown and left for other post human challenges. Others have likewise achieved the level at which further incarnations are required yet choose to remain for future work. Many of these, in subtle bodies, are present now in the Systemic heart chakra, the sacred planet, Saturn. These are working towards the time when they will be called upon to migrate elsewhere, to other worlds where they will have the opportunities presented by the requirement for what we might call heaven building. As we have seen, a new world that will host biological life and later human souls will have a need for the corresponding spiritual (subtle) planes (heavens) which, like our Earth, will act as a true home for souls incarnated. And so the cycles of learning through experience followed by application for the benefit of others continues the long march towards completion.

Our company is yet on the magical carpet moving about the world, looking, observing and with the active help of those many volumes in the hall of records, remembering. But not without purpose. This excursion provides the souls in attendance valuable experience for later use. This is our world as it truly is.

We travelers on the carpet are yet at the location of the great stone structure built so long ago as a home base for those who, in the physical, made the long journey from Aryana to this new planet, the Earth. As we watch those in the first group who traveled in their ethereal bodies shift down now, reverting to the physical. This accomplished they met those others who arrived later first at the moon base and thence, via their smaller ships, at the base high in the Andes mountains. They brought to the Earth those smaller vessels powered, as was told, by generated, direct-able, steerable gravitational devices. More can be said about these later if the reader is curious anet their nature. With these now the travelers were able to begin their survey of this new planet, their new home, the Earth.

The Lady pauses here but sends to us more visuals of the movements of these small ships. They used as a point of departure a smallish plateau located in a particularly arid region surrounded by a landscape of low hills. It was from here that each journey was made and to here that each returned. Traces of these movements can be seen yet today. We call the place Nazca. The movement of a ship caused a layer of soil to be removed from the ground in the direction of travel, carried aloft for a time, then dropped again as the ship increased it’s velocity while changing the direction of travel (steerable artificial gravity). Each of these lines that we see today represent, tell the tale of, a direction of travel and thus possibly a destination of particular trips. That they remain is due to the high degree of seasonable stability in this area. Erosion is very minimal, slow. These marks are tens of thousands of years old yet are still visible.

“You are shown these things, told of explanations so that you will believe that what is told you is truth.” Can the Lady be blamed if she can understand human nature better than we? And so we continue.

Years turned into decades and into centuries and then into millennia. Among the discoveries made were the existence of many bipedal forms, remnants of earlier times, other episodes, visitations to this world. On each of the greater continental masses there were larger than average proto human beings which had adapted to a point at which some resisted further change while others, one smaller group, found in the remote areas of the Tibetan plateau. Not only stopped progressing but actually reverted, regressed to an earlier form. But in all cases these were then in stabilization.

Note: These remain with us even today. In each land there are the large and very elusive man like beings living in the forests as they are able.

The Lady again sends us visuals. “These folk are the descendants of earlier attempts at provoking quick changes with the intent of providing physical vehicles suitable the habitation by human souls. In our time they are in their last generations. They are very slow to maintain their numbers now due to loss of habitat. In North America they are no longer reproducing. This is the reason for the occasional stories of abductions for the purpose of mating. Yes… they are close enough to we humans for interbreeding. It is also true that they are capable of speech. Though they seem so they are not animals. Their ancestors were the earlier simians found in Africa and Asia combined with the scientific efforts of those first two groups of travelers, visitors to the Earth. But those great ones who manage, oversee such things, allow them to finish their time in peace. Nothing is ever lost but everything, every movement towards the future, represents opportunity.

As we course through the airs high above the surface of the Earth and as the carpet dips lower, closer we seem to see things as they were long ago but in our own period of history. In one instance we find ourselves looking down at the island group later known as Atlantis. This land was described earlier, the location of the central areas given in terms of geographical locations under the waters of the Atlantic. Indeed a Google Earth reference was made for those who desired firmer evidence. But these folk inhabited other island lands too. In the north, on the shelf west of the highlands of present day Ireland there was a group of three islands. Further south, near to the present day Bay of Biscay another. This last was the source of those who shortly later moved to the higher lands to escape the flooding. Their ancestors can be found today in the Pyrenees mountains.

Following another of the larger lines left in Nazca we find ourselves in the lands which were later called after the prophet Noah. This is in the region known today as the Caucasus. These peoples were presented with a somewhat different challenge then most of the others. In their lands were another peoples, those who descended from the second time of visitation to our Earth. Like with our travelers these sought the modification of early, Earth produced proto human forms. Like in our time they were somewhat successful. We will recall though that because of certain Earth changes most of these were lost. This area of the world is known as present day Anatolia or Turkey. Memories of the flood were very strong. The people of those times sought refuge in cities that they dug into the Earth. Remains of these are known of today.

As our travelers watched they saw the Aryanans meet and interact with these older folk. They saw in them certain elements which were, to them, undesirable. But because of the overall similarity of form it was decided to allow interbreeding but with limitations. These people were deemed older and less capable then the newer. It was decreed that of them the females could be taken as wives but not the males as husbands. This was to insure a disruption of the older, less desirable, paternal lineages. This part of the world was to be the center of development for what would become our present day history, our beginnings. The people of that land called themselves the Nodites. Their land was known as the Land of Nod. (Mentioned in the Old Testament) The proto types of the new breed were given the instruction, the mandated requirement, that although a man could find a wife from within this other group, no newer breed of female was to mate with their (the older) males. Since the physical appearance of both groups was very similar a mark which would identify the newer (descended form the travelers) men was decided upon. This was the beginning of the tradition of male circumcision. No woman was allowed to mate with an uncircumcised male. It is interesting to note here too that this decision was the origin of the tradition adopted by a certain group residing in the eastern inland sea, of a “chosen people”. Chosen by the gods or... Chosen of the gods or... chosen by those travelers who did not descend. Forgetting by then the true history of the founding times, they came to refer to themselves in this way. It remains so today.

Note: The above, as with so many other events in human history was later attributed to God. This was because the truth had been forgotten.

Note: It was because of the travelers working in various lands around the world that even today we find the practice of male circumcision even in remote areas. It is born of an ancient memory. And so it is with we humans. These commonly coincide with stories about men from the skys who instructed.

Note: It has already been disclosed to the reader regarding the evolution of society in those times. Can we remember the way that the established learning centers, after administration was given over to the “new men” gradually changed into temples of worship of “the Gods”? From this point forward we humans have had a strong tradition of interaction with Gods, men greater than ourselves. This was recounted earlier in the story.

“Thus it was that in later generations those travelers who had remained in the ethereal, having only minimal interaction with the hybrid Earth peoples, passed from memory as men, came to be referred to as gods.” The Lady explains further. “And it was these early times, remembered later, which inspired men to adopt a multiplicity of gods in their pantheon. With little exception this was to remain until the time, the approach, of the hierarchy.” At this the Lady bids us rest… for a while.

The Lady now directs our attention to another of the ancient stories. “It is your world now. It is time. You must understand more about about your own history. When you know who you are you are prepared to go forward. To begin the new phase is the only purpose of the telling of this story after all.”

As we watch we see a depiction of life as it was so long ago in our reckoning. The earliest times, the beginning of city states in (present day) Iraq. The people gather in evenings to listen to stories told by the elders. Children, wide eyed with amazement draw closer to their mothers lest they be carried away by their fears.

As they sit quietly watching the dancing flames of the ceremonial fires they hear of their ancestors who came from the sky to the Earth, found wives from among Earth women and began a new civilization. As they listened they heard of giants of old who walked the Earth. The elder race was mysterious and almost unknowable. “is it true” one bold child asked “that those men lived for a thousand years or more? Why can’t we? What happened?” The Lady smiles as she sees our reaction to this question. “Let me explain to you how this happened and you will know that it was nothing at all to do with any magical nature of those folk”. As we watched and listened then the Lady impressed upon our minds the truth of that mystery.

The travelers in our time from Aryana used their own time as a foundation of reference here on the new world, the Earth. On their home planet of origin, Aryana, the measure was different. Aryana was a planet orbiting closer to their sun. It’s orbital period was much shorter. One Aryana year was much shorter than one Earth year. Described in Earth time, a year on the planet Aryana was but 28 days. Because of this and because it took time for them to adapt to this new planet the earliest records speak of these older peoples living for as long as 900 to 1000 years. Yes. That was the correct number of Aryana years but here on Earth, with the conversion, it was equal to a typical lifespan of 75 years. The Lady then impresses upon us the importance of what can happen when we have access to only partial truths. She smiles then… seeing in us our understanding.

We pause for a moment and then the Lady begins to speak again. “There is one more story about your ancestors to be shared. Rest for a moment and then we will move to a new location where you will be better able to understand”. We do so. In a moment we find ourselves returned to the lawn in the garden, our familiar Earth astral plane retreat. Surrounding us are our animal friends. Inside the building food waits for us in abundance. Drinks, fruits that look like they are from the Earth but are so much more delicious. Eat… and then sleep.

We dream and in this state we find ourselves once again upon the magical carpet… This time it is a special journey. The destination? We are about to witness an event which plays a somewhat important part in the stories told on our planet, the Earth. We wait and now we see a light in the distance. It grows larger. So fast it moves. Or are we moving towards it? As we slow we can feel a force pressing upon us. The Lady appears again. She, this time, is bathed in the whitest of bright lights as if she just returned from heaven and brought some of it’s substance as a gift. As we watch she speaks. “Children of the Earth I have one last story to tell. It is important because it is one of those tales which so often brings consternation to the listener. My purpose is not to entertain or to amaze but rather to confirm to you all the fact of our ability to search for and to find truth wherever it may be.” She begins.

A very long time ago during the time when the second of the group of travelers had arrived on the moon and were busy transferring material to the Earth below those of us who were of the first group of travelers were yet in the ethereal. It was now time though for us to complete our objective and to rejoin our fellows of the second group who had remained in the physical during the transit and arrival. This was a great time of transition for us all. Although we had come to this world from the older one in the ethereal we were human beings, advanced spiritually but not yet in completion. This was the setting in which our story takes place.

The time arrived that was later called the great moment of decision. This is a somewhat parallel event to a certain of the spiritual initiations. Those who had traveled in the ethereal with specific purpose were evolved to the point whereat they were ready…. And now the moment had come at last. But the pull of the physical, the allure of this new planet was great. They were to remain in the Earth heavens with new responsibilities. Some of these souls had seen what awaited the travelers on the Earth. They too had been traveling around the planet acting in service to their compatriots in the physical as they worked to prepare the way for the future. Of these many rued the loss of the pleasures of the flesh. Some, remembering the nature of this challenge, were able to raise themselves but others, not as firm in their stances, were not. As it turned out many of these souls, instead of stepping through the doorway of initiation, chose to revert, to regress, to rejoin in the physical their companions embarking on a new physical adventure.

This series of events was remembered in legends. One story told of angels who revolted and, lusting for the women of the Earth, left the heavens, returned to the physical and took to themselves wives from among those others who lived below. Another legend told of a war in heaven in which angels rebelled against authority. The truth of the time was however as given above. Some simply could not bear to leave the physical life behind.

The above story is real enough and it pertains to us all even today. We, all of us, will someday, some of us sooner than others, stand before the portal of decision. What will we do? How will we choose? We are free will beings. No matter how we decide there is no right or wrong, no reward of punishment, no vengeful deity. There is only loving understanding and the law which may not be violated. We are always free to choose for ourselves the paths that we will take.

In a moment we were awake and once again on the lawn in the garden. Where had we gone to? How did we get back if we were asleep? Where did the Lady go and was it only a dream after all? We were to discover later that the greater purpose in telling this story was to confirm to those who read the reality of spiritual purpose and the way it transforms life. Life! It is for each of us to hold close and cherish.

Those here on the Earth look to the sky while those in the near heavens watch the Earth. It is the bonding of the two which confirms.

Part 12 is to be called: The Path Ahead. In it we will sum up and speak briefly of a future time, the fourth story of humanity on Earth.

To be continued.

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Wow I found that so interesting.

Thank you for the post.
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Originally Posted by Redchic12
Wow I found that so interesting.

Thank you for the post.

And thank you for your kind response.

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