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Old 15-09-2021, 07:15 AM
ajay00 ajay00 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
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Alcohol consumption harmful to the brain, finds Oxford study

A new extensive Oxford University study has found that any amount of alcohol consumption is bad for your brain ...


Higher volume of alcohol consumption per week was associated with lower grey matter density the researchers found, with alcohol explaining up to a 0.8% change in grey matter volume, even after accounting for individual biological and behavioural characteristics.

Alcohol consumption is also linked to higher risk of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, liver damage, can exacerbating other existing diseases or disorders.

Blessed is the mind that jumps over and beyond its own conditioning and lands again into its natural state of unmoving awareness. - Mooji

Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Old 15-09-2021, 03:03 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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Was there any mention of reversing the damage?

Edit:I found this but it could be old info:
Once brain cells die, the effect of the brain damage is permanent. Thankfully, some of the changes in the alcoholic brain
are due to cells simply changing size in the brain.
Once an alcoholic has stopped drinking, these cells return to their normal volume,
showing that some alcohol-related brain damage is reversible.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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Old 15-09-2021, 07:37 PM
Guillaume Guillaume is offline
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if they had asked people to stop drinking for a couple of days before collecting the data, they wouldn't have found anything and wouldn't have published
EDIT: it's not even published, it's in peer review

at least for the moderate drinkers
for the heavy ones, yes, probably it's not good to drink a bottle a day, probably!

Excerpt from the study itself:
This is the first study, to our knowledg e, to find a relationship between alcohol
consumption at the time of s canning and res ting state functional connectivity in moderate drinkers. Resting state connectivity reflects current brain activity,
which may be associated with contemporary alcohol consumption in a direct
way, for instance by rebound from previous day, rather than chronic use.
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Old 15-09-2021, 10:00 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
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This has been a well known fact for years in fact i was watching a programme the other Night about First Responders and Paramedics.
They were saying they feel that anyone who goes to Hospital through Alcohol or Drug Addictions should be made to pay for their care.
as Aand E departments, are filling up because of them and it is self inflicted.
I happen to agree with them

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Old 16-09-2021, 02:22 AM
Traveler Traveler is offline
Join Date: May 2021
Posts: 495
Of course it is. Alcohol is literally a toxin to the body.
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Old 16-09-2021, 06:12 AM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 754
Yes not everyone knows it is doing damage to the brain as well so thank you for sharing that. Becoming addicted to alcohol has been discussed if genetic and/or a vulnerability that developed over time.

I had an ex who got addicted to it. A good man. He was always one to help others, but never accepted help himself. He would never bother the hospital if he was even dying I suspect. He was forced into rehab by his boss, eventually.

I do not think alcoholics should pay for their own treatment in the hospital. If we go down that road we should demand that those who overeat or did not watch the street before crossing and was hit - they should all pay, and the list can go on and on...

It is a disease. It ruins the life of the one who has it and can too ruin the lives of those close to that person and even strangers. Does not mean they don't have accountability.

I was young when staring out my romance with him. I was treated very well during our long term relationship. He was not abusive. He always (except with the break up) made me feel beautiful and funny and so on. He seemed so proud of me. He was so encouraging. To me for no reason. He had had a problematic past and I think it still haunted him although he would very rarely mention it. He had had issues, he said himself, with anger management and then went into treatment for that. In all the time we were a couple - he never called me names, he never put his hand up to hit me. One time i called him (young and passionate and caught in a fight, over his drinking) stupid. He then told me to please, not call him stupid. Let's not bring in those names in our fighting. To my understanding though it is a high procent of violence created by those who are drunk, addicted.

Our break up one evening always puzzled me. Years later he told me he did not remember what he had said, what had happened. He could not remember that earlier that evening as we were making dinner he had burned himself by accident. He still had the scar from it. That was when I had pointed it out. He seemed genuine and said he had woken up with it (and soon realizing I was gone) and had been meant to ask me how it got there (there was bandage around, I had helped him, put cold water on first). We were seeing each other again in a romantic way when we had this talk, and I was not satisfied with his answers and then I bottled up about it. I could still feel the unjustice of it underneith my skin. I did not want to start yelling at him. He was real calm and so forth when talking to me. I changed the subject. It continued, for me, to stay between us. I wanted to tell him "You fix this!" but I didn't. When I saw him again during this period he was not drunk, he was cool and fresh and things were better in his life than before. He would say the most endearing things to me and asked me to please give us more time before I called it quits but I couldn't. I remember once during a phone call I made to him I could hear in his voice how loving he sounded and it almost made me angry and I felt like an idiot because at the time I had very little to give, I was a mess myself, and he had told me it was fine then (my decision) we go back to just being friends (no intimacy), and this sentence here still haunts me : just please "don't cut me out of your life". I knew from before it was not allowed to talk about his drinking and/or his family standing behind him in this. I had felt shut out by them before because of this. Most likely they had just been scared. One thought if it just yelled at him not to drink so much that would do the trick. It does not work like that, of course. Most of his drinking was in our home in the evenings, he was not one to go out to party. He would not flirt with others that I knew. All and all he just seemed very loyal to me, as well as I was to him.

Only NOW this year, I have read just about what you point out - the brain damage it can cause, even long term. I understood as he went into (NOT rehab) quitting on his own, which can be life threatening and should alwyas be done in rehab but he was stubborn and so was his family (who was against me for wanting him in rehab which had a bad effect on me as well) and he quit on his own in our home. Taking a vacation for it. He almost never took vacation. He always wanted to do what was right, always hard working.

Anyways, I understood that after that, if it was weeks or 2 months or so, I can't remember, but I understood he got anxiety suddenly and one time it came when we were in a car and he asked me to please go inside a shopping centre myself. Before he would never be bothered about it.

I am so sorry that I did not have the knowledge to understand or even believe him when he said he did not remember our break up. I've read now you see that they can forget such a long time after - ours were about 6 months of so after he had given up drinking and he to me worked normally, talked normally, handled his job, drove. Could too have been the stress of the break up that I did not understand from his point either as I saw it as his fault that we did break up, he caused this - he wanted this, he was no victim, I was and if he wanted me back he better come to terms with that and do what's right and he didn't. Some short time after that he relapsed, I heard him on the phone - drunk.

I suspect he had a period of facing depression before he met me. I was not his first. He would just one time mention to me that just before he met me had been feeling really low. Could be he did not take this seriously and sought out treatment for it, and then instead self medicated with alcohol. I watched in despair just how tolerant he would be and become to alcohol throughout our relationship, even if we - the two of us - were not unhappy or had a rocky relationship, we had one that was in harmony. I beleive we were soulmates. We just had a connection that is hard to put in words. I fell out of love with him, but on some level I don't think I stoped loving him but in my own way, it was not romantic no more though. It's hard to describe that to others but when you have the type of memories I have and then the journey in both our lives after that, the break up, it's hard to be cold and dismissive, and I think I do good to serve his memory to remember the good he gave, the good he was.

Thank you very much for making a thread about this and widen people's knowledge of it.
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Old 16-09-2021, 11:02 AM
ajay00 ajay00 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 1,196
Dear Asearcher. You have written the above post so eloquently and aesthetically from the heart, that it was like a beautiful, tragic poem full of deep feeling, to me.

I agree that many alcoholics are good people who unfortunately are conditioned to take alcohol to sort out past issues which may be troubling them, instead of taking professional help.

I am glad that the article has been helpful to you in understanding better your ex-partner's issue.

I think your detailed post would do better work than the op in convincing people of the perils of alcoholism. Thank you very much.
Blessed is the mind that jumps over and beyond its own conditioning and lands again into its natural state of unmoving awareness. - Mooji

Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Old 16-09-2021, 04:18 PM
Altair Altair is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
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Depends doesn't it. The vast majority of people drink alcohol and only a tiny percentage becomes alcoholics. Drinking in moderation, and in good company, can outweigh the risks that come with it. Ask the French or any other people across Europe.
~ Verus Nullus, Omnis Licitus

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Old 16-09-2021, 11:56 PM
astralsuzy astralsuzy is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 3,520
Originally Posted by Altair
Depends doesn't it. The vast majority of people drink alcohol and only a tiny percentage becomes alcoholics. Drinking in moderation, and in good company, can outweigh the risks that come with it. Ask the French or any other people across Europe.
True, drinking is alright in moderation. It will not do any harm. It is the same with everything. If you eat a couple of biscuits a day that will not do any harm. If you eat a packet of biscuits a day then that is bad.
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Old 19-09-2021, 02:39 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 754
Ajay00, that's super sweet of you.

I forgot to mention in the earlier post something else that I think could have been brain damage. This was some time after the break up when I thought I would not see him again.

Suddenly then one day he showed up outside my work by his car. His attitude then and to come was as if he had jumped over the last chapter of our break up, relationship. I was surprised at his frustration and entitlement. He wanted me back, was clear to me, in some shape. He wanted me to stop this "nonsense". He was not verbally abusive and not physically either. He would continue to call me non stop and tell me on the answering machine to pick up. He would swift from being sweet to this entitlement, as if we had never broken up or as if he was just stubborn enough he would get me back. Still when and if I would try to talk to him about the break up, what happened, I got nowhere. It was like I could not talk to him. It was so weird. His eyes. Before in the past we use to connect real quick. We could talk about anything. I learned quickly in the relationship that he was a truth teller. I learned that if I asked a question then I better prepare myself for the answer- because he would answer. He would never lie to me about his drinking either, would not hide it away etc. I have learned that many others do that, but it could be because he was just built the way he was, and that we use to be very truthful to one another. During this sad period after the break up he would be bringing and leaving expensive bouques outside my door to just sitting in the car and wait for me to quit my job or leave my home. I had plans to get my own place and was at the time living with my first family and they thought I should stay there til he had cooled off. None of us were used to seeing him like that. I would ask if he needed help and if so if there was someone he would want me to call but he did not reply and drove off once after that. I could just see in his eyes and the way he spoke it wasn't him, but still was. It was strange. I don't think he wanted me to baby him. That he wasn't in trouble. He was by then drinking again. I remember I thought about how he handled work and everything else when he was like that.

This episode of his ended when I sort of forced him to shake my hand and said we have to stop this (fighting) and if we could just be friends. He agreed. After that it was none of that.

I remember when I presented him with papers of rehab when we had been a couple. I would support him all the way, emotionally. I was not afraid of this. I had no shame. I did not care about shame. I was fed up with shame. I was proud of him. I was proud of us. There was not going to be a single person out there that would make me feel ashamed of him. But I understood he had shame. His family had shame.

To go out there and face that shame - that is something. But some people don't get that. What it takes. I once asked him "Are you a murderer?" and he went "No", and I said "Then you have nothing to be ashamed of".I was trying to make it easier for him, but it didn't work.

Before I would present him with the papers of rehab I was trying to pursue his side of the family, a key person, to just be there, not having to speak, I could do the talking, but this person refused. Then years later when I got a call from him being in rehab one of the things he told me was when someone from his family had told him he was an alcoholic - then it hit him. I had the sudden urge to tell him so it did not matter that I had said it like way before, but thought this was not the time to make him feel bad about it, so instead I c hose to just be happy for him and encouraging. It could prove my point though which was that I thought if we stood united in this - to get him to rehab (Like I've seen them do in movies) it would work.

About the bad stuff that had made him angry before in his childhood or youth - I noticed one thing about that. He had confessed something to me. Someone from his family found out he had told me. Even if I had not said a word. I think it was actually him that had said he had told me. He then tried to convince me to go and see this person as this person wanted to talk to me about that. I thought what for? I had his version of the truth and that was all I needed. I could figure there were other versions as well, but the bottom line was that this did not happen to the other family members, this happened to him. But anyways I went and it felt as if the version of the truth of this family member was being pressured on me and as if it was wished for that I would become this little girl, as I can imagine he had been pressured to become or still be the little boy, mentally. I was not interested in that. I remember turning to him, my boyfriend, and saying I am sorry this happened to you and I believe you. And then excusing us saying we had to go and do something. I could feel the anger in me but I stayed civil. I also felt like crying there for a period during the conversation because the way it was acted out towards me was as if I had done something. And the truth was - when he was a boy and this happened - he had not deserved that. And neither did I. But I had the strenght and the clarity with me coming from the outside into this old dusty situation. When I felt like crying it was not so much what this other person was up to, it was that he had taken me there - because he had bended, and now he was taken me into that situation and was to watch me get bend too. Only I was not bending. But I knew at that point that he was not strong enough to see it with the clarity I did and in my heart I forgave him just like that, even if I did not think it was right. All other times he used to be (over) protective of me. I think he thought or had been talked into that it was he who had told me the "wrong" version, and now that was going to be "corrected", so from his viewpoint it could have been that I was not the one being punished during this talk, he was. I noticed something was up with him because normally he wasn't like that. He didn't do any of the talking. But I kept looking at him, not this other person, and I kept trying to validate him even if he was silenced. If I hadn't known it before I knew it then - that there was something bigger at play here.

Now, I could be wrong, but for some reason I still remember this. I remember one time my own child got into something with an grown up and this grown up really tried to show my child who's version of the truth and who's version of what was right mattered and it sure as hell was not my childs. I jumped in and did the same as I had done years before with my then boyfriend and later I send the child off to play. That was when I took this other grown up eye to eye and said my child has equal right to have an own reaction on things that this child has been involved in. You are not the only one who has that right. My child respected your version of the role you played. Now you respect my child's, this happened to my child. Again I could feel the anger boiling right under my skin.

I just don't think what had happened in the past with my then boyfriend was finished even if he had gone and gotten treatment to handle his anger. If more than anything maybe he learned all the trics on how to hold back his anger, but still it had to go somewhere, and it may just have gone directly to that bottle. I don't know. Just guesses.

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