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Old 08-07-2006, 05:15 PM
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Near Death / Vision Experiance

This would probably be classified as a near death experiance. I had wrote an email to a friend, she suggested I post it on a site like this.
This is my first post here, I've been checking it out a little for a few days. I like the Vb format as it's the same as a fishing site I used to frequent so I know how it works.
Anyway, I was wondering if others here have had a similar experiance. Also for me I guess I was so surprised to have such a "traditional" biblical type experiance. In other words not a spiritual guide or loved one, but Jesus. Wouldn't have remotely dreamed that would be my experiance.
Here's a copy & paste of what I wrote her. Certainly there was a few other things, vague. Oh, I might mention it seemed like 20-30 minutes to me, but actually took place in about 5 minutes.

I told you that night I had a Jesus experience.
It was quite vivid. The circumstances leading up to it was I had a cold
and was taking medication for it, drank a few beers ( I was still a
practicing alcoholic at that time). I was the ripe old age of about 23 as
best I recall. My friend (Byron) told me I had a blotchy red splotch on my
neck, I told him it was from shaving, etc. He insisted I go look in the
mirror. The blotch spread out on my neck & chest as I was looking. Also an
intense heat was upon me. I told him we'd better get to the hospital. Then
I got dizzy & passed out there on the floor. This is where the experience
I became comfortably warm and shot up thru the tunnel. Almost like a
tornado under great acceleration, similar to a jet take off. Next I was in
orbit around the earth, realizing I had no physical body, but I could see
the earth below. Strange music was playing...sort of like some Miles Davis
fusion jazz. I realized I was also infused with infinite knowledge. So I
let myself see how the pyramids were built and told myself I can't wait to
get back to explain the mystery to everyone. My orbit was extending out
away from Earth, I began to wonder what was really going on, was I in
danger, was I dead ?? Suddenly a bright light was apparent in the
distance, coming towards my location. Now a "screen" appeared and my entire
life was viewed, every little dastardly deed and shameful selfish moment was
played out. I knew I was doomed, because I was beginning to feel the
presence of God was about to appear. I was remorseful and ashamed of my
past deeds. The screen disappeared, the light was close, and bright, but
having no eyes with no body, it didn't blind me. The light was so bright,
and it was Jesus. We spoke, I said I guess I'm going to hell. he said, "
No you are remorseful and besides, I have already taken care of that for
you." I told him I wasn't sure if he was real, that I had doubted his
existence. He said, no, I'm real alright, and I have made all things right
to my father for you. Not to worry, that dieing was no big deal (or
something to that effect) That it was easy or see, you've just been thru it
and it's nothing to worry about.
Also that the truth was that we were all going to "heaven" and that truth
( I have made all things right to my father for you)would set you free and
that I was to go...repent, sin no more and carry that message. He said he
was not happy that his message had been perverted and especially that people
were using his name to harm each other, That we are all brothers & sisters
and need to help each other. It was my mission to return and carry this
message to mankind.
Too tall an order, I protested, besides, I want to stay here, now. He told
me this was not my time and boom, I opened my eyes to a jolt as Byron was
pounding me upon my chest. He wanted me to go to the hospital, but I
assured him I was okay now.
I haven't told to many of this experience, but lately I've decided after 30
years that I'm more comfortable in my skin and can mention it to a few. Oh,
I lost the memory of the vision to the mystery of the pyramids too.
Old 12-07-2006, 10:52 PM
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if 1000 people die at the same time how would jesus do what he done with you with 1000 people i shouldnt ask but im curious.
Old 19-07-2006, 01:44 PM
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I think in spirit all things are possible because we've slipped the bounds of time, space and material existence. I was surprised and shocked to have an "biblical" type event. In other words, it followed closely to what I'd been taught as a child, I would've much more expected simply an angel or representative, certainly not Jesus to appear. But then again, I guess maybe Budda might have came had I been raised with that background??
Just an interesting event and as I read somewhere else most people who've had one won't mention it because people do have a tendacy to give you those strange looks.......
Old 29-07-2006, 03:46 AM
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Many moons ago, I accidentally discovered meditation. I should say, It found me. I did not find it. I was fascinated by what occurred and decided to see if I could replicate it. Yep. Not only that, but I then discovered that I could go deeper...and even deeper still. As I did so, my metabolism was growing slower each time. The body would appear very white and cold. After 9 months of many hours a day, learning to go ever deeper, one night I was only hoping to have my first astral experience. Instead, I expanded. It was much like fluid electric waves of color until I felt I was the size of the known universe. Suddenly, I sensed that I was not breathing and could not detect my heart beating. I panicked, and then my heart went into what I thought to be a full-blown heart-attack. Then I felt my heartbeat drifted away. In milliseconds I went from the size of an atom within an atom ( and everything went black) to the vastness of the universe where everything was white. In more than I can describe here, I went into the tunnel at the same time. A vision occurred at the same time all this was happening where I was walking up a tremendous staircase to these doors the size of the Empire State Building. As the doors opened, I could see a light. As I rushed through the tunnel, I became the Light. This, I would say, is the one most incredible experience of my entire life. A voice then said 'Go back'. It was not my voice. ( Someone later told me that it was my own ego, and that is how much we resist the Light.) I obeyed, and I came back. When I did so, I was depressed that I had to. My body felt so very heavy. Yet, I was stunned by the whole experience. No longer did I have a fear of death. I also knew there was a God. At the point that I was having the experience and I knew I was dying, there was but one thought that took me through my fear: that either there was a God, or there wasn't. I was to learn years later that apparently the meditation method that I was unconsciously using is called Kriya Yoga. I have tried to replicate this experience, but never have again. I have had other interdimensional experiences that have been right up there, but never one that topped this. I see no harm in telling others about this experience, because I figure that it's not as easy as it seems, and I also believe that on one can die before their time. I would imagine that great meditators in India and elsewhere can do this on a daily basis. Paul ( Bible) stated 'I die daily'. To me the true 'death' is the death of the ego. Anyway, I have shared something that I hope brings someone Light.

Old 29-07-2006, 10:50 AM
Ascended Master
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Old 29-07-2006, 10:51 AM
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Thanks for sharing that As I Dream. The more we share the more we wake up - after all we are all one and would you ever hold back from sharing a great experience with yourself?

Every possibility shared brings "us" one step closer to full SELF realisation.
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