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Old 03-05-2024, 09:27 PM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
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Location: Vancouver, WA, USA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, Ukraine.
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Part 12 The Path Ahead


The following is the attempt, by the author, to convey realistically the relationships which exist on a higher plane yet within the spiritual body of our solar system. The reader is asked to be patient, to perhaps read twice what is offered. Those who find concordance in even a lesser degree are asked to set their minds to action so that the appropriate corresponding form can be constructed and placed, perhaps with your own additions, here close to the Earth for others to find.

The story continues


There are regions high above the physical planets in which, viewed from the ethereal bodies, appear to be vast cities peopled by those who, having achieved purpose, are now engaged in that work which continues but, free from the suffering found below in the physical. Legends exist which speak of these. With good reason. They are real.

Note: In this context “having achieved purpose” refers to those who have completed the long cycle of incarnations in the physical and who are now continuing the work of others in the “super-physical” (lower spiritual planes).

Note: We find, occasionally story tellers who speak of such cities in the skies over fictional planets. One such is said to exist high in the airs above the planet Venus. Another more recent work describes cities high in the atmosphere of the planet Neptune inhabited by a people who are in what we might call light physical bodies. Others are more imaginary, further away, as far as we can send our minds with those questions. As we use our imaginations we, could we but realize it, are using our abilities in ways which date to our beginnings. The story teller was once the magician of the group, he or she who, in dark times close to campfires, were able to collect everyone present and carry them away to places of wonder, enchantment… Sometimes to wonderfully colored cities in the skies far above the Earth. The references given herein mean to suggest that as we imagine this or that we are, in reality, sending our minds far away where they fetch glimpses of other realities which an author will then use…

With this the Lady stops. We seem to be asleep, or rather in that curious state best described as almost asleep… but aware. Motion. Speeding. We remain on the carpet as it travels outward from the Earth. Sleep.

Saturn (the sacred heart)

“Awake now and look about you. Here we are high in the ethereal heavens of the planet Saturn, the heart center of our solar system. Below and in the physical is the planet comprised of rock and gases that we know of from our studies while on Earth. Here we are within the ethereal body of that world though. And here we find a people living and working. To our eyes it seems as though they are high in the atmosphere of that world. We see the vast structures seeming to be made of light. Above them and beneath are none of the supporting structures that our rational minds would expect. For this and other reasons too, we have transformed temporarily to a group identity. As individuals we would not be able to visit this place. As these thoughts surround us our carpet which strangely has remained unchanged comes to a rest. Before us is a door, a very large portal made of the sacred metal gold (so called because of it’s enduring, transcendent qualities). Again the lady speaks to us…

“Within this building a people work. They bid us welcome and enter…” In a moment we find ourselves in a hall surrounded by other souls all in group form. In the same way as does the Lady they speak to us. We are to learn the methods through which divine purpose is disseminated, implemented throughout the created universe but in particular, our solar system. The Lady bids us be seated as they begin.

“We are God’s love for you all. Here, within the solar heart, this quality is known as love, in it’s higher expression, is ““cooperation with (divine) purpose””. We, here in this world are unencumbered by the physical having left it behind in order to walk new paths in the created universe. If you were to view us as being the higher correspondence of yourselves you would be correct. As you see us now is a possibility, a possible future path for you too. But what of our work?”

Joined with the solar crown center above and with others of the system below we act as trans-formative agents concerned with those aspects of spiritual evolution that affect the system as a whole and the planet, your home, the Earth in particular. Through our work the great ones who minister to your world are able to better convey the realities of purpose as it is known to deity. In this way a man, yet to realize higher realities, is able to live successfully, as though, the wisdom that he finds did originate in his individual self. Because of our work here on Saturn within the Heart of God, each spiritual guide concerned with the planet Earth is able to provide correct responses, suggestions, impulses and explanations which, in time, in turn, realize forward movement for their wards. If you visualize our efforts as being intermediary you would be correct.” Here they pause as the Lady injects a visual representation of what was said.

As we wait we suddenly are able to see the systemic ethereal with all of it’s intricacies. We are shown great mazes of energies flowing as if upon carefully constructed pathways in the skies surrounding each planet and to our home, the Earth, in particular. Here we also note the interplay between each of the Earth’s heavens as they react to progress made by this Saturnian group. And we know, although we are prevented seeing plainly, that above all is the great solar mind in deep meditation. In our collective mind we now understand all of this through the (garden) metaphor of agriculture. As crops are planted with care so grow the ideals which nourish a people.

Note: Here we might be reminded of the Roman god Saturnus but not of the lower expression. Can we now draw a link between the divine purpose of the higher with the emotional attachment of the lower? And can we see that, through the metaphor of a garden producing nourishments another truth is realized?

In the physical are the opportunities that exist no where else in the created worlds. Only here are we able, for more than a few moments, walk upon the same paths as do the dark ones. In this statement we realize much regarding the secondary purposes of efforts such as these that we discover here (by the enlightened ones, our elders).

As we listen to her words which come to us, as always, in some unspoken form, the reassuring quiet of truth seems to say: “Protections are no longer necessary. You have learned.”

Now a sleep comes upon us all and, losing ourselves within it’s warm embrace we seem to forget. But we have returned now to the Earth’s ethereal, to our familiar garden setting. It seems strangely heavy now to us since we have just been in such the lighter airs of another world. But all is well. The Lady bids us sleep…

The Saturnian center

The lady causes us to visualize the greater whole of the spiritual solar system as it really is. The sun, the crown. The solar plexus, the Earth and now the heart, the planet Saturn. About us are bands of a kind of green colors each just a bit different but it seems to us that it cannot be seen at all and look again to the Lady for an explanation. And high above the green blends with and then becomes blue, then the deepest violet. “Yes, it is correct. You have discerned it. Here, within the heart chakra of our solar system as we truly are, we see in a very different way. Think again of correspondences and realize that it is because you have successfully joined together into a new identity that what we are about to see is possible.”

“We are within the spiritual heart of the great spiritual being which “informs” the spiritual crown center, our star, sol. It is this entity which mystics through the ages have known as God. From this location in the systemic spiritual body it is possible to know of that aspect of divinity, rather the higher correspondence of that aspect which, here on Earth and by lower extension, in our own individual spiritual bodies, as love. The consideration of such spiritual relationships can be overwhelming however. This, the Lady now addresses.

Note: Visualize our own ethereal bodies. The crown and heart merged is the sign of she or he who has taken the first of the major initiations. Now gaze heavenward again. Do we see the systemic crown and heart likewise blended? In both examples we will find love and will. These two attributes, when joined, reveal divine purpose. In either examples it is only the correspondence which differs.

“As our own auras will indicate the lines of force connect our various centers so that they function as a whole. If we view our hearts we will find a direct link to the crown, our minds. This connection is that which we consider now except that instead of as pertains to our bodies we now look at the great solar body, the aura of God. We are within the heart chakra now. Although it may seem difficult to imagine there does exist an energetic line, a channel, between where we are now and the crown chakra of our system which is found corresponding to our star, sol. And now as you consider this grand structure you will understand another correspondence. We speak of love. On such high levels as we find ourselves now the combination of the solar heart and crown produce the activity which is best described as being cooperation with divine purpose.” And with that the Lady stops… We rest.

Note: The above statement may seem a bit complex. It is only because of our present inclination for linear thinking. But the Lady went on to explain further…


“We have all heard of the phenomena called ascension. This, in simplest terms, describes the occasion that each of us experiences, each in our own time. Think in terms of initiation. Now consider lesser and greater. Close to the time when a human soul nears the portal of release a point of decision is presented, as was told of earlier. Following this, closely, is another. Will we remain in the Earth’s system or perhaps move to the higher, the solar? Some will leave altogether for distant realms, new pathways in evolution. All of these are paths of ascension. Which will we select?

Those human souls who we find now in the high cities of the Saturnian system (the new atmospherian home) do so because they have chosen to remain within the spiritual body of our star where they will be engaged in the work of maintenance. This is a discipline which concerns itself with the preservation of the energetic balance between the whole of the system, as it appears in the solar ethereal. Consider the human body. Now visualize the balance, the interplay between the lower and the higher chakras. When it is properly maintained the whole of the person is as near to the harmony of experience as it is possible to be. Now… purpose or rather Divine Love as we in Saturn call it, may be considered as it truly is.”

The Lady, finding us working to understand all this, reminds us again of correspondences in divine expression. “To better understand the activities of a soul here as opposed to on the Earth think in terms of moment to moment awareness. The soul working in the sphere of Saturn is comparable to the soul bound to the Earth physical by comparing the waking state to that of a deep meditation. Now we can easily remember that the real difference is related to access.
In the Earth we think and act as Earth beings. In the solar we have ascended and now think and act in terms of access which is much higher.”

The Lady presents for our consideration a visual as follows. “Look now as we see our home, the Earth. Notice it’s activity. The focus is largely concerned with the interplay between the physical, the emotional and the higher of it’s heavens. Now consider the planet Saturn. It is less to do with the physical and more concerned with the interplay between the higher (systemic) heavens. This, with established links connecting Sol to the Earth. This describes the shift to the higher which the idea of ascension evokes in the soul.

Note: Another, perhaps simpler, way to understand is to consider that while here in the Earth system we are a part of, subordinate to, the great one (the Logos) of the planet. Later, having achieved ascension, we have joined the higher, the solar (Logos). It is the differential between these two, measured for our convenience as awareness (or consciousness) which explains what otherwise might seem difficult.

As the above is impressed upon our minds we are again aware of our immediate surroundings. We remain on the carpet as it speeds through the ethereal airs high above the hard surface of the planet, Saturn. On the horizon before us are the lights of a vast structure… a city inhabited by souls, some from the Earth system, others from distant places but all engaged In the same efforts which are to do with the regulations, the balances, between the lower heavens as they exist throughout the solar system.

The buildings seem of glass but they are alive, vibrating, glowing, emitting their own light as if by some miraculous process. Then we realize that through this heart center we are able to see, as it were, into the mind of god. Our journey continues for a time then we slow and come to a stop. The Lady points in the direction of a very large complex that appears to us to be a temple (on Earth we might think so). Here is the center within the heart that we have heard of before but never realized. It is to this point that influences from “the outside” terminate. Here we also find energetic pathways extending to distant galactic constellations. It is to this point that the angelic controllers of the astrological influences are concerned. Here, at this point in the Saturnian body we find the spiritual mechanisms which bring to our solar system all of those qualities which are so necessary to the development of the whole of the spiritual lives of the system.

The Lady speaks again. “It is because of and through such portals that the Will, and thus purpose, of the creator is conveyed, distributed, transformed… into those actions which, when properly applied, are responsible for the lower spiritual lives within a system. Here we see that of our heart but from the vantage of our world, the solar plexus. Now can we remember that we are deliberately designed beings. That, as such, our struggles below in the physical are so powerful?

In this part of our story we, our group, traveling in company with the First Angel, the Lady have been introduced to the spiritual aspect of our solar system. We are given an introduction to the work of those who guide. In addition we find information about the interplay, the spiritual links between the higher and the lower. Of greater interest however may be through the realization of our own roles, future roles, in this grand spiritual scheme. Those lands which we have seen, those activities, indeed a sampling of the functional diagram which does exist within the great solar body… are for us to contemplate. The Lady continues now “What you have been introduced to is representative of your own futures. Which of these paths will you select and to what adventures will it lead?

After an interlude part 13 will continue our story. In this we will look to the future of our solar system to gain a better understanding of what the larger design truly is. We will look into the next iteration of humanity on Earth.

Part 13 will be called The Fourth.

To be continued.

Bibliographical note:

Partial quote from the author’s preface to the volume Oahspe, copyright John Ballou, New York City, 1882.

The term “atmospheria” is not mine. So far as I know it was coined, first used by the 19th century author referenced above. I use the term here with assumed permission.

The planet Saturn has long been known as being a sacred one. This, I believe, is due to it’s role of being the Heart of God.

The Earth, being the solar plexus, is not so designated.

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Old 17-06-2024, 05:15 AM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Vancouver, WA, USA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, Ukraine.
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Note from Bartholomew.

I've been off the forum for about ten days. At first I thought it was just a fluke. Today I got a notification email from the site. I decided to look at the problem. My internet security program had been blocking the site for unknown reasons. I made a change to it and am back.

I just wanted to explain to any who might be concerned. I am sorry I didn't look at it sooner.

Part 13 of the story will be ready in one week. I ask your continued patience.

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Old 17-06-2024, 06:31 AM
AngelBlue AngelBlue is offline
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Oh that's good to hear Bart.
I was starting to worry , I won't lie !
All's well that ends well .
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Old 17-06-2024, 07:57 AM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
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Good to hear you sorted it out

The Spoken Word Always Comes Back As Whispers In
The Wind
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Old 17-06-2024, 05:11 PM
Redchic12 Redchic12 is offline
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Can’t wait for the next part!
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Old 17-06-2024, 08:42 PM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Vancouver, WA, USA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, Ukraine.
Posts: 655
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Originally Posted by Redchic12
Can’t wait for the next part!

Our story is winding down to a conclusion now. But not an ending. More like a catching up to the future or a preview of our kind.

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