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Old 21-01-2022, 09:42 PM
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When you go to the low level realms?

in a past life of mine how i died would reset in childhood nightmares, i would feel it too hours or 1-2 days or so before - that it would happen again. that nightmare. i am still petrofied for it to return. it stop coming around when i was a child. i would remember some details of it.

later in life as i was around some famous places tourists go to i recognized myself and from then on flashbacks came and dreams came and it was as if i was two people instead of just one, me. at the time i was not aware of past life belief system, at best i knew there was something like it in india but i then thought (I wasn't so old) it was monks that refuse to eat rice without making sure no animal accidentally was in it as it could be a dead relatives of theirs, reborn. That was what my past life knowing was, LOL.

I would have these flashbacks, knowings and dreams for several years without knowing what to do with them and what they were. many of them had no interest to me at all. they were not interesting. i felt, remembered the family, their essence, looks, personality, and it was a very strange feeling to miss people i had never even met and did not know if they had ever lived or still did.

finally someone told me that she thought this was a past life of mine, and how it had finished had made it unfinished and that that was why it was happening to me now.

i wonder even if you are a good person if you die like I died - after a fight with an ex boyfriend, who still presented himself as my boyfriend to police - the kind of feelings you die with, if it is negative - do you then go to the low level realms?

my death was ruled as an overdose of something unfamiliar in my body that my then ex boyfriend gave me after our fight. he would say that he did not think it killed me, that i was only sleeping. in the reports (I found her!) he did not want no ambulance or police to come to my aid.

in my nightmare from childhood i remember his face, the expression of it and i would say he knew he was killing me with that stuff and he didn't help me. my parents would tell me that man in the dream was not real. that was when too i would see a photo of him many years later that i then knew my nightmare had been true.

they could never find a reason why he would have deliberately done it to me even if neighbor reported hearing us fight .

From my flashbacks and memory my strongest guess is that he was jealous with my ex husband who had become too close to me at the end, he had stop drinking and we were both parents and caring about that. I was fighting my way out of an addiction as well, and we were both into God then.

As part of me leaving that life behind, what it now was I took, it also meant I left my dealer which was my ex boyfriend, and he came back.

I have only one memory of him at a different time. The feelings that then came over me was that I was trapped. That I pretended to be happy, be his girlfriend, but that I knew I did not love him, but I had to pretend I did or else he would not give me the stuff. In the reports friends would say that they had encouraged this relationship, that they wanted me to give it more time, that everyone thought we were happy, that he too would cry and say that we were in love. He claimed the fighting had nothing to do with jealousy or anything like that, but about the drugs. He claimed I was in a terrible mood and that he was only trying to calm me down, that I wanted, demanded he give me something.

I think my sin was that I was only seeing him, perhaps yes, hoping I would love him, but finding out that wasn't happening, but still needing the stuff. That was wrong of me. I think I must have been desperate.

i am worried that if i die this time around with negative emotions in my system, in my nightmare and the feeling before I feel as if I am drugged in some very strange way (I've never used drugs in my life but I can imagine that is what it feels like before it goes wrong too) I will end up in the low realms?

I've had dreams and barely knowings that I am drifting off somehow in the low level realms, had it for years. Never quite know what exactly I am doing there. Maybe a part of me feel as if I belong there?

When I was a child I would have this strange feeling from a dream and even as I sat up and looked, I would see fragments of hands, arms reaching out to touch me, before I finally really came too.

I have had a vision, dream, nightmare too when I wake too and I understand that I am somewhere in the low level realms, and there too beings are trying to touch me, it is more that they must see me as something, but what I don't know, and for some reason they are reaching out.

What i don't like about all of this is that I suspect it is me who wanders about in my sleep, dreams. Perhaps I am fortunate that I don't remember anything really wrong taking place, to me or to anyone.

I think too because of that state of mind I might have taken beings with me back into my reality, I don't think I am connected to them in any way other than that it feels to me as if they are from the low level realms. I think there is some sort of "ruling", steps in authority, there, some too intelligent beings, but that is just a hunch.

I'm not interested in ending up there and have thought to myself am i bad or think i am bad and that is why i am there? or is it these negative emotions I have? Does that make me bad?

I think my past life self had a self destructive seed in her, especially after she got divorced as that was such a social shame in those days and she was then seen as bad. I don't think before her marriage or during she felt she had such a label. I think she felt bad about the divorce but at the same time he was drinking and he wasn't good to her, then. I don't think the drinking took out the best in him if we put it that way. The ex husband would recover and would say that he still loved her and that he always would.
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Old 20-04-2022, 02:15 AM
Cally31 Cally31 is offline
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Interesting post first of all. Hope you dont mind if i ask some questions? How did you know it was ruled as an overdose? You speak of reports... what your mentioning - Are these a case of just knowing what and how it was it occurred or where these facts checkable in your present life from what you remembered in your past from flashbacks.
Everything is energy one way or another. You end up where you resonate with. I truly believe highering the level you vibrate at and resonate with will prevent you descending to lower realms. You need to be proactive and start trying to consciously experience joy and happiness in your current life to offset any negative emotions you may carry with you from your past life. When things are carried over into the next it means we havent learnt from them. What is it you need to learn and move on from in order to grow ? Focusing on all the good things in your current life daily will make a big difference to what you resonate with on an energetic level .... just my take on things. Hope you manage to heal and move on.
"The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels" Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Old 20-04-2022, 03:17 PM
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Thank you Cally31! :) I knew through coroner report. I would remember from childhood nightmare what happened and flashbacks through meditative state and then years later I got the coroner report .

I agree with everything you have written.
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Old 26-05-2022, 07:34 PM
lostsoul13 lostsoul13 is offline
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Good post!

I remember this story of yours- will probably be haunting you for life’s yet until you figure out everything, you seem to lose your centre in reincarnation- I keep mine until my 100th reincarnation there about- I’m bashed by then- but you’ve done a good job recovering the life! Your detached from it which is sincere!
Vampire speed..

Arabic first language (English)- bear with me and please be patient)
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