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Old 21-11-2020, 07:25 PM
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A channeled message for the Thanksgiving Holiday Season

(A note about channeling before I begin. I have come to develop my own way of connecting to my channeling space, and that includes protection from my angels and guides - so just saying. This channeling also took at least 30 minutes, maybe a lot longer. I didnít time it, but a lot of time was just feeling and being and allowing - it felt incredible. I didnít get words at first, and it took me a long while to get there and stay there and just be. I still feel this energy flowing in me - wow is all I can say. I wasnít sure if this one was meant to pass on, as it wasnít what I was expecting, but then I always think, if this helps one other person, then that is worth posting.)

A channeled message for the Thanksgiving Holiday Season

I would like to channel on this topic. I am not sure who I want to channel, and I want to be a clear channel. Usually I know right away who I want to channel, but nothing comes to mind, so II think Iíll let the Sky decide. I would like to channel a Higher Guide from the lIght.

Thank you!


Good morning. We want to take this opportunity to allow you to go higher. We are from the light. As requested. Since you are there and we are here, in order to access our dimension you just have to float your way up here. We will wait.

It is hard for you to visualize where you are going, so take a moment.

We are a group consciousness. We are from the Light. We call ourselves by names you are unfamiliar with. Sit for a moment. We are making the connection.

Humanity. Trees. Forrest. Nature. Paths to follow. Spring.

Healing. Water. Joy. Abundance. Clarity. Vision.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Love. Permeating throughout my body.. I wanted to feel what the love felt like in the fifth dimension. What it felt like to just be love. We are adjusting your vibration. I can feel that. I feel my heart opening up. I am breathing in love. The food i am eating is good. It is helping. Clear toxins from my body. Put the phone away. (I had my phone in my pocket).

Rainbow body.

We are from the light. No worries. Allow us to take the ship over.


Breathe. Release. Relax. Calm. This may be slow, it is coming from a great distance away from you.


The words may falter a bit as we access your communication language.


Each language holds its own resonance and we are choosing words that will resonate within you for optimum affect.


You are loved. You are love. You come from love. We are love. The universe is love. Sit and bask in that love for a moment. We will wait.

Today is a new day in your world. Each day brings newness of love and light and breathtaking choices for each of you to choose. A cornucopia of choices. Almost too much to choose from. We see you in your now and see you making your own choices and each choice brings you a gift whether wanted or unwanted. Your choices form your reality as you know it. The choices you do not make fall away. Unopened. The choices you make become your reality in sight and sound and vision. It tunes you daily. Making no choice is a choice as well. Neutrality is a choice as well. It equals the balance of the immenseness of the choices you have, helps you to find your balance amongst all that chaos of choices. When you sit and do this, allow the love to flow, your body gets a chance to rejuvenate itself to the love it can hold, like pluging into a socket of love. When you take time each day to do this, you are tuning yourself each day to the love energy like you would plug into an electrical socket something that needs electricity. You can also plug into this as if you were the item needing electricity except the item you need is love. Love energy, love source, love friction, love peace, love calm, love emotion. Your body feels this love and absorbs it and recalibrates it and fine tunes it and so when you are making your choices, if you are feeling this love, your choices are different than without it. Your choices, the ones that you are aware of, are different than without this love.

You have new choices to make now. Ones that feel better that sound better that smell better that taste better.

When you breathe in this love, your body responds. It calms, it vibrates it metamorphs cless cells into love and peace and harmony and better choices feel better, they just do

We are using your vocabulary and you are hearing the words but not all of them are correct, but this will change and grow as you allow this communication to take place and practice this vibration.

We suggest a few moments each day to connect and a few moments to just be in the love and that will tune you into the vibration that is us.

We are a collective being of light and love. We are here to help your planet and the occupants of your planet, go through this ascension that is happening in your now as the light from the galactic sun filters down to the earth, filters down through the earth and every occupant upon it. It is a glowy light, a shineful light, a transformative light, a blessing light, a miracle light, whatever you would wish to call it, light is here and available, and all you have to do to avail yourself of it is to breathe it in, in a meaningful way, in a conscious way in an allowing way. You can be unconscious about it too, but it is much more powerful if you are conscious about it.

The light will show you the way to all you are wanting to manifest, in glorious color.
We see you in your now spaces, like individual cells that make up a giant human form, you are all connected, but separate. The more cells that are plugged into the light and the love energy that make up this giant human cell, the more that this giant human cell reorganizes itself to allow more light to shine upon all of its cells. So one person who is plugged in can help many.

Thank you.

You are most welcome.

Do you have anything to say to this collective of light bodies, light beings, light cells that we are?

Transcendence is meaning going away from something, up from something, around something, not involving yourself with something, overcoming something, becoming something else, leaving something behind and moving forward with a new perspective.

Light codes become roadmaps you can all use. To see your world with new eyes you must allow the light in deliberately, it cannot be forced in, no one is forcing anyone to allow the light in. You all have free will.

When you allow that you can allow the light in, your body changes, it evolves, it becomes something more than it was before, your cells expand to allow the light in, the energy in.

It will change your life in unexpected and pleasant ways, if you allow it.

That is all for today.

Be at peace.
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