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Old 24-09-2006, 01:45 AM
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And - - once again mikron - - you seem to point out and relish what you do NOT wish to believe - - rather than broadening your viewpoint.

Has anything I said actually challenged or hurt your viewpoint ??

Nope ! !

Just added to it a bit.

Which is - - the way of Life.

Are you the type of person that just wants to say anything they wish and have it stand as is - - without question - - just because you said it ??

If so - - you *may* find yourself surrounded by a very small tho - - I will admit - - incredibly loyal band of friends. In today's world - - it IS relatively easy to find a circle of "yes men and women."

Is that what you want ??

Is that the way you learn ??
Old 24-09-2006, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Glorymist
Pounamu - - are you kidding me ??

Is someone really promoting the concept that Earth is getting "so cluttered" with incarnated entities that now we are supposedly establishing "links" to others - - relatives or otherwise - - and are somewhat living thru their experiences as part of our own ??

Is there someone - - or a movement - - somewhere - - that is really promoting that ??
Glorymist -
No I am NOT kidding you! Although I have to say that this teaching does not come from my direct experience - how could it? as I am not clairvoyant nor an accomplished shaman or lucid dreamer - so I have to take it on trust from a teacher whom I respect and worked with recently for several years - and believe to be of a consciousness who should know.

Unfortunately there are many, many ideas that may sound logical and true to one as one comes across them, but which one cannot check out due to the limitations one has in being in embodiment. And one way to approach this is to have the policy that "one does not promote or even discuss anything that one has no personal experience of". Then, one would have very little to say, if one were more or less confined to physical consciousness.

Why pass up the knowledge that people who have the necessary consciousness of the non-physical planes give out, just because you can't verify it within your own experience? It seems such a waste for them to teach their understanding and then have their sudents say, "Well I can't verify that myself, so I can't use it to formulate my own understanding". Of course, if one doesn't want to get into arguments, that's what one has to do. All I can say is that it sounds plausible to me - verification will have to wait until I am able to explore the requisite dimensions consciously.

We are told that the non-physical planes that have been constructed around Earth to accommodate physically-discarnates for millenia, require a tremendous amount of energy (life-force or chi) to sustain them. Earth Mother needs this chi to help fuel her ascent, and so has chosen to make other arrangements in order to release this drain on her chi. Now, (it is said), instead of discarnates' consciousness being attached to a non-physical body in a non-physical world, they are attached to the embodied relations, where they will benefit from their more direct experience of physicality, and also be able more effectively to benefit their relatives.

There is another issue - more and more human consciousnesses want to be embodied at this time, but Earth needs fewer humans embodied, not more, as we are overloading the planet and her Nature Kingdoms with our refuse, and demanding so much of her produce that she cannot sustain this demand. So the above idea makes good sense.

Old 24-09-2006, 02:39 AM
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glorymist you obviously have to say a lot more than just sharing and each person should decide what is right!
remember the group focus and does that get lost on you sometimes!
Old 24-09-2006, 02:51 AM
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Pounamu - - consider yourself fortunate to be direct witness to the birth of a new con game. In this lifetime - - you have the choice on whether to believe it or not.

In the next lifetime - - you will not have that choice because it will be ingrained.

Believe as you wish. Adventure lies ahead. This is not a criticism. As I said - - believe as you wish. It's your Path.
Old 24-09-2006, 02:52 AM
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mikron - - you obviously have a need to direct and control.

Remember the intent of an open forum.
Old 24-09-2006, 01:26 PM
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Hey mikron, glorymist is just expressing the doubts you yourself are having at some level, listen and learn.
Hey Glorymist, mikron is just expressing a view that is valid to you at some level that you are unwilling to accept, listen and learn.
You are both different aspects of the one, the truth lies in harmony, when you find the harmony you will have found the truth, don't be too hard on yourself, it is likely you are both right.
Old 24-09-2006, 04:05 PM
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dreamer - - if you wish to view what I say as a denial of a level of truth as viewed by me - - be my guest. You know me well enough to know - - that if it was an opinion I wished to share - - or just a casual insight - - I would state it clearly as such.

But the quantity of misinformation that is coming out on and off-line is staggering. If this person - - or anyone else for that matter - - begins to spread information that is clearly misleading - - that will affect all who read it and believe - - what kind of service would I be nurturing if I allowed that.

If a person is spreading misinformation in areas where it doesn't make much difference because the subject / topic / concepts are so basic that they will be clarified as they travel the rest of the way - - that is quite another indeed. I have no trouble recognizing that people may wish to squabble over the concept of 2+2=4. Or - - to misunderstand something at that level. All have to learn sometime.

But if a person comes online and wants to re-write "e = xmv squared" - - well - - that's another thing altogether. That sets one off on a LONG tangent. I can at least offer clear information for a valid choice. If the person does not wish to accept said valid information - - at least it was offered.

THAT - - is the difference.

I say what I mean - - mean what I say - - and know enough to be able to say it clearly - - to those who will and can listen.

It has *zip* to do with my level to accept. None. Nada.

Everything I have said - - and will say - - stands as is. Both - - cannot be right. Passivity and complacency leads to acceptance to all views as equal. We've been thru this one before. If I wish to live by Truth - - and know It to be true - - then I will choose accordingly. I do not choose one set of beliefs that say one thing and a second set that tells me another - - and dismiss the differences via "likely both are right" - - because that is not a valid stance for much of anything.

Thank you.

Old 24-09-2006, 06:12 PM
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Hey Glorymist,

Like attracts like, thats all i'm saying.
Old 24-09-2006, 07:58 PM
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Heh. Kewl ! !

Or - - opposites attract. Which - - rears its valid head just often enough to make it a clear and viable option.

Even the Law of Attraction has a level based in "opposites attract."

Of which I am sure you are well aware of.


Otherwise - - if *everything* revolved around "like attracts like" - - then the "answers" would be WAY too easy to bring to conclusion.
Old 24-09-2006, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Glorymist
Heh. Kewl ! !

Or - - opposites attract. Which - - rears its valid head just often enough to make it a clear and viable option.

Even the Law of Attraction has a level based in "opposites attract."

Of which I am sure you are well aware of.


Otherwise - - if *everything* revolved around "like attracts like" - - then the "answers" would be WAY too easy to bring to conclusion.

Lol, this could be the basis for a thread of it's own! Such as...when does the Law of Attraction come into play and when does the 'lesser known' law of Opposites Attract come into play?

I look forward to hearing your answer Glorymist!

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