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Old 30-11-2010, 11:29 PM
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Don't panic

Hang in there, girl. Things always seem worse when you panic. The vision and colors you describe sound like aura colors. And the fact that you feel energy exchange when you shake hands seems like just that... energy exchange. I don't think an eye problem alone would cause that.

However... low blood sugar might possibly create some of the symptoms. Were you very hungry at the time you played?

You asked how I saw the chakras... I see them in my 3rd eye during meditation. It happens two ways. One is when I try to visualize the chakra itself... and I see it in its proper place. The other way is when the ball shaped chakra floats up from the right side of me (from my body) and then crosses my face and disappears. I can replay it by being patient.

Six months wasn't really a long time to wait. I had given up on ever seeing my own chakras... so I was quite surprised and pleased when it happened.
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Old 01-12-2010, 02:28 AM
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Thanks Myfigo, i got through my silly panic, it sounds like an aura from what i've heard about, but the thing that makes me think it's not was the eye strain, pain and blurred faces, also all my surroundings became kind of more blurry than usual, i say usual because my eyes aren't that great to begin with.

No blood sugar problems, I'm perfectly healthy, and eat regularly and healthy, got tests done and everything. The other symptoms are due to kundalini, or blockages, or lack of grounding and such, my doctor has no clue what i'm going through.

My vision is back to normal now, but that was an odd experience. Yeah I know about the energy exchange, but it's really starting to annoy me, although it is kind of cool.

Oh that's awesome, thanks for sharing more on seeing your chakras, very amazing indeed. Thank you for keeping up with my posts, i really appreciate it!
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Old 01-12-2010, 03:08 AM
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I have had the same questions as ceqala but i figured i was not ready so i just go with what feels right for me it works and everybody is different i wish it would hurry up but now i know it won;t so i just go with the flow
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Old 01-12-2010, 09:06 AM
Serenity Bear
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Originally Posted by Ciqala
Thanks, so i should just go with the flow? I am feeling sick as it is, which is the reason i wanted to speed up the process.
I'm glad you have lots of experience with chakras, what exactly does closing a chakra do? And how does it cause severe problems to not close, i thought having them open was a good thing? I've heard that having your chakras closed and blocked could cause problems. For some reason i just don't feel like i should shut em down, but i'll consider it. How do you go about closing a chakra and opening it anyway?

It maybe your pushing through to much already. If your feeling sick around the navel it could be the solar plexus or sacral plexus chakras.

Closing down the chakra shuts the amount of energy coming into the body and the aura. It stops the communication with the spirit world, and thus gives you a much needed rest. If you over use the chakras you can get physical symptoms (migraines, throat problems, anxiety, stomach ache, nausea, leg problems etc). Over expanding a chakra by pushing through too much energy makes them strain and you feel a stretching pain.

Not closing your chakras will cause you to have contact with the spirit world 24/7, the wont shut up or leave you alone, and believe me a few nights without sleep you'll get the reason why you need to close. Not all mediums do close, their guides do the work, but most I know like to have control over what and when they speak to spirit.

You open your chakras simply by thinking of spirit, you can open them individually by thinking of each one, and do the same closing. Always open from bottom upwards and close from top downwards. If you look up a good chakra chart on line, imagine an opened flower in the place of the chakra and visualise it closing. You can also close a chakra by visualising it turning anti clockwise. To open you just do the opposite. Remember all except the crown and base have backs to close as well. The crown is closed but the base is left slightly open.

Blockages are a different thing from closing. Blockages can be caused by stuck emotional issues, and injury to the chakra ( dented petals, foggy vortexs etc). The only way around this is to get the stuck issues out by journalling or councelling and healed and see a healer to heal the chakra from its injury (this will happen over time on its own but the healer would speed it up a little). We heal on the mind, body, spirit level, the chakras and aura being the spirit level.

Hope that helps.

PS: The book Hands of Light by Brennan is a good one showing some good illustrations of chakras.
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