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Old 30-12-2020, 07:37 AM
Miharo Miharo is offline
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Hello irisa,

sorry Iím this late, I saw your comment just yesterday.
Thank you for sharing your deeply personal experiences.
Like you wrote, it speaks for 12th house placements, to feel safe here on this forum, as you can somehow be open and hidden at the same time.

Pluto surely can mean traumatic experiences and as you said it, the 12th represents also the time before birth, when we where in our motherís womb. So planets here can indicate some trauma or loss, for the chart holder or as events which deeply affected the mother while being pregnant.
Iím not sure if I understand well, but you werenít told you had a twin? This would add to the hidden, secret nature, both of the house and Pluto .

3rd house represents siblings, so you could connect these knots. Depending upon which sign is your 3rd and where itís ruler is placed, you can find out more.
Also representing communication and writing, with Neptune here you definitely have a gift.

Pluto conjunct the ascendant surely can be seen right í in your faceí , as it influences your appearance.
Depending on the rest of the personality it gives you a powerful, mysterious vibe which people will sense. Often the reactions can be very black or white, like they like and respect you or they back away as they can feel threatened out of reason they canít understand.
Itís only natural with this placement to carry this mystery vibe and feel it yourself about yourself, it stands for Pluto and the 12th. Overall you can just sense things intuitively, not really solidly grasping them..
It tells you that there is a hidden power in yourself, which should be used wisely.. thatís why itís locked away in the 12th.
I donít think that there is one major transformation with this.. I would rather say it will be a theme throughout your whole life, always changing yourself.
Pluto is very slow and with its hidden nature, there are things happening on unconscious levels you often donít realize as a precise event, but rather discover later that you have slowly changed over a longer period of time.
But sure, sudden events sometimes also just hit you in the face with Pluto, especially if refused to look and act on what needs to change about ourselves.

But overall itís a powerful placement with tremendous inner strength and regenerative resources you can tap into.
If you accept that ultimately itís all about constant change and that things must Ď dieí so that something new is being born, nothing can really bring you down but yourself.

About Venus, with the 8th it will always have a tendency to hide away, but more because the 8th stands for very intimate parts of us. You donít wanna share these things with just anyone. Itís not really wise to do so. Venus in the 8th is like Venus in Scorpio in a way.. these people donít seek Ďlightí connections, they are very selective.. especially because with this you are very sexually attractive and many people see and want just that.
As the 7th is about love and partnership, 8th is the intimate consummation of the relationship, where you want to merge with someone very deeply.

Hm, donít know if I covered all your points, probably not..I sometimes get lost, ha ha

Originally Posted by irisa
Hi Miharo,

about the projection....a few years ago i found something out. I could only find this out by following feelings, lots of dream and trusting certain things i felt or had seen in the unseen....brought up so much and intense emotions that i just had to conclude what had come to my mind then had to be true.
So, a 12th house experience....mystery, secret, unconscious....(very interesting).

Through the years i of and on read about the 12th house as well. Found that it also can be about a former life (or the last former life) and about the prenatal time, just before birth.

What i just wrote about, the traumatic experience (also wrote about it somewhere else on the forum) was that back then in the womb i lost a twin brother. After finding out i sometimes would read about certain stuff in astrology and my birth chart and it strongly feels my Yod (that i wrote about) has to do with this.

Pluto in 12th house can be about an traumatic experience in the womb.
Moon in the 3rd house can be about the loss of a sibling.

About Pluto conjunct the Asc i read that one could or would have a major transformation later in life. I think i know what this will or could be about for me. I still find it so hard to live that mysterious me. It feels safe here on the forum, it gives me lots of energy.
I have lots of ideas to write about (books or blogs or whatever), but the further i come in time the harder it seems to get....thinking about what other people then would think of me, but i know i myself am my biggest enemy.
But, pluto seems to say to me that itīs not about whether i will transform, but more when this will happen....i canīt wait....but why am i waiting?

Pluto conj Asc....transformation
Moon and Neptune in 3rd house....communication, writing and stuff
Venus in 8th house....also about transformation....being really me...feels like (thatīs what i experienced after awakening) i then i am much more woman....i am already know but sooo insecure...and i hide....though i know thereīs no need to....

Hm, these were my confessions for today....making today officially the first day (again) to really open my 12th house....dive in there and starting to slowly let other people in there....

Whoīs joining lol;-)
... unconditional love ...
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Old 03-01-2021, 10:11 AM
serenebluehills serenebluehills is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
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Hello Miha and everyone,

I wish I have something to share in this interesting discussion but it was really great reading what you all have shared so far... I can perhaps share that I have Uranus in the 12th house. That is the only planet in my 12th house... I would love an interpretation if ever.

It's interesting what you have shared about your writing... that things come to you seemingly out of nowhere as these were the very words I used to describe my experience writing poetryfor the first time in my teens... It was as if they had come to me so effortlessly, I just had to grab a pen and write as if automatically and like your experience, I never had to think of the rhyme or what to write.

much love to you all,
"TWICE or thrice had I loved thee,
Before I knew thy face or name..."

~Air and Angels, John Donne

"Sunrise reminds us that we live in a world where the happiest of miracles still happen."
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Old 13-01-2021, 07:51 AM
Aunt Bud Aunt Bud is offline
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There is an forming aspect of my twelve house to the south lunar node working the Sag/Gem axis this year.
I need to focus ON:

1. Self- undoing.
2. Hidden enemies.
3. False illusions.
4. Finding my own truths without harming others.
5. Seeking meaningful communication avenues.
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