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Old 23-01-2024, 01:41 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
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1-23-24 …

There is a bit more to making actual, genuine contact or discovery with sets of teachings that will take one into the Far Country than might be suspected. In all but explicit and extraordinary situations and conditions … these teachings are exceedingly difficult to discover … let alone to gain entry … as this sacred wisdom is kept hidden from the masses and can be encountered only by the most sincere … and there are always a few that are exactly that.

For the most part … they are hidden … for any number of specific reasons … but most have to do with two categories … one … very few are ready to listen / be devoted to progressing beyond the conventional … and two … there is always distrust and actual resentment, aggression, and historical destruction of any who promote beyond popular dogma … even though the latter often promotes themselves to be “advanced” … which often simply leads one into the “higher” mental worlds. *Very* few accessible sets of teachings will take one to the 5th Plane … Atma Lok … let alone beyond.

Back in the 1960’s … it was decided to draw a bit more attention to these teachings and to bring some of them out into the “open” … if one is thorough and sincere enough in their pursuit. This was long before the current status of upheaval of the current world … although at that time … in the 60’s … the world had its own set of “interesting adventures.”

Now that these sets of teachings have come out … there is also blatant attempts to invalidate, misinterpret, adulterate, doctor, or simply trash any suggestion that there even is such sets of teachings … let alone what these teachings suggest. If one considers the history of mankind … this behavior is *not* uncommon … and indeed … is one of the very reasons these teachings are not always available.

I know I have suggested “cornerstones” or “foundations” a few times in my writings … and they are valid … but another position one must hold to when having anything to do with anything that is “beyond the conventional” is … silence … to keep quiet about it … to acknowledge and walk the teachings in a rather secret lifestyle.

All of what I have ever put forth in these posts and both threads are hints at the core basics … the generics if you will … that which is on the fence line that might be considered just a bit … “unconventional” … but not so much as to draw intense criticism … although the very first post I ever put into the inactive BEMB thread was immediately met with a forum member who declared that what I wished to do was highly incorrect and should not be done on this forum. Luckily … to and for many … the forum board moderators decided otherwise.

Few really understand … what I do here … I “get” nothing out of this … and don’t really “want” anything out of this … save for an attempt to bring out just the considered thought that there *are* sets of teachings that do indeed go beyond the conventional … and they *can* be found … and they can be found now more easily than ever. Those that are truly sincere can find them … which is part of “proof” of sincerity. One *must* be a true “detective” to begin the uncommon steps of the journey.

It’s easier to do if one makes an adventurous endeavor out of it.

More tomorrow.

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Old 24-01-2024, 01:42 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,038
1-24-24 …

One of the very detrimental aspects of the internet is most all of us get use to scanning massive gatherings of data … and we tend to scan through this very quickly. We become rather numb … looking for the intriguing … looking for the “attractive” or that which we “resonate” with … and really give little attention to what and where said data is “sending” us … or “doing” for us.

The majority will scan for familiarity … we recognize the information to be close to … or at least akin with … what we already know. Much of the path is strolled while looking for those that are alongside us. Since the human state of consciousness is rather social … we like finding those that believe as we do. This is clearly desirable … and rightfully so. Nothing like an intense struggle when you are out on a limb … on your own.

To and for the mind … gathering information … data … “knowledge” … is like a hobby. We all like to gather data and just add it to our collection of possibilities … on what is right verses wrong … on what works and what doesn’t.

This goes on for a very long time … but in the “old days” … it was all word of mouth … and one wasn’t deluged with surplus or excess data. You were lucky to get much of anything that would actually lead to advancement … or unfolding.

Clearly … just gathering more “data” on the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds is endless. Mind loves it. The emotions appreciate it. We feel “safe” when we uncover familiar tidbits. And there is *nothing* wrong with this. This goes on … seemingly … forever.

Eventually one begins to recognize that which is already known … and has been tried in the current lifetime. Discernment begins to weed out expendable “stuff.” This is one of those two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back scenarios … because we most often find something new … we try it … it doesn’t work *immediately” or bring instant relief … we dismiss it … and retreat to the “old.” It is somewhat helpful to recognize that this is the way of it … this is the approach most of us take … with very few exceptions.

At long last one discovers that sorting through mountains of information does not lead to discernment … and the actual choosing of information that will advance verses simply “adding to” … begins.

At this stage … there is often a very interesting and adventurous experience … or multiple experiences. What will actually lead us “forward” … the hints, nudges, and whisperings that will do so … come very, very softly. The farther you are on the path … the more true this often turns out to be. A fundamental reason for this is … the farther one goes down the infamous path … the ore one begins to work with Spirit … and eventually Divine Spirit … neither of which will announce themselves with bells, whistles, and flashing lights.

One slowly learns to *pay attention* … certainly with initial skepticism … but eventually … these soft experiences are the ones that “pay off.” We all have had endless situations and experiences we have overlooked … and most of us just keep that going forever … and then complain that “nothing is happening” in our lives.

I can almost guarantee you … LIFE has whispered in your ear more than once … and you just shrugged it off. And again … one discovers … it is *not* that you cannot discover and move forward … but it is that you won’t … and you continue this … facing those deeply embedded issues and lessons … pushing them away and trying to give them different names and labels so we can sidestep them … but LIFE isn’t so gracious … or lenient.

When there is such a whisper … and you elbow it away for any number of protective reasons … know that you are intentionally deciding to lengthen your own path. The Negative Forces will take note … and use these same general issues and lessons to trip you up lifetime after lifetime.

When you make a direct decision to restrict or sidestep your own unfolding … various forces take notice.

More tomorrow.

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Old 25-01-2024, 01:53 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,038
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Tomorrow’s post will be my last post while I take the following week … January 29th through February 4th off for personal responsibilities that demand my attention. I will start regular posts on February 5th.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

1-25-24 …

A massive “issue” for all … is to believe that ones problems should be able to be resolved by having everyone *else* change … even having the entire world change … to the ways and views of each individual. The hidden intention here is to make everyone else change so the individual does not have to. They want family members to change to what they feel is “correct” … work situations to change to what they want … sentimental or loving relationships to be according to person demands … etc. This … is NOT a recipe for growth.

Certainly … in close, interactive, sentimental relationships … there has to be a living balance … a compromising, reciprocal interaction that is acceptable to all parties. In intimate relationships … as I have suggested before … one of the intentions of the male - female relationship is to bring each into the “atmosphere” of the opposite sex … for purposes other than for having offspring.

It is very innocent to believe that everyone else has to change and s/he doesn’t. Similarly … it is very unknowing to believe that one can “live” the changes s/he wishes without making changes themselves. More often than not … it is ones inability to make changes that leads to the problems they are living / encountering in their personal world in the first place. If one were “different” … or their perspective / viewpoint was different … chances are their problems would be “different” … and perhaps … non-existent … at least in the way and to the level they are experiencing at the moment or in their current lifetime. If one remains as they are … then so will the problems. Wishful thinking will not bring about lasting changes.

If and when you discover and inner issue or viewpoint … it is *always* your issue … and no one else’s. All issues are your own. Obviously … this is complicated by so many issues beginning in past lives … but nonetheless … it is still your issue.

At the bottom of all of this … again … it is *not* what happens to you … but how you react to it. External people and situations are used only to bring your own issues into direct confrontation. Yes … someone may come up and physically assault you … but more than likely you put yourself into such a situation where that would happen. Backing out of such experiences is not a sign of weakness … it can be very smart indeed.

If one wishes to examine all of LIFE around them and uncover an exception to all of this so one can then dismiss the entire premise … feel free. Your entire current lifetime is to demand that you face yourself on all levels … recognized or otherwise … and learn to work *with* LIFE and not against IT. The obvious length of the so-called path shows that this is neither easy nor quick.

This whole set-up is *not* to make you face an endless string of tests … or difficulties. … without available answers. The overall lessons are for you to discern what these lessons are … and then to find resolutions … to solve them … to balance them … and this does not mean that everything will then “go your way.” LIFE will always present you with conflicts. That’s what these worlds are all about … otherwise … you would face nothing.

So it’s not what happens to you … but what new approach or stance can we discover that will bring resolution … or at the very least … ease the situation a bit until we can uncover a “second step” to build upon and take.

More tomorrow.

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Old 26-01-2024, 01:48 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,038
1-26-24 …

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Last post for ten days or so … next post February 5th.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

For those of you that have read a number of these posts … by now I hope that you are accepting that the mind is incredibly habitual … using the same patterns, stances, viewpoints, and perceptions to address all that happens around us. Not only are we our past lives … there are no genetic genes that coerce us to approach life the way we do … but our patterns are *so* much a part of us that we continue to bring them with us lifetime after lifetime until we revise or alter them.

An interesting footnote to the entire “non-genetic” approach is very common in all of our lives. As an example … let’s just say … that we were an alcoholic for the last fifty lifetimes … to varying degrees … and we spent the last number of lifetimes getting a handle on that … and we are slowly coming to terms with and overcoming this habit. It is a postulate of reincarnation that … although there is no gene for alcoholism … the entities that structure the stages of our lifetimes will simply have you born into a family where other members will be alcoholics … and therefore … severely test you.

LIFE tests you but putting you in the place where you will have to make decisions to continue … or revise and resist.

The above scenario can be broadened to any degree one wishes. It is exceptionally common. It is the basis for many relationship interactions. Any lifetime brings you into possibilities … even probabilities … that you *will* encounter and face this-or-that. Such experiences can be sidestepped … but they will be there next time … or in other words … the next lifetime. Fate … can be somewhat flexible.

So … when one is far enough along the path to at least have a good ides on how one prefers to address life around them … try to constantly be aware of what issues are being brought to your attention. No … I am *not* suggesting that we all amble through life in apprehension and dread. Just … be aware … constantly. There are few other ways that LIFE can nudge you to face yourself other than to bring issues and situations into your life where you will do just that. If you keep overlooking them … they will all continue … and more often than not … get worse.

You are here to learn … so … choose what owns you. You are not here to just gather goodies and have fun. Yes … there are times for that … taking into account the balance of LIFE. Too much one way or the other is where the issues deepen.

Head into the issues of beliefs as being *your* choices out of the whole. Out of any issue … there are 360 options … the degrees in a circle. YoU … chose the one you are living now. You probably did not know the effects … the far-reaching ramifications it would lead to … and you are finding that out now.

What you believe NOW … *will* change … sometime … somewhere … somehow … for some reason … under varied conditions or circumstances. You can CHOOSE to go there … or wait until LIFE pushes you there.

You can just wait out LIFE. Most of us do.

This is why the prime requisite is that you *want* to change. Passion. Adventurous / expandable / growth oriented change … because you know / sense it would be not only beneficial … but more inclusive of the Greater Whole of LIFE.

Enjoy your weekend. I will be back Monday February 5th.

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Old 05-02-2024, 01:58 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,038
2-5-24 …

Without a doubt … if one finds their lifetimes here in the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds as acceptable … maybe pleasant for the most part … and some find life here most enjoyable … then “going beyond the conventional” is *not* for them. As is often taught in the dimensional schools, temples, and universities … if you like where you “are” … stay there. Try not to force yourself to advance out of casual intrigue or interest. One needs to *want* to advance. It can easily take on a life-or-death stance and often does.

I have said many times before … it is *not* that the “way” is all that difficult. The complexity lies in uncovering all of ones limiting patterns and habits … and taming them … one-by-one … until one actually “rises” into the higher teachings as the “weight” of said limitations releases the individual to ascend. It is often spoken of as an “unfolding” … sometimes referred to as peeling the layers or skins off an onion … because Soul Itself is complete … and the only “thing” It has to learn is to get out of It’s own way … which are … again … the mental / emotional / physical preferences we are laden with here in the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds.

This is *not* an either-or situation. One does not “get there” and then dismiss the entire Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds schoolroom … at least this is not done until one ends their physical incarnation … at which case there are choices to be made from that point on. You learn to live within two worlds … giving the edge to levels of Soul Itself.

The many discussions about “karma” and what it is and involves … has more “weight” than just discovering what is “right or wrong.” Many dismiss the idea that actions carry consequences … and wish to act any way they wish … without any repercussions from those actions. You can see this everywhere as people just screech and flail away as to what is going on around themselves … and it is always “someone else’s” fault.

Once this is even mildly brought into balance … things begin to smooth … and become quite acceptable. If you have principles and issues “solved and resolved” … then this schoolroom can certainly become quite pleasant. There are also lifetimes of “rest” … after coming out of cycles of struggle and hardship.

If you find yourself in such a lifetime … ride it … enjoy it … delight in it. You’ve earned it. This does not dismiss the “lessons” we all must individually contend with … but the issues are often not so oppressive as they once were … whether we remember those previous lifetimes or not. We can make educated guesses by observing what other people are struggling with and … on those days we might consider such things … gain a sense of when we … ourselves … struggled against the same lessons and what that must have been like … owing to the history of humankind … or at least what is offered as such a history.

Male and female each carry their own dispositions towards how they perceive … and certainly in today’s world … even this is being intentionally blurred. Men tend to want to “conquer” via power and control … while the female constantly allows their emotions to command her approach to viewing life around her. That business, philosophies, and religions know this and use it against “the masses” should be a surprise to no one.

More tomorrow.

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Old 06-02-2024, 01:24 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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2-6-24 …

This is all a dream … does *not* mean … this isn’t real. That one should dismiss the physical experience. It does mean … that the inner forms the outer … and the “inner” during “inner work” is often considered to be work that “dreams” the outer into existence.

Think of the perspective “This is all a dream” has had on many … dismissing it all as insignificant. In your adult life … do you consider all scholastic education to be a dream? Or as a young student … do you consider your future adult life to be a dream?

Do you wish to “dismiss” either one?

Why should you “dismiss? the physical experience? Just because you find it tumultuous and fatiguing?

Dreaming does not just happen at night … during sleep. Daydreaming is an example of that. Using one’s imagination … actively … is a more important use of “dreaming.” Consciously or unconsciously … we inwardly “see” a myriad of previously-used reactions … experiences … and we use them to understand what is happening around us now. You cannot helpmeet inwardly “see” … perceive … often complete with the sensations of touch, fear, anger, survival, environment … ( such as fear of dark or closed in or high places ) … we “see” those … we remember them … instantaneously … without conscious recognition save for their responses … and we react.

We plug into the scenarios we see in movies, books, videos, radio, etc … we “see” them … we carry them with as possibilities … ways to react … we sense / dream how they would unroll in our lives … adding them to those that are already prevalent … and then we use them.

Dreaming happens more often when we are awake and involved with our daily activities than we care to believe. But it is the fact that we have envisioned everything inwardly before … and then it has manifested outwardly … in one way, shape, or form … that gives birth to the concept of this world is all a dream.

Most “dreams” do not happen when we sit down and consciously instruct ourselves to - “Okay … let’s dream something up.” Yes … that happens … but we can “dream” as we drive the freeway … we can “dream” as we take a shower … we can “dream” as we sit and watch television … we can “dream” as we read of others experiences on a forum board … it might be easier to determine when you are *not* dreaming.

And undoubtedly … one can dismiss, disbelieve, and disregard all of this … and continue on as is.

You “begin” with each present “Now” … and you can let old patterns control and prevail … or … you can advance / grow.

The mind can no more leave its preferred habits and patterns than the locomotive can leave the tracks laid for it. Mind is *that* mechanical. That there is some versatility only shows you have had previous similar experiences and have used options towards similar experiences.

The obvious “trick” is to learn the “lessons” so deeply that you will bring them with you in subsequent incarnations. If one does not believe in incarnation … then all you do is all for nothing. Live for one life … then it’s eternal oblivion. There are *many* who believe this. A question I have often asked … how many lifetimes does one have to endure before the even *begin* to turn this viewpoint around … and that time *will* come … to all. Eternity has lots of available teaching time.

More tomorrow.

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Old 06-02-2024, 03:46 PM
lemex lemex is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
This is all a dream … does *not* mean … this isn’t real.
I agree. What we create in a dream we would create in reality. We create confusion. Many times I don't understand the dream. I keep myself from it. We think sometimes what is created shouldn't be yet is created. We can point to any number of them. We create from the perspective this is real. Realities are also dreams imo.
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Old 07-02-2024, 01:52 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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2-7-24 …

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

lemex … yes … very nice. Whether this world or this lifetime is a “dream” or not is true … but not in the “conventional” understanding of the concept of “dream” … and most use this approach to dismiss the importance of whatever it is they wish to dismiss … in the case … this world *is* a dream in a way that is often not considered to be dream-like … or the *why* is the world a dream … the uncovering and understanding of that would lead to greater overall understanding rather than just dismissing, avoiding, excusing it in the first place.

I often talk about “inner work” … and *that* … is also “dreaming.” Going inside to discover … to explore … to develop … to revise … all “dreaming” actions that later design the dreams into manifestation.

You are getting more clear and more concise in your wordings and statements, lemex. You are inwardly bringing some things together and expressing them much better. This shows. Whatever you are doing in your private times … keep going.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Today’s post …

The assertion in the Christian Bible stating “In my Father’s house are many mansions” … can be more illuminating than many might assume. Consciousness … can be thought of as an action … a “life” … an “expression.” Consciousness is not something specific until it is focused into that specific. Consciousness itself … is just the “life” or perhaps “awareness of” … but again … not of anything specific until consciousness itself is focused into something more precise.

Additionally … consciousness follows the old adage … “Like attracts like.” So … groups of similarities gather closer together into “clouds” or “nebulae” or “zones” or … “mansions.” The more individuals put various thoughts into regions or clouds or such … the larger that “zone” or “mansion” grows. In a sense … consciousness within the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds are like nations or countries or cities or towns or villages and so on … depending on how many lifeforms are adding to the various zones by their thoughts.

The fact that one might be thinking along the lines of “appreciation” or “beauty” … and then all of a sudden vault into a perspective of gloom or loss … simply means one moved that quickly from one “zone” to the other … which … we do all the time … depending on our focus. It is that easy to do.

When we scatter out thoughts all over the “universe” … we dance within that many “zones” … if you will. Anyone can catch glimpses of most anything … but … it is *not* easy to step into many of the zones because not that many individuals put their thoughts and focus into them. It is not easy to step into an “Einstein” zone … or a “Tesla” zone … or a “Socrates” zone … or a “levitation” zone … or a “responsibility” zone … and so on.

But … with searching … and effort … and experimentation … and certainly focus … one can “enter” most any “zone” one wishes.

Perhaps another way to look at Divine Spirit ( of the Pure God Worlds ) and / or Spirit ( of the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds ) is that the two levels of Spirit is simply the “life of … ” … the spirit of love or hate or suspicion or gratitude or whatever … and this “Spirit” is focused by … us … Soul Itself … and we will stay in our “zones” or regions” or “mansions” until we walk out of them which … because of the nature of mind itself as the tool that it is … one of habit … intentionally designed this way … it is not easy to step in or out of strongly held habits … or … “zones.” Such is the strength of habit.

But the stance of anyone in any region or locale or … state of consciousness … these regions held together by frequency or pulsations or correlation or harmony or matching … and so on … choose the word that works for you … you move in and out of them by focus … in a sense … walking into the region and taking on the life of that stance … or region.

( Words are taught here. I’m trying to simply be generic. )

Through all of our many, many incarnations … we have “touched base” with endless regions or states. We habitually reside within the ones we harmonize with … or agree with … or “resonate” with … etc.

So there is much “truth” to a “mansion” being put into existence for one … or two … or many … and the more those individuals focus on and add to that region … the stronger and more prevalent that region becomes … gaining in popularity … all according to those that inhabit any specific region or zone or … state of consciousness.

More tomorrow.

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Old 07-02-2024, 09:59 PM
dream jo dream jo is offline
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Then it fear will I was at a few then a couple years later it a few more then a couple of years later I was it a few more I was at a funeral that someone I'm an abey with one of the parlors way back then A1 not of looked twice at me or touch with a buzz because I was disgusting to look at not now I'm not because I'm pretty and beautiful now
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But I am now
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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Old 08-02-2024, 01:33 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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2-8-24 …

An interest on the board concerning concentration …

The word ‘concentration’ ha been tweaked and misunderstood … often nudging it into the mental approach of stopping the mind. Many people equate concentration with a one-topic mind of old-style mediation … stopping the mind … and most people pass through this phase as they explore the various options.

A good actor loses himself in the role and the audience comes along because that actor does such a good job. An actor “takes the role on” to support the script … and how well it is done helps the viewers to come along on the journey or experience.

This … is concentration. You should be so interested in your thought or topic or goal … so engrossed in your subject … as to be conscious of nothing else. Such concentration leads to intuitive perception … and immediate insight into the nature of the object concentrated upon … or the “life” of the experience … before or after.

Concentration of this kind becomes a magnet … and the desire to know draws the knowledge to the “viewer” … intention attracts it … and makes it your own. Concentration does not mean the mere thinking of thoughts … or the intense constriction to one single feature … but more of a change of the intangible or “possibility” of these thoughts into personal and practical values. One tends to “make it their own” … give it their own life … so to speak.

In essence … this is BE-ingness … or a variation or degree or level of it.

Consider this … there is always the cry to have … to want … to acquire … but rarely a cry to “be.”

What is often overlooked is that you cannot “have” without “being” it. One must first find the “goal” … or “experience” … and then inwardly “be” it … before it becomes a part of you and is ultimately expressed into an outer expression … if that is your purpose. Many times … it stays inside … where it continues to grow.

If one tends to focus on what has already gone on around them … then focuses on the more current expressions of the same scenarios … then that is all they will experience. It is a self-fulfilling expression. There will be no “change” until the individual brings it about … or … by indulging in excruciating mini-baby-steps … one brings about the change over a much longer period of time. This is often the difference between waiting for Life to make the changes for you … or … to go in and get involved with inner work and bring it about not only faster … but with your own decided direction.

Yes … this takes practice … which is another word for progression … or evolution … a growing from the lesser to the greater … in most anything and everything. Ease and personal improvement comes about by practice … by repetition. Focusing … or concentrating on the previous … keeps you in the previous.

Once one gains any competence at this … they often find the even a few moments of intense focus on the goal or passion … and the longing to become that goal … or attribute … or ability … or feature … these few moments can bring about and help you attain the “end” result more quickly and you often progress farther than yers of slow, unfocused, or even *forced* effort.

The Law of Reversed Effort clearly prevails here. An often-used example … put a 2x4 on the ground and the individual can often walk its length without much effort. Suspend that same 2x4 over a twenty-foot gulf … and one tends to heavily over-focus to stay on the wooden plank and has trouble staying on it for any length of time.

Dedication or pressing *too* hard to attain … on much of anything … even “stopping the mind” … if that be your goal … more often than not works against you.

More tomorrow.

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