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Old 21-06-2024, 12:36 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
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6-21-24 …

* *- -* *- -* *- -* *

One more post after this one … before I go.

Hazada and lemex … thank yo for your interaction in this thread for the last number of months … if not more.

To be fair … there *is* a level of “illusion” that is the major reason for the detrimental effect of the human experience. Somewhere I posted a short explanation of that … but exactly where in posts past … I don’t know. I am not going to disclose it here … this post is long enough.

It is the fact that there *is* an element of illusion in a very specific place and way … and nice this is mostly unknown and not taught … the mind grabs the word “illusion” and applies it anywhere an everywhere of its own choosing … thus making the individuals own path even more confusion … this was the major theme behind yesterday’s post.

I’d another example of paradox … there is illusion … but there isn’t.

* *- -* *- -* *- -* *

You will slowly come to find that true advancement does not come by way of the statements and phrases you uncover … some knowledgable individual, guru, intellectual adept … has offered and you have found recognition and warm feelings / resonance within those words. You will more often than not find that true advancement comes by way of you making a step beyond your comfort zone … stepping beyond what you usually do … applying yourself in just a slightly but noticeably different angle or degree or way … than you have always used or come up to in the past. Applying the knowledge … the statement … applying the awareness … and finding that it is a door that opens to new … previously unknown or un-practiced viewpoints and approaches.

By you taking this unfamiliar step … you go beyond your state of consciousness … and gain … enlarge … hopefully rise … although you can use the same approach to lose … or go downhill.

It is a factual statement … that Divine Spirit of the Pure God Worlds looks for those that DO something with the discoveries given to them. Most people do not even use the opportunities given to them … whispered to them … they prefer to stay with the familiar.

When you do indeed apply in different ways … this stands out … to Divine Spirit … or those that oversee such devotion and sincerity to advancement.

You find the greater … by walking more deeply into the greater … and not using the old, familiar statements to allow them to hold you back to the familiar.

Many times … the most difficult steps for advancement comes when one has walked the intellectual areas of the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds for many, many lifetimes … and feel “safe” within them … and that is a HARD area to step beyond. SO many lifetimes can be spent debating … bantering … comparing … defining … labeling … discussing … and holding to the the accepted, conventional discoveries of the current state of the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds.

If you are considering something that involves the Law of Opposites … male / female … right / wrong … good / bad … duality or non-duality … singularity or duality … then all of these are part of the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds … of the mental approach … which is absolutely fine if that is where you are and wish to continue there.

On a forum board like this … there are many levels … which can be fabulous for the individual coming up through the levels … but an individual can begin to put together a stance which is slightly above and then try to answer a post that involves them to step back into the lower understandings … and keep that preference of approach alive and well within themselves. It is NOT easy to step beyond. You will stay there as long as it fulfills you.

This is not necessarily an either / or scenario … but more of a knowing I will hold to the higher but try to tie in the lower for this discussion … by knowing where the specific level is and the why of it.

There is an unfamiliar freedom, liberty, and knowingness … just what that means … what true “BE-ingness” is … that is NOT known in the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds but there is plenty of discussion about what it should / could be. Until you get beyond the levels of the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds … you will not have the personal experience to draw such distinctions. The mind will try to convince … and this too … is part of the design … to divide out those that are sincere in going beyond … and are willing to take the risks to do so.

One does this by earning their right to be taken beyond … by someone who has been there … you will then discover the “why” of the design of this … you will understand what consciousness is … how “it” comes to be what “it” is as experienced by the individual … and can be … and why there is so much struggle to put the pieces into place while immersed in the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds … and it is NOT done by declaration … command … demand or claim … it all comes together only *after* one lifts themselves above the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds. It is done by earning the right to be taken there … through your own efforts … and there *will* leviable, recognizable signposts … landmarks … experiences … that will prove to you that it is real and valid. Someone can show you the distinctions so you can recognize them.

It is the learning of these distinctions that lifts one into the Pure God Worlds … through self-effort and sincerity and devotion. You will then clearly see that what the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds claim as truth(s) are what they are … for a reason … a necessary reason … and you will learn their limitations … and be able to use each tool / approach as necessary … for what you are then to live within as an overall viewpoint or understanding.

To set the old aside and gingerly step into the new … is never easy … and often not quite clear. That’s when having someone who has done it before … comes in handy … and the nudges and whisperings come mostly by feeling … by instinct … by sensing … and NOT by words. If you do not take the steps … you will not be able to make those distinctions … although you may declare that you have already done so. This too … is a test … is a weeding-out process.

Authentic Masters can be … and are … to be found … by application and effort … sincerity and devotion … by courage.

When you try to go beyond … your mind will whisper … or even yell … “Don’t do that … don’t go there … no - that’s not that way to go about it … I like the definition/ understanding I’ve been using for a while … Guru XYZ says it’s this and not that and I like that one better … it’s familiar … I resonate with it … you’re going about it the wrong way … that’s dangerous … don’t do it … I’ve never heard of that one before so no … don’t try it” … etc … and it allows you to stay there … which … if that’s what you want … that is absolutely fabulous.

Your mind will tell you this … and more.

Many times you will begin to discover … where your mind says “No” … Soul Itself says “Yes.”

You will find this only if and when you take these experimental, advancing steps. You take the risk. Eventually you use the discipline to set mind aside and venture on as Soul Itself … and you learn the distinctions … for Soul Itself uses a distinctly … decidedly different approach when interacting with LIFE / Divine Spirit.

You need to give it some time to develop … and keep going into it … watching … listening … testing … seeing what’s “there” … how it fits … does it fit … defining the tools … understanding the “why” of each stance … each position … the purpose and intent of both … the “use” of both … and carry on from there. Only when you step away / above the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds will you see this. Then you realize that trying top “set aside” the mental approach … trying to silence it or kill it off … dismiss it … that is *not* the way to understand the Whole … and the why of it … the design of it … of Existence.

You then begin to use both approaches as intended … applied correctly … living in both worlds. You will watch the struggles of those trying to define what mind cannot define … and understand / experience what mind cannot perceive … and you will not negate or bad-mouth the mind … but understand it as the tool that it is.

An authentic Master will make sure you understand the distinctions. You will not resent or be bitter against the mind … be dismissive of it … but will understand it and continue to use mind when and if necessary.

To try and define consciousness is like a fish trying to define water. What good does it do? Go the the areas of water that best suit you.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

I will put in one last post tomorrow morning before I head south. It too will be a touch on the long side.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 22-06-2024, 11:38 AM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 1,038
6-22-24 … around 0440 … I’m outta here …

With few exceptions … the individuals who are most ready to take the steps beyond the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds are the ones *least likely* to listen. They have spent hundreds of lifetimes their mental core beliefs and are incredibly reluctant to give them up or look beyond them. Add tooth’s … there are scant few sets of teachings that promote an actual set of worlds … the Pure God Worlds … beyond what has been taught and promoted for eons … literally. This is the distinction many try to make when discussing duality and non-duality … but the actual levels or worlds of “non-duality” do NoT lie within the exceptionally high mental worlds … as most try to place them there. Mind plays little part in getting to … ad into … the Pure God Worlds … mostly in just learning to stay out of the way. Mind does not even come along on the journey … but the mental processes are used again when returning to the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds to complete the current lifetime.

A few ike make the journey into the Pure God Worlds at night during sleep … but you will not bring any memory of it back … since mental memory has been left in the distance … so to speak.

As you approach these areas and slowly “get there” … you can see where others are … what they need to “do” to move beyond their current stance … you can remember the lessons learned when YoU went through the same … perhaps long ago in different situations and circumstances … but then you seem to hit a ceiling … advancement just doesn’t seem to happen … lifetimes turn out to be pretty much the same … nothing seems to “take you higher” … and frustration sets in. It might be a quiet frustration … but it is still a mystery … and most try to make the upper mental worlds sound more exquisite and “non-dual” so the individual can believe they have “made it.”

What does on do at the point? Do you just … continue?

There are no magic words that will “make” someone listen. Mind will NOT let go … or … mind will convince you that you made that jump / distinction on your own and you are ”there.” There are no magic words to tell the other person. There are no magic words to even get a glimpse of when they will listen … if they will listen … why they will listen. It is al an individual inner path. You just let them continue until they are ready … just as you did.

There are just not that many sets of teachings that will take you beyond the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds … and most of them are quite secret … again … not so much “kept” from anyone … but that they will not listen to what is necessary to advance. The mental stances at this position are quite “core” … defining “self” as it has been known for longer than most care to discover … and these are not given up easily. Mind will convince you to “stay where you are” … and that it is pure folly to consider anything else. The levels of Truth, Nobility, and Aesthetics that supposedly lie beyond … are hard won … yet the levels of these attributes the the individual develops and maintains even at this level are exactly those that will attract the individual into the “orbit” of an authentic Master. As with the post on mental clouds … one has to develop enough to enter into the orbit of one who has “been there” … and authentic Master … and from there … the learning and discernment continues.

No one enters these world unless and until they have earned the right to do so … by those who have attained the levels of even the far, upper Pure God Worlds themselves … and can recognize those that are worthy. The “protection” of the Pure God Worlds is legendary. Some have tried to enter on their own and have ended up in mental institutions. What one must deal with at those upper levels is not to be taken lightly. Power flows there will throw the individual into insanity if they are not previously taught how to prepare and then deal with them.

As stated above … few will listen to you as you wrestle with this level … and if you do indeed strive to move beyond … you know that fewer still will believe what you say … or offer. One begins to face what it will be like to be truly … alone … and yet … you will find that LIFE becomes your companion. You … serve.

You begin to make clear and distinctive recognitions and realizations about all the whisperings of what has been heard before … why certain things must be the way they are … the distinctions so often debated before become clear … you see how and why they cannot be recognized beforehand … and you ponder if it is all worth it. To be alone … is an apprehension for most.

Again … all of this is a part of the sorting-out process … for each must indeed accept full responsibility for their own destiny and actions … inner and outer … at a level few encounter … although given eternity to work with … all will eventually “get there” … one at a time … while millions … billions … and more … to come up behind you.

You will find time and time again the people that are the most ready to take the steps into the Pure God Worlds are the least likely to listen … because their fortress-like safeguards are rock solid … and they just will not give them up. First … they cannot see them for they are “in the forest” … second they do not wish to give them up … it’s what makes them “safe” in this world.

A lot of people believe they are already there because they are using faulty and ill-defined words to make it sound as though they have “arrived” … they are beyond the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds … when they are not. It is not accomplished so easily. This is incredibly common … and no criticism is meant. Learning to take risks … and the strength and courage to do so … are forever developed, learned, and tested. All fear the Unknown … especially with a capital ‘ U ‘ … and slowly … devotion … sincerity … discipline … and yes … experience … wins the battle. One is brought into the Pure God Worlds to gain experience there … and beyond. This is Sat Lok … there are other names … the True Home of Soul.

A lot of the Pure God Worlds can be defined … but stepping into them brings more than definitions. One main advantage is … that if and when you are taken to these worlds … you will have met a Master who will make sure you understand and are able to stand on your own.

Most people try to understand all of this with the mind … and to be authentically beyond mind … is are indeed. One does not “just happen” to accomplish this. Mind will convince you otherwise. Soul Itself must get to this level beyond … and then it will recognize … not necessarily define. These experiences are decidedly viable and recognizable … as different … yet true. One will never understand this until they have had the direct experience. This is dealing with direct awareness … not mental decisions. It is black-and-white.

When you are working with an authentic Master He will make sure you understand … and not lean on Him. An authentic Master does NOT want to control you. He will point the way … NOT demand and command that you follow. YoU must make the effort and the the steps. It is *not* “His” teachings. What you uncover and follow … through Him … is a set of teachings that is as old as the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds themselves. They are the way of LIFE … and *not* the way of a particular person or study.

All of this follows the nobility / discipline / aesthetics. An authentic Master is just helping you recognize it within yourself … as distinguished from the Lower Psychic / Metaphysical Worlds.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

These last two posts are much longer than usual … for they will be the last for another unknown period of time. It will again be a matter of months before I can get back here for a short visit … at least that’s the plan at the moment. I wish all … well … and adventurous journeys.

Travel well.


- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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Old 04-07-2024, 07:38 PM
sound sound is offline
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
10-11-22A Snippet …

“I will not stand in my own way.”
This ... I will whisper to myself often ...

ALSO ... I would like to acknowledge all the considerations you shared, on the thread you requested be CLOSED, Mr zorkchop ... I will re-visit that thread, and read some more of what you have so 'effortlessly' and so eloquently put down on paper ... it is to my advantage that the thread is closed ... I can't hear what's being said/imparted when I'm talking lol not all of it resonated, so I realise not all of it needed to ... at this time ...

Thank you, where ever you are : )
Many footfalls hollow out a pathway ....
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