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Old 12-04-2019, 04:49 PM
Mila Ru Mila Ru is offline
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Color True encounter with Mythical Alien

Back in December I was praying the Rosario in group, in a very spiritual context, the moon was full. Suddenly, I was taken away from my physical body, except I could see my body was still there praying, I was somewhere else...

I was on Earth still, that I was sure, the moon was full and bright in the sky, the stars were beautiful, there were boskages and other human beings which I thought were dead or OB (out of body). This was an OBE (out of body experience) I was having, there were no doubts. And I realized something was off, I could hear thoughts so strong and feel deep emotions, deeper than anything I have ever felt before. And as I looked up there it was, a huge green-caped figure, with a beautiful round chubby human face.

This being, it looked so lost, it was looking for it's world, and where was it? How did it end up on Earth? It looked at human creatures with such a beautiful mercy, it's thoughts were so strong other beings could sense/hear it miles away, and everything was rather quiet because this being was something so new and different. And it knew it was new and different, and it looked at the stars and the moon looking for who was it's creator.

This being, it was +12ft big, meaning it was 12ft tall but it was proportional to the human size, so everything was bigger in proportion. It's arms, it's legs, it's face, were the size of a titan! And it took me a while because it was so strong and deep, but I saw humans in shock of my presence, because I also had antennae, and I looked at myself and realized, the being was me! It wasn't some being I was looking at, the being was me, I was it. And at this point I had let go and forgotten everything I experienced in this now life as a human, I only had the true memory of my soul deep inside and I pitied on myself, from all the suffering I was having as a human, so much I didn't understand and know, I wasn't myself anymore, yet, I was fully me.

Just some back story: I always had trouble identifying as human, yet I always did my best to do so, to fit in human groups, and be similar to their behaviour. I knew for a long while I wasn't from this planet, as a kid I made contact quite often, specially as a teen, but only now (I'm 24) I began to trully interest on this subject. I have also gone through a lot of suffering, the dark night of the soul was taking place (and still is, but ending now) for almost 2 years then.

For most of the experience I was "sitted" in the roof of a church of people that did bad to me. And I knew they knew I was there, they knew it was me and it was something... else. My thoughts were so strong they could be heard in the whole site, if that was my intention. As I "sitted" in the roof, my cape covered most of the building (which was a small church) and I gazed at the stars wondering why so lonely, where is my family of similars? At every passing minute new characteristics displayed, and I could feel so many animals DNA inside my new body. I was part feline (which I've known for quite a while before it), but I was also part insect and part avian (which was a shock!).

So I thought "I will look for similars" and my cape dematerialized and it became big eagle wings or angel-like wings, I flew into the sky as fast as a bullet, and in no time I was flying over the Amazon rainforest. I could see the world around me, I could sense all the beings in a very big radius (mile-long) and I could also see myself and understand mysteries about my origin as that was taking place. I looked deep into the Amazon with my eyes, I dunno how but it was as if it zoomed in as I flew over the forest. My antennae were used for extra-sensitive senses. Then, I saw a beautiful giant caped woman, with a green robe covering her whole body, walking elegantly in the forest surrounded by beautiful forest beings (smaller than her). She was about 20ft tall. I couldn't get closer because there was a force field around that area.

I knew how big I was because everything was so tiny cose to my body, all the human houses and human constructions and even humans and other beings. But I didn't feel I was big, it was as if suddenly I was in tiny world, before I was in a place everyone was equally big. All my feelings and thoughts were so pure, to this day, 5 months later, I'm still searching to be in that state again and studying astral projection. But I didn't find any similars, I was lonely.

I could run four legged like a giant cat, I always had a tail and a cape, to say the least. The antennae would come and go and the wings served for protection and flying. Most of the time I was walking erect, my tail was there all the time, but it was so fluid, everything in the body changed and mixed with emotion/need/will. I would get hit with energy rocks and arrows but those never harmed me, because my wings were protective and so was my cape, the cape not only disguised most of my body but it kept me in shape more close to human. Yes, I was also part human, I'm living as a human for quite the couple of thousands of years now. When I was "sitted" in the rooftop ot the church I was sitted like a sphynx, with the cape covering most of my body. I had paw-like hands but the lower part of my body was mostly bestial. I had a mane-like hair and I felt royal, as a human prince would look.

I thought, at some point, once coming to this planet, I was probably living as one of those beings in the forest, I just recently read about people that were fae, fairies, pans and others for thousands of years before finally becoming human (what a cruelty!) but even before that, I knew I was some place else before coming, my planet of origin. As I had that experience, I could feel the stars lighting up, as if they knew I was waking up, and I could hear my family whispering from millions of light years away. As I came back to my body, I was still half there/half here for a long while, before I came fully back to my human consciousness. As it was "closing" I told myself to wait for me in the moon,untill I am ready for him/me to come join as one.

But I researched and researched and never found any experience similar to mine so far, are we just now waking up? These beings? What are we? Do you know anything about this? I will leave pictures for illustration purposes:


Bible description of a Cherub

Greek Sphinx (almost exactly the same in size, shape and mix of animals, except I was more human-like, wearing clothes/robe/cape and my most proeminent animals were: lion, eagle, insect and human. To put this is a more earthly manner, but there was much more that was, extraterrestrial and I can't even translate it yet.

Thank you for reading.

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Old 08-05-2022, 06:28 AM
pinkelephantsonparade pinkelephantsonparade is offline
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Extra-terrestrials can come in many different shapes and sizes. I've personally never met a gigantic one. Only the ones who are relatively tall in comparison to humans, aka the pleiadians who become ca 2 meters tall – however, some humans are capable of reaching this height as well. I've also met a species who is really short instead of tall. Maybe around 1.5-1.6 meters tall on average, but with human appearance.
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