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Old 17-09-2021, 06:06 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 465
how can 2 strangers have shared images, knowings?

this is about 2 people that never met.its an ex of mine that some time after the break up slowly built up a friendship, not active on my part, but i cam to see him as a friend or brother. the romantic set of feelings had died out somewhere after the break up.

at the time i was not willing to share or look for answers when ever i would have an experience of something spiritual or strange happening. like i would still feel connected to him. for a period of time i had no contact with him but knew and felt that he had began to earn more money and what that did to him and i did not like it and then i saw him and knew i was right, someone else who we both knew met him and had a talk with him and sure enough i was right.

i would try to blame my experiences on my mind being so used to him and that our break up came so sudden just when i thought we were in a pleasant, harmony period in our relationship. i did not see it coming. i thought what ever struggle we had had in the past with his drinking was over and done with and that we had won. i did not even want to think about that. when we did struggle with it i kept it hidden for a long time because i wanted to protect him and did not want him angry or his family angry with me.

from what i have been told he felt more connected to me than me him after the break up. he felt more. he knew more. he had other words than i would chose to explain the connection.

there was a brief period few years after our break up when we began seeing each other in a romantic way again, on my initiative as I suddenly kissed him when he came to see me and was just talking to me, as a friend. i was not really myself during this period and it wasnt his fault, it was all mine. it was tough. I had to tell him i saw him as 2 different men. One who I had been inlove with, had a romantic set of feelings towards and that guy had died to me some time after the break up. And instead he had become over time this friend or brother. that I was sorry I had kissed him but was afraid I had been kissing the memory of him, of us. he would tell me "You'll be fine" (I had explained to him I was not doing well, mentally), he said to him I was one and the same, that he had always loved me. it was a really sad conversation to have. he asked me to give it more time and I tried but soon found out I couldn't. I could not use him like that. he said it was OK if we went back into being just friends (no intimacy) and if, when I wanted to change that into something romantic to just say so. at that point I rather felt I would have wanted him proud and angry and tell me to get the hell away from him. but he didn't. I didn't think it was a good idea we go back to being friends either. I knew he was a good man and I knew something was wrong with me and that I needed to get myself sorten out and not be in a relationship at the time. over time i got back to normal.

we had plenty of opportunities after that to reconnect in a romantic way but we never did, we knew the same people too. I just never felt that romantic vibe again with him but i still liked him.he would ask me. i did not want to say it again, but we both knew it.

during our long term romantic relationship i think he was more open spiritually than i ever gave him credit for. i do think i watched him have a vision once. that time i was pregnant. we did not know the gender. he was not the father to be. he would tell us (me and someone else we both knew, we had met by random, he was with her, not romantically though, they went way back) that everything would be fine (I think he caught that i was a little nervous about giving birth and just hoping i would be a good mum), what gender the baby would have, what the child would look like (his descriptions was unlike everyone elses guess, including my own).

I can't help but think - was this the time they connected? because it is he and the child that over time has proved to me, the child that is, to have the same images/visions and knowings as he had - and I can't for the life of me figuring out how that is even possible. They were 2 strangers. They never met. He overheard her once as she was making typical baby sounds while I was in a telephone conversation with him, last time I think we talked.

I think I have forgotten more than half the stuff the child has said over time that is in correlation to him. The child has never seen a photograph of him and has never been told of who he was earlier in my life. I just wish I knew what is going on.

The child has surprised me and the daddy with detailed stories of things happening before the child was born and other things. we never knew what to do with that. we have not made it into a big thing. I always figure as the child grows it will be less open.

if i should take one example of all the crazy stuff - the child has draw things just the way the ex would when we were a couple. But there are lots and lots of more things.

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Old 17-09-2021, 09:05 PM
FallingLeaves FallingLeaves is offline
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 3,850
you may have dallied with the man longer in another life, so that the child knew him? And there are memories?

What I'm saying is you may have gone down a very similar road to the one you are on now, at some point in a past life. And those around you may have joined you in that. And there may be residual memories.

your other 'knowing' thread also spoke to me of other times and places, and that you were probably 'remembering' the way things were. I was too tongue-tied but I wanted to say, I think things can change but at the same time expecting them to is a heavy burden to bear and I don't recommend it. If things do change fine if they don't you won't be disappointed or otherwise hurt if you haven't invested yourself in change.

Of course I could be totally off here, it could just be the spirits messing with you lol!
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Old 18-09-2021, 03:08 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 465
Thank you so much Falling Leaves for trying to help me out here

I have only had few short scenes of who he could have been in a past life long time ago. One thing these scenes may have wanted to show me was that having spirits around or to summon spirits was a natural part. I don't know who or where my child fits in there, but thinking about soulgroups and how we are reborn together I think you do have a good point there. Afraid it is in that case hidden to me.

Ive edited my intial answer. Some of the images are from this life, this reality, that I think they share, but i dont know if it is more. Maybe you are right we've been through this in some way before.

My child uses the same phrases he did about something, how she feels when it comes over her, from when he was a child.

I dont know if this could have anything to do with it: I once had a dream about him. He visit me in the dream. He showed me what appeared to have been an alternative reality. In it we lived in a home that felt very familiar to me, but Ive never been there. There were several glimpses. One was that he was playing during wintertime and snow in the backgarden of the home. There were two children. The youngest looked like my child, I identified it at once as my child, only she had short haircut and so to me I thought she is a boy. There was too someone older.

He would tell me in the dream that even if we were not to have a biological surviving child that my child would still go through something and my job was to know everything was going to be alright and just love her.

At the time he communicated this in the dream I did not understand. Later I was to, because of the details he offered in it to then mirror what happened in real life. Then I remembered the dream.

There were lots of times he seemed ready for a situation before it had happened. I don't understand how. I can think of 2 such things in particular but knows there others but more vaque.

I have not read anyone elses words here on this forum to explain what I think he had - that he saw images and these images could lead to example where I was?? I understand if he had heard it from someone or somehow figure it out, but it was as if he saw me. One time when he was angry with me he sliped his toungue and said he had seen me and described further. Only at the time he claimed he had seen me he was calling from his home phone number. Because of the details of it he frighten me and I told him so and he said he was sorry about that and said he would never do that again (??????????).

My connection with him was that I could feel his feelings and if something happened to him and this just happened, I was not in control of it, I cant say I always felt it, it was something that would come and go, I could not command it to be this way. I never spoke to him about it or anyone because I knew it sounded nuts. I was not sure what this was or where to turn to find answers.

Could it be possible that, and I know it sounds strange, if he and the child has been living in the alternative reality that this is where they are getting some of their images?

My child one day as we passed my old work (and we never go that way) she suddenly commented in a bright way remembering it. I had not said I had once worked there. She said she had looked for it before but never been able to see it. When she had been at my work she would ask several times you work here? as in disbelief but at the time I just thought it was funny and/or what's wrong with her and said yes, of course. She even looked at me and said "No, you don't" as if she thought I was kidding with her. (I know when I had changed my job I was insecure about if I should do that or not and they tried to pursue me to stay)

One time my car broke down on this side way as we were suppose to pass by and I ended up seeing the home that had appeared to be in the dream, visitation dream if that is what it was, and I know lots of homes look just alike, but then later I was told that my ex had lived in the area during a period, if it was work related or living with a new love is not clear to me, maybe it was both, but he had been there and then left, not the home, adress, but the area, city. I swear on my life I did not know that before.

During the visitation dream I was shown a glimpse of he and I fighting in the kitchen and him leaving the home to go to some bar/restaurant still open that late. He did not drink. he spoke to a lady and suddenly he told her that he thought he would go home now, that he missed his wife. He did not kiss her or anything. Still at the bar. I was in the kitchen cleaning up but could then see his car parked outside the street and him sitting in it. (Now, in reality, this is what he would do. He would sit in his car like that). I then went to the front door and opened it just so. so he would know it was ok. He came out of the car. And then as he was coming in I was moving with my back against him with some distance further down the hallway and that was the end of that glimpse. I dont know what that scene was trying to tell me. Perhaps that we did not have the fairy tale marriage, that we could still fight. There was a warmth in the home ,there was a warmth between us, but he had a specific warming quality to him. I can still miss that atmosphere in our old home so long ago but then again I am sensitive to what energy there is in homes.

From what I could tell in the dream it was as if we were fighting about him wanting to change, get another type of job which would mean more money but I thought it would too mean too much stress and me yelling at him that you know how you get then. I think I was afraid he would start to drink (again). And I was saying we were fine where we were, we got by, and he was saying this type of money could make difference, that we could go on holidays with the kids. And I was working myself up in despair and forbidding him to take the job. Could be I was afraid.

I don't know what to make of all this. There is much more. Only the more I write in details the more it will give away and I dont want that either.

Usually it just gets too confusing and I let it go.

Last edited by asearcher : 19-09-2021 at 06:31 AM.
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