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Old 13-09-2013, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by emilyhoney
cold cooked food is a bit easier, but not significantly.
also the less cooked it is, the less it bothers me.

Better how? For you? While raw food has more nutrients in most of the foods, it is not always easy on the body to digest and can take a lot more to digest it. I was on a raw diet for almost a year, while I lost a good amount of weight. I had other issues within my body with that diet. Just like vecta3 points out raw foods can make your body too cold, and too cold can create its own sets of issues. Such as causing food allergies to certain foods.

Eating veggies and fruits together can make one feel discomfort as well. From what studies say, and can cause a lot of gas... I also see you cook your veggies with oil. How fresh is your oil and how warm does it get where you store it? Many people do not know this but if the oil gets too hot it becomes rancid, which could make a person sick.

And on a side note looking at your list of what you eat in a day. Where are your healthy fats that the body needs as well? You also didn't look like you had much protein in your diet either... Of course you weren't asking for such things, so I will end it here.

Could also be possible that your body has changed in what it likes and doesn't like. As I've known people that used to love something, but then could no longer tolerate it. As they say listen to the body, it will tell you what it needs.
Life never goes the way we expect it to, but always takes us where we need to be.
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Old 13-09-2013, 01:04 AM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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I agree that to ensure you have a balanced diet, including carbohydrates, fats and proteins and all-round vitamins and minerals etc -will strengthen you (obviously bear in mind any food allergies you may have and avoid those things) But a healthy constitution should basically be able to eat any wholesome food, whether it's steamed, cooked carefully, or raw.
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Old 21-09-2013, 02:33 AM
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When the stomach has an ulcer the symptoms you describe manifest, see a doctor.
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Old 11-01-2019, 10:50 PM
Sapphirez Sapphirez is offline
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This is an old thread but I am resurrecting it because my intuition (or whatever magical force bestowed the whim upon me) told me to click on the 11th page of this section of the forum and I immediately happened upon this thread!

I see the replies in here were not exactly supportive or understanding of emilyhoney's story, but I'd like to add a couple thoughts anyways.

The first thing to consider when questioning a raw diet is, why? Why question it or define it as something abnormal or unnatural? When in fact, cooking food is what is abnormal and unnatural. for the record I still eat cooked food but hope to eat at least mostly raw sooner than later. Anyways, what other species on this planet cook their food before eating it? There are none that I know of. True we are quite different from any other species on this Earth, but then the other species are quite different from each other too, yet they all eat raw food. Why? If you're thinking it might be because they don't have a stove or the ability to make fire that would be wrong, because when animals are fed cooked foods, they get sick and die quicker. They tried to feed animals cooked food in zoos and they had to stop because the results were terrible. and believe it or not, cooked food is damaging to humans just the same.

Deviation and deprivation of nature causes disease, disorder, and ultimately death. I don't have access to divine maps that show just how to use each thing on this planet, but we can use sense and science as well as experience to discover what is the ideal truth for us. We must look at chemistry because this world is made up of chemical processes and cause & effect. Raw food is generally alkaline, or even when it seems acidic like the lemon, it actually produces an alkaline ash in the body, which is very healing, cleansing, and regenerating. When food is cooked, it starts turning acidic. Raw food is full of water and hydrates the body. Cooked food loses water content and thus how does the body deal with this dehydration? Raw food has a higher oxygen content to it, so what do you think happens when you feed the body something that has been deprived of oxygen? There's also the issue of mutation that tends to happen with cooking. As well as carcinogens being created.. but acid itself is a carcinogen anyway. Toxins are created in cooking processes, that the body must then deal with the removal of, and the more cooked food one eats, the more worn down the body gets and the less able it is to function properly.

There are other properties to live foods that get diminished with cooking, like some of their nutrients and antioxidants, and even magnetic or electromagnetic properties.

It seems to be a fact that the human body is designed to consume almost anything, and it will do its best to take the good and usher out the bad. but the question is how much bad do you want to mix in with the good and is that really necessary or a spiritual practice that honors God's creations of food and our bodies?

Eating cooked food just doesn't make sense, besides that it tastes yummy.. it is addicting! I'm thinking about eating some right now lol.. but it's also a habit, because raw food is very delicious too, and some say when they eat all raw they no longer crave lower or damaged foods like those that have been cooked. If food has a vibration, which it does have a frequency, what happens to that vibration when a food is deviated from its nature in a traumatic way such as with cooking? Ok it's said that foods or plants can feel things like being cut too, and I tend to believe they have that sort of consciousness.. but if we are grateful and they're aware of that, then they are happy to have the honor of joining a human body so they can live through us. Even blending food too much can be detrimental, so it's just best to eat food as close to the Earth as you can.
Raw food has negative ions, and eating those negative ions believe it or not, nourishes and heals us. So blending or juicing fresh produce will still have the food alive and full of negative ions, but the longer it sits the more positive ions (which are the 'bad ones' in this sense of nature) will be created. and when food is cooked, positive ions are created.

emilyhoney said she doesn't feel as bad if the foods are cooked for a short period of time, like Asians stir-frying and such.. that is because they have not been 'killed' that much, and are still full of some life, and negative ion content and everything else more mundane that we know about food.

Another thing to consider though is food combining. Certain things digest quicker or take longer. Fruit for instance digests in less than an hour usually, sometimes less than half that. Vegetables that are technically fruits, those with seeds such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, etc. also digest pretty quickly, though some are less healthy than others like with the nightshade family.. but anyways, the point is to mix foods mindfully, or don't mix them at all. Don't eat fruit right after a big meal of starches and proteins or even vegetables, because the fruit digests so quickly and the other foods or combinations take longer which results in the fruit being unable to digest and be assimilated into the body properly, so it starts to ferment and rot. This is what happens with all sorts of unsuitable food combinations or poor timing, even of drinking water or other liquids too soon after or before a meal. There's more to be said about food combining but it becomes the simplest if you can find the strength to just eat mono-meals one food at a time, and that'll give you more strength believe it or not. Cooked food can be digested quicker in some cases, but the aftermath and acidic byproduct of the cooked food is another story and requires the body to be busier longer, or it might be unable to deal with the toxins and will have to store them somewhere as fat or cysts or even tumors.

That is where the lymphatic system comes in, which is the body's beautiful waste management system most are not told much about. It's connected to the immune system which we've often heard about though. but anyways most disease stems from the lymph system (hence why you hear about lymph cancers and them removing lymph nodes or things connected to them, but it's just the body trying to heal and deal with what doesn't belong) not being able to do its job because it's been overburdened and undermined with what we consume, including non-edible products we consume or are exposed to like pollutants and poisonous chemical cleaning products and even beauty or skincare products. The skin is associated with the lymphatic system and kidneys. As we commonly experience it tries to purge things out but also absorbs so it isn't just what we consume by eating that is effecting us. same with what we inhale through the nose which goes to the brain and bloodstream.. but I digress sorry.

Cooked food is taxing on the lymphatic system because there are always unwanted byproducts of cooked food that it has to deal with. The food that benefits the lymphatic system most is fruit, because it is astringent among other things. I won't go into fruit any further though as I know I've gotten about as many fans of that topic as emilyhoney has here about raw food.. but I am surprised, I thought more people would be into raw food here, I guess that there are some and they just didn't see this thread or post in here.

So I just wanted to add to the other side because I completely understand the reality emilyhoney experienced. A lot of raw food eaters I've heard say that cooked food makes them feel bad too. and you can't become that aware until you have spent time on raw food. Although a lot of people go raw the wrong way and don't eat enough of the foods that man was designed to eat. or too many of those he wasn't or in the wrong ways what with food combining or failing to soak nuts and seeds beforehand if you eat them.

Most people have a long way to healing their bodies, and a lot of foods have stimulating properties that people may mistake as energizing, how coffee works for example.. it doesn't give energy, it just overworks the body and steals its own energy and then one thinks they need coffee to get more energy, but it taxes the kidneys and adrenal glands and creates a sickened body over time. it can result with adrenal failure which mainstream sources say is irreversible, but if you research deeply enough into healing and regeneration you will find almost any case of illness is "curable". The word cure in actuality would just mean getting out of the body's way so it can do what it does naturally, which is strive to return to homeostasis, the innate healthful state of the body.

In actuality a vast majority of the population is on emilyhoney's side and if they eat cooked food they will feel sick too.. the human population hasn't massively woken up to this yet, but the majority of the population on this planet doesn't eat cooked food for good reason. None of the animals do, no matter what else they eat or are designed to eat differently. We're not designed to eat it either and it just doesn't hold as much benefit as eating food in its natural state. We can, but it's ill-advised considering the consequences and end result. Thank you for reading this if you did <3
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