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Old 07-11-2021, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by ImthatIm
Already it has reminded me of "The way of the peaceful warrior" by Dan Millman.

I saw this as a movie on Netflix
Old 07-11-2021, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Anala
I saw this as a movie on Netflix

@Anala Yes, I was going to check the movie out also.I had read the book in 1985 I believe, flying in a C-5 military aircraft from the Philippines to San Diego.

Miss H. and zorkchop I do hope to check out Jonathan Livingston Seagull also, so I will give a Thank You's in advance.
Old 08-11-2021, 12:48 AM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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As usual … the movie is most inferior to the book.

If the PDF’s are free … put out the effort. You’ll find yourself smiling at the quest to find The Great Gull. Such as … “The gull sees farthest that flies highest.”

Main post tomorrow.

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Old 08-11-2021, 01:38 PM
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Consideration 105 …

Prime Determinants …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

A prime determinant comes down to … where is your personal focus and how much attention do you place on that focal point. The more narrow the focus and holding the attention there … the more apt one is at success in manifestation. The result is most often personal gain. Loss comes from scattering the attention and focus … if there is any real focus at all for any length of time.

For the most part … this is done at pre-determined times where one has a quiet space and time to go within and inwardly live the new perspective. This is the practice time. This is the development time. Physical immobility greatly enhances not only focus … but the “power” given to the image. Give yourself some time to actually develop the inner scenario. Allow it to somewhat “grow” and develop on its own … an evolving state of the initial theme or new perspective. Jumping through revolving scenarios lessens the focus through scattering. All of this needs to be done on a rather short-term basis … maybe … 20 minutes a day … for as long as it takes to bring it into your life as a lifestyle.

Though this can be done while driving a car or out walking … the results or end effects are not the same. Physical immobility can be a key determinant. One must focus on one issue at a time … in other words … narrow the focus. Spend perhaps two weeks on one issue before considering heavy revision … or change of goal. Give it time to work.

What you believe about yourself firmly determines where your attention is focused. Everyone brings their own inner perspectives to what we outwardly experience. For the most part … the outer experiences are going to vary from the inner experiences. One needs to begin to live from the inside out … according to your ideal. Others may not share your ideal … and so they will not be similar to your expectations. At the basis of all of this … it is not what outwardly happens to you … but much more in how you react to it … what you “do” with it … what you learn from it. In this way … tolerance, strength, courage, forgiveness … and more … all … are slowly learned … mostly quietly … mostly inwardly.

It is the inward “action” that you are concerned with … or more often than not … the inward “reaction.” To tolerate rather than get angry … to give freedom to others rather than trying to control … to have the inner resilience to not be combative in various situations … etc.

Since you are “designing” all of this inwardly during periods of quiet … the more real and fulfilling it inwardly becomes will obviously have eventual impact. The more practice one gives to this entire approach … the better one will become at it. Long-held detrimental habits often give up slowly … and with resistance. Start with the easy ones. With increased capability … one can apply the entire principle of assumption … and immediately hold to the new perspectives … because one is always trying to design inner reactions to outer experiences. You do not want to try to do this to power over or control someone or something else. We all want to. We all try to. It often backfires … but it still is all a learning progression and experience.

Narrowness of focus … attention … and assumption … will carry you … far. Many lifetimes can be devoted to the progression … to the learning of the various facets and abilities as these three come together to design … Self.

You move from the physical state to the invisible reality … and from the present state to the state desired … and inwardly holding to it … living from it … revising the times where you felt you could have outwardly “done better” … allowing it all to catch up to your entire lifestyle and perspective … and design your life … to design … Self.

It is not so much a mental movement … but more of a feeling or sensation of the action. Become involved with it. Inwardly live it. Spirit will let you know how you’re doing. Your reactions to various scenarios will portray where you stand. All is a learning process.

Since all of this happens inwardly … and even the outer portrayal or expression of it is usually held to inwardly … no one needs to know what you are trying to design. Some may notice the changes. Inner reactions are not so clear cut and visible as giving up alcohol or smoking … or even becoming more tolerant. Over time … if others are perceptive … they may notice that you do not become so easily angered. What you tell them then is up to you.

Telling others you’re about to begin redesign work on such-and-such goes against you. They begin to watch you closely … see if and when you falter … and can often make it all more difficult. After all … this is *your* life. What and how others see you is up to them. It is often quite different than your inner lifestyle and perspective.

Some may begin to work with this and wish to go for the “big” issues right off the bat. That’s like saying … I haven’t done any physical exercise for two years and now I want to run ten miles. That only brings trouble. Try not to sabotage yourself. Start slowly … prove that it works for you and one level and then go for more important issues. You can always carry the inner goal or state desired and do the best you can … and when you falter … go in later and revise so it’s more along the lines of how you wish to react.

All of this are the basic fundamentals … but it is the basics that carry you far. They can and will be developed over time … over lifetimes. Live to your highest expression now. The basics are often set aside for that which is more … “dazzling” … for that which offers a more instant and easier attainment.

When you set yourself up to develop a singular goal … your prime inner work is done on that. Any revision work on other reactions to external life should be done as later additional inner work. Revision work can often be done much more quickly.

More Later.

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Old 09-11-2021, 03:17 AM
JoeColo JoeColo is offline
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I resonate way more with your post above than with any other of yours I've seen. I like that it's mostly pretty basic, but based on more advanced principles.

I realized recently that, for the first time in my life, I don't know what I want. I feel like the above can be tweaked (a little? a lot?) or selectively engaged to find the answer(s).

Old 09-11-2021, 01:25 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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JoeColo …

I’m glad it made some sense to you. I do try to simplify whatever I offer. This “approach” can absolutely be tweaked towards any direction … to any degree. A primary step is determining who you are and what your patterns are … your preferences … your desires … your passions. Then you can determine what would be the “next step” in you discovery. Remember to keep it simple. Mind tends to complicate … to over-analyze … to over-define. Start small … go from there … as far as you wish. It has always been *your* design. Now … you do the same … but with greater awareness.

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Old 15-11-2021, 01:22 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Consideration 106 …

Assumption Provides an Example …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

I have often stated that there is a complete shift … a massive difference … between living and working on the Lower Psychic Worlds and working, viewing, and living via the Pure God Worlds. I have also stated I will not discuss exactly what this distinction is … but this is a superb example of the contrast.

The Law of Assumption … by whatever name it is given and under whatever developed front it is offered … has as its major premise that mind loves to think *of * experiences and situations. Mind loves to think of how nice “such-and-such” would be … “wouldn’t it be nice if *this* happened” … “I’d love it if *this* is how it was” … “Oh how I’d love to have *this or that and all of this too*” … just to daydream and ponder about how nice a certain experience or manifestation or situation or life scenario would be. Even right down to … “how nice to know all of that” … “how nice to be a complete this-or-that” … “I’d know all the answers if I could just figure this-or-that out” … etc.

We could spend hours … days … weeks … years … and lifetimes doing just this very thing.

But this isn’t the Law of Assumption. And this simply shows habitual, common mental preferences via daydreams.

The Law of Assumption states that one does not think “ of “ it … but thinks *from* it. In other words … you think, view, and live as if the condition, state, experience is already in existence and you are living within / from this existence. You live as if the desire is an already established fact … and you are now living it.

(Yes … this can get you into incredible trouble … such as your wish to live as a millionaire … so you go out and acquire thirty new credit cards and max them all out and live like royalty … until the financial reality hits home. There is a progression … an evolution to this … and one could easily develop the mind set of a millionaire and build towards establishing this in reality … and it is apt to work … but there is discernment and understanding of your own personal desire in how all of this is designed.)

My main point is … there is a massive difference between thinking of … and thinking / living from. It is a complete shift … a distinct, monumental, strongly-made shift in perception … and living from that new perception. Habit pulls you backwards … a determined, focused attention allows you to live forward. By concluding the end result and living through evolving steps ( if necessary ) into the main goal / ideal … one can accomplish most anything one sets this Law into establishing.

(You’ll have to work the details out with Divine Spirit. If your goal or ideal is something that Divine Spirit considers an area you have already learned everything from … then you might run into incredible resistance. Using the above example of acquiring money … if you’ve already had lifetimes where you did have all the money you could use … and now it’s time to shift towards lessening ones desire for materiality … then you might run into many obstacles and difficulties. You could continue to focus on accumulation / money … and it will work to the extent that the various Forces will accept. LIFE is rarely a simple demand for this-or-that. )

Again … to my main point … the massive distinction between thinking of verses thinking or living from … is huge … it is often not easy at first … depending on what your ideal / goal would be … and this is somewhat the difference between living from within the Lower Psychic Worlds and the Pure God Worlds. There is a distinct … perceptual … living shift … right down to what your purpose of and for LIFE is. One can continue to use this Law for Lower Worlds purposes to accumulate … to acquire … materiality … power … control … mental knowledge … greater opinion … status … and so forth … or … one can begin to form the ideal to live beyond the common … the popularly accepted … the theologies and mental stances … and begin to uncover and discover just what all of this finally IS … all about.

The mental and emotional states feed upon themselves. To move beyond that into the Greater Reality … the Pure God Worlds … is a herculean step. In a quiet way … one develops true individuality … on many levels … and begins to live from the core that you truly are … Soul. And when living from Soul … when one begins to understand the purpose and limitations of materiality and mental data … and wants to be a part of the larger scope of LIFE … you begin to develop into doing and living in just such a way … but the perception is a massive shift … and the awareness grows substantially.

Mind … cannot do this. Mind … cannot and does not come along for the ride into the Pure God Worlds. Soul can “think” … yes … in the sense that Soul can utilize thoughts as a communication form within Self and with others … but the habits are gone … the old perceptions are kept at bay … the purposes have changed. Much to the minds distress … the shift from the Lower Psychic Worlds to the Pure God Worlds is not one of logic and reason … and this so confuses mind that this scares mind to death … poetically speaking … but still … mind retaliates against such awareness.

To move from one state of consciousness to another is not necessarily a psychological one … but much more in the Spirit of it … the feeling of it … not emotion … but feeling / sensation. So to move into a new state of consciousness is more of an assumptive movement … to assume that it is a done deal … and live from that. This is something that mind cannot do. According to mind … this is totally illogical and unreasonable. There’s no “proof” … and so … mind dismisses.

When the steps into the Pure God Worlds are taken … one initially must learn to live within two worlds … literally … continuing their Lower Psychic Worlds incarnation while shifting when able or necessary … to the Pure God Worlds at the same time. The result is an awareness and a greater understanding of the Whole of LIFE … the true purpose of Soul … and Soul’s responsibility to each.

More later.

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Old 22-11-2021, 01:20 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Considerations 107 …

Mind and Thought …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

There has been continued interest on the forum board … on the entire “procedure” or “layout” or “action” of thought as of late. I have discussed this before … but … let’s consider it once again.

*WE* send thoughts up into the mental realm. They other … according to like attracts like … and we continue to have these thoughts as we continue to focus in those areas. In the mental worlds … thoughts gather as clouds … or as groupings of similar thoughts … obviously varying slightly or greatly and obviously being quite specific … right down to the very fine details. That’s what makes the difference on the thought streams or waves that you “tune into” via your focused state of consciousness … or where you prefer to continuously focus your attention.

One either focuses on the material worlds … the psychic worlds … and the fewer focus on the true spiritual worlds. It must be one of these three and can vary according to ones focused attention moment to moment. Philosophy is simply “borrowed” or “focused” intelligence from the material or psychic worlds. Soul … eventually … lets Itself above these areas / realms … and begins a completely different sojourn. Whatever position in all of existence mostly dictates the “thought wave” one often travels. This is by personal preference.

Knowledge is a thought wave. Ignorance is a thought wave. Anything you can mentally conjure up … has its own generalized to specific thought wave … depending on how general or specific the focused area is.

Thought waves of the lower levels are caused by and lead to an enlargement of the ego-senses. One identifies with the belief / opinion / thought wave via the feelings or emotions of the astral or emotional body. The “feeling” that regulates the belief in such thoughts can be incredibly subtle … but they are controlling nonetheless. This often results in unhappiness or sickness … in whatever final area it settles in. Obviously … these thoughts can settle in various physical body areas … and cause much discomfort.

Who creates these thought waves? We do … every living thing that thinks a thought. These waves pour through from everywhere to everywhere … constantly.

We do *not* refocus easily. We have spent much time in pondering and accepting them … and are not easily dismissed. When we are angry … we tend to on favored set of thoughts that will express and contend with our own personal anger. Perhaps … instead of the example of a “house” as our choice of thoughts … it would be more accurate as … a personal “city” we carry inside ourselves. “Empty space” on all levels allow plenty of room for an endless number of these personal “cities” that we choose to live in … thoughtfully.

These false identifications are the cause of most misery … whatever the area … whatever the degree,

The temporary times of happiness may bring on the desire for its continuation … and cause much grief when LIFE begins to move one into a new area … or … karmic implications demand payment.

The minds only purpose is channeling these thought ways … via personal preference. We tune into them … just as we tune into a television channel or a radio station … through personal preference.

Statements like “what if” or “how about” or “maybe” or any other similar ponderings … simply probe into the thought wave in that direction. By now … the various thought waves are quite set in their “areas of focus” but are certainly willing to expand as the various individuals feed them. It’s as simple as moving from a specific house in a neighborhood location to perhaps next door … or two houses down … still in the same area … but different … expanded … taking in a few more details.

Soul is capable of being outside these thought waves but has no clue that It can do so. That … is much of what the Path is all about.

So the difference … in a nutshell … is that which you *identify* with. This is another way of saying … ones beliefs / opinions / areas of focus … however you wish to term that … is what you live at the moment … and since mind loves habit … it is not an easy focus to change.

No Lower Psychic Worlds thought wave is ever controlled by blanking the mind … stopping the mind … or my mental force. If one puts energy against something … it is the same as putting energy and focus *for* something. One cannot “out-power” the mind.

An old maxim … mind cannot be forced … but it can be led.

This takes time … and is often exhausting … but is the only real means of revision or control. One must renew … or revise … the mind … the choice of belies … by focusing on the new set of thoughts or personal realities until the new set is preferred over the old. Since mind loves habit … or the continuation of the old … this interaction is often … problematic. If one has focused for an entire lifetime on thoughts that bring about physical body discomfort or disease … the physical body adds “solidarity” to the beliefs … and the struggle can certainly become mountainous.

To put oneself constantly in the ares of probing or query leads to never knowing what the foundational stance would or should be. This too … is the methodology of the Path. If one does not know what is “beyond mind” … then one continues to probe and ponder. Mind can analyze, define, categorize, judge, dissect, and juggle … endlessly.

Most often … it is only when one is totally exhausted with this approach … and is willing to take the necessary efforts in focus and risk … does one begin to move beyond. Declaration that one has does this … is of little effect or consequence. Mind can declare anything … and believe it. Today’s world is showing that.

There is an intriguing thread in the forum board considering where thoughts “come from.” You might as well ask … “How did I get here?” … or … “Why am I here?” … after you walked into the front door of your living quarters and wonder why you are in *this* house. You walked in … you *chose* it … by focused attention.

Bu in the thread … the mind wrings its hands in glee and ponders … “Maybe this … “ or “How about that … “ or “It could be this instead … “ … and off the mind goes dancing in delight with conjuring up of possibilities, options, maybes, … and so the entire understanding stalls and hangs … and the individual its left to the mysterious ignorance of “I can come up with another option so I don’t have to accept an answer.” In a group setting … this can lead to incredible tangents … endless detours … and the “search” goes on.

As a cautioning qualification … again … please remember … this is *no* judgment of the mentalist intellectuals. This is what the mind does … and how it approaches data gathering. Once again … it is *not* so much what one has yet to learn … but *much* more in what one has left to give up … that determines the understanding of greater Life.

Mind … does *not* like … to give up or let go of. It often leads to the inner feeling of “loss” or “emptiness” or “less than.” All will do most anything to protect oneself against that.

More later.

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Old 23-11-2021, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by ImthatIm

Already it has reminded me of "The way of the peaceful warrior" by Dan Millman.

I remember reading Dan Millman's "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" many years ago and actually attended a book-signing lecture event with Dan Millman himself. It was a very good experience.

The book "Illusions" by Richard Bach is also great reading.

I still have both books in my library.

Good memories.
Old 29-11-2021, 01:17 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Considerations 108 …

The Greatest War …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

It is an understatement to say the Path takes forever. The twists and turns never seem to end … and when it sometimes “straightens out” … the obstacles begin.

Let’s just say … as an example … that the Path can be “completed” on an average of one million lifetimes … not years … lifetimes. ( This is an exceptionally conservative number. )

For perhaps the first three hundred thousand lifetimes … anything goes … all in the name of survival. During this times … crime doesn’t mater to you. Lying, cheating, stealing, murder … anything. You *must* survive … by any means. Try to look at all of this objectively. You must “start” … at the bottom of the ladder so to speak.

Eventually you begin to tire of being punished for your actions. There is a slow turn towards the “good” … or at least a direction that lessens jail time or execution. Eventually you uncover religions and philosophies … wondering if there is some “higher force or power” to which appeasement would make things even better. Various primitive tribes and clans have rain dances and rituals for successful hunting expeditions. There are all levels of this.

From now on one works their way through all the religions and philosophies … slowing within the ones that appeal … moving on when there are more questions than answers. Eventually you get into the last one hundred thousand lifetimes … and your choices of gods, religions, philosophies and belief strategies now are greatly influenced by what you have discovered. You can stay here … “forever” … but even “forever” often has a number.

By now you’ve heard all the lines … heard all the cliches. They might vary in wording but the principles are the same. Eventually you begin to realize that the popular religions and philosophies teach only that which is popular … that which appeals to the many … yet in your quest … there are still unanswered questions and perspectives.

By now you have faced some of the perplexing issues in training your mind and emotions to focus attentively on specifics. Slowing the mind is a common theme. All want respite from the constant inner speeches to Self. Discernment comes slowly … and at great cost in time and effort … “time” often meaning … lifetimes. The giving up or revising simple habits is exhausting. Major changes … seem insurmountable.

One of the great discoveries during the final series of lifetimes is to discover just what you have been dealing with during the last “ X “ number of lifetimes. The various facets of Self turn out to be actual separate tools … just as different as a hammer differs from a saw. What you have learned does not automatically come with the tool … you have “trained” the tools to act the way they perform in your personal life. It is a step beyond just wanting to revise or change a habit … it is the final realizations that the “habits” themselves have a preference for survival … in and of themselves. The physical body resists change … is slow to change when it does … and will fight being “trained” because it prefers to maintain control and survive as it has for a long time … let alone during just the last few lifetimes. The “genetic entity” will fight the giving up of power and control … to Soul.

The emotions are the same. The emotional body … or Astral body … is perhaps the strongest impulsive tool one must deal with. You eventually discover that you have a “feeling” about everything you hold as viable … for or against. The sensations of the body direct and command you in this direction or that … often in spite of what you “think” … fueling all through the emotions. The Lower Psychic Worlds are those of sensation. We “feel” or react to all of it.

The mind knows what it likes … and can be incredibly resistant. The old cliche of … “The more beneficial the tool when used correctly … the greater the detriment when used incorrectly” … comes true. Mind is the most powerful “tool” that Soul has in Its arsenal … but for hundreds of thousands of lifetimes … ( again … a *most* conservative number ) … we have let it control us … we each are slaves to the mind … coupled to the emotions … encased in the physical body.

Our greatest battle … lies in uncovering and realizing what we each have allowed ourselves to believe and promote … as a lifestyle. Mind is a great servant but a terrible master. We are unable to “be” what we wish to “be” because of the habitual and survival tendencies of the Lower Psychic World bodies. We are slaves to them … by our own design … surrendering ourselves to “make the best of it all” and have learned to be acceptant of life in the worlds.

Interestingly enough … when you finally figure this out … you also discover that this does *not* make the battle easier. To set out to ultimately “conquer” these bodies … these tools … you can spend lifetime after lifetime looking to succeed … only to discover that it is not easily done. The Greatest War is the battle with yourself … on all levels … to degrees that most have yet to discover. One learns to control but not to conquer.

One of the final blows is to discover that the entire schoolroom … the “administrators” that run the schoolroom … are in place and have designed the school to trap you here … to keep you here … and to use incredibly devious means to do just that. Their “job” … is to keep you in school … until you become strong enough to move beyond the entire scenario … and with that step … your perspective of what has been happening for the previous hundreds of thousands of lifetimes falls into place … and *not* before. You cannot “see” where you have ben until you climb above or beyond it … and gain an overview … no matter what mind tells you.

It is often not a matter of gaining control over everything … and becoming “perfect.” It is more a matter of gaining control over as much as you can … and then … through detachment … learning how to resist the temptations of what remains. You learn to live in the present moment as much as you can while recognizing when and how the “old ways” will whisper their preferences … and you learn to let the present moment prevail. There are times when you falter … and that’s alright. It’s not a matter of “never” … it’s a matter of solving and resolving as quickly as you can and not letting anything take control of you for the long term.

After reading a number of my posts … one might perceive that I am constantly trashing the mind. That is NOT the case. My main point is … this is how powerful a tool the mind is … and additionally … it takes on a “life” of its own … mainly for survival of its own beliefs. Mind is beyond powerful … with facets of itself that are designed to “feed” itself. There is no “beating” mind. One must begin to use the tool towards the beneficial using its own methodology or abilities to bring that about. Since mind is a “negative-based” tool … preferring the apprehensive and the alluring … this is neither an easy nor quick change to bring about.

In these Lower Psychic Worlds … there will always be obstacles, hindrances, misleads, crossroads, etc. They come with the territory any time you “step foot” into these worlds. They will not stop.

Is there another way to develop the strength, courage, persistence, devotion, forgiveness, etc. … to the degree necessary to prevail over it all?

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