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Old 01-01-2021, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
Replies and Clarifications Six …

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Todays actual post is #106 … above.

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Maya El …

I was hoping to sidestep this entire topic … but it seems the forum is pressing forward for at least some basic clarification and information.

Even in the Bible … and in a few other organized religions and teachings … it is clearly stated that “In the beginning was the *Word* … using whatever words they wish to use to convey the principle. Not … Light. Not the written word. But the *Word* !


Called by various names within the VERY few sets of teachings that even offer scant information … such as the Shabda … the Bani … but generically known as the Audible Life Current or Stream.

This is a Sound that is exuded by the Core Creator God … which gives birth to the entire Life Force that expanded and sustains all of Life from that “point” on. Light … is a “slower” offshoot of the Sound … or the Shabda.

There are various sounds that can be heard with the trained spiritual senses. It takes almost a superhuman degree of effort to even get hooked up to the Shabda … or Bani. One earns that privilege. It is not handed out easily.

As the Light takes on various hues as it “drops down” into the lower psychic worlds … so does the Audible Life Current change the sounds that one can hear. These sounds are *not* imaginary. They are distinct … and clear.

One does not earn the right to hear these Sounds until they have fulfilled all the pre-requisite knowledge through their own person experience … and have learned what must be learned.

This Sound Current makes up the elemental components of all known existence … including the aspects of Soul Itself. The twin aspects of Sound and Light makes up all Existence that will ever be known. Sound … is where we initially get actual “vibration.” Sound is also the basis for all mantras … and chants … and certainly for all spoken or audible sounds heard in the objective worlds. These … and other examples … are NOT light … made audible.

VERY few sets of teachings offer any real working information on or about it … save for the few vague references such as the Biblical one above.

One cannot … and will not … be granted the right and privilege of becoming aware of the Sound Current unless and until it is granted by a true Master. Not only does this help the individual to discern just how esoteric the set of teachings they are following at the moment truly is … since very few know of or mention it … but it is clear determination of just who a true and viable Master is.

This is NOT just some merit badge that one can pin on their sleeve.

Many claim to have heard it … and haven’t. I don’t even want to discuss the karmic implications of that.

Many will work for lifetimes … literally … to hear it even once. And once IT’s heard … the responsibilities of that individual will increase dramatically … whether they know it or not.

The references I have mentioned in these posts that refer to Divine Spirit … are in actuality the Audible Sound Current … Audible Life Force … Shabda … Bani … choose your own name for it. When you actually have heard it … the demand for using an actual specific word for this or that becomes less gripping … because from that point on … you understand … which is beyond … knowing.

Just to know it is an actual aspect of LIFE … a real viable experience that one can undergo and hear … is relatively little known.

I’ve said enough.

On we go.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Yes well if you want the attention /recognition but don't want the commentary / questions then that's what blog platforms are for and forums are meant for dialogue between people generally..

It's been awhile since I've heard anybody mention the primordial sound/ (whatever your preference of name for it is) I came across it about 2 years ago doing some research after and unusual dream / Vision I had had that involve outer space (long story different time different place) as part of a multi dream/vision phase I went through for about a year but it's not a popular topic that's for sure.
Old 01-01-2021, 06:56 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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Originally Posted by MAYA EL
Yes well if you want the attention /recognition but don't want the commentary / questions then that's
what blog platforms are for and forums are meant for dialogue between people generally..
As I saw it - this particular topic - the Sound current,
was something he just didn't wanna get into too much.
Questions before were fine - my impression.
Just his preference. He's not here, so thought I'd butt in.

And I forgot the Primordial Vibration...yes, yet another human descriptor. Love that one.

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru.

Old 01-01-2021, 08:12 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
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Maya El …

I want neither attention nor recognition. I can accept that you might believe that I do.

I am simply offering information in a way that few can or will do. Squabbles and counters tend to distract from the flow of what can be offered. Well-thought-out questions are of another nature. The former certainly restricts and misleads. The latter opens and expands. Ones perspectives can be readily seen by their definitions and demands.

There *is* information that can lead to more damage than good … for those that are not ready for it. It takes experience to know where and when that applies. Some people understand that.

Mind tends to believe that *any* information should be readily given. That is not … true. Our current culture tends to be a “gimme” type … forgetting that all has to be earned.

I would believe that the forum board would be glad to have you start one of your own … if you would like to put forth your understanding of LIFE. Many might find it most interesting.

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Old 02-01-2021, 05:32 AM
Posts: n/a
I agree that there are certain bits of knowledge that need to be worked for/or earned you could say
Because an ignorant mind is no place for powerful knolage to be left unattended .

So I agree with you in that aspect
And likewise there are things I will not talk about especially not on the internet
Which is why i only asked you for a general direction to look because you haven't said what belief system you fallow so that can make grasping your perspective take a little longer than with others.

But one detrimental thing that i see everywhere is this kind of humble blindness wherein a person is trying to get recognition for how much they have learned while on the path of inlightenment/whatever you want to call it
And truly not seeing thst they have developed a kind of guru ego that wants praise and attention but in the name of some fundamental truth that they are just the humble nothingness that is willing to convey it

It is a very dangerous ego to develop and i have yet to see anyone manage to break free from it
But thst is the time that we live in and it will pass when we Inter into a different phase just like we have already done in past times .

Everything a person does is for some form of selfish gain
Some realize it and others don't
. ether way i do enjoy reading your posts they remind me of Rudolf Steiner .
Old 02-01-2021, 02:02 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 785
Considerations Thirty-Eight …

In the Beyond

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Maya El … you make some valid points. Give me a bit of time to address others factors before shedding some light on this.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

In the Beyond … meaning beyond the lower psychic worlds of mind, body, emotions … things are vastly different than what and where we have each spent eons in the lower world schoolroom. The eons take their toll … and exhaustion reigns supreme towards the end. By that time we have all had our fill of what the physical world and the mind / emotions have to offer. We have done the same things over and over and over again … with little variation as to result. Resignation in the understanding that we will just keep doing this forever … with the outer experiences simply offering differing scenarios to the same habits, viewpoints, patterns … exhaustion settles in … leading to despair and anguish. Some might call this despair pain … I might call it worse than pain.

Does everyone have to go through this … and to the same extent?

Not necessarily. If an individual catches onto all of this "early" so to speak … my hat's off to him / her. Some people have a learned knack for keeping the ind and emotions out of the way.

The work comes in the rebuilding of the negative habits and patterns into the more positive attitude … one at at a time … gaining mastery on how we even approach life around us. We begin to unplug from the importance we give to the lower worlds … gaining in our attitude by which we live. We begin to become "in" this world but not "of " it. We let go of our control and demands. These play no part in freedom.

The actual Masters that have been around forever begin to recognize those of us who have fulfilled the prerequisites and have a sincere interest in not only doing the necessary work but in its continuation.

In the lower worlds … emotional feelings are attached to sets of experiences … and the emotions dictate more than we care to believe just how the various scenarios unfold. We see things as WE are … and not as *they* are. Emotions are brought on by the specifics of the lower worlds. We are angry at this … resentful over that … euphoric about such-and-such … happy that we have this … fulfilled when we have that … on and on and on. The emotions are designed to be felt within the specifics.

In the Upper Worlds … there are no such scenarios. Not only is the negative aspect gone that gives rise to such manifestations … spinning endlessly between the "positive" or the desirable and the "negative … or undesirable … but we have purified ourselves so that the positive attitude prevails.

A way to look at just what part emotions play in all of this is … again … the human emotions are towards the specifics that we give such power to. With all of that gone … we end up dealing with the more positive absolutes … aspects that are not applied to specific scenarios … and we begin to understand the higher, inner aspects as yet unapplied to anything specific.

Examples … what is the feeling of forgiveness … if it is not applied to a specific scenario? What is the feeling of courage … if not applied to a specific scenario? What is the feeling of strength … if not applied to a specific scenario?

On and on and on … pertaining to most anything we can name.

We begin to carry the "life" … the “spirit” of these aspects around … using them to bring unapplied courage, strength, tolerance, patience, determination, devotion, reverence, confidence into our awareness … we just live them … unapplied … unless and until we need them.

This does *not* mean we are an unfeeling zombie. Quite the contrary. The feelings are very much alive … even though unapplied … but now geared towards allowing Soul to work for a universal viewpoint … a service to everything and all … living for LIFE and the good of all concerned … anywhere and everywhere … at any level … maintained even when informed to carrying out a mission in the lower worlds for whatever time that involves. Consider the angels … or the Masters that actually still walk the physical world … or the saints … or the assistants that carry on so much but do not get caught up in the lower world snares and pitfalls so they can assist … all.

This aspect of the Middle Path can be attained … and maintained.

And so … to love.

What is love … unapplied?

Is it the same … heady / giddy / blissful / elated / rapturous feeling we like to attach to lower world scenarios?

Take some time to settle that out. It will solve and resolve a lot of attachment questions and the demands we tend to put on a "God" that still feels emotional love … but just at a "more lofty" level.

Life in the Beyond is incredibly fulfilling … but in vastly different ways. Without the emotions to dictate what makes us “feel good / bad” … the path to contentment, dedication, and devotion takes on an entirely divergent perspective.

The Lower Worlds are designed to teach … to trap us … to ensnare us … to mislead us … and there is constant and unending resistance to letting the individual Soul break free.

It is our job to do just that.

Try not to put a number of lifetimes on how long it takes. You probably don't want to know.

More later.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
Old 02-01-2021, 02:16 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Southwest, USA
Posts: 23,735
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*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru.

Old 02-01-2021, 05:18 PM
Posts: n/a
post #116 contains lots of truth.

What is Love ... unapplied?
This is the best question I think I have read on this forum.
I don't think I have heard the word "unapplied" used before with Love.
I think I like it's use and the way you use it.
How can we truly answer this question in this realm of Life?
As soon as we formulate an answer we only speak from our limits.
Oh, what little I have unfolded concerning this LOVE & LIFE, both applied and unapplied.

A pleasure reading post #116.
Old 02-01-2021, 05:44 PM
Posts: n/a
Ananda, as in SatChitAnanda.


That principle of happiness is not just personal. It is not merely 'nanda', the personal enjoyment that so differs from person to person, as we pursue our many different objects of desire. It's more specifically described as 'Ananda', with the prefix 'A-' implying a return back to an underlying depth. By Ananda is meant an experience of enjoyment that is shared in common, beneath all differences of personality and world.

In coming back to that depth of enjoyment, all personal pleasures must be left behind, in search of a truer happiness. All desire for partial objects must be given up to a truer love, for something that is more complete. All falsely independent ego must be surrendered, in devotion to a self that is truly free.

Ananda is the unlimited, eternal, unchanging and infinite root of all limited, temporal, changing and finite emotions. I would say that's what NDE survivors are relating when they speak of the indescribable love encountered. The Song of Spirit.
Old 05-01-2021, 02:14 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
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Considerations Thirty-Nine

Formative Years 1A

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

If there is anything I am more reluctant to talk about than some highly esoteric specifics … it would be how I came about all of this … a short personal history. I have received maybe a half-dozen emails asking … among other things … for this very aspect. I am going to make this very short and very basic … concentrating more on the issues that have been discussed in other threads on the board.

I had to smile at Maya El's statement that I wanted attention and recognition. Since I uncovered and began to get more heavily into spirituality … making my own personal discoveries … these are the two features that I have worked hardest against. I kept everything rather secret. My own family never knew. They accepted me as rather insightful … but that's about the extent I allowed it to reveal itself outwardly.

I was incredibly curious as a child. I dabbled in all kinds of things … simple electronics … psychology … anthropology … I loved to figure out how and why things worked the way they did. This carried on until my mid-30's … when I began to feel a firm pull into the deeper aspects of what I termed "spirituality" at that time. I stalled on that … I didn't want to get involved. I knew I would get heavily tangled in all of it and I just didn't want to follow through on this.

Finally … in the mid-1980's … I painted my house and got things in order … agreeing with myself that I would dive in and see where it all took me. The mid-80's saw me get heavily into the psychic arts … reincarnation … past lives … pendulums … crystals … automatic writing … levitation … etc. A good friend of mine would firmly hold my hand as I held a pendulum aloft … vowing to stop any movement of my hand to make the pendulum swing and change directions, etc. I laughed. I thought everyone could do it. I used pendulums to get answers, etc … maybe 20% of them came out right. Looking back now … it's obvious that LIFE let me look into the psychic arts but not to the point where they would become my primary focus.

After some severe let-downs … I set everything aside. It was a bleak time. But then the trail of bread crumbs appeared … and my curiosity got the better of me. I began to follow them and they eventually led me to approach a more esoteric set of teachings. Again … I was incredibly reluctant … but knew I should proceed anyway. As I got even closer … visions, dreams, inner travels to lofty colleges on the inner … entities that I would later find out were true and legitimate Masters … but I didn't know that as of yet.

I finally found a valid Master that could work with me on both the outer and the inner … a feature I later found to be a primary indicator of authenticity. I followed this Master for a year or two and then decided to take up the set of teachings that he learned from … the basic set of core teachings. This would take me away from this Master but He knew it was my choice and this move took me into more hidden set of teachings I have been following for many previous lifetimes. The first viable book I read from these teachings … it was like reading an old personal journal of mine. I recognized it immediately.

Into the 90's and beyond … I fought hard against being "under the thumb of a Master" … vowing that I could do it all on my own. My stubbornness was nothing but a limitation. Allowing a Master to come directly into my life and do what They are meant to do … my reluctance was only my facing my stubborn ego. I quickly learned that I gave up nothing and gained everything. One of the main features of this set of teachings was to not just accept what was I told but that I was to go out and prove it to myself. This gave me a freedom that few other sets of teachings would do.

Eventually I leaned just what information and knowledge is allowed under what circumstances. There are a myriad of pre-conditions … proving oneself capable, responsible, and sincere enough to have access to more and more esoteric knowledge. The greatest battles with the mind and the emotions was in my preference to remain in the physical materiality that brought so much familiarity and pseudo-security. I found myself teetering on the border between the psychic worlds and those beyond. Finally … I leaned into the beyond. Only then did so many of my personal battles become clear.

People have commented on how I write. To me … it's the only way to offer information. My sole purpose in starting this "blog" was that I knew for an absolute fact just how tough it is to find authentic information … even if the reader didn't know it to be so at the time. It is tough to sort through the flash and puff of the psychic worlds … mind and emotions … and walk beyond. If you want to know what others do not know … you must do what others do not do. It pretty much comes down to that.

If you want to get into the Far Country … you must begin to live an inner lifestyle that very few will take the time and effort to put together. Mind will continue to demand that it ( mind ) can do it all … but it can't … and getting into the Pure Worlds and living from Soul now allows me to see that … mostly because I can gain a much more broad overview … and then explain much of that to others.

Evidently this is going to turn into a two part thing and maybe more … if I want to get into the discoveries that all will make in their own time under a variety of experiences … so …

More Later.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
Old 07-01-2021, 04:42 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posts: 785
Considerations Forty

Formative Years 1B …

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Trust me … I understand few are or were interested in "how I walked the Path" in the early years and how I discovered all of this. That's behind me now … but I tried to sneak in a few tidbits for those that have the eyes to see.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Let me continue a bit on the way I write … as it could be of assistance to some. Let me give you an example of my approach since it decidedly defines my use of the phrase "objective viewpoint" …

Let's just say … that you are going to settle down and read one of the Harry Potter books … ( choose any many-page book you wish ) … all 500-odd pages of it. From the perspective of the reader … you are led through and can see the scenarios unfold … the characters … the uncovering and development of the characters … the entire behind-the-scenes overview.

If you were placed *in* the book as one of the characters … you would be viewing the ongoings only as they would see it … moment-to-moment … day-to-day … as they would struggle to contend with the rather magical lifestyle that is most Potter characters. They cannot *see* the whole … they are caught up in the "daily pieces" of their life.

This is the same approach as working to gain an objective overview of your own life so that you can understand the patterns and habits you constantly adhere to … verses being so caught up in these patterns and habits that you really do not understand their complexity and their command over your life. It is the definition of … "You can't see the forest because of the trees … " and as a general rule of thumb … you cannot see much beyond your current state of consciousness.

Working ones way above the psychic realms … gives you the objective view. I try not to get caught up in the "pieces" as I explain the "whole." I can write this way because I've been beyond the psychic worlds and see just what the mind and emotions are … and the "why" of them.

I suppose some people might call this bragging. That would suggest a pretty strong ego … which would want to engage in some bravado. If and when one does move beyond the psychic worlds … humility tends to be a much greater part of your life. One has put in enough effort to actually do this … and this requires giving up much of what we term as "ego." One cannot truly "get there" while maintaining a working ego. ALL of the ego may not be gone … but the controlling / attached aspects are pretty much released. There is still an "I-ness" … but unattached to the material / psychic worlds.

To be clear … one cannot totally live beyond the psychic worlds while continuing with an incarnation in the physical, astral, causal, and mental realms. One learns the strong points of each realm and the "why" of them. One learns to use the tools as intended … but is neither blinded nor controlled by them. It certainly keeps one alert … and disciplined.

Another example of a different aspect of all of this is …

Let's pretend that we are given a one million piece jigsaw puzzle. There are no straight edges so there is no square or rectangular shape to it. We really don't know what shape it is in. There is no picture given to us as a finished product. All we have are a mass of colorful shapes.

So … off we go … sliding puzzle pieces around. None of them seem to fit - so we take out an Exacto-Knife and begin to trim to fit. That's not going to get us too far but it's all we've got working for us at the moment. We have no idea if it's an actual picture or just an abstract blob. We get caught up in gathering like pieces … even if they don't seem to fit together.

Go for a two million puzzle … or a trillion.

My point is … while in the lower realms … we tend to get caught up in specific "pieces" … or experiences … or habits … or patterns … and we love to gather as many as we can and display them to give us status … self-worth … financial gain … power … control … you name it. Mind … loves the pieces.

Only when we work our way up above this puzzle … and see the what and why of the puzzle itself … do we begin to understand. And to work our way up to this comparatively lofty level … we must uncover and refine the limitations that hold us here.

This is rarely if ever a pleasant task for the human condition. Mind can constantly devise reasons why we shouldn't give up our prized perspectives … and the emotions can lead us just about anywhere because of our attachment to them … to our giving value and meaning to them … and "defining" ourselves by them. I have said it before and I'll say it again … for more lifetimes that we would care to put a number to … we have been groomed and trained and shoved and become enamored by the core beliefs and patterns we call … "Self."

And one more time … we have met the enemy … and it is us.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

Tidbit 1 …

The greatest sacrifice is the giving up of discouragement.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

More Later.

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -
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