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Old 30-04-2022, 04:15 AM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Vancouver, WA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, UA.
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Part 11 The mechanisms of the spiritual life.

As before we find ourselves in a circular room. In the center we travelers, still comfortable on our carpet, wait. We realize that in order to share in this we once again have been enclosed in the great aura of the Lady, the First Angel. And we awaken to thoughts coming towards us. “Yes”, she said. “It is almost the same as once before but this time we are concerned with the formation, the beginnings of our local galaxy, not so much the physical and lower spiritual aspects but from the viewpoint of the angels who guide.” The Lady continues. “Let us review for a moment. Before the creative moment there did exist the two very highest of the spiritual planes. Then, had we been there at the moment of the beginning we would have witnessed several things being made (being formed). Remember that even the smallest subatomic particle, being physical, needs, relies on a corresponding heaven (Ethereal plane) which is home to and nourishes it’s soul. Remember correspondences? The Ethereal plane is the higher correspondence of the physical. Physical matter and the lowest of the spiritual, the Ethereal, came into being simultaneously. And, at the same time the beginnings of the highest created spiritual plane, the home of our gods, the Manasic (home to the future masters of creation), was also begun. In the moment of creation, then, the physical, the Ethereal and the Manasic were made. In the remainder of this story we will look closely at this lofty plane and discover it’s secrets.

From the originating fount, the Godhead, the source, that which is, the I am… certain conditioning factors issue forth into and to give substance to that which follows. The Lady senses our hesitance and speaks “Remember that God seeks to express. On the lower spiritual planes souls will come into being. These will live and express on yet lower planes. They must have the means to do this in a manner which, later at the end of the journey, will find them possessed of wisdom sufficient to be raised up.” Yes suddenly we find ourselves thinking of the words in various religious scriptures. Words like salvation, transmutation and ascension. “Yes, she continues. Now watch as these godly attributes each, in turn, is made known to you.

And now as we wait anxiously the first three of the twelve doorways open before us. An angel appears in each. Together they speak. “Here, in the first three of these pathways (as we refer to them) are found the three principal attributes of God. They are: Will (the great mind of Divinity), Love (treading faithfully joining the lower to the higher paths) and Active Intelligence (that which causes cooperative activity). “These three mandates, she continues, are the tools (or gifts) given to the gods who are to inhabit and work (inform) on the Manasic plane. These great godly attributes they will bring to the far reaches of our galaxy where they will be set into motion becoming the localized outposts of the Godhead as they will be recognized by those lower forms which will be found on the various evolutionary paths (kingdoms in creation).” As we wonder at this statement we are given to visualize the future and we understand. These three will be the platform, the basis on which each systemic god will express. Shall we call this a great trinity? Yes. Now we can see more clearly the function of the god within our own star. At this point we rest.

The Lady continues “We are presenting to you a very abbreviated and simplistic picture of the means of the work to be done in a new galaxy. Now before we progress to the other doorways lets consider the galaxy as a whole.” And so we are surrounded just for a moment by a warmth. Now a vision of a vast geometrical structure opens before us. We are given to know that this is the essential spiritual framework of our galaxy. So simple it seems to be now that we know. Shouldn’t it be more complex? The Lady laughs “No let’s keep it simple”. As we learned before the triangle is the essential universal, geometrical figure. All else derives from it. Before us is a point from which a triangle now begins to form. As it grows larger we see that it assumes a three dimensional shape, It is kind of like a three sided pyramid but one with boundaries which are not clearly defined, not quite. The whole of it is more like a translucent mass but one bounded in purpose. What we are seeing is a segment of the manifestation of the created Manasic plane as it exists in our galaxy. And we know that it is the same for others too. But there is more. In our galaxy there are seven of these arranged, the apex of each meeting in some central point, around, above and below, the entirety of that which will later become the physical galaxy with it’s heavens. “Yes but it is helpful now to watch only one of these.” And the story continues.

Again as we are facing the remaining nine of the doorways we see that each, in turn, opens and each is guarded, or perhaps hosted, by an angel. Each of these waits. Now the Lady speaks again. “Visualize the galactic segment, the three dimensional triangular shape which is before you and know that each of these door ways is the source, one by one, of the conditioning attributes which will later play such important roles in the evolution of the stars, their systems of planets and the multitudes of souls who will, for a time, call them home. Now”, she says, “watch as the 12 angels move away and at a speed beyond comprehension take up new stations in a vast global form within our segment of the galaxy. With our eyes now we find that each of these seems to be stationary in a position which is the spiritual center of a constellation of stars. Do we remember before when we mentioned the Lagrange point of physical science? This is the position in space at which the gravitational influences of neighboring objects seems to be neutral, in balance, a center of gravity. The position that each of the managing angels now assumes is the higher (spiritual) correspondence of this physical aspect. Here, each of them is able to manage, find balance for those spiritual forces which are embodied in the spiritual star centers of each groupings of stars. And the whole is arranged in a pattern which, from any solar system in it’s area of influence, would appear as a great circle in the night sky.” We humans take note of this, the work of God through the angels, and call the study of it astrology (a word which refers to the energetic beams upon which essential godly attributes are disseminated). Now can we stop for a moment while the complexity of this can be better appreciated.

Note: Astrology is mentioned here only because it is a mechanism provided us with the express purpose of allowing a measured rotation of those influences which, in our many lifetimes, will assist us in the acquisition of wisdom (through experience). Through it we move from one heavenly set of attributes to the next. The Lady here does not intend to do more than to briefly mention it.

We will provide an example of this progression. In the story of Moses he ascends the mountain for a time then returns to the people only to find that they have reverted, moved away from the one God and back to the many. He finds them worshiping a golden calf. This story is a metaphor. In each turning of an age a great one appears to lead the way. Moses presided over the changing of the age from Taurus to Aries. In this story the people resist, as humans always do, the celestial changes. They prefer to stay in Taurus, thus the calf. In the next of the age changes the great one who was sent at the beginning (of Pisces) was Jesus. Thus the symbol of the fish. Now we are entering Aquarius…. Who will appear? The lesson is simply that at the beginning of each new spiritual age (moving from one sign to the next) the people will naturally resist. This is the reason a master soul appears at such times to help. The student of astrology might research the time of each new age and discover that, indeed, a “prophet of God” did, in fact, appear to mankind. It is also of great importance to note that it is not just we humans but the Earth as an entity which is bathed in these heavenly influences. “As above, so below.”

We rest as thoughts again flow form the Lady into our minds. “This part is a simplistic view of what was created. To better appreciate it though and how, more exactly, it applies to our lives we will have to again look at our own segment of our galaxy. Can we remember a constellation of stars that we call the Pleiades? Do we remember that this constellation of stars is called by many the Seven Sisters? Shall we continue?”

So far as we have seen in this room of doorways was three which represented the essential attributes of the godhead and the nine others which represent the controlling elements of the great constellations which, operating as a whole controlled by various angels, form the sources of the conditioning factors which, along with genetics, situation and various chance happenings, allow each soul to receive opportunities for advancement. But back to the room now.

We find that a further seven doorways have formed before us, each also with an angel guide in position. These, all in the feminine, are the managers of other, lower aspects of God (the source). Each of these, in ways which will be better explained shortly, embodies the extra personality aspects that each soul will use during it’s long journey towards the measure of wisdom which will, eventually, set if free from the cycle. Now let’s continue.

We know these angels already although few of us have ever been able to appreciate their primary purpose, their mission so to speak. These are the Seven Sisters of the constellation Pleiades that we have all heard of. Let’s look at each in turn. What is to follow is a listing, a tabulation of personality aspects which, in various combinations determined in the larger sense by our system’s location in relation to the larger astrological constellations, the traits, the strengths and weakness of each of us as we travel through lifetimes.

The first three of the Sisters are concerned with the godly attributes of the source which were delineated just a bit earlier when we spoke of the first three of the doorways. No. These angels are not the same as those others that we met. These are more localized in function; more concerned with the Earth and other planets in the sector that are home to human souls. Looking in turn at each one we find that they embody the three essential attributes of the godhead which are, Will, Love and Activity. Perhaps is we think of these as being more focused towards we as individuals it will be easier to grasp. But then there are four others. These, each of them, are less concerned with the godhead but more with the human personalities through which souls will live. They are expressions of: Science, Harmony, Devotion, Idealism and (Ceremonial) Magic. May we stop here and return to the topic of astrology?

This story is not intended to be a study of astrology. But student of that discipline will find however that each of the signs, in turn and as a whole, will embody all the forces which have been mentioned in this story. It remains only to visualize an angel managing each of them and, in addition, the Seven Sisters whose function it is to further focus each of the seven primary (divine) influences so that they are optimized for our planet determined by it’s physical location in our galactic segment.

Note: Seldom is it spoken of or taught but there are two kinds of astrology in existence. The first, the common, is that set of factors which is concerned with the human personality (and others as well) who live on the Earth (and other nearby planets). But there is another. We refer to the astrology of the (human) soul. This is quite different. The study of this higher correspondence will reveal the spiritual pathways that we walk upon as souls rather than as personalities incarnate. Since this is a much more complex topic nothing more will be given concerning it in this story.

Note: May we urge the reader to look to the iconography of each of the world’s great religions. We find that the numbers three, seven and twelve are commonly used to describe sacred ideas. Although there are cultural variations the observer will find a common theme or source. Through this we will happily find that the barriers which seem to often otherwise exist because of religious bias, tend to diminish leaving a new kind of what we might call “concordance”.

Again we find ourselves seated on our carpet in the center of the room. Now the doors have closed. The Lady again speaks. “It is not always easy to understand all that has been shared but it is suggested that if a diagram is made, a drawing in two dimensions, of the various points in “space” which have been mentioned, relationships will be much clearer. Remember to include the Sisters and as they seem to overlap or duplicate the work of other angels the drawing of connecting lines and then a visualization of a created human being moving through the astrological scheme it will become very clear to she or he who makes such an attempt. But it must also be said that the purpose of this presentation which is in story form is less a tutorial and more an adventure based on our small lives as they appear (come and go) and become a part of something larger.

Returning to the narrative the Lady says “It is time to rest now. The efforts tax the imagination. Time is needed to assimilate.” We find the carpet on which we are seated rising up off the floor of the room. We exit. Now at an angle which seems to us to be pointed slightly downward we rapidly accelerate. Now, again traveling at the speed of thought, we change down to the lower heavens of the galaxy thence to our own solar system. We are home again. So quickly it seemed. Why is it that the return trip is never quite the same as the outward bound? Perhaps it is because of another of our very human inclinations. We, try as we might, cannot escape or set aside our habit of entertaining expectations. Like it or not, we are still in these bodies and must learn to manage the personalities which are central.

Now, back in the Healing Room we find that our friends from the animal kingdom have been busy in anticipation of our return. High Bette has been keeping watch. Goodness is in charge of the picnic table which is set up in the garden, waiting. Rudolph is here too. It seems that his world is also a part of the greater scheme that we have been leaning about. He is emissary to it for Saint Nicholas (Santa) or our lore. Who is he? I mean, really? Someday we might find out. Lastly we find Lady Pumpkin, patient as always, standing somewhat aloof, waiting. These are our companions, all. In no way are they lessor souls. Indeed they are in so many ways less complicated than we but do not let this deceive. But we, all of us, travel in turn on the paths ordained. Where they are today, we were and where we have visited today they will too, in the future. We someday, in new forms, may arrive with new missions. No matter the place or time lives live in adventure filled stories that are meant to be shared.

The travelers, tired now, gather on the garden lawn..... sleep.

This story, A Tale of Forever (adventures with the Lady, the First Angel), will continue, perhaps in a new way, in the future. Suggestions are always welcome.

A concluding summary of part 11 (part 12) will follow.

To be continued.

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bartholomew bartholomew is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Vancouver, WA and I have a second home in the city of Kherson, UA.
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Part 12 Epilogue

In the garden again the lady calls to us to assemble. Then she speaks:

“In the preceding story line the object was to reveal to the reader a little about the basic structure and organization of our created universe. This would include the higher life forms that are responsible for it’s operation.

Before the creation there did exist two very high spiritual planes. The highest is that of the Source, God to many. Just below was, and is, a specialized plane which is home to those beings that would be tasked with managing that which would later be created. Lastly are the many lower planes that came into being at the time of the creation. We can easily see then that before the creation the source was. Isn’t it reasonable to suggest that creation had to have a cause; that something existed before? Yes.

Instead of speaking of the entirety of all of the created universes, there are many which, in reality, exist in the very same three dimensional plane as our own, we will look only at ours and, within it, one galaxy in particular, our familiar Milky Way.

The highest of the created spiritual planes is that which is home to the gods. These have duties which include managing lower systems in creation and the lives which they will be home to.

Our solar system has one of these, a god, whose body of manifestation is our star, our sun, sol. To better appreciate this we might visualize the aura of this great being extending to encompass the entire solar system. Within it then are their chakras? Yes. Their orders of existence are not a part of this story but it is interesting to note the our planet, the Earth, coincides with the solar plexus chakra of the solar being. All this is well known and is the basis of tales about the sun god. This great entity, who is eventually subordinate to the one, the source, is the power which oversees the entire system and, in particular, the Earth. The application of willful intelligent design of this great one is the reason our planet is so much different from the others in our system. It is not by chance that we humans can live here.

Again, a high spiritual being from the highest of the created spiritual planes is a god by nature. These are both male and female because they are created and thus divided in expression. Each of these has a lower spiritual and physical body through which it lives. Our local god’s body is the entirety of our solar system plus neighboring force fields. And each is tasked with carrying out the Will of the source. Lastly have we ever heard of the idea of ascension as it pertains to we humans? Yes. We have. This idea describes that process through which we, each of us, completes various processes of learning and gaining wisdom. At each level then we are lifted up just a bit higher until we are finally “one with the Father” (by proxy of our sun). This particular set of mysteries is not fully described in any scripture. It is simply referred t as being ascension.

But we must not forget that above these “lesser gods” is the one, the supreme, the source, God the Father which came before all else. Remember the angels? These great beings are tasked with the duties which include the transmission throughout that which is created the ideals of the source. The angels are thus empowered.

In our galaxy then we find that groups of gods, each with a body (star) are grouped together for particular purpose which is nothing less than the transmission of godly attributes throughout the galaxy. This is the reason that we find stars formed into constellations, each directed by angels who serve as the intermediaries between the source and the created universes.

These godly attributes include all those things that we find delineated in the science of astrology but also include the more universal attributes that are so particular to we humans. These later are largely the domain of the great sisterhood of the Pleiades.

The business of deity is expansion through expression. In all of that which is created we see this dynamic. And in the more than obvious movement, lowest to exalted, do we not see the continuous process of spiritual advancement which results in the lowest eventually becoming one with the highest? This is the mechanism of God’s expressiveness. Nothing less.

Does it all begin to make sense?”

The mood of we in the garden setting is quiet, reflective….

The Lady of the story is real. She is not an invention of my mind. We may note that most of the angels in this story are female. This is because the feminine is the essential being in creation. Above the created worlds, in that which came before, Angels are not separated into genders at all. They, each of them, are whole, undivided, in expression. The purpose of creation cannot be served through this kind of oneness though. Where would the lessons be that teach us so much? Wisdom, in it’s many colorings, is revealed through divisiveness. Angels then, as they penetrate the barrier between the “on high” and the “created worlds”, divide, separate and assume two distinct characters. The feminine creates, gives life. The masculine destroys so that new life can follow. This is the essence of the created worlds.

If one searches carefully stories of the Lady are to be found. They exist or are hinted at in various historical texts most of which are religious in nature. Do not however make the mistake of thinking that she is anything to do with any Earthly belief system. Think rather in terms of the mother of all.

The universe is not a complicated entity except when we look at it as a physical object only. It is so much more. It’s spiritual source and nature is really quite easily understood if only we can manage to set aside our preconceived ideas.

One most important thing to realize is that the angels are the only beings who are able to communicate between the source and that which is created. This is the reason that in our history we so often find that a man or woman was visited by an angel and not by God directly. It is not simple and elegant?

In the future there will be another story. What topic? It is not yet given.

As we listen the Lady speaks further:

“In our history we read of incidents where Earth men are visited by others that they call gods. This is a mistake. Our world is not the only one that is home to human beings, nor is it the eldest of these. The Earth has been and is still being visited by outsiders, offworlders, who we, beginning in ancient times, called gods. They are not gods but only other human beings even if their forms were slightly different from ours. Is this proposition so very difficult to accept? These are many who travel looking for new worlds to seed with biological life. It is interesting to note here that there are two root races on our planet which are not native to this globe but whom, through interbreeding and conditioning have come to call the Earth their home. Such migrations are not only common among men here on Earth. They are common in our galaxy too.

There is another set of beings that we Earthlings have so often come to call gods as well. These are “higher ranking” human souls that have chosen to remain with the Earth for special purposes usually to do with management of the Earth’s heavens. These, sometimes, make their presence known to men. So often they are (sometimes fearfully) called gods. They are not! It is important OT remember that our planetary system is made of more than just lower human lives. So much more. Shall we call some of these the watchers? Why not? They certainly do watch and guide.

Of the above there are many who, by nature of their status and function, do come and go adopting physical bodies for particular needs now and then. These beings which are no more than very advanced humans, adepts and masters, will be engaged with particular jobs which require such abilities. Of these one in particular was (is) the great master soul, Jesus. Because of his responsibilities in the world he is very often referred to as being the Son of God. His immediate superior in the Earth system is the great soul who sits at the head of the Earth’s heavens serving, under the god of our sun, who was called by the Greeks the Christos, the anointed one and later by us, the Christ.

The very last comment is the admonishment that we never believe a thing simply because it is said, regardless of who the speaker might be or what lofty title he or she may have. Believe only when our lower rational mind tells us it is the best yet available information. It is much more important to be possessed of wisdom than of knowledge.”

At this point the Lady rises and, at her bidding, we seem to sleep the rest of the those who have just gone to a distant place, The universe is filled with wonders to be sure but no story ends until the travelers return safe at home.

As the story ends those who look will see the Healing Room garden as it usually is. It a state of tranquility.



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