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Old 15-03-2024, 06:00 PM
Lord_Viskey Lord_Viskey is offline
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Originally Posted by Ewwerrin

How to be happy? Simply focus on unconditional happiness consistently enough that the thought will keep growing. And eventually you will Feel happy. And when you feel happy, you are in the process of allowing endless inspiration to flow through you from Source...
question :
"Regardless of 'unconditional' or 'conditional joy' being at play (which is supposed to be plentiful and accessible to everyone), what do you advise for someone whom has spent decades soul searching, meditating, and contemplating, and has repeatedly tried 'racking their brain' (as it were) - trying to remember this 'alleged happiness' for the sole purpose of trying to 're-associate' - or even 'associate once and for all' - to that which seems normal and easily accessible (allegedly for everyone), but cannot remember the essence, sensation, or comfort of such, in any way shape or form themself that should be able to be imagined?"

Just askin', cuz I happen to know someone who has been pretty miserable for a long, long time.
What is Love ... ?
It is "The Wisdom for the Desire To Return To Purity."
quoted by : "Sophia Of God"
written in the : "Chamber of Eternity"
witnessed by : "Alpha & Omega"

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Old 16-03-2024, 03:55 PM
Redchic12 Redchic12 is offline
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My answer……stop searching and stop thinking, then answers start coming.
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Old 16-03-2024, 09:43 PM
Wandering_Star Wandering_Star is offline
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If you can convince people that placing others' well-being ahead of their own through a life of self-sacrifice is the highest good, it's much, much easier to control them.

It makes no difference whether it is a political ideology that does this, or a religion, or a spiritual teacher, or your own dysfunctional family.

And that messaging usually comes dressed up in apparent good intentions and lofty ideals that are hard for most people to argue with, because most people are out of touch with their soul (or have been told they don't have one), and are thus totally unaware of their soul's purpose. It's easy to get them to comply, or push them back in line, or keep living lives burdened by guilt and shame at their own "selfish" inaction, by applying socially-stigmatizing labels to them if they don't at least pay lip-service to the need for self-sacrifice.

Some people really are here to act in "selfless" service to others, in specific, world-changing ways: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, St. Vincent de Paul, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, St. Jeanne d'Arc, etc. A lot of ordinary people get tremendous satisfaction from volunteering for causes they believe in. Some people make what could be seen as sacrifices for their families, because they love them and want better for them.

I've seen people endure hardships for decades for the sake of their children, or a disabled family member, or a spouse with a terminal illness, and they brush off any suggestion that they've made sacrifices or suffered because of it. Yeah, there have been bad moments or days, but they've never been beaten down by it—because they are fulfilling their soul's purpose through it.

Soul-centered action on behalf of others is energizing. It feels good to do it. You never have any hesitation, or wonder if it's right. You never doubt its value. And, even if it appears that circumstances are pushing you into it, you do it from pure, genuine desire. You can't not do it. And in that sense, it is completely selfish.
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Old 16-03-2024, 11:57 PM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
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Originally Posted by Lord_Viskey
question :
"Regardless of 'unconditional'...
... a long, long time.

TLDR: Simply focus on the word Joy, or love, or appreciation. Long and consistently enough that you begin to feel it. Maybe subtly at first. But continue to focus. Eventually you reach the tipping point, where your attention is more often on Joy, than not. And then you will really begin to feel it. And then you can say that you are allowing a steady stream of Pure Positive God Source Energy Consciousness to flow freely through you without hinderance/resistance. Trust that your consistent focus on the word Joy will take care of everything. You become a clear receiver & transmitter of God Source Consciousness.

Very simple. Focus on Joy, unconditionally. By unconditionally I mean: Under any and all conditions and regardless of any and all conditions. Focus on joy, even if only the word. As often as possible. And the new habbitually practiced energetic thought pattern will be established over time and consistency of focus.

What you give your attention to, what you place your awareness upon, will grow. From thoughts to things.

For example, focus on the word Joy, over and over again, with the intention to feel it, but not trying to feel it, but trusting that your focus on Joy will eventually align your vibration with this state of being and perceiving that is in alignment with Source intelligence. Indicated by the feeling of Joy.

It may be subtle at first. The more often you focus on it, the more the energy grid is established for you, which continues to draw more like unto it, vibrationally. So it will become easier and easier to continue to focus on it. To place your awareness upon it. And then you will continue to feel more joy. And thus experience more joy. You become vibrationally compatible with the realisation of it.

If there are conditions that distract you from your Joy, or where you feel worse emotionally, it is helpful to learn how to meditate or atleast sleep, to reset the vibration. Or focus on the opposite of unwanted.

Don't try to force yourself to feel joy. Be comfortable and at ease with your focus and intention. Trust that the vibration is always there available for you unconditionally. And that your focus on joy will naturally and effortless train your vibration more to Joy and thus more alignment with Source Energy. Which allows you to become a clear receiver and teansmitter of pure positive source energy. Which is always enveloping you with joy. Unconditionally.

If you really have trouble focusing due to many unwanted experiences, it is helpful to focus on the opposite of unwanted experiences. This is a less direct approach. Imagine how your vibration has many + and - switches. And you simply focus on shifting one - to a + at a time. For example, you feel physical pain, you focus on relief. Even imagine it. And let life show you how easy it is to learn to allow your preference to become fully realised. From one unwanted experience to a wanted focused realisation.
It all about allowing. Allowing yourself to let go of the old pattern and enter the new pattern. By simply and merely giving it your attention consistently enough. And then enjoy its realisation.

You train your thoughts to align with all your preferences.

You can even make a list of all unwanted things and how they emotionally feel. And then simply effortlessly assume the wanted experience and feeling, to focus upon, to allow your vibration to match it, which will allow you to witness the natural and effortless and unconditional growth of your preferences and focus. In realisation. To full physical realisation.
So simply make a list of unwanted you experience, and then write the list of their wanted experience and focus on that wanted list. Unconditionally. Knowing Source will take care of it (and already has) but it is a practice where you learn to allow yourself to realise more and more of all that Source already knows for you that you want.
It is simply about giving what you want more of your attention.

And then you become confident that all your desires will always be answered by Source.
Then you can simply focus on Joy, for the purpose of aligning with Source perspective, for your ability to realise it, as it knows all that you can ever want to be do or have, your relationship to it and your path of least resistance for the evermore fuller and greater allowed realisation of all of it, by you.

Again it is all about consistency of focus. Which will create momentum, vibrationally, which will be indicated by the emotion you feel, which indicates your further more or lesser alignment with Source. And resultant manifestation.

The better you feel, the more you are allowing wanted experiences to manifest.

For example unwanted experience "this isn't working."
And then simply focus on "this is working. Everything I want is always working for me." And assume it is true, but it requires your attention to realise its truth/manifestation. Truth/manifestation is just the result of someones consistent focus or undeliberate attention.

You don't have to believe it. Believing it is the eventual purpose but you don't need to believe it in order to focus on it. When you focus on it consistently enough, the believe will establish itself naturally in accordance with vibrational law.

There is no experience that is off limits. If this life can inspire the desire within you, it can bring about the full realisation of it for you.
You just have to enjoy your desires unconditionally, and then life will reflect back to you what you desire in full physical and manifestational terms. Which is only possible if you align with the vibration of its realisation. Which requires deliberate intentional focus. To allow the vibration to grow, the habbitually practiced energetic thought pattern to be established by consistency of focus, with small effort at first and effortless manifestational realisation at end.

A believe is just a thought that you keep thinking.
And believing is seeing.
So you will think, then feel emotionally and believe and then see/realise manifestation. And you can feel emotionally if what you are focusing upon will manifest into something you want or dont want.

If you focus on what you want, you will realise it.
If you focus on what you don't want, you will realise it.
Or in other words, you will realise the evermoreness of it.
If you say "no" to an experience, you will receive more of those experiences to say no to.

This is why it is always helpful to feel your emotions while you focus, to ensure that you are indeed focusing on what you do or don't want. And if you get lost, meditate to quiet the mind and reset the vibration. You will then feel better. And then old habbitually practiced energetic thought patterns of resistance, will stand out more. In contrast to how you feel after a meditation, you become less tolerant to thought patterns of resistance. And then it becomes easier to replace them with wanted focus.

Meditation can help allot if a person is struggling. It resets vibration and trains focus at the same time. So if you meditate and then focus on Joy, it is helpful but not necessery.

So the foundation can be "meditation to focus on anything meaningless that has no charge, which then means you are not thinking as you focus on it (like a sound or your breath or a mantra), and when you no longer think, you no longer think resistant thoughts, and when you no longer think resistant thoughts, your vibration NATURALLY rises to a better feeling emotion. Which brings more clarity and more acces to better feeling thoughts. and their manifestations."

So you become acquainted with your true nature or natural state of being, and learn to focus aswell.
And then you can focus on joy unconditionally.

The more consistently you focus on joy, the more you will feel it and the easier it becomes to continue to focus on it. And it snowballs like that.

This is the energy which creates worlds that we're talking about.

Once you align with this vibration, you will never ever want anything else but it. But if you fixate on the manifestations (which is not your job), you will never be able to recreate joy. You can only create a joyful manifestation if you align with your own greater non-physical Source Consciousness and its greater knowing, indicated by the Joy you feel. So that you become inspired. A blended whole being, physical and non-physical together as one.

You have to care more than anything about how you feel emotionally.

If you try to think source thoughts, you cannot do it, if your frequency is very different. It is vibrationally impossible. But if instead of thinking, you reach for the Feeling of Joy. The rest will take care of itself.
You cannot see/realise what you are not the vibration of.

As you focus on Joy, more and more, you will eventually feel it. No matter how subtle it is, continue to do so. Focus on the word Joy. And you will keep feeling it more and more. And eventually you reach the tipping point, where you focus more on Joy than not. And that is when the manifestational realisation will really lift off. Endless wanted experiences. A steady stream of Source Conscioussness flowing freely through you. Endless inspiration. You are then viewing the world through the eyes of Source. It is where all the solutions to all problems are and all the answers to all questions.
Sharing perspective.

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Old 18-03-2024, 07:16 PM
Lord_Viskey Lord_Viskey is offline
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Evidently, this assumes "Joy" is a known sensation - or had once been known - to that individual.

I was questioning your "process" on the premise that this individual can not (or no longer can) reference any sensation that is otherwise conventionally "known" to others as "joy".

Oddly, this same individual had, in fact, practiced meditation many years ago with generally satisfactory results - but had abruptly quit meditating after several later meditation sessions in a row resulted in some shockingly profound, anger within them, as opposed to - as one might expect - a normalcy of "peaceful" sensations.

The afore mentioned "generally satisfactory" results, evidently, weren't of notable "pleasant" consequence - at least not notable enough to be utilized as a memory thread to "joy" for this person again anyway.

I have repeatedly asked this person to "peer back" into their past; to their childhood; to their relationships - and they've reassured me that whenever they do this, a "continuum of connective" memories always brings them right back to an abject misery within that memory thread - whatever memory they call to mind... nothing has been of worthwhile note to them as a "verifiable" happy thought.

Their "source" does not seem to want to communicate with them. I think they are hoping for an epiphany that doesn't come.
What is Love ... ?
It is "The Wisdom for the Desire To Return To Purity."
quoted by : "Sophia Of God"
written in the : "Chamber of Eternity"
witnessed by : "Alpha & Omega"
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Old 19-03-2024, 01:34 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2019
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Originally Posted by Lord_Viskey
... come.
All hell breaking loose after meditation is a very common occurance. Once a person becomes acquainted with their own true nature, every single habbitually practiced energetic thought patterns (believes) of resistance will stand out more as lies, which spirals a person into extreme distress.

And someone who takes meditation "seriously" is enough of an indication that they have many habbitually practiced energetic thought patterns (believes) of resistance. Of resistance to their own true nature of unconditional love. Flawed thoughts, false thoughts, false premises, false believes. False realities. False lies.

Your entire reality collapses. Because you realise how such immensely insignificant ideas have been making your life a living hell. And it is better to be angry about that, than feel guilty over it. In some rare cases it is good if you feel guilty over it, in cases where people have misused (most often unintentionally) their own true nature to emprison themselves and hidd the keys from themselves, which lead to a never ending despair of which guilt can help such a person to remember the key they hidd from themselves. But that is a rare situation.

I assume the person we are talking about is just angry at all the lies that humans have told him. Which is all ok. Meditation is not suppose to be serious AT ALL. Not even a little bit.

You see, you are a co-creator of your life. With Source. But their inability to acces Source is often an unintentional thing. So no need for guilt or anger or blame. It can help to blame to process stuff if one needs to, but its just a temporary stepping stone. Which is again, not necessery.

The goal of meditation is not just to quiet the mind. It is to quiet the mind, but that is not done for the sake of quieting the mind. The quieting the mind is done for the sake of clearing all resistant thoughts that go against their own nature. All false realities and believes. That hold them back from living AS who they truely are. As CREATOR. So that one can re-acquaint themselves with their own Source.

Source however, will never become less. Which is a very "serious" thing to know, to prevent wastes of time, but in the end it is not serious and just funny, even if you do waste time. Because you are eternal.

Someone might say "I always pray to Source, but Source is always out to lunch."

I wanna continue, but before I do... I said "Source will never become less." And I say that to help you understand, why advising someone to search their memory is the most pointless things you can ever do.

So to continue. The reason people cannot communicate with Source. Is because Source will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER become less than all that you have truely become. Not who you think you are, or who other people have told you that you are. But who you are when you are in full alignment with your own Greater Non-physical Source Consciousness. Which brings the full knowledge of all that you have truely become and truely are. Which is a cocreator, together with non-physical Source.

To clarify this, you were pure positive source energy consciousness before you came into this life. And when you came into this life, a small portion of your own greater non-physical source consciousness focused itself into this leading edge time space reality, as extension.
And as you have been living life, you have experiences, contrast, variety, and these experiences, especially if they are unwanted, it would cause you to shoot out or radiate preferences (often without realising it). And so your preferences have been growing and your Source has focused on all those preferences and become the evermoreness of it for you. And source stays in that high flying pure positive energy, to fulfill and answer every single desire that you might have realised, also unconsciously, by living life. And so Source has become more as a result of you living this life.

But that doesn't mean you are aware of Source and all that it knows for you. Often human gives more attention to contrasting circumstances that helped them give birth to all their new preferences. But they completely overlooked all of their own preferences. Those are held for you by Source. And they exist in vibrational escrow. They exist in what can only be referred to as unconditional love/joy. Because words cannot describe it. And Source will never become less than unconditional Joy.

So if you want to realise who you truely are, you have to raise your own vibration to that of Source. Since Source will never become less than unconditional love, the only way for you to reconnect with Source is through becoming unconditional love/joy yourself.

Most often humans wait untill they die, before they come back into alignment with Source. Because "reality" (which is just the result of old/past focus) takes up most of their attention.

The same with people who are "dead" (not really dead), who now exist in that unconditional love. And so in order to contact them, you don't just need to love them, but you need to accept who they NOW ARE. Not who they were. They are now pure positive energy. And children can easily re-connect and commune with their deceased parents, unless someone teaches them not to.

And this is why people become angry. Life often teaches them to forget how significant it is to be able to connect with source energy consciousness. That they have the ability to enter a state of being where-in they feel pure unconditional love, which gives them endless inspiration. And when humans teach you that it is bad to feel good. Life goes south very quickly.

But even in all that, you have been filling your vibrational escrow with many good things. All that you deserve will never go away, it is tied to you like your dna. In comparison to the unwanted experiences of this life... This life is nothing compared to all that you deserve.

So you have to accept your deservability to have whatever you want. And prayer is not about asking. Asking is automatic. And source answering is easy, cause you dont have to do that at all.

What human does need to do. Is connect with that unconditional love, that state of being where you allow the flow of endless inspiration to flow freely unhindered through you. You allow the unconditional love of Source.

It is helpful to understand that desires are what puts eternity in eternal. They are absolutely vital. And usually people are told that desires are bad (also due to misunderstandings in human translations of translations of translations of old wisdoms). To be without desire is told, leads to enlightenment. And I know one old friend to whom I made it very clear, and he was old. I said "It is to be without YEARNING. Not without Desire. Pure desire without yearning IS enlightenment." Guess what happened to him? He realised he has been suffering his whole life for nothing. And he coulden't handle it when he discovered what he truely wants. He opened the flood gates to all that he has truely become. He allowed himself to realise everything and come to full re memberance of his total full whole self and the unlimitted freedom and perfection and fulfillment of all of it. And he literally blasted out of this life to meet all of his desires head on. And people still think he is dead. haha. well, not totally. As his relatives were pretty spiritual and knew death is not the end.

Anyways, people often need this one tiny thing to click into place and their eyes become open to God Source Perspective. What is that, you ask? It can only be described as unconditional love. It is all that you want and more. And you are actually, and every human, is actually bound to realise it. Wether in this life or, well... This life in another way. All you want is already always here and now.

And you can always feel it. Negative emotion is not bad. It is the same energy of unconditional love, but filtered through false premises false ideas false thoughts.

And it is completely fine if a person feels negative emotion. It is infact very good. Especially if they understand that God Knows Such Goodness For Them, to the degree that they feel bad. Once that is realised, it becomes so easy to identify the thought that feels so bad. And replace them with realisation of wanted, which is where Source is focused for them already, for you, but when you focus there aswell, and allow yourself to realise it as Source knows it for you, there is double the joy for both of you together as one. Physical extension and non-physical source, together as one. In unconditional joyful realisation of all that you want and evermore.

Everything you want, you deserve. And if you ever feel bad, it is christmas time. Every negative emotion is a gift, a present. Once you open it and look what is truely inside, you will find that which you want. If you experience something unwanted and feel bad, it is because you want something. And you just need to realise what you want and life will bring it to you, because Source answers every request. Unconditionally. Because you will always and forever deserve any and all things you may ever so desire to be, do or have. Forever. In unconditional joy and love, knowledge, freedom, enpowerment, appreciation.

So every time you feel bad, you are ready to feel good. Life is ment to feel good to you always. You are unconditional joy itself. All negative emotion is just a messenger "hey I got a gift for you! Open me up! Discover what you want." You will know your gift because you can feel it emotionally. And if what you want feels good, it is so because Source is already focused there. The energy which creates worlds, yields to you unconditionally anything and everything you want. You just need to realise it. With a simple awareness. Of "this feels bad, I don't want this..." Why? "Because I want this, and this feels good when I give it my attention." And it feels good to realise that desire, because it is YOURS! because Source unconditionally focuses on all that you want, FOR YOU! Wether you do or dont. And if you don't, you feel that negative emotion ringing. "Hello! Pick me up! Here is YOUR desire." and you pick it up. And it says "This is your desire." and you feel good. Because it is so. It is so... Everything you want is always here and now for you. You just need to realise it. Because it is already so... Forever. Because you deserve all of it forever. So enjoy eternity. It is ment to feel good always. Because you deserve it forever. And it is already so.

Every negative emotion. Something you want. Give it your attention. And watch life bring it to you. Bring it about for you. Because it is always already so. This is how you align your perspective with Source. One joyful realisation at a time. Because there is no rush. You are truely eternal. It is not necessery to believe that, but faith will carry you on.

I can promise to you, everything you want is always ready for you to realise it. And when you feel bad, ever, YOU are especially ready to realise it. Unconditional Love/Joy is your eternal destiny.

Think about your friend. Do you feel bad about them? It means Source has a different perspective about them, for you. Think about what you want for them, and feel your emotions to confirm if what you want for them is truely feeling good, what Source knows you want for them, and also knows is so already for them... What you want for them is what Source wants and knows for then, is what they also want for themselves. You have to feel your emotions to indicate that what you are focused upon feels good, to know that your perspective is in alignment with Source Perspective, of unconditional love and more. Forever more.
Sharing perspective.

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