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Old 09-03-2024, 04:53 PM
lemex lemex is offline
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Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
There is still some blaming in forgiveness.
I find this not to be my experience because there is no blaming in forgiving. You can't forgive if you blame. One does not feel blame. But I think this is the crux of the decision. If you forgive you must show love.

In forgiving (it is said) you show love and compassion. There is a clarity.

I've noticed when people have forgiven others will usually say they shouldn't and not to. The difference between trying to love and trying to forgive maybe. We know we should love spiritually but we do not love as well as we should but love the best we can and forgiveness is about love. Forgiveness is about loving and remember loving happens later.

I've noticed something when talking about forgiving we don't mention. It is about love. Anyway my experience when I forgave. I did not know it would happen. We all have our own experiences don't we.
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Old 10-03-2024, 01:02 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
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Originally Posted by lemex
I find this not...
.. all have our own experiences don't we.
It is very good that you have realised that and the possibility of love

We should never forget, that who we truely are is unconditional love.

It isn't a love because of so and so. This condition that condition.
True love is not about any condition. It is simply our own true nature.
Unconditional appreciation.
You appreciate the person, not because of them. But because it feels good to you and that is natural.
We exist to appreciate. To love. To enjoy.

What is the most exciting thing you can imagine yourself doing?
To forgive a person? Or to love them.
Ofcourse you want to love them.
Love is normal.

It may be the best possible thing. But that should be normal. Why settle for less if you can have unconditional love/appreciation/joy

Let me tell you. Anything that any person can ever want to be do or have, they believe they want to be do or have it, because they believe that they will feel better in the being, doing or having of it.

What everyone wants is to feel good. All the time. Unconditionally. Under any and all conditions and regardless of any and all conditions. They want to feel good because that is who they truely are.

There is nothing wrong with feeling good for no reason. Love, joy, appreciation. It's simply who we are. It's natural. If being angry was natural, it would feel very good. But it doesn't, because it is not our true nature. It is not sustainable. Not healthy.

Unconditional joy on the other hand. It puts everything in its right place. You are inspired when you feel joy or love or appreciation. And when you feel joy love appreciation, you are inspired. Why? Because that is the totality of who we are. Physical extension and non-physical Source. United together. In spirit. Inspired.

To feel unconditional joy, for no reason whatsoever, it is simply allowing our own true nature to flow through us. And then we are constantly inspired. We always view the world through the eyes of Source. When we feel unconditional joy, we are aware of all solutions, all answers, to all problems, before the problem is even there to make itself known.

It's like solving problems without even having to do anything but allow ourselves to be who we truely are.

If you wanna see more joy in life, you have to feel it first. And then when you feel it, it becomes ubdeniable. You can point right at it.

Not "look this is the reason I feel good." NO!
It is "Look, I feel good and therefor I see this!"

Not seeing is believing. No!
BELIEVING is seeing.
You have to allow yourself to feel good first. For no reason other than that it feels good to feel good. And then you will be able to SEE all that is good.

How easy is it to enjoy life?
And how difficult is it to hate life?

You can make all kinds of excuses for why you feel good. When you feel good, the universe simply reflects that back at you, by pointing out all the reasons why you feel good. But that is so, because you simply choose to feel good first. And then let life be what it may.

It doesn't matter who gets credit. The point is, we are ment to feel good. We are designed to feel good. We exist to feel good. Everything that exists, exists to feel good. Our Source feels good. It's extension is the furthermost leading edge of feeling good. We are a feeling good.

And when you don't let yourself feel good, for whatever reason. You simply unecesserily limit yourself.

We can always feel unconditional love, joy, appreciation. Everything is made out of it. And when something goes against its own nature. It feels bad. It feels less than good. And even that feeling bad is guidance. It is unconditional love. That bad feeling says "hey, return back to who you truely are."

And who you truely are is unconditional love and joy and appreciation.
It is natural.

You can always focus on Joy. Even use it as a mantra. It is the energy which creates worlds. Your soul IS joy itself! You cannot put that into words. But you can definitely use the word Joy as a reminder for yourself of who you truely are. Who you are ment to be and who you most naturally and most effortlessly are.

Everything exists for the enjoyment of it. You can appreciate the fact that you exist. You can even enjoy existence itself for merely existing. That unconditional joy is the nature of existence itself. It is the energy which creates worlds.
Sharing perspective.
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