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Old 11-02-2019, 10:52 PM
Lucky Lucky is offline
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How do you release trapped emotions?

It is my understanding that there are several ways to release trapped emotions through different healing modalities and techniques. You could go to a reiki healer for example, who may facilitate a shift in your energy and may be drawn to focusing on a specific area of the body where there is physical pain as a result of a trapped emotion. There is another modality using kinesiology and asking a series of questions about the how's and whys of trapped emotions, then the emotions are released by running a magnet down your spine. I'm not educated on several other modalities and techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, massaging knots in the channels of your meridians or countless other ways....

...but my question is, if the trapped emotion surfaces as a memory of the event and you find yourself analyzing it and picking it apart yet you still can't uncover the root cause, how is it released? Through talk therapy? With that being said, are all of the other above methods effective if the emotion is never brought to your consciousness?
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Old 13-02-2019, 01:46 AM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
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A view :

The emotions ... contracting or expanding ...

Expanding, enabling, glowing ... let them expand and grow

Contracting ... consciousness shriveling ... look at them in the eye nonchalantly, amusedly observing what they do. How on earth did they creep in? No matter, don’t fight them but also don’t feed them. The imaginary bubble of grief bursts noiselessly. We laugh!

Divine miracle
Renewal continual
Within heart spacial
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Old 13-02-2019, 07:00 PM
Sapphirez Sapphirez is offline
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hi Lucky I'm sorry I can't recall if I mentioned this in our conversations already. Since we were mostly talking about crystals I don't see that I had occasion to, but I do like to recommend it a lot in many situations so it is possible I have. lol anyways, I think that the technique that would be practically perfect to address these issues is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. There are variations on it that might be more beneficial too, but it stems from Thought Field Therapy.

There is a lot to be said on it, but the basics are that it works to cleanse out old issues, helping you address them in a clearer more benevolent way than many other modalities might be. It helps you transmute negative impact of incidents of the past and emotional states or traumatic tendencies, and with that likely also brings up related issues for you to clear too. It is very interesting and complex, yet alarmingly simple.

I do recommend adding your own spin to it though, or working with several healing techniques at the same time which could make it even more effective, but it is excellent on its own too. Like I think engaging the senses more would elevate it, such as using essential oils and color therapy and crystals and maybe music or some kind of harmonizing sound in the background.. so many options. I read a book about a version two therapists or doctors adapted with their experience and they streamlined some of the tapping points for certain issues, which I will get to the tapping points, and they also have other techniques which involve humming and counting and eye rolling.. (another scientifically validated healing technique primarily revolves around eye rolling and that is called EMDR eye movement desensitization & reprocessing)

Their version is called ESM - Emotional Self Management and the book is called Instant Emotional Healing, I felt very lucky when I stumbled upon it some years ago. there is a lot of information about EFT online though, but really all you need is yourself and to learn the basic procedure.

So EFT in a nutshell is like affirmations and acupressure. that's it, but obviously it goes so much deeper, and as I suggested you can incorporate other things to make it even more mind boggling and balancing. I think that the simple beginning protocol has potential to blow you away though.. there are lots of youtube videos made about it which you can tap along to, or written and drawn information available online or in books if you choose to seek any out. but all you really need to know is the tapping points and sentiment of the set-up phrases.

Ok so you use a handful of acupressure points which fall mostly on the face, and on the chest, under the arms, and on the hand. there are points on the sides of the eyebrows, under the eyes, under the nose, under the chin, on the chest like where the gorilla pounds, and underneath the arms like where the monkey taps himself I guess lol funny how that reflects in nature.. Now I want to interrupt this to digress to another partially related topic. which actually is extra interesting because it involves a husband and wife couple who both offer healing, and I had no idea they were married when I first found the other.

well ok so I learned about tapping perhaps like a decade ago. give or take.. and there is a man David Feinstein who wrote a paper about the research of EFT and I used to share that paper when telling people about it. then like 5 years ago, I found a lady online named Donna Eden, who shares about this Energy Healing. I felt like my world opened and things became a lot more magically rainbow iridescent supercalifragilisticexpealidocious crystal clear after I listened to a radio interview of her on youtube lol.. that day I then watched another video of her giving a stage presentation about her specific energy medicine too. and those are things I also want to recommend for you here because they can greatly help clear energy and release stagnations like you're speaking of.

some time after I found her, finally I realized that the name of her husband was the same behind that paper and the pioneer guy for EFT healing. She doesn't talk much about EFT in her healing, she has another approach and gets to even more basic stuff about our energy and potential, so I think understanding from her perspective and doing some of her simple exercises can be profoundly life-changing on its own. but EFT can quickly deal with perplexing perturbing mental or emotional issues in a very strong way so it's worth it to use both.

k sorry for going on so much lol I know I'm all over the place.. but bear with me thank you. well the reason I brought her up at that time way above in that paragraph is because the gorilla and chimp points are part of what she calls the 4 thumps, or the lymphatic system points. actually it's under the eye too, and then the other point is the thymus, above the middle of the chest, which you can tap or else rub that spot. Apparently these acupressure points help the lymphatic system, which in my other research is absolutely paramount to general healing, and detoxification.. and even eating purifying regenerating detoxifying foods is said to help purge unwanted emotions and issues stuck in the body along with the toxins and such that get removed through healthy eating, fasting and such healing.. fruit is the best food for the lymph system. but I digress again.

Donna Eden has a lot of short little exercises that are absolutely worth checking out, though hopefully you'll want to learn about her philosophy and life story and personal experience too.. She has videos on youtube, but I'm glad to answer any questions about her or her energy medicine that I might be able to. A lot of it is just ancient exercises and techniques, or super simple stuff.. things a lot of people do every day and don't realize that they are subconsciously doing them to heal themselves. like putting hands on foreheads or under the chin, or crossing arms or rubbing eyes, etc.. pretty cool to put it all into perspective. It helped me solidify and expand my understanding of healing in general and the way things work so much.

All right lol so now back to EFT. You begin usually by tapping the side of your hand with the fingers from your other hand, either hand.. and you pinpoint the issue or emotion you want to address, and basically you talk about that problem, sometimes in as much detail as you want, and you simply say "even though I have this issue or feel this bad way blah blah blah, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyways.." and that is it lol. ridiculous seeming perhaps, but it works wonders. and of course you can tweak it in different ways. You say the set-up phrase with a bit of detail if you want, and then you go on to tap on the other points, starting with the eyebrow point, and for those you just say a phrase or even just a single word if you want.. and you tap with a couple fingers for the face. you do the face points, then chest, then under arm, and then you go to the top of the head, then back down to the face, and usually you're going to do that sequence about three times, it's really up to you though. now in the book I mentioned they have some issues they use only a couple tapping points for. I don't know though I always liked doing them all anyways.

and I'll share one more thing with you cuz it's another simple thing I was gifted with learning of that I love. It's a saying an online friend of mine taught me and uses when he helps me with EFT as he has in the past. it was amazing to have someone who is experienced and does it for a living help me and you could explore that option if you want, but it's something you can do on your own for free and get amazing results with so at least you can start by your self. I've also had awesome results doing the tapping out in nature, lol one day I was doing it on a walk at night to a store and then did it at the outside garden area of a store that was closed next to the grocery store I was going to. it was all like super meant to be.. and I was doing the tapping by all these dying flowers that the store sprays with poison cuz you know that's what they do mostly in the mainstream.. and being there helped me realize that just cuz things are poisoned doesn't mean they are tainted or should be thrown away, etc. same with people.. Idno it was profound at the time. it was also extra meaningful of an experience because it was the 10th year anniversary after my grandma's death, and I was greeted with these colorful cala lilies when I got to the place, and I didn't even know they made pink, purple and yellow cala lilies, which white ones were a favorite flower of my grandma's. and earlier I had told someone how I loved the combination of those colors along with orange.. and later I went a different route home which I ended up having to walk instead of catching the last bus because I dilly-dallied with all my crazy healing lol and I came upon a garden that had orange tulips, and flowers of the other colors too.. well I'll spare further details but it was a night full of epiphanies for me, and at that garden was the first time I felt like something, from nature, a flower, was sort of speaking to me and like it was my grandma and telling me that she is in everything etc.. that sort of thing which they say we're all one and part of everything but I didn't experience or have frame of reference to before..

Ok anyways for the last time lol that's just a little of my experience with EFT, though it doesn't really showcase what all I realized or healed.. but it's helped me a lot, and miracles have happened, like I was going to be homeless in 2016 and with the help of my online friend I was able to remain relatively calm and hopeful and then last minute (a few days before the deadline) I got a great opportunity to move to where I am now, and met the man I got engaged to and had a child with now. and there were also bumps along the road that almost derailed me, I almost didn't get to come here and was on my way somewhere else with another person with the same name Michael lol cuz I had no choice at the time.. but I was patient and with EFT remained loving and not bitter at the first Michael and things changed and I was able to come where I wanted to go, and cuz I was almost forced to move elsewhere I had the bonus of a uhaul at my disposal instead of having to leave almost everything behind cuz I just had a plane ticket and luggage to move with before events transpired as they did.. anyway I probably would have flipped out and blew it had I not had the enlightening and calming gift of EFT and my friend who helped me through it. I did some EFT on my own still, but I gotta give him the most credit cuz I would've crumbled had I been left to my own devices cuz I've been toxic a long time lol to put it mildly.. but EFT helps you have epiphanies and makes light of situations which once plagued you.. It definitely in my opinion should be combined with other healing modalities, many of which you mentioned, but it can work wonders on its own and is worth anyone trying. it works on all sorts of levels, quantum physics and all that even if we're unaware at first of its impact.

Soo sorry there is one more thing I want to mention.. because EFT and this other thing are the first healing techniques that gave me a notable physical sensation reaction. one of the times my friend was doing the EFT for me, (he does the speaking on the phone or computer or whatever and I do the tapping) my stomach started literally rolling lol like contorting, moving. it was so interesting.. I since achieved that at least once but not often. there is another physical sensation and seeming movement or body quaking that I experience when I try to imagine doing light or energy healing or something too though. violet flame and color visualization I'd also recommend you look into if you're not already aware of them. oops which reminds me I forgot to share the phrase above that my friend introduced me to. It is

"I am a godly creation, following my own nature, independent of the affair of others."

and then he does this dowww or dao or tao or whatever sound healing which is pretty cool, with a deep breath before

The last thing I want to mention separate from EFT, which I had that interesting physical sensation with, is a meditation an owner of a crystal shop gave me a print-out of.
I unfortunately can't remember exactly, though maybe I'll find it someday again or a message or post online where I previously shared it, but anyway, this meditation exercise may help a lot with what you're looking for too.
K so what you do is imagine all the negative energy and unwanted emotions and yuckiness and things you want to purge or be gone, and you muster all that up and you send it down toward your feet, and you open up the bottoms of your feet, and you send all of that nasty negative energy down into the Earth, down down down, way down, til it reaches the center core, where divine forces take it and transmute it and transform it into wonderful earthly ethereal spiritual healing energy, and then the Earth and God or whomever does whatever awesome great things with it, sending it places it can be used for new growth and healing.. then you in turn receive a beautiful bountiful green iridescent healing energy pure from the Earth, and that goes through your feet and fills up your body and being.
You fill up with green lovely energy until you feel you've had enough to go around, and then you open up your head and the Sun's healing gold, white, yellow, peach, violet, colorful pure light beams down on you and through your head and being and you are filled up by that wonderful warmth and golden sunshine. You allow it to keep entering til again you've had adequate fill, and then the green earth energy and the golden warm Sun energy culminate together to create an amazing bright white light with rainbow iridescence and holographic and whatever you want, and build up that combination of everything wonderful light and fill yourself up til you burst and then all of that extra energy, light, and rainbow magicalness shoots out off into the universe elsewhere wherever it's needed., and voila.
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Old 13-02-2019, 08:38 PM
Lucky Lucky is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 550
Sapphirez, thank you first of all for taking the time to write all of this. Secondly, I enjoy reading your posts because your personality is so much like mine when I'm speaking (example:supercalafragalisticexpialidocious, magical-ness, etc...gotta keep it fun, right?). Also, you've explored so many different things like I have.

Actually, I am already familiar with eft tapping, I bought a book by nick ortner but haven't read it yet, however I've watched his videos and subscribe to his emails. Also, Donna Eden and David Feinstein I just love them together...I've watched her videos as well and can appreciate her techniques and philosophy. Her story is quite amazing too!

The thing is, I guess why I posted this, is because I'm looking to focus in on one tried and true modality since reiki is kind of all over the place with every reiki person practicing different things and having different beliefs. I want something that has more tangible results with instant gratification...not just for release of emotions but for like energy drain and physical things. I just met with a new friend/healer/psychic today that recommended qigong and she also wants to do quantum healing hypnosis on me...

Ahhhh.....sooooo many things....

I loved your little story about your grandma and the flowers and your epiphanies by the way. I've had many synchronicities and epiphanies like this myself...it's pretty wild.
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Old 14-02-2019, 12:15 AM
Sojourner2013 Sojourner2013 is offline
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Originally Posted by Lucky
It is my understanding that there are several ways to release trapped emotions through different healing modalities and techniques. You could go to a reiki healer for example, who may facilitate a shift in your energy and may be drawn to focusing on a specific area of the body where there is physical pain as a result of a trapped emotion. There is another modality using kinesiology and asking a series of questions about the how's and whys of trapped emotions, then the emotions are released by running a magnet down your spine. I'm not educated on several other modalities and techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, massaging knots in the channels of your meridians or countless other ways....

...but my question is, if the trapped emotion surfaces as a memory of the event and you find yourself analyzing it and picking it apart yet you still can't uncover the root cause, how is it released? Through talk therapy? With that being said, are all of the other above methods effective if the emotion is never brought to your consciousness?

Hi Lucky,
I read your post w great interest. It’s a paradox, yes? Do you release an emotion through feeling or thinking?

Firstly, I am only offering you my suggestion as an exploration to your situation.

I like to determine if a person is a thinker or a feeler first. A thinker prefers to process experiences mentally (talkative therapy). A feeler processes through feeling (experiential or non-talkative therapy). However, one must develop both aspects of self IOT grow. Meaning, if I see that the person is a thinker, I would advise experiential/non-talkative therapy. If a person is a feeler, then talkative therapy.

It forces the person to process in a different way that they don’t prefer and there’s a better chance of getting them unstuck where they may be blocked subconsciously.

For example, a pathological liar (thinker) should not do talkative therapy, just as a pyromaniac (feeler) should not do experiential therapy.

I hope this helps. Best wishes!
Speak a word for thy ideal. Not as to force an issue but ever constructive. --Edgar Cayce

Hope is praying for rain; Faith is bringing an umbrella
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Old 14-02-2019, 05:43 PM
taoistscholar_v2 taoistscholar_v2 is offline
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It's my understanding that emotion sits in the region between the mind and the body, so to speak. For this reason:
1. the mind can influence our emotions - this is predominantly the notion that 'how we consciously choose to define our outlook determines the emotions that we feel'.
2. the body can influence our emotions - this is the notion that our physical health, whether it be endocrinological (hormones), kinesiological (posture and movement), neurological (sympathetic, proprioceptive, enteroceptive, nociceptive, etc.), or what be it, it can influence our emotional well-being.

These three areas (mind - emotion - body) are not individually separate, and in my experience, emotion is one of the modes by which mind and body interconnect.

For this reason, addressing your trapped emotion, is always best addressed from both sides of this conceptual spectrum. However, we can attempt to delineate the root of the emotion being felt. Usually emotions that can be put into words and attributed to a thing, can be said to have a root in the mind, or at least indicate to us that addressing the condition psychologically will be an effective means. In the case where the emotion(s) cannot be articulated or attributed to a 'thing', I usually zoom in my focus a little more on the body and the physical contributors. But never should this mean we entirely ignore the mind part

At the root, our emotions were born out of necessary response. Sometimes for survival, sometimes for courtship, sometimes for relationships and communication, sometimes for general physiological regulation, and other times for pleasure. I feel safe in saying that in all cases, the entirety of what comprises our emotional response is there to serve a purpose. The problem however, arises when we purposely put excessive stress on ourselves and put ourselves out of balance, or to put it better, when we allow a particular emotional response to predominate. In our day and age a lot of our emotional response is outdated and no longer serves the function it was originally there to serve. What used to assist us is now often just a silly unnecessary occurrence. But not without its consequences when it is excessively present.

A good doctor should be capable of discerning and diagnosing the root and manifestation of this emotional response, so to be able to provide you with several of the most effective treatments. But its difficult to find a general MD with this sort of insight, as it isn't particularly included in their education - or if it is, only to a small degree. For this reason we have to see several doctors and in most cases we must be our own doctor and do our own homework and searching.

In your case here, It seems to me, correct me if I'm wrong, you are referring to an emotion that is stored in the physical body and manifesting as pain. This emotion is the result of a somewhat conscious memory of an event that is difficult to understand and analyze. Is this correct? When emotion shows as pain or tension or tingling in the body, it is very interesting. It most of the time shows some connection to our interoceptive nerves, particularly those which end in our superficial connective tissue. I don't know entirely why it does so (e.g. I don't know why anger causes us and many animals to respond with a tense jaw) but it does, and it's my belief that we don't need to know why, or even how, in order to be able to effectively treat this sort of condition.

For these sort of cases where emotion is stored in the body in this way, I find more gentle and superficial treatments like heat, cold, hydro-therapy, gentle massage, 'energy' work, visceral osteopathy, particular yogas, and other things along these lines, to be helpful. But its just as important to tackle it from a psychological perspective, and you can't go wrong with trying acupuncture as it can focus in on these channels that issue the emotional responses.

But if its more pain, than other general sensations like tingling, heat, numbness, heaviness, etcetera, then it is likely that its not merely due to the interoceptive response, and so different techniques must be implemented. Still things like acupuncture, massage, and intentional movement are effective, but the treatment principle is different and the techniques must change accordingly. More deep tissue like active releasing, rolfing stretching, different methods of qigong and yoga, other functional movement therapies such as the right Pilates, Alexander, Feldenkrais and other techniques that recruit entire body lines, anatomy trains, tendinomuscular meridians or fascial networks (whatever you want to call it).

And I'll finish this reply off by making clear that it never hurts, and its always best to address the general constitution. We optimize this with lifestyle changes, and specific biohacks, precisely sleep regulation, exercise, methods of eating, temperature exposure, art, social interactions, etcetera, and to top it using herbal/dietary supplements and regulators.
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Old 14-02-2019, 09:18 PM
Lucky Lucky is offline
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Thank you for your insight Taoistscholar! Your detailed reply has shown me that a multi-pronged approach may be needed as the mind, body and spirit all work together.

In my personal case, I am fortunate enough to not have experienced many physical pains or ailments from these emotions taking root and manifesting on a physical level. I do pretty well listening to my body and looking for any emotional/spiritual reason that may cause anything to arise before it becomes a major issue. However, I am concerned with emotions that are so deeply rooted that your conscious mind can't access them. For example, I have traced back through patterns and life events of my own that point to stemming from specific emotions. I believe we attract similar circumstances, people, and events in our lives in order to overcome these emotions so we can eventually heal. I've traced back the furthest in my memory that I can access, and it must be something from childhood or even a past life that I cannot bring to consciousness.

I suppose what I'm saying is, in order to heal it wouldn't I need to consciously know what or where it stemmed from to know what approach to take in healing the root cause?
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Old 14-02-2019, 10:01 PM
taoistscholar_v2 taoistscholar_v2 is offline
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I hear you. Are you familiar with the works of Gabor Mate or Donald Balls in the field of psychobiology/psychosomatics?
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Old 14-02-2019, 10:49 PM
Lucky Lucky is offline
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Posts: 550
No, not at all...I've never heard of them. I'll google these names, but what have you gotten from them?
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Old 15-02-2019, 02:01 AM
Sorai Rai Aorai Sorai Rai Aorai is offline
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Dear Lucky,

The most effective method I've found is what I've learned in Spiritual Response Therapy. It involves working with my own Spirit and asking it to identify what is afflicting me, then asking it what the optimal way to heal or solve it is (or similar ways of asking; you'll need to experiment). For example, if your Spirit responds that the optimal way to heal a block to happiness is clearing, then you can ask it to clear the block. This method is made more effective for me by exploring my body-mind connection, doing energy cultivation through Qigong and other methods such as Aikido. I'd recommend trying a Spirit Response Therapy session for starters and to get a sense of it.
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