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Old 13-08-2011, 06:58 PM
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Hey Flora :)
I believe it is part of the ascension process, which basically means our bodies are adjusting to higher frequencies as we grow and transform along our spiritual path. For many this creates changes in the diet. We begin to be more in tune with our bodies on a deeper level, thus we may even cut out foods unknowingly, that we may have allergies to, or that perhaps are not good for our own bodies. The process of ascension and transformation, can make our appetites decrease as we are being filled with enough high frequency energies. It can also go the other way, and some people begin to eat more than usual, or have odd cravings, and even put on weight to help them adjust to higher frequencies.

As far as chakras and food:
You can balance your chakras with a healthy diet. The chakras respond well to fresh and raw foods because it has prana, without chemical additives, however if raw foods are impossible and unaffordable just remember balance, yin and yang.
To balance a chakra, eat foods with its own natural colour, for example, the root chakra, eat beats, and to calm an overactive chakra, eat the complementary opposite colour. For the Root Chakra, you can eat lots of root vegetables that are grounding, like potatoes, carrots.

The sacral chakra enjoys being nourished by sweet tasting foods, as it is the sexual creativity chakra, which enjoys comforts and pleasures. Doesn't have to be unhealthy sugary sweet foods, can just be sweet fruits, honey, or sweet spices, but the sacral chakra is nourished by something sweet like chocolate every now and then.

The solar plexus chakra, needs foods for encouraging self love and boosting self esteem, these are like comfort foods such as pastas, cereals, grains. Also, dairy products, milk, cheese.

The heart chakra, needs foods for healing, such as leafy vegetables, like kale, and air vegetables. Green tea is great for the heart chakra.

The throat chakra, needs lots of liquids, water, teas. It enjoys tangy and tart tastes, like lemon, lime, salt. Tree growing fruits. Mint.

The third eye chakra, needs a lot of dark bluish coloured fruits, like blueberries, red grapes, blackberries. Red wine, grape juice, and some good spices are mugwort, lavender.

You don't need to feed the crown chakra with food. It can be fed with air, fasting, cleansing, detoxes, or incense or cleansing herbs.

If you eat a spectrum of chakra colours for meals, it will balance them out.
The digestion process creates food into colour light impulses, creating a level of vibrational light energy in the blood, which every individual cell can absorb.To keep us in peak condition, we need fresh food with natural colours that mirror the same colours as the chakras. The first three chakras are concerned with maintaining the physical body and how we perceive food. Base chakra - smell, Sacral Chakra - Taste, and the Solar plexus - Sight. So if you also, enjoy what you smell, taste, and see when you eat, those three will be balanced. It is said, when the eyes are delighted by what you see on your plate, your chakras and spirit body will already start to restore itself and gain positive benefits. More so, we are more delighted by what we see, when there are many different types of food, and colours on the plate. It is said to have all types of foods for taste and smell at a meal, salty, sweet, bland, sour, rich flavours ect. Indian Ayurvedic practice is also good to look into for diet, when it comes to feeding the spirit and body. There is tamasic food, rajastic food, and sattvic food.
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Old 13-08-2011, 07:38 PM
Uma Uma is offline
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I've put on a ton of weight without changing my eating habits so what you say is interesting. Would like to know more - especially as to how to reverse it.


Chakras are centers of consciousness as well as energy. In fact energy works to purify the chakra so that higher consciousness can express through it. And vice versa, the more spiritual you become, the more power comes through the chakra. The chakra "balancing" Thunderseed is speaking of relates more to the needs of the physical dimension. Lightworkers, healers working with subtle energy, can sense imbalances at chakra points in terms of the mental part of us linking with the physical nervous system...this is why acupuncture works for example.

What I was speaking of relates to ascension. Lightworkers sometimes get the two confused because the true knowledge of ascension is muddy waters - not many have the correct information. Consciousness is beyond mind, so it is chakra functioning at a deeper level. It relates to the ego attachments, ego - self-concept.

One's consciousness affects one's mental state which affects one's physical state. That's the idea. The throat chakra is about communication - both expressing and receiving. It is where we can achieve the highest communication - expressing and receiving light/silence. That is something different to its physical function.

I always get into hot water when I bring in this knowledge of the chakras.
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Old 13-08-2011, 09:20 PM
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Hey Uma,
Well, if added weight gain is happening from ascension and transformation and adjusting to higher frequencies, the body is really not seeing it as a negative process, even though you may not be in agreement. Most times the body views the extra weight as needed, as protection against higher frequencies that at first may seem daunting to the body. It's like a mechanism of coping, just a symptom of ascension that passes over time as the body adjusts. This means, as you are adjusting, overtime, it will go back down to normal. This also means, that finding ways to help ourselves in adjusting to the process in calm and smooth ways, can probably reverse it.

It could also be a subconscious or emotional reaction, whereas we are ascending into higher energies and we are feeling typically vulnerable. It has been written before, that when we feel unsafe, or vulnerable, or exposed it can cause weight gain, but when we feel content, at love and in peace, we are naturally at healthy weights,
and perhaps as we adjust to higher frequencies we are feeling exposed to new territory which can be threatening therefore causing weight gain.
When it comes down to it, if we can continue on our spiritual growth and feel "safe" rising into higher frequencies, then our bodies wouldn't feel the need to put on extra weight. I'm just theorizing here, because i really don't know the answers. I do know i have heard that, the actual frequencies can feel harsh at first, thus it is actually a good thing to have some cushioning. I don't think it is viewed as a negative thing.
But it makes sense, that perhaps those who are experiencing the weight gain, may be having difficulties feeling safe adjusting to higher frequencies.
I have no idea, but i was experiencing that as well. I experienced both sides, loss of appetite, and after that, random unexplained weight gain. But over time, my weight stabilized, and i am now at a healthy weight. I just continued working on my shadows, and fears that came up, going through the process calmly, and directing my energies to circulate properly, and i stopped adding on the annoying pounds.

In general, going through the process of transformation isn't exactly easy, but going with the flow is necessary, and therefore we won't experience as many unpleasant symptoms. A lot of people try to quit before they are ahead, or delay the process of transformation, trying to fight it. But if we take it easy, and listen to our bodies and what our energies are telling us, and paying attention to what else comes up... eventually the process becomes easier to move smoothly into. A lot of great minds have said, it's much like a roller coaster, of ups and downs, but as you become aware of it, and move with the flow, it becomes more smooth of a sail.

I did a lot of self love work. I tried to really focus on allowing myself to feel safe, and that reversed the weight gain process for me. I just learned to really go with the flow of the process, and deal with the insecurities that came up. My diet was the same, but at the same time, i was also going through a lot of exhaustion, tiredness and other annoying symptoms, so i wasn't working out as much. And it didn't seem to matter. I ended up trying to become obsessive about working out, forcing myself to, really beating myself up over the weight gain, which just made it worse and added on more pounds, like seriously it was five pounds a week, and made me feel even more unsafe, began eating more healthy, but the weight gain didn't care about any of that. So instead, i did the opposite, and listened to my body, took many, months of rest. I did exactly what my body wanted to do - nothing, except spiritual work. I needed a lot of rest during that period. And through my work of learning to feel safe while adjusting to all the changes, learning to love where i was at, my body sorted itself out in a matter of a few months. I lost my muscles though. Mad about that hehe. So i've been back to working out for a long while now, trying to get back my muscles, and its coming along well.
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Old 14-08-2011, 12:04 AM
Uma Uma is offline
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Wow thanks Thunderseed!

All of that applies to me - it all makes sense. I was hit with one megacrisis after another and it's not over yet and it's all about burning karma and dark night of the soul and all that stuff and you're right that the eating and exercise doesn't do much to change the situation... and about not feeling safe being relate to it - that's also absolutely true. And I do feel light is around the corner but I have a lot of challenges ahead of me yet. Is there any more information out there about this subtle cause of weight gain?

I remember Swami Muktananda writing about his Guru Baba Nityananda who had this huge belly. He wrote that it wasn't fat but excess prana. And why is Buddha always depicted with this huge belly?

Also...just to share a reverse experience I had in 2004. I had a tremendous spiritual awakening then and it was followed by tremendous weight loss, 30 lbs. in one month and I was in a state of peace and joy and self-confidence and safety and everything was lovely for a long while but I was unable to maintain this and it slowly dissolved away over a 3 year period as karmic events dragged me into lower consciousness. But at the time, as well as the weight loss (a lot of which was due to the incredible self-mastery I experienced at the time) I also had massive hair loss. Someone I know who had a similar awakening went through the exact same thing - massive sudden weight loss and hair loss. I know of two people who experienced this.

So much agony could be spared to know that there are other reasons for body fluctuations than the physical ones!
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Old 20-08-2011, 10:13 PM
Wolfe of Wildwood Wolfe of Wildwood is offline
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Originally Posted by Spiritlite
Funny. Lately. I've been eating the most fruits and veggies I've ever eaten in my life zim eating NO sweets which for me is a miracle. It seems a lot of us are making good changes. I think it's the shift
I agree with this, my family has been eating way more natural foods than usual lately, like wheat bread instead of white, less greasy foods, lots of fresh veggies and few sweets. I've also noticed a lack of an urge for snacks lately, I just don't want chips or soda anymore. I still eat meat, but I've noticed I don't really have a taste for processed meat anymore, only wild.
"We have not decided that we are conquered." -Ritsu

I used to Fly.
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Old 21-08-2011, 10:35 PM
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When Kundalini is awakened and this higher aspect of yourself works to clear up the chakras (and the chakras are involved in every aspect of human experience) a purification process begins. Eating could be part of that as you naturally gravitate towards purer foods, foods that have more prana, foods that give you more energy (not only in your gross physical body but mental bodies as well). And foods that don't interfere with your meditation (such as heavy foods that take up a lot of digestive power, or that interfere with the functioning of your intelligence or nervous system, such as alcohol).

Uma - this is what exactly what i have found happening to me , since my kundalini started rise, i had virtually stopped eating most things, right now the only foods i can manage without feeling sick are things like fruit, veg, water rice and pulses, lentils etc.. if i eat anything other than that, i feel so sick afterwards and so heavy.. but I DO feel better, i dont feel tired anymore, my concerntration is better, my mood is better, no lethargy, my thinking has more clarity , everything just seems much better :)

i asked in the kundalini thread and someone mentioned the Sattvic diet , which is what i seem to have found myself on naturally, how long it lasts i have no idea ...
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Old 03-01-2021, 03:18 AM
HoliPsychCo HoliPsychCo is offline
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Originally Posted by Spiritlite
Funny. Lately. I've been eating the most fruits and veggies I've ever eaten in my life zim eating NO sweets which for me is a miracle. It seems a lot of us are making good changes. I think it's the shift

I read in another forum that it is good to eat raw fruits and veggies. It can really help align your chakras.
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Old 08-01-2021, 11:34 AM
BookieBook BookieBook is offline
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Eating fresh fruits and veggies have always been my number one diet for the longest time. That's why I've grown half of what I eat in my own backyard to make sure that what I eat is as fresh as it is supposed to without any pesticides and all.
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Old 20-02-2021, 08:10 PM
Sappheira Sappheira is offline
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I've always learned that whatever your body is craving it needs whatever it is asking for. Flora if you don't need the sweets, you can just stop. I would say listen to how your body responds.
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Old 20-03-2021, 09:10 AM
AngelRain AngelRain is offline
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This is interesting because Iím going through a kundalini transformation now and Iíve been going back and forth from vegan to pescatarian.
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