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Old 23-11-2019, 06:17 PM
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A Little About Philosopy and Science

Einstein mused about the fish trying to understand the water in which he swam. Now give the fish a human mind. What then of his perceptions? He might theorize about air and dry land speaking of the differences in the smallest units which made them different from the water that he knew so well. It will only be after the fish is able to leave his watery world behind and rise up that he will gain any expanded appreciation of reality. For a time this would suffice but then, faced with new questions, what will the fish do?

Of course the above is a metaphor and, although fun, not a really satisfactory one. We will listen as others speak of the possibilities of other universes perhaps coexisting in the same "field" as does ours. What? "Field?" What field? It is this vague and seemingly unsubstantial medium that perplexes. Here, after we succeed in quantifying it, is the landscape upon which the "theory of everything" will lay bared for all to see. These is a bit more here that the physical physicist will not like.

Another metaphor: Visualize the Earth in three dimensions. A sphere. The densest matter at the center, the smallest. Next is the less dense, the liquidus then gaseous, two more concentric spheres. Is this all? No. Let's add some others. The next concentric, three dimensional sphere is the one that exists which "energizes" those below it. Let's call it the "energy" sphere. This is not a satisfactory name but it closely describes the purpose; what it does. Without this greater "globe of activity" the others within could not function much less exist.

proceed as though.... A new math will be needed. This medium which is hinted at is the gateway to all the other universes. We have not seen it because we are voluntarily bounded by Newtonian thinking. In this area there is no physical matter at all. No sub atomic particles at all. There is only energy. But it is not "free" energy either. It has form and obeys rules.

When we reduce matter to energy we are effectually punching a hole through the membrane, the boundary, between the worlds we know and the others. Now we, like the fish of the future, have found a way to leave the water and explore that which, before, was only vague and incomplete ideas of some other reality.

After we succeed in this recognition we will work to prove it. Again, though, we find that what we thought to be the theory of everything again becomes illusive. This is because, as we will find, that there is another, higher correspondence to the theory of gravity that has thwarted our perceptions. But there has happened one very great event. Because we were finally able to break through to the energetic sphere which surrounds and vitalizes our planet we can now refer to the idea of correspondences. This term enhances, enlarges and, in a practical sense, replaces "gravity" in our thinking. It enables!!!! Hidden in this statement is a quite profound bit of information which, when more fully explored, will allow us to understand the phenomena which is commonly known as “warp drive”. It is through the generation and manipulation of “gravity” that our friends from other systems can so easily zip around the universe seeming to ignore the “speed limit”. We will eventually be able to fold or warp gravity by exploiting the relative stationary gravity of fixed objects and that more dynamic gravity which we create, throttle and “steer”, locally.

The above is where the mind has to go before any greater realities can be observed. The key is not quantum. Fundamental particles are physical and thus are within the sheathes of the more dense of the concentric worlds which comprise the planet. These are what will be left behind when we create a rift in the "membrane" which thus far has limited our thinking.

Here is a hint. When an atomic weapon explodes it, for a moment, tears the fabric, the boundary, between our familiar and the less tangible world without which the physical could not exist. But after a moment the rift closes again and we are left with observations only, strange new questions.

Einstein says that energy equals the product of mass and charge squared. This statement is the way we see energy from below. Once we learn to enter the energetic concentric world which surely does exist we will understand more. And from this new vantage point we will suddenly find that we require new statements regarding gravity and time. A wholly new landscape filled with wonders will lay before us.

Scientific inquiry is naught but a very long series of realizations. Some are of more import than others. The next world shattering one will be when we, like the fish, learn to appreciate the possibility of the non physical energetic medium which is universal and which "supports or informs" that which we seek to understand. It is interesting to note here that the relationship between each of the concentric sheaths which are so much a part of our world is a squared one. This energetic realm, which pre exists the physical (principle), is the dark matter which is supposed to exist. It is only hidden because we insist upon looking for it thinking it is just another kind of physical matter. It is not. It is not any sub atomic particle either. It is that which gives “life” to the physical worlds. It is pervasive and omnipresent.

There is much, much more to this story. The first thing to do is to proceed with a testable presumption. Put energy in a bottle and then quantify it more properly. We will find that it is not an effect but a principal unto itself.

This piece is poorly written. It attempts to bring the inquiring mind beyond the worlds of physical particles making a sudden leap into the other world, the one that lays unseen and hidden. The one that has thus far defied quantification. This next higher concentric shell which, in truth surrounds the entire physical universe on a grander scale is the one, when seen localized, ensures the Earth remains vitalized. Note that Earth is very different from others in our local system. When we learn to examine the energy spheres of the solar system we will easily understand why this is. But this inquiry will be one of those which both enlightens and frustrates as was said before. Seem like the study of reality has a way of doing this. Here are two ideas to pursue: What is the "higher (energetic) correspondence of gravity? And: We all know that physical matter is naught but energy "coalesced". Is this all? No. Physical matter only exists because of the continual interplay between the hard physic and the worlds of energy which so far lay hidden. Each bit of physical matter no matter how small is connected to this universe of "sources". These two posits will serve the inquirer well.

Is there anything of interest to find in this very inadequate piece which deals with relationships? Does the “dark matter” (which is not matter at all but the parent of what we know as matter) come to mind. The relationships and ideas spoken of in this “story” are literal truths.

Beyond the energetic sheath there is another, and then another too. Consider this: Where the scientist goes today, the philosopher was yesterday.

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Old 25-11-2019, 03:02 PM
waechter418 waechter418 is offline
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Philosophers and scientists - and everyone concerned about the world we live in – ought to focus on finding solutions for the very real environmental, social & individual problems humankind is experiencing.
Yet there are many who do neither understand nor accept that they are all interconnected, but prefer to blame genesis & genetics and to look for solutions in extraterrestrial & esoteric worlds, which – as religions have plentiful demonstrated – tends to increase the problems of living in the present world.
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Old 15-08-2020, 01:17 PM
DjoBlow DjoBlow is offline
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To have a sufficient pretext to work with...a truly comprehensive context needs to be established.
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Old 15-08-2020, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by DjoBlow
To have a sufficient pretext to work with...a truly comprehensive context needs to be established.

Your reply caused me to re read my post. I find now that it could have been much better. Sometimes our minds lead us to places that we are not really prepared to go. Later if we revisit we are apt to find that it's now a little less foreign. The landscape of realizations has no boundaries. No matter how fast we run it races on ahead... seemingly in playful defiance.
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Old 25-12-2020, 03:57 PM
Andy75 Andy75 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
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I enjoyed that metaphysics thought.
I think deeper the message is and less readers care about how it is written.
I have been mind tripping about metaphysics since I read Anandayana Project book, there are quite a lot of links between physics, philosophy and spirituality. I wish to be more knowledgeable about those subjects.
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Old 25-12-2020, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy75
I enjoyed that metaphysics thought.
I think deeper the message is and less readers care about how it is written.
I have been mind tripping about metaphysics since I read Anandayana Project book, there are quite a lot of links between physics, philosophy and spirituality. I wish to be more knowledgeable about those subjects.

I feel the same way. Sometimes it's like describing a complex dream.
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