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Old 27-09-2006, 12:54 PM
peteyzen peteyzen is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: leicester
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Ema, for your information, and sorry to disagree with daniel who is obviously experienced. You cannot damage spirit by doing ANTHING physical. that aspect of your nature is eternal and indestructible.

You can however cause yourself mental problems and habitual problems as well as physical ones. Don`t worry about the intactness of your soul or atma, these are fine.
Please do not discard modern medicine as a means to solving your digestive problems ema, but also try to incorporate holistic practices with whatever measures your doctor prescribes. Try exercises from chi gung and /or meditation (Colour meditation could be very helpfull). Reiki is another option , but run them in tandem with current medical options my friend.

Sometimes us spiritual types ignore the fact that our bog standard doctors can be very helpful. If your current doctor has no answers ask for another opinion. Please do not forget that EVERYTHING in this world is spiritual therefore explore all options that might help you. I agree with daniel about the nutritionasl therapists as being a very good option.

Dreamer- no karma is not just a sense of shame, if that were the case how do you explain positive karmic happenings, karma is neither good or bad, it just is a response to our past intentions and consequently our actions. Like a spiritual boomerang, as you put out your intentions into this world, eventually, in their own time those same intentions return to you made manifest.

Love and light

Last edited by peteyzen : 27-09-2006 at 01:10 PM.
Old 27-09-2006, 01:05 PM
peteyzen peteyzen is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: leicester
Posts: 1,528
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Originally Posted by Sea Horse
There's two points I'd like to make.
Firstly -that what ever happened in my past, had to be. It was God given, and has value. A mistake that has to be paid for or an experience that was gifted to me to evolve through and bring into balance? (no matter how long it takes) - perhaps that's just an issue of perspective.

Secondly, I'm fascinated by the type of characters who get involved in heavy drugs. Whether the people I've known personally or the ones I’'ve watched from afar. They seem to me, to be the type of people who, when given a prominent connection to their spirit fly through the process of learning and self knowledge. There's a tangible hunger in them, serious searchers before and after awakening. Prior to awakening, they hold a misplaced belief in drugs being an authentic means of connection.

We've got a society where drugs (insert any addiction here - sex, booze, gambling, etc) are rife at a time when we are led to believe you don't even get a ticket on to this planet unless you've seriously got something to offer.

There's a link here - I like to think of it as a whole heap of fuel waiting to be ignited into light. Once the hunger is turned in the right direction - the fire will be immense.

Hi seahorse, great first post my friend, as far as your second point is concerned you could well be right.
As regards your first point, in my opinion (so it could be a load of **** and probably is) Although our lives are god given, we all have free will, we have a choice. What we do with that choice is important, the higher we go, I believe, the correctness of our choices become more and more important. Or matbe the less good choices add some miles to our path. We need to face up to free will and begin to stop making excuses and start making better choices or our advancement will be limited. (well thats what I believe anyhow, but it was still a fab post sea horse it made me think and that is very important, because the stuff I wrote above I didn`t realise until I read your post, so thankl you.)
Old 27-09-2006, 06:11 PM
Posts: n/a
Hi E-ma Much Peace Love & Light! I am sharing this energy because its important to a high spiritual sense and applies to
all star seeds

when they start out and can aid to ground a person to the correct level as well this information I am sharing came from my past lives on Atlantis!

Obsidian spheres and egg shape (pure lava), is amazing! Because it is protection and grounding and links to the energy of the Planet and mother earth! So it
Old 27-09-2006, 06:42 PM
Posts: n/a
I think I understand Mikron, a hematite necklace would allow me to be totally grounded on the physical plain, and so when I am totally grounded and can interact closely with others, then I am more likely to be able to teach something that I have learned about spirituality. That sounds good because I have had problems with grounding. I spent an agonizing many months where my consciousness would seperate from my body and float up and above my head. I would almost black out whilst at work when this happened and I don't really want it to keep happening (I just want to be back to an earthly place).

Dariel, Peteyzen - thank you for the info. I have read it all closely and will go over it again but am a little overwhelmed at all of the points and perspectives right now

Old 27-09-2006, 07:11 PM
Posts: n/a
Namaste all,

There is only one truth, and that truth is the one we believe in our hearts which is true. And then the own truth may vary from others but as lightworker everyone must always listen to the heart for the correct info. I have not experiece of hard drugs myself but the info on permanent damage to energyfield I have heard from quite a many sources and for me it is truth and I do believe in it. However as we all are in physical body and cannot see the energies we only must take the information which resonates with ourselves or not.

But I agree on point - as said before- i think it is like game and you may get damaged or not and don't think everyone who used drugs will do it. However I do believe in this energy web point stated before as energy healer I do know those may brake a bit even with a burst of anger.

But a even if it is most probably true that the same people who get into drugs are can be very much evolved souls and so sensitive this physical life just throws them into drugs to escape reality, I still want to point out it is not the way to evolve as the idea is highen the energies and not lower them with drugs. But it may be very true what Seahorse said.

But, this is just sharing opinions and information on subject I believe and those who feels it resonates with the heart can take it as truth. That is how life goes.

Lots of love to all of you and the good thing is that whatever in past we all are now doing our best to share light and love.

Old 27-09-2006, 07:23 PM
Posts: n/a
Great post Dariel.
Old 27-09-2006, 07:23 PM
Posts: n/a
Well said Dariel

I feel that the web thing is true too, I swear that I have experienced the entering into the web, and the damaging of the web. I am still healing.

Old 27-09-2006, 08:36 PM
Posts: n/a
E-ma All Love & Light to share the courage ! Yes the hematite round bead necklace dont mix it with other other kinds of crystals! keep it simple usually found at local bead shops ! also It might be good to get an egg shape obsidian ! this way you can compare the two kinds and on the soul level its is shinning Light !

Old 27-09-2006, 08:39 PM
chadley chadley is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Columbus, Ohio
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Originally Posted by peteyzen
Ema, You cannot damage spirit by doing ANTHING physical. that aspect of your nature is eternal and indestructible.


hey, guys, just thought I'd add a bit. Peteyzen, your statement here leaves a few things for interpretation before it can be either confirmed or disputed. If you mean by spirit, The Soul, than yes, you are correct, this cant be damaged by anything physical or for that matter really by anything at all. However, If you refer to the Human energy field/system/aura, then your statement is not correct. All though generally, the HEF (human energy field) has more effect on the body than vis versa, Drugs do impact the human energy field. As you may know from some of my posts, I am a healer. I can tell you that your HEF is, in fact, affected by drugs. They can do significant damage, actually, over time. It does depend on the drug. There are rare circumstances where drugs actually can have positive impact in specific circumstances in the short term, even. But these are very rare. This is not an opinion as to whether or not one should take drugs. Simply my observation.

Old 27-09-2006, 09:18 PM
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Maybe you can only harm spirit by not being able to forgive yourself as made manifest in the world around you...love conquers all, but can you conquer love? So anything will harm you if you look at it with shame or judgement, so how much do you judge?...or maybe thats just bonkers, hee,hee, gotta be mad to conquer love methinks, get outside the box..
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