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Old 09-05-2013, 08:31 PM
333xforever 333xforever is offline
Join Date: Dec 2012
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Originally Posted by Astral Explorer
but if you fly through the floor or ceiling you are going to break into the astral planes.

So should I keep all of my doors open if I want to stay in the RTZ?
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Old 09-05-2013, 08:56 PM
astralsuzy astralsuzy is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Australia
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Originally Posted by Xanth
Remember though, the best educator you'll ever find regarding astral projection is... YOURSELF. You need to educate yourself though experiencing this stuff directly and personally. The knowledge that comes with that will trump anything anyone tells you. :)
Remember what Xanth said. The best advice is to learn things for yourself.
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Old 09-05-2013, 09:34 PM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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If you want to stay in the RTZ it might work to only concentrate on the seemingly "physical" surroundings (ie your immediate surroundings when you go out of body) If you keep holding your focus and awareness on that you should stay there.
I have passed through a door (upstairs door in my house) while out of body, but didn't end up on another plane, just ended up outside that door at the top of the stairs in the astral counterpart of my house (I am sure, the RTZ)
Also I went through the ceiling and sometimes just saw bits of victorian rubble, cement, bird feathers, brick dust and spiders! Mind you I went through very slowly and my focus was on what I was seeing at the time, not on "getting onto the planes".
I don't think whether your doors are closed or open will make any difference. But what will make a difference is where you put your intent and focus.
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Old 10-05-2013, 02:09 AM
Astral Explorer Astral Explorer is offline
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Originally Posted by 333xforever
So should I keep all of my doors open if I want to stay in the RTZ?

No you can move through your doors and windows and remain in the RTZ even if they are shut. You just have to know how to do it honestly. Moving through a window you can see through seems to make it more likely you'll remain in the RTZ. Sometimes if you move through a wall you can't see through sometimes you end up somewhere different I have found. I have actually been working on teleporting from one place in the RTZ to another recently with the help of a spirit. I was flying around the streets in my neighborhood and somehow teleported to a totally different town but I was like thousands of feet up in the air flying in the clouds and could see the town below like I was in an airplane looking through the window. When I told another spirit about how I had teleported he said "wow really? already?" So I guess teleporting on purpose is something that takes a little practice, but it will happen accidently sometimes to everyone without a doubt.
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Old 10-05-2013, 03:44 AM
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definitely fun and natural once you get the hang of it :)
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Old 14-05-2013, 04:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Astral Explorer
1. I have never heard of anything about someone being able to achieve astral projection with in a minute regardless of their method. It is something that takes an extremely deep level of relaxation. The only way I could see it happening in a minute is if prior to closing your eyes you are somehow in an open-eyed trance state. There are monks who can achieve trance state with their eyes open so I imagine in those cases if they closed their eyes at the right time and it didn't reset their level of relaxation then it would be possible. But a person able to do this is going to be a rarity and it will be a rare occasion they are able to achieve what you are asking. More often than not no this is not going to be possible. Theoretically speaking of course anything can be possible, but realistically it's going to be extremely difficult and unlikely to happen.

2. How would one see their astral body leave their physical body? When one leaves their other bodies they are inside of their astral body and so the only thing they would be able to see is their other bodies, or possible parts of their astral body if they are looking at their hands or something along those lines. I say other bodies because I have found that we are actually leaving our etheric body and not our physical body. The brief moment we gain awareness right before shifting into our astral body we are not in our physical body but instead inside of our etheric body. When you leave your other bodies inside of your astral body you are inside of your astral body, so you are not going to see your astral body. Even with that said a lot of the times I leave my bodies everything is black and I cannot see anything. Once I get out of my body I will usually sit down on the floor in a meditative position for a few seconds until I am able to see. Sometimes it takes a minute or two, sometimes it takes a few seconds, on the rare occasion I never do gain my sight but that doesn't happen often. I used to just fly up into the astral planes and usually once I break into the planes I am able to see, but sometimes that wouldn't happen and I would be flying around in the planes blind which isn't something I like doing. So now I just wait until I am able to see to travel into the planes and remain in the RTZ until I gain my astral sight.

3. What is the astral bridge? I have never heard of an astral bridge. When you first leave your body you are in the RTZ (Real Time Zone). You can leave your house in the RTZ and fly up the street and things of that nature but if you fly through the floor or ceiling you are going to break into the astral planes. Usually before passing into the planes you will enter the black void zone which is exactly what it sounds like - a black empty zone. This zone usually lasts for a couple seconds, on a few occasions right before breaking into the astral planes a bunch of stars appeared in the black void zone.

4. I don't allow myself to be confined by Monroe's focus levels. I have projected from completely different states of awareness and completely different levels of relaxation. Astral projection is not some stage that occurs everytime you reach a certain level of relaxation. You can not rely on achieveing a specific level of relaxation to produce a projection. More or less the most important factor is to be able to achieve awareness and/or lucidity while in a alternate state of consciousness. The earlier you are able to do this the more likely you are to project.

Well I must ask in astral form what is it like to move??? Is it like a dream were you're in a movies it's just playing without your control or do you have full control, if I wanna run can I or fly whenever I want???
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