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Old 08-08-2021, 11:47 PM
Ghaleon Ghaleon is offline
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The Nag Hammadi

The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient books (called \"codices\") containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945.
source: gnosis.org

First thing to note is that Gnosticism is "not" a religion and is not a version of Christianity! Here in the Patrix almost, dare i say everything is an inversion. Gnosticism does not require one to worship, and no prayers, invocations and mantras are needed to be gnostic or to gain "gnosis" (Esoteric Knowledge of Spiritual Truth & Knowledge from the heart) They do not belong to a priest or priesthood class. Gnostics are merely just messengers of a divine message from Sophia & Christ.

Before i really started researching and looking into the nag hamaddi texts i already knew that En.ki/Lucifer took on numerous titles, names, alter egos, personae etc and that this being was GOD to humans on Earth and that he was/is the chief creator where here where we currently dwell in the physical universe (patrix) HE is God! He is the "Grand Master" of manipulation amongst other things. He has one name that i didn't know at the time and that is Yaldaboath. En.ki/Yaldaboath was created by Sophia the Aeon but because she chose to create without her consort the result became a being (androgynous) with a lions head, a snakes body and fiery lightning eyes. This came to be because she had created him out of ignorance. I will not go into the rest of the story but it is this being that wants to be King over the 100% creation as opposed to having rulership over 4-5% of it. This is the Battle of Armagedon spoken of in the Bible and other texts. This is when En.ki/Yaldaboath will storm the gates of Orion (Past the Saturn Stargate) and take his Minions there by riding human avatars to the gates and a bloody battle will ensue.. This will be the end of the Human Soul Group because he (Yaldaboath) will sacrifice us as a soul group so that he can hopefully (in his eyes) take over the inner sanctums of Orion and sit on the throne as The King of The Universe.

There are those that have put together the correlation that he is many but say that he is redeeming himself and we should give them that chance and there are others that say that GOD loves us and means well.. First off if En.ki was redeeming himself we would see indicators of that in the world but nothing has changed since after The Flood. He genetically engineered and manipulated us, lowered our lifespan even more (in antedilluivian times or the time before The Flood humans lived 930 years on average) made some improvements but made sure we were dummbed down enough to not wake up in any great capacity which could thwart his plans and they're (The ET Invader Forces) control over matter. Moreso over The Singularity is "his" idea although Marduk/Satan (The current Satan) has had his hand on the Singularity agenda as well. As far as the saying "God is good" & "God loves us" Yes its true, En.ki/Yaldaboath has good attributes to him just like he has and had experienced different emotions like we do however he is more evil than he is good. He is both and is thus the ultimate representation of duality. En.ki as GOD DOES NOT LOVE YOU OR ANY OF US! He can use us however which he has and continues to do to this very day.. He may be proud of the species he created (us) and has protected us at times but its usually because its in his best interest to do so. He is also not our original creator. Most humans on this planet don't even know where they come from outside of The Global Elite.

En.ki, Marduk & Ereshkigal get tremendous amounts of energy via they're worshippers and followers and these three beings have taken on the role of God (or Goddess in Ereshkigals case) Source or All That is to the people of Earth which is disturbing....

We are told that "GOD" created a Flood because mankind was inheritly evil and he could see no end to it so he repented. This is only a partial part of the story and deserves its own comment regarding it but i will stray away from that for now. There is truth here but not the whole story. Yaldaboath wanted to create a Flood because the "spirited" humans were waking up more and more and it troubled him, also he and his team of geneticist scientist created alot of strange monsters and creatures that they thought could be of use to them and alot of these genetic abominations and monsters were left to evolve on their own (After En.ki leaving the planet unattended at periods of time). He created centaurs, minotaurs, clyclops, chimeras and giants of various sizes. Some of the giants he used for warfare and this was a time when there was battle between monsters and men.

"And he (Yaldaboath) created a Flood and he destroyed your race, to take the light and to take away from the faith"

Nag Hammadi Texts

After The Deluge 13,000 years ago En.ki's redemption was up in the air as he could not be redeemed at that particular time. This was the Titanmonchy aka War Of The Titans and after this war Sophia bound him to Tauturus while The Titans (The Orions, Ninurta, The Vegans etc) fled through the Saturn stargate at the last moment in which it is heavily guarded on both sides to this day and from that day he lost most of his creative capabilities. The Authorities cannot create on their own and can only mimic and copy. They know the power humanity holds and this is what they fear the most. They fear us which is why they are trying to hurry the Singularity along, they know The Consummation Of The Age is near and they're time is running out

En.ki/Yaldaboath has a spell cast on humanity and also humanity suffers from stockholme syndrome due to this not everyone will see the trap for what it is so thus it is my conviction that every individual is responsible for "saving" themselves.

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