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Old 10-02-2022, 03:42 PM
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The Prophet mohmmed(PBUH)

His life will be an example for generations to come, up until the final day. In the Surah al-Qalam in the Qur’an, it is said: “And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.” (Qur’an, Qalam, 68/4)

He was not only a teacher who taught the Qur’an verbally; he was also a living example who practiced what was written in the Qur’an. Jabir narrates that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
“Allah, the Most High, sent me to perfect good morality.”
When he met the Prophet (peace be upon him) Abdullah ibn Salam, a former Jewish scholar who had converted to Islam, was overwhelmed by the light and the deep meaning he saw in his face. Impressed, he said:
“A person who has such a face cannot be a liar.”

With that awareness, he embraced Islam.

Purity of Soul in the Prophet of Mercy

As mentioned earlier, the Prophet (peace be upon him) is a divine gift and a perfect example for all of humanity. Everyone who is looking for happiness may follow his example to the extent they can. Each and every deed of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is a practical example for those who truly want to live Islam. Furthermore, there are some points that must be taken into consideration relative to the benefits from the Essence of Muhammad:

1. Some deeds can be performed only by a power unique to the prophets. Others cannot imitate them regarding these points. As a matter of fact, even the Prophet (peace be upon him) warned the people around him concerning this issue. For instance, he frequently prayed at nights until his feet were swollen, and he fasted for days without a break.

2. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was extremely ill and the time for his union with his Lord was approaching. Once he turned to his wife, Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) and asked her to distribute to the needy the 6-7 dinar which he had with him. A little later, he asked about the dinars. When he learned that Aishah had forgotten to give them out as charity because she had been busy looking after him, he asked for the dinars, took them in his hand and said:
“Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, does not expect to meet his Lord without distributing these to the needy…”

Then he gave them to five needy families of the Helpers (Ansar) in Medina. He said:

“Now I feel comfortable.”

Afterwards, he fell into a light sleep.

Ubaydullah ibn Abbas narrates the following:

“One day, Abu Dharr told me:

‘O my nephew! I will tell you a story.’
Then he told me the following story:

‘Once I was with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) He held my hand and said:

‘O Abu Dharr! If the mountain of Uhud were to be turned into gold for me, I would spend it on the path of Allah and I would dislike leaving even a qirat of it when I die.’

I said:
“O, Messenger of Allah! Is it a qirat or a qantar]that you would not like to leave behind?
He said:
‘O Abu Dharr! I am decreasing, you are increasing. I want the Hereafter, you want this world! I would not leave even a qirat, a qirat, a qirat.’ “

He repeated the word qirat three times

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Old 21-02-2022, 12:13 PM
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Death is often a frightening thought, but one that we should not be scared of. When you truly understand death you will no longer have to be scared of it.

When we are able to understand that Allah (SWT) made this Dunya (Arabic for the temporal world) a test for the believers and that this is not our real home; you will truly be able to find peace within your heart. You think that death is scary, but this Dunya is scarier. The reality of this Dunya is that we often excuse our poor behaviour of the neglection of Allah (SWT) due to our worldly responsibilities.

You may be thinking well what will happen after death in Islam . In Islamic tradition, the following is what occurs after an individual passes away. The occurrence is not always as you may expect, and it can strike you at any time whether you like it or not. Allah (SWT) sends his angel Azreal, known as the angel of death, to retrieve the soul from the human. After Allah (SWT) has instructed Azreal (AS) to take your soul, you are then declared dead in the world of the Dunya.

“Allah takes the souls at the time of their death.” 39:42, Holy Quran

After you have died, your family and Muslim community will conduct your Ghusl (full-body ritual purification) and then proceed to your Janazah (funeral prayer) which is a part of the Islamic funeral rituals. After this and many prayers, your body is then buried six-foot underground, alone and by itself.

After some time in your grave, you are then visited by two angels, known as Munkar and Nakir. They are assigned to test the faith of those dead within their graves. When they arrive, they sit you up in your grave and ask you the following: “Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet? And what is your faith?”.

When this is completed, you have been determined to either rest in peace until the day of judgement or you are severely punished by the angels until Allah (SWT) determines otherwise, until the day of resurrection. You will have now entered the stage of Barzakh, the veil or barrier which stands between two things that are not able to meet. You can easily interpret this stage as a waiting period until the day of judgement, a separation between the living and the hereafter.

“That I might do righteousness in that which I left behind. No! It is only a word he is saying, and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are resurrected.” – (23:100) the Holy Quran.

The stage of Barzakh is a world similar to this world, but different. The treatment and style of living they receive with the inter-space of Barzakh is a reflection of their deeds and actions performed in the Dunya. It is believed that if the individual was a firm and devout servant of Allah (SWT), they are expected to receive many pleasures during this middle stage. If they have committed many sins or are kafirs (disbelievers), they will face a hard time during this stage.

When Allah (SWT) commands this stage to be over, the day of resurrection will arrive and all of Allah's (SWT) creations will be brought before him to be judged.
Day of Judgement (Qiyamah)

It is not known to man when the day of judgement will occur, however, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has told us the signs which will occur in preparation for this day. There are many minor and major signs which will indicate that the time is near. The most well-known of them will be the appearance of the Dajjal (False-Messiah) and the return of Prophet Isa (Jesus) (AS).

The day, which will last 50,000 years, is a day in which Muslims spend their whole lives preparing for. All of mankind will come bearing the book of what they did within their lives; all their sins and good deeds will be judged by the ultimate judge.

The day of resurrection is the final test all of creation will have to face before they reach their final destination for eternity, whether that be hell or heaven. In Islam, we believe that we will all be resurrected according to the way we lived and the way we died. Whether that be in good deeds or sins, Allah (SWT) will bring you back to that state.

We pray that Allah (SWT) makes our journey across the Sirat (bridge) to paradise easy and prevents us from falling into the fires of hell.

You have the opportunity before it is too late to *Deleted*
God says in the Qur'an

(85) And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - *Deleted*


Cardiac arrest and brain Death, Dr Zakir Naik


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Old 24-02-2022, 08:05 PM
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English on the Forum


*Deleted - English Forum

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Old 24-02-2022, 11:31 PM
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Subjct: Love and compassion

Where do the Love and Compassion start in these 2 youtubes, please.
Thank you.

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Old 01-03-2022, 01:42 PM
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Allah says in the Quran what means

:{Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing.} (Al-Israa' 17:1)

There is no doubt that Al-Isra (the night journey) followed by Al-Miraj (the heavenly ascension) was one of the miracles in the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). According to the most accepted view, it happened on the 27th of Rajab, the seventh month of the Hijri calendar, in the tenth year of Muhammad's prophethood.

It is reported in Hadith literature, that the Messenger of Allah was carried from the Sacred Mosque in Makkah to the "Farthest Mosque" (Al-Masjid al-Aqsa) in Jerusalem on a creature called Al-Buraq in the company of the archangel Gabriel (peace be upon him). There he led a congregational prayer of the prophets of God.

Then Gabriel took him to the heavens where he met the prophets Adam, John, Jesus, Idris, Aaron and Moses (peace be on them all). In the seventh heaven, he met Abraham (peace be on him).

He was then brought to the Divine Presence. The details of this encounter are beautifully detailed in the beginning of surat An-Najm (52).

Prayer: God-given Gift
During this time, Allah ordered for his nation fifty daily Prayers. But on the Prophet's return, he was told by Prophet Moses (peace be on him) that his followers could not perform fifty Prayers. Thus, he went back and eventually it was reduced to five daily Prayers. After this, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) returned to Makkah on the same night itself.

Therefore, Muslims should be thankful to Allah for this gift. They should take care of it and never neglect it. It is the thing that allows the Muslim to communicate with the creator five times as day.

Time and Space Are Not Bound for Allah

One major lesson of that miraculous event, was that space and time which are bound by laws of nature for humans, are not so bound for Allah. On that night prophet Muhammad bridged time and space and this world, traveling to the heavens by Allah's will.

I believe that for those who study philosophy the abstract as well as the symbolic implications of the event might be very stimulating indeed. The gap between the reality of this life and that of the life to come simply diminished. This is illustrated by the Prophet's encounter with other prophets who were long since dead as far as we normally think of it but who, in reality, live as beings in a different form somewhere else.

The implications of the night journey cannot be overstated. The miraculous nature of the Prophet's journey established his divine-stated legitimacy as the seal of all prophets. Allah brought him to Him to show us his true worth in the sight of Allah.

All religious traditions share the concept of miracles, that is, something that defies logic, nature, or the established constitution and course of things.

We will limit our discussion to legitimate miracles from Allah, which are by definition the only true miracles. When the forces of disbelief are strong, typically the prophetic miracles that oppose them are stronger.

Prophet Moses was given several miracles, which included his staff that turned into a massive snake and culminated in his parting of the Red Sea, as a divine response to the extreme infidelity of Pharaoh.

Similarly, Prophet Jesus was given even the power to raise the dead, in order to establish his legitimacy before the Jews who would ultimately condemn him to death for blasphemy. Nevertheless, his miracles were undeniable by their nature, and it was only the obstinacy and arrogance of the people to whom he was sent that enabled them to deny him.

Muhammad's night journey was obviously not easy for the pagan Makkans to believe. Nevertheless, the Prophet proved it logically by describing the approaching caravans that he overtook on his miraculous return.

Thus, this particular prophetic miracle not only established the Prophet's eminence for Muslims as discussed above, but it also helped to prove his prophethood to the non-believers of his time.

Celebrating the Event
As far as the Muslims are concerned, there is no particular celebration, fast or prayer to commemorate Al-Isra and Al-Miraj. But in some places, the Muslims themselves have started to have commemorative functions, where the story of the night journey is told in poetry or lectures.

While the Prophet himself did not establish these practices, there are scholars who maintain that gatherings meant to remind the Muslims of the importance of Al-Miraj in the history of Islam, or to remind us of the importance of love for the Prophet and the significance of the city of Jerusalem, are permissible.


Isra and Miraj (Night Journey) - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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Old 11-03-2022, 11:11 AM
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Does Quran and Islam say kill Jews, Christians and Non Muslims? - Yusuf Estes

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Old 25-03-2022, 10:10 PM
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*Deleted - English on the Forum.


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