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Old 10-01-2014, 10:22 PM
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Question being shouted when just drifting off???

was wondering if anybody could advise me, just over a month ago as i was just falling into sleep I was awoken by an angry or perhaps frustrated man, I really feel that he was external from my dream in fact I can sort of remember that he was bent down to my face level shouting in my face as I lay falling asleep, I bolted awake and there was nobody there,I do not know what he was shouting about, alongside this 5 days or so before my cat was laying on my stomach and her eyes followed from the door entrance on my right along the side of bed to the bottom as though her eyes were following someone.

Anyway this same thing happened again last week the same man (I think) as same shouting, same feeling again, my eyes bolted open and no one there, I also have a strange feeling in my house as though I am waiting for something to happen. I am not a medium or a real psychic although my house usually tells me when something bad is going to happen through noise, lights flickering excessively only in the rooms I sit in and I usually have a feeling of who it may be (family wise).

I was once told I have psychic ability in which I will develop later on in life, I am concerned about this as the thought of spirits does scare me, and I was also told to that it can be difficult to switch of when spirits try to communicate with you, the lady I spoke to had said they where already trying to communicate with me, I have a four year old and three year old children and am a full time student and am really not up for spirits trying to communicate with me. In any case I can not see spirits or if this man shouting was a spirit, I do not understand what he was saying.

Any advise on what this dream meant or if it is a dream would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the long post.

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Old 10-01-2014, 10:27 PM
desert rat desert rat is offline
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Welcome to the forum . That half awake , half asleep state is a bit tricky . You may of picked up on a ghost , it could just be some thing in your subconscious . You might set up a recorder and look for e.v.p. , ect.
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Old 10-01-2014, 10:32 PM
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Hya thanks for replying whats an e.v.p?
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Old 10-01-2014, 10:41 PM
desert rat desert rat is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Phoenix AZ USA
Posts: 3,559
Electronic voice phenomenon , the wiki , and a site that has some ghost e.v.p.s
This forum uses a safty page. Some times ghost voices are picked up on tape recorders .
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Old 10-01-2014, 10:48 PM
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Thank you
I will look into getting one, as it is strange for me as I am a really really deep sleeper (often sleep talk and kick) if it was a ghost do you know if there is anyway of clearing my house as I have smudged and used salt to seal my house so hopefully it should just be a dream.
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Old 11-01-2014, 12:18 PM
12meadows 12meadows is offline
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I know this probably sounds simple but, have you tried asking him either to go away or at least not to startle you? There used to be a lady that stood next to my bed at night. I would wake up and see her some times. She would never make noise or anything- just be there. It's kind of creepy though when you wake up and someone is just (there). I finally just asked her to move on and I haven't seen her since. It sounds to me like who ever is in your house is upset. Maybe tell him you are sorry for what ever has hurt him and ask him to move on. When you do, make sure you mean it. Not just the move on bit either- he is obviously frustrated. This is just what I would do in your case. Warm wishes :)
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Old 11-01-2014, 09:44 PM
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Red face

Yeah guess I should
I usually just tend to not acknowledge any paranormal activity within my house as my family and me believe it is haunted by different spirits at different times, I have lived there since I was eleven (15y) and its an old Victorian house in which 3 of my of us, out of 6 children have claimed to have seen spirits.
I personally think I may have, but have never seen anything definitive just flickers so could be mind playing tricks, although I have heard them and when I have got scared or mentioned it in the house they seem to get more active.

I recently asked my angel to clear my house, smudge sticked it and spread salt on my doorsteps after a medium told me I had a negative entity, I did this and wore a black tourmaline pendant for a while but since then I have been getting strong feelings and light-bulbs flashing and sensing people spirits are there but only when something bad is happening or a family member needs support, I think me acknowledging these things is making it worse.

I've had various explanations about why my house is so active ranging from a resting house for injured disabled and terminally ill, to some sort of portal magnetic field, the 1st ex correlates with various sightings its just annoying as thought my house was clear and now not so sure I do not want my children growing up seeing things and being frightened if it was just me probably wouldn't care so much.
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Old 11-01-2014, 10:12 PM
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Hello *Leanne.B*,

I did a little personal research in this regard as sometimes I have heared voices and song amongst other sounds(not through my ears but in my head).

The voice is in your head but there is no one close by is, Non Proximity hearing. The Brain being every bit as good receiver as it is a transmitter.

My question was...How does that work then ? I had to do some investigating.

My conclusions currently are :

Non Proximal hearing is very common during the Theta state of brain frequency.(either just as you are about waking or dropping off and at other relaxed states) A number of theory's surround this phenomena.

Theta is a low brain frequency in which REM dream takes place... You will note that dreams seem very real. It is as though ones awareness consciousness is far removed from the head resting on the pillow.

To get to sleep properly..The timeless black void of sleep...(Delta brain frequency) it is usual to to pass through Theta in departing Alpha Frequency(restful wakefulness... So in a sense you do traverse these frequencies from deep sleep to total awake and alert Beta.

The Mind changing frequency or channel as it were, I wonder if thats why it is called channeling in some circles ?

Interestingly (To me anyway) Mediums..Meditators and Astral Projectee's occupy the Theta state during those activities that they practice.

Other examples of Non proximal hearing that have happened to me while dropping off to sleep. My name being called, Loud knocking,Music, Crashing noises.

I conclude all of this to be normal, further and more excitingly for me are the accompanying visuals (seeing behind closed eyes) that will start to occur. Now this is the part that a lot of people find difficult.

Once you focus it's gone... caput...disappeared.. This is because you bring your attention Alpha, even Beta to bear upon Theta ..You are switching brain frequency(changing channel) and moving away from the subject matter of Theta where you are required to nothing more than passively observe...

Anyway...It's a really interesting subject and I could go on and on about this area of interest but I'd bore off most of you.. So here's a small illustrative read me.

Beta Brain Waves (13-30 cycles per second). The fastest, representing the most intense state of alertness. The result of heightened mental activity. Maximum mind power. All five external senses, logical mind, memory from the five senses & logical thinking.

Alpha Brain Waves (8 to 12 cycles per second) This brain wave indicates a relaxed state of mind.. State of relaxed alertness, good for inspiration and learning facts fast. A meditative mind. In this state tap into internal “antenna” like qualities. Visions, powerful ideas, mindless creation of the incredible. Internal feeling & sensations.

Theta Brain Waves (4 to 8 cycles per second) Deep meditation. Deep inward thought. This is associated with life-like imagination. High state of mental concentration. A magical mind. Internal pictures / visualization. Intuition, inner guidance. Access to unconscious material. Dreaming.

Delta Brain Waves (0.5 to 4 cycles per second) Deep dreamless sleep. Deep relaxation. State of oneness, whole body feeling. Pure being & will.

Note that the lowest range of delta is 0.5 hz and that No Brain activity is 0. This provides a very comforting view of what life is like after physical death may actually be like.. A very deep perpetual sleep. Which should provide some solace to those who have no faith that an afterlife exists...

My next Question was...What if it's just my imagination?

Gibran says ....."Imagination finds a road to the realm of the gods, and there man can glimpse that which is to be after the souls' liberation from the world of substance."

So my inner skeptic was duly given a proper telling off in so far as I asked/told/admonished myself "Do imaginary experiences lack any authenticity when compared to what is "real"?

Surely your cognitive bias has already hindered you in that respect.

What you believe to be true is only true because you believe it to be so...

Give your guides a chance because what you think is only your imagination might in fact be inspiration."

I hope all of that was helpful to you or someone reading it.
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Old 12-01-2014, 12:13 AM
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Hello Neville

Yes this reply was helpful, I guess time will tell. I just know I am not ready to start seeing spirits its not like I can help them, my life is already so hectic and it scares me, as it makes me feel helpless, like I have no control over who enters my home.
My mother said I used to see my deceased uncle tom as a child and described him and his cat without a tail which I wouldn't have known about (my uncle tom was a medium I think), but have not see anything above the age of five.
The main reason I think this might be real is when I woke I was in the exact position facing were the mans face was, it was the same man at different times and in different positions on the bed, and my room is often a mess until I tidy it on a Sunday everything on both occasions was the same when I woke just the man not there.
This man does not resemble a man I know or a particular stereotype eg tall and dark he doesn't seem scarey just an average guy angry with me and weird because he is middle aged I do not even know anyone around 40

I will ask my angel to ask him to stop disturbing me, if it happens again and maybe buy an evp although I do not want a Pandora's box situation because I do seem to be sensing a lot more things so maybe consider just ignoring it in the hope it will go away.
I probably will try to develop my spiritual ability later on in life once my non spiritual life is a bit more calm and less busy.
cheers to everyone who replied to my posts
Leanne xx
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Old 12-01-2014, 02:24 AM
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This is very interesting because I recently had something similar happen to me:

A few nights ago, I woke up around 3am, which isn't abnormal for me. However, when I was trying to go back to sleep I would get to the brink of sleep, and suddenly and violently be reawakened by an EXTREMELY strong and loud vibration in my ears and on my back, in between my shoulder blades. It was tactile as well as audible. This happened THREE TIMES as I tried to go back to sleep. Changing positions didn't make any difference. The first time it happened it startled me so much that I gasped loudly and shot up in bed. The other two times were mildly startling, but more just started to be annoying lol.

It has never happened before, and hasn't happened since.
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