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Old 12-09-2022, 02:14 PM
zorkchop zorkchop is offline
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Considerations 149 …

The Electrical Panel …

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One of the prime features the higher teachings promote is to work your way up and beyond the Lower Psychic Worlds and into the pure Home of Soul on the 5th Plane … then profoundly learn of the Living Force of Divine Spirit … learn your responsibility to IT as Soul Itself to LIFE … and then serve … LIFE. This is doable and within reach of any who are willing to put forth the discipline and effort necessary. Sets of teachings are currently available to the public … which is not always the case … as the teachings of higher Truth are often pushed underground and unavailable to the masses. The greater spiritual teachers are not fond of being killed for Their promotion of LIFE. Many sets of teachings spend their entire available existence underground … offered only via internal approaches of inner work or dreams.

Very little … if any … of the above is available to anyone unless and until they have gained proficiency in dealing with the problems and issues of the Lower Psychic Worlds. The schoolroom is what it is … and again … it is so designed … because it works. One learns … whether they wish to or not … most often spaced out over hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. Even this rather simple tidbit of information is negated by many conventional sets of teachings who promote that we are in this for one lifetime only … and then we are off to wherever they believe the afterlife is … if it takes place at all. Just the acceptance of reincarnation can be taken for a rather advanced teaching and understanding. Such are the baby-steps of learning.

A capsule view of “higher and lower” existence reveals that Divine Spirit … forming Existence at and within the Pure God Worlds … is amended or manipulated to incorporate the negative element to give the Lower Psychic Worlds the ability to take on “form” … which further come together to promote individual experience in actions and relationships. To begin to gain the ability to balance the features and experiences within the Lower Psychic Worlds … one finally discovers and begins to live knowing that it is directly through their own individual consciousness that the design takes place. We are each responsible for our own learning and practice … no one else can do it for us. We can be “shown the way” … but the carrying out of that … is up to us.

Man’s great mistake is in the supposition that greater life can be generated in himself by an intellectual process. Intellectual knowledge is exceedingly important and useful … but it’s place in the order of the Whole is not that of the originator … and pure Divine Spirit is the ultimate originator of all LIFE … and ultimately is the forming force behind the creation of the Lower Psychic Worlds.

Intellect is not life of itself … but is a function of life. It is an effect … and not the cause. Intellect is the study of the various laws arising from different relations of things to one another. Consequently it does not start from the true creative standpoint … that of creating something entirely new or constructive.

A great example of this is the electrical panel in your house or apartment. The main power sources … whether hydro-electric, nuclear, coal, turbine, whatever … are gathered together in distant areas … the power is gathered and sent to a main power grid and distribution center … this flows out by various ways to cities … then neighborhoods … and then to individual houses and buildings … arriving at the electrical panel … which then distributes the power to various areas and rooms … and further … to specific appliances.

This is exactly what you are doing with the forces of LIFE. Divine Spirit is brought down to the levels and areas within the Lower Psychic Worlds … Soul Itself is an individual yet unknowing aspect of this Divine Spirit … Soul Itself begins to interact with life around It via the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies or sheaths or “protective clothing” of mind, emotions, and physical body … and by our individual focus … we direct the energy into the features and facets of our own individual lives. Our attention … scattered or focused … designs it all. We “aim” or focus the energy into this area or that action … most often guided or commanded by past habits that are often SO acceptable and blindly practiced that we are unaware of just where and on what we are focused on … and hence … promoting into our lives. WE … are the distributors … and we … do … distribute. We … specify … beneficially or detrimentally.

If we make detrimental choices … in past lives or currently … and things must be balanced again to bring a bit of inner peace or acceptability … then it is through our own personal consciousness that this takes place … whether we accept it … or understand it … or believe it to be of value. LIFE itself does not make mistakes. The mistakes are made through our demands that LIFE do this-or-that … operate in the specific ways that WE want IT to act … according to the desires of the day … or lifetime. And please … please consider … how many time do we focus on what we do *not* want in or lives … what we do *not* like.

Soul Itself is directly united with Divine Spirit. Soul Itself is indirectly united with the dual nature of Spirit in the Lower Psychic Worlds. Since Soul Itself is the one and only distributor or specifier of Spirit … Divine or otherwise … we are here to learn through our mistakes … and eventually become a beneficial distributing center for Spirit … again … Divine or otherwise. We learn what we are … by first learning what we are not. Soul Itself is not a way to gather material goodies and luxuries to ourselves … although this is something that we learn by first doing exactly that. We believe that the outer glittering bells and whistles are what we must have in order to exist. We later learn that there is a certain balance here … and we can indeed live within the Lower Psychic Worlds by interacting with the luxuries … but at a balanced rate … or … just enough but not too much. In this way we walk the Middle Path … and learn contentment.

One massive factor that you must understand is that all of the outer physical world is an effect. To manifest anything materially … the cause has to be outflowed from someone / something … somewhere. If it has been manifested to exist “here” … this has been done. If you react to that outer experience … then you become an effect of an effect. You base your interaction on an effect. To really deal with that … or to manipulate it in any way … you need to be a new “cause” to that effect. You do that … by inwardly perceiving your “ideal” towards and above that situation … how you would have preferred it to all come out … and NOT basing it on how the effect has already been designed. This has to do with … it’s not what happens to you that matters … it’s how you deal with it.

Yes … you can try to manipulate all new “causes” to always work out your way … which can bring about many more issues you’ll have to deal with concerning a selfish expectation on life. Many times … the “new cause” will more involve a greater patience … a greater forgiveness … a greater tolerance … etc. … and then resolving the outer situation as best you can. There will always be “issues” to contend with in the Lower Psychic Worlds. The learning of the morals, ethics, and virtues is at the backbone of much that happens here.

More next Monday.

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