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Old 14-04-2023, 04:28 PM
Lucky 1 Lucky 1 is offline
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Using a pendulum at a cemetery

Ok...so I use a pendulum often and recently I was at the old rural cemetery out in the country where my grandparents and there parents are buried.....and for that matter a fair amount of family are buried.

I never met my maternal grandfather as he died before I was born but my maternal grandmother raised me for the most part out on the old family farm.

Stopping by this old cemetery was kind of a spur of the moment thing....I was travelling down that country highway, saw the cemetery back off the road and decided to stop.

Standing over my grandparents graves....I said out loud "I hope you guys are doing well wherever you're ended up"

A moment later, a Mockingbird lands in the small tree next to there grave, looks right at me and starts singing its song out loud.

Gowning up, we always had mockingbirds in the yard and I've always identified them with my grandmother. .....now when a mockingbird shows up in our yard....looks at me and starts chirping......iv'e thought to myself...grandma???

The last mockingbird to do this got eaten by our cat....but a week later....another one showed up....looked at me through our back window....and stated chirping at me just like the last one!

So after being startled by talking out loud basically to myself at my grandparents grave....and having a mockingbird show up an instant later....I'm really starting to wonder if grandma's spirit is talking to me through mockingbirds and I had the idea after I left to go back to the old cemetery with my pendulum and ask some questions while sitting on the ground in front of there grave.

Then I suddenly had a thought that maybe I should consider if using a pendulum at a cemetery is actually a good idea....grabbed my pendulum and asked.....Should I ask questions with my pendulum at my grandparents gravesite???

And I got a really big no swing from my pendulum that is easy to interpret as HELL NO! DON'T DO IT!!!! IT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA!!!

Now, while some people believe that when you use a pendulum you are getting answers from your higher self....

My own opinion from years of serious work with a pendulum is that when I ask questions with my pendulum that I am in contact with and getting information from my spirit guides.

I say guides plural because I've been aware for a long time that I have a whole team following me around, guiding me and keeping my *** out of trouble and my spirit guides very definitely are telling me NOT to do this at my grandparents cemetery!

so I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this and why it may....or may not be a good idea to do what I was considering doing
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Old 14-04-2023, 08:39 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
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It is not something that I would do.
Some people say you should pay your respects to who ever. grave you are attending.

doing something spiritual in a grave yard would be frowned upon, by the vicar and the families who also have loved ones buried there.

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Old 17-04-2023, 07:43 PM
Lynn Lynn is offline
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I so would not do that out of respects for how close everyone there is. We have to take into consideration that even though it is a place of the non living that does not mean that religious faiths are still not held in place. Not all accept such spiritual practices.

When I was in England and wondering some of the older church yards taking photos often the Vicar would come out and have a chit chat with us. Not that I was doing anything wrong more out of curiosity. I always asked before I took a photo of a grave to make sure I had blessings in doing so. Never did a tool of divination come out to be used.

I remember being at one very highly spiritual location and a tourist attraction open to the public that had a small grave yard attached to it. I wondered out there and spent some time there taking pictures. A Bishop came out to see me, I thought maybe I was in a restricted area. He was so pleased I was a tourist that took the time to visit that area. To pay some respects. Told me usually only the clergy go out there and at times they do not maybe do so as often as they should.

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Old 12-05-2023, 09:04 AM
TattieHowker TattieHowker is offline
Join Date: May 2023
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Originally Posted by Lucky 1
so I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this and why it may....or may not be a good idea to do what I was considering doing
When you do things like this - similarly with ouija boards, by the way - you open up a doorway or a gateway between worlds. You don't have control of what's coming through and if you feel the way you do about your grandparents as you describe, that's also what you can't stop. And by that I mean the love and everything else that comes along with it. That's a pretty powerful bond and it can feel overwhelming to say the least. And there are some things that shouldn't be asked questions about.
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Old 12-05-2023, 09:38 AM
dream jo dream jo is offline
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If you do I always make sure you put a Crook of protection on yourself to keep you safe ask your God in the angels to keep you safe
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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Old 12-05-2023, 09:12 PM
txsha txsha is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 247
I feel it is fine as a general rule, but to listen to your guides advice first and foremost. They have their reasons even if you don't know what they are.

Maybe there are other spirits lurking about and the communication with your grandma would get confusing, cause the other spirits energies may come through too.

Maybe your guides want you to build a direct connection with grandma instead of through a pendulum.

Maybe it is totally fine but they sense some fear in you about it, and that would muck up the energy and the experience.

Whatever the answer, it is unique to you and your journey.

There often is no right or wrong answer as a general rule. Only what each of us as individuals are guided to do via our teams. And that guidance can change over time too. Right now the answer is no. Maybe a year from now the answer is yes, for ex.
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Old 17-05-2023, 08:20 PM
DesertRose DesertRose is offline
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Originally Posted by Lucky 1
I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this and why it may....or may not be a good idea to do what I was considering doing
I don't think it really matters where you use a pendulum, it's not that spirits hang around the cemetery all day.
But it's not the spot I would choose..
Perhaps your grandparents were there, giving you a sign, because you were there..

Last edited by DesertRose : 17-05-2023 at 09:03 PM.
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