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Old 15-05-2024, 12:41 AM
Bluto Bluto is offline
Join Date: May 2022
Posts: 188
Healing people at a distance, without them knowing - advice sought please.

Slightly long post, but would very much appreciate some feedback if you’re so inclined. Thanks in advance.

I approach life with the assumption that mind and consciousness are primary to matter. I therefore believe in mind-over-matter. I’ve spontaneously healed myself from a few irritating ailments which has added to this belief – one healing was unintentional, the other very intentional. They seem miraculous when they happen, but they definitely happen. Spiritual healings are without doubt powerful and real things. I also have a reiki healer friend who can heal no matter the distance, and I hear other healers assert this. Taking this understanding, I wish to try an experiment out of love for my dad.

Dad is 78 and his main lifelong hobby was walking. He loved walking, and would fast-walk regularly 10 miles per day just for the love if it until he got to about 65. But over the last 10-13 years I’ve seen how arthritis in his knees has slowly disabled him. Now, he can still do a 2-3 mile walk every other day, but it takes him 3 times as long, and he needs to sit on benches about 4 times during these walks. My 76 year old mum no longer walks with him because of how slow he’s become, because slow walking has a detrimental affect on my mother’s arthritis. He appears to be noticeably deteriorating every month or two. This is causing him depression because he has no other hobbies, except watching snooker – but there’s so much snooker these days that I think he’s all snookered out. I feel deeply for him. We’ve been close my whole 45 years on earth, and of all the people I love, he’s in the top 2 (along with mum).

My experiment is this: I aim to mediate daily, for at least 10 minutes, and visualise his knees without arthritis, without inflammation, and as younger man’s knees. I will also visualise healing energy massaging and healing his knees. I am also asking my spirit guides and any healing angels to partake. I will do this for at least one month. He is totally not on board with spiritualism, so I’m not telling him I’m doing this. I intend to casually ask him how his knees feel about a month from now, and go from there.

My questions are?

1) Do spiritual healings work if the person receiving it doesn’t know they’re receiving it, and wouldn't believe in it even if they did know?
2) Has anybody else here attempted something like this? If so, what were the results?
3) Does anybody more experienced see a flaw in my plan, and have more experienced advice?
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Old 15-05-2024, 09:47 AM
PinkFlower PinkFlower is offline
Join Date: Apr 2024
Posts: 73
Hello Bluto, it's great to connect with you. You've posed an interesting question. I will share my insights on this topic, drawing from my own experiences with sending healing and from extensive reading on the subject. It's wonderful to hear that you have a close relationship with your parents and desire to see them prosper and maintain good health. It is always my practice to obtain the conscious consent of the person being healed, as this allows them to accept the healing at a soul level, leading to more noticeable and quicker results. I don’t focus on a specific location or part of the body, I simply request that the individual receives the healing they most require at the moment and can address: past life issues, ancestral issues, cellular memory, blockages in the body, etc. Energy healing has certain limitations, including the laws of karma, an individual's life path, and the life lessons they have chosen to learn.
It’s good to ask the angels and guides to partake. I also include in my healings the Ascended Masters (Jesus, Kuan Yin, St. Germain) and Archangels (Raphael, Ariel, Michael).
1. White light can be utilized without the need for spiritual consent, yet consistency is key. Envision your loved one being happy and vibrant, enveloped in white light, while you transmit love directly from your heart to theirs. It is a beautiful practice to engage in and feel. However, other forms of energy healing require explicit permission.
Even without belief, it still works. Being open to receive is sufficient.
2. I use white light and prayer when I sense someone is resistant to receiving. It's a gradual process, but I have witnessed wonderful and positive outcomes.
3. I wouldn't say there's a flaw in your plan; just try to casually ask him if you can create this visualization for him. Also, encourage him to stay positive, continue walking at his own pace, and perhaps explore a new hobby that he might enjoy. He might also be interested in trying acupuncture, massage, or other complementary therapies.
I'm glad to hear you're supporting your father in this manner, and I hope my input has been of some assistance. Feel free to embrace what speaks to you and disregard the rest :) :)
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Old 17-05-2024, 12:20 AM
OldChap OldChap is offline
Join Date: Oct 2020
Posts: 122
Hi Bluto,

Love is an amazing healing energy. It is multi-dimensional and not unidirectional.

In multi-dimensional energies human concepts of time and space do not exist because those energies exist everywhere and are all intertwined, connected, and entangled.

When we think we are sending love to a particular person we are actually sending love to everyone on this planet and beyond, instantly without delay.

When we think we are talking to one angel, we are talking to all angels. This connectedness means angels do not have hierarchy, unlike what we have here in this 3d/4d part of reality that is just a tiny fraction of the vast grand whole multi-dimensional reality.

With that said, your spiritual healing work for you father will be more effective when he believes.

Do not fret over if your healing work works or not. Your good intention might through synchronicity bring another person to cross path with your father who holds a different set of greater knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to better heal your father.

Good to keep in mind while we want our loved ones to have a good life, sometimes they have to go through rough roads as part of their personal spiritual growth to gain greater wisdom and benevolent maturity. Our love will make their recovery from harsh times be faster.

Truly an amazing but extremely challenging human adventure of finding ourselves that we bravely and passionately “jumped in line” for when we are not in the human form and in our true multi-dimensional home on the other side of the self imposed Veil of Forgetfulness.

All the best to you!
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Old 17-05-2024, 09:21 AM
Bluto Bluto is offline
Join Date: May 2022
Posts: 188
Originally Posted by OldChap
When we think we are sending love to a particular person we are actually sending love to everyone on this planet and beyond, instantly without delay.

Hi OldChap.

The plot thickens here then. The night I posted this thread, my best friend had text me to say he's unsure whether he can go to work that night. He said he'd pulled a muscle in his arm, and it's so painful that he's on very strong pain killers, and that he knows this one will take at least a week, if not two, before it's tolerable. He was very worried about not being able to complete his shift, but is unable to lose the money, so must go to work.

That night I began sending my healing to my dad. I know my friend did not enter my mind during this healing. It was entirely concentrated towards my dad and his knees.

The next day I text my friend asking about his arm, as I was concerned for him. He replied that it's inexplicably healed, and he was at a loss to explain why, as his intuition from similar past experiences told him it would be 1-2 weeks at least. He was really confused about it.

I immediately wondered if I'd inadvertently healed him. I hope that's not my ego thinking that. Perhaps it was always on course to heal withing one day. But it got me wondering. I have, a few times in my life, stopped pain in people immediately after placing my hands on them and visualised their pain going up my arm (which does happen and my hands heat up). I also 100% believe spiritual healings are wholly real. I've no doubt about it.
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Old 17-05-2024, 10:55 AM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 11,327
  Native spirit's Avatar
Everyone receiving Healing knowingly or not. if they are not open to the idea it will not work

The Spoken Word Always Comes Back As Whispers In
The Wind
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Old 18-05-2024, 06:46 PM
God-Like God-Like is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 6,946
  God-Like's Avatar
Originally Posted by Bluto
My questions are?

1) Do spiritual healings work if the person receiving it doesn’t know they’re receiving it, and wouldn't believe in it even if they did know?
2) Has anybody else here attempted something like this? If so, what were the results?
3) Does anybody more experienced see a flaw in my plan, and have more experienced advice?

Hi Bluto

As a healer for 20 odd years it's a dead cert that healing happens if the patient isn't aware of it. Sometimes the patient not knowing helps because their own mind isn't creating something that is attributed to it in someways, especially if they are not a believer per se.

The only grey area is if one is treading on the toes of their journey so to speak where there is the need to suffer somewhat.

For arthritis or bone / joint issues, I normally use the spirit of the sun to warm up the joints. I use a mixture of liquid gold and violet light to absorb within the area.

Reverse engineering is a good method where you visualise themselves back to their prime engaging in a cellular memory type of thing.

Obviously there are an abundance of natural foods and oils that could help and other alternative therapies, like red light therapy or crystals or even rubbing peanut oil into the joints.

x daz x
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